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Zynga , the publisher behind many iOS games (Montopia ,Mafia Wars by Zynga ,Word Scramble Challenge Edition by Zynga ,Gems With Friends Free ,Zombie Swipeout HD Free ,ForestVille), brings Matching With Friends with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Matching With Friends games has been update to version 4.13 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fun strategy and brain teaser..
  • and thought provoking strategy game..
  • This is by far my most favorite game to play with friends..
  • Best time waster ever at the day job..
  • Most awesome addicting game..

Overall Satisfactionc80
Love the game especially being able to look up definitions immediantly.
Love the game & never had problems until last update this week.
This is one of my favorite past the time games to play.
Another great with friends game destined for immortality.
Best game so far way better than words with friends.
but unlike Words With Friends.
Thanks Zynga for the totally new addiction.
Please fix so we can all continue playing this wonderful game.
colorful and the pretty blocks explode - what's not to love.
Thank you for the changes and I highly recommend this game now.
I do not recommend this game until they get it straightened out.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome game it's fun and makes me want to match.
Awesome game with lots of issues still.
Aside from this it's very addictive and enjoyable.
Warning: this game is very addictive.
I always have fun playing this game with my friends.
Super fun game once I got the hang of it.
I'm so addicted to this game my husband calls me a big kid.
Very challenging game to play with your family and friends.
I am having loads of fun playing this puzzle game.
Tons of fun for me and the friends I play with.
I play it all day with friends.
I could play it all day long.
Family Friendlyc92
Great way of having a family game night.
It's become quite the family game.
Highly addictive great to play with friends and family.
Great game to play with friends and family.
Replay Valuec92
Very challenging game to play with your family and friends.
amazingly fun to master.
and yet can be a complicated an strategic game.
It's challenging and addictive all at the same time.
Great game and never gets old.
Fun strategy and brain teaser.
Social Aspectsc84
Matching with Friends is a highly addicting and challenging game.
I can't play with matching with friends since yesterday.
It's definitely my favorite With Friends game.
I wish more people played so I could play more.
Matching is hands down the best social game.
BUT it's a social game.
Love the game need more people to play.
Production Valuesc73
sound effects and effects are all brilliant.
especially listening to the sound effects.
Ease of Usec88
Matching is a simple fun game.
Pure simple fun way to relax.
Pretty simple to play.
Simple to play.
Matching is pretty easy to learn and fun.
Easy to learn and fun to play.
Ads not Intrusivec50
Going to rate it so it will be quiet.
After annoying ads.
Updates & Supportc51
but I appreciate the responsiveness and wonderful customer service.
but when I contacted customer service regarding issues with coins.
upgrade to the paid version was definitely worth it.
Paid for the ad free version happily.

Awesome game it's fun and makes me want to match. found in 245 reviews
My other With friends games are suffering from inattention now. found in 221 reviews
Excellent brain and strategy game using color recognition. found in 36 reviews
This is a quick game to play when you have a moment. found in 107 reviews
Another great game from Zynga that I can play with my kids. found in 34 reviews
Super fun game once I got the hang of it. found in 109 reviews
Matching with Friends is a highly addicting and challenging game. found in 558 reviews
Very challenging game to play with your family and friends. found in 56 reviews
Fun and Entertaining but not happy about the coin situation. found in 7 reviews
also wish I could play more than 20 games. found in 28 reviews
Change those and it would be a 5 star game. found in 15 reviews
Still waiting for the coin issue to be fixed. found in 65 reviews
Really fun but would like to see more coin incentives. found in 19 reviews
Lots of fun but it won't add the coins when I win. found in 26 reviews
Would love to delete games that others have stopped playing. found in 13 reviews
Wish you could earn more like everyone else has said. found in 9 reviews
I wish you could delete games if someone hasn't played in awhile. found in 11 reviews
The only down fall is that you don't receive enough coins. found in 14 reviews
Like the game except for the coin issue. found in 16 reviews
I just won 3 games and no points were added to my total. found in 8 reviews
I just wish that there was a way to earn more coins. found in 137 reviews
Quit asking me to log into Facebook every time I turn around. found in 17 reviews
Please fix the coin counter then it will be 5 stars. found in 30 reviews
I am still missing coins after several weeks of "fixes". found in 32 reviews
Love the game - wish they'd fix coin problem. found in 28 reviews
but after I place it and use it the game crashes. found in 13 reviews
but swaps take too many coins and stingy on winning coins. found in 89 reviews
I can't start other games with people because too many open games. found in 17 reviews
I paid for the game and am so frustrated. found in 37 reviews
Very disappointing to purchase coins and have them disappear. found in 19 reviews
Fun but I'm missing a lot of coins. found in 20 reviews
But all my coins disappeared so that's kinda disappointing. found in 25 reviews
No coin rewards. found in 20 reviews
but when I contacted customer service regarding issues with coins. found in 25 reviews
This did not solve the problem and I'm still missing coins. found in 32 reviews
You still do not have the coin problem taken care of. found in 28 reviews
But I'm not getting my coins when I win a match. found in 26 reviews
I am disappointed that the coin issue is still not resolved. found in 65 reviews
I too enjoyed this until my paid for coins disappeared. found in 45 reviews
everytime it says you've earned this many coins. found in 89 reviews
Buying coins is ruining the game for me. found in 23 reviews
Need to fix the coin problem. found in 30 reviews
Sadly this game is over run with chat bot spam. found in 20 reviews

The Matching With Friends is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 16.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.13 has been released on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Matching With Friends in Zynga`s Official Website :

This version of Matching with Friends is AD FREE From the makers of Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends comes Matching With Friends, a colorful, bouncy, and explosively fun puzzle game that will keep you ...
Very addicting              Love it
This game is completely addicting Ive been playing over a year and still love the game as much as ever Thank you                 Addicting
Its a great little game Any chance you might add a computer opponent option              Great game
Its addictive and so much fun The only complaints I have is that you dont get enough coins when you win and the new update is awful Please fix this so I can enjoy the game like I used to                 Fun fun fun
I have been playing this game for years and today I played with my sound on for the first time ever How awesome I accidentally hit a tile that had already been placed a few times while I was thinking about something else when I discovered that I was playing a song Fur Elise So cool Then I found that the song changes with each game I might be playing with the sound on more often ONE PROBLEM PLEASE FIX THE PIECES THAT GET STUCK ON SCREEN AND WONT RECALL Its annoying to have to leave the game to finish a round sometimes                 One of my favorites
I love this game Its tons of fun very engaging It would be nice if they had a pass off feature where you can play a game with someone sitting next to you without them having the app Otherwise its great              Very fun very addicting
I have been playing this game for yearswas hooked instantly Game concept is still wonderful but latest update caused this game to no longer be iPad compatible even though I purchased the game on my iPad I can now only play on phonenot fair And tiles freeze in place all the time so I have to recall and start over because they wont move or rotate I hope someone who works on this game actually reads these reviews and does something to correct them The game itself is fun but these problems are so annoying that what would have been a 5 star review turned into a 2 star        Last update needs fixing
I love this game been playing for a few years and its fun                 Love it
Such a fun game but the actual game play is very poor Not something I expect from a purchased Zynga game        Buggy
Addictive Challenging Strategic I love this game Just rediscovered it after 2 years Its just as fun as I remember                 So fun
Ive played this game for a couple of years now Positives It makes you think I like playing against others and being able to communicate with them It can be challenging Overall its entertaining Challenges The game has never really been updated Nothing new has come out with it which is disappointing Id like other ways to earn coins Other games do daily challenges etc That would be nice Many have mentioned pieces sort of freezing and having to recall them which frequently happens to me Despite the challenges I still play it every day which speaks volumes Give it a shot              Overall a Winner
My second fav game Yes it freezes sometimes but I just recall the tiles and then it works fine              Still fun
I love the game itself but sometimes I cannot move the color blocks without first recalling all of them and starting over Get that fixed and youll have a dynamite game              Love the concept but
Ive loved Matching with Friends for a long time I would give it 5 stars except for the hints that seem to be showing up more and more ENOUGH ALREADY I know how to play the game Why cant I disable these Its so annoying Get rid of them and Ill give the game 5 stars        Love the game but enough with the hints
Fun game been playing for several months But why does it still put word bubbles on game board explaining how to play the game Annoying           Fun but dont need constant playing tips popping up
I have to work out where to place pieces to get the best score So simple but not so easy game                 Fun game
First like others I am facing the issue with blocks that wont turn or move If I recall in most cases it returns them to the bottom but sometimes I have to close out and come back in ANNOYING Second if I play the game on multiple devices why do I have to go thru the ENTIRE list of who won previous games in order to get to current games When I open the app on whatever device it says updating What exactly is it updating because it certainly isnt updating my games else I would see who previously won when the game ended on a different device Please fix these things and Ill give 5 stars           Couple of problems
Blocks are sticking more than they use to Wish you could win more coins I luv this game Enjoy playing and meeting new people              Fun game
What have you done The last update has messed up the game Freezes and locks up Id suggest you scrap the last update and try again     It use to be fun
I like that occasionally there are blocks which will give you 3x in unusual spots I dont like that you can no longer see your points all the time or that points are added when you beat the opponent if you dont have to play the last round That happens to me often I wish I could see them being added                 Great game
This is a very fun game but there are a few bugs that have been around a while Most notably the issue of having the tiles get stuck Fix this please              Fun game but a few issues need to be addressed
Play this with several friends and family members of all ages Finally got tired of the ads in the free version Unfortunately Ive had to dock it two stars because it does not update cleanly across platforms When I end a game or read a message the change is not reflected on my other devices This leads to huge backlogs on my iPad since I usually play on my phone           Fun game in app purchases VERY optional
While this game is indeed fun lately the game has been awarding the winner title and rewards incorrectly to the losing player about half the time Obviously this is a huge problem Please fix this     Fun but huge problem
I like the game not very many coins when u win Other than that its challenging              Matching with friends
I have been playing this game for years and it is still my favorite                 LOVE
This app keeps getting worse with every app update when used on an iPhone 4s I stopped receiving any alerts of new moves from my opponents about a year ago I complained to Support and they have never fixed this issue With the latest update on August 27 2015 I can no longer toggle from one screen to another without having to restart the game because it goes into updating games mode and just hangs This is a very fun game to play and the only game I actually spend money on but with all of its flaws on 4s its worthless     Keeps getting worse with every update
I love it wish there was more player              QUEENBEE aka msevil
Super glitchy since the last couple updates Love the game but the glitches blocks freezing or not responding and app crashing happen at least 3 of every 4 times I try to play the game I still play but I hope they fix it soon           Fun if you can get around the glitches and crashes
Have spent untold hours playing this game much fun Just very frustrated with the tiles sticking Please fix it              Great Game
I enjoy the challenge of playing this game with my friend                 Love it
Love it Like playing jewels online You play at your leisure and so does your opponent                 Shapes w friends
Great game and lots of fun The 199 upgrade is well with it to avoid all the ads you get in the free version                 Love this game
and then about 68 weeks ago there was an update that caused tiles to freeze when you put them on the board and you have to recall them and start the round over sometimes several times during a round Not sure why the update wasnt thoroughly tested before doing the update that is impacting so many people or why it hasnt been fixed even after so many people have been complaining about it for almost two months It feels like the rest of the Zynga games now since issues hang around long after they should have been fixed and no one seems to care that the paying customers are totally annoyed at the app Zynga needs to do something different and actually pay attention to what people are saying and fix this problem already           I used to love this game
I like itwish you had more than 2 opportunities to use bombs           Not bad
Love playing everyday Its a great app                 All time classic
Best app to challenge your mind                 Great for the mind
Been playing this game for years with long periods of not playing Its gotten more fun over the years Im rating it to stop the pop up requests I hope but wouldnt rate if I didnt think it was worthwhile and wouldnt reinstall the app 3 times if it wasnt a good game                 Hope requests to Rate game will now stop
It was at one point fun playing this game and corresponding with opponents Since the last update that all went to pieces I barely even check in on this game and probably wont until it gets fixed Need a better update     Last update
But mostly just mind thinking fun Ive played for over 8 months Enjoyed all              Minor bugs
Great free game so although there are a few issues no complaints on my part                 Carolutly
fun game though wayyy tooo buggy shoulnt have to recall every time i play or app crashes spontaneously        BUGGGGY
What bugs did they fix Not the ones that weve all been complaining about that you cant move a piece on the board but rather have to recall all the pieces and start all over Waste of an update     Fixed bugs
Last updated made app start freezing Why does the app use 500 mb of space        Last updated made app start freezing
The game is pretty fun In addition Zynga would you add iPhone 6 support              Fun Game
Of all of the App games I have tried this is my absolute favorite I have played almost every day for the last 3 12 years Try it                 My 1 Game
Ive been playing this for quite awhile and its one of my favorite games Currently I find some pieces cant be moved without all of the tiles being recalled Other than that my game works great I like that you earn at least a few points in every game win or lose so you can continue to use aids in future games              Enjoy this one
With the latest update The game has been freezing tile blocks virtually with every game I have to close that game and go back into it Also at least twice now it incorrectly said I had won or lost the game when the opposite was true This needs to be fixed     Latest Update
This game is fun but can be expensive if you like to win they drain you if you like to swap cant afford to play anymore           Fun
The most recent update has not helped the game at all The game crashes as soon as it is opened Please properly fix the game     Update doesnt work

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