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McDonald`s Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (McDonald`s GOL! ,McDonald`s Mobile ,atmcd ,MouthOff™ McDonald’s® ,Happy Meal Fun ,McDonald`s WorldWide 2012), brings McDonald`s Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. McDonald`s Mobile app has been update to version 4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


o browse the menu and get nutritional information. found in 1 reviews
o get exclusive offers and redeem within the app. found in 1 reviews
ages 13. found in 1 reviews
o find the nearest mcdonald x2019. found in 1 reviews
1 off any breakfast extra value meal. found in 1 reviews
cannot load menu. found in 1 reviews
This version of the app requires location services always. found in 1 reviews
if we're going to McDonalds we are not concerned with nutrition. found in 1 reviews
Complete waste of a download. found in 1 reviews
This app has no function except to find stores. found in 1 reviews
It also has nutrition info but let's face it. found in 1 reviews
This app is a fake. found in 1 reviews
This app does not show any personalized deals. found in 1 reviews
Disappointed and annoyed. found in 1 reviews
Can't link gift cards. found in 1 reviews
Thanks but no thanks McDonalds. found in 1 reviews

The McDonald`s Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.0 has been released on 2014-10-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about McDonald`s Mobile in McDonald`s Corporation`s Official Website :

Ages 13+ Use the McDonald s App to get the most out of your McDonald s experience Find the nearest McDonald s restaurant, browse the menu and enjoy great deals. You ll receive offers right on your ...
This app is great for the coupons There have been some really good ones the past few weeks                 Great coupons
Love the local deals and coupons Will be even better app once mobile ordering and pay feature are included                 Great App
Downloaded the app to get a free sandwich instead I just got coupons for buy one get one free So thats BS     No free sandwhich
I am unable to register for a new account The app does not progress past the terms and conditions because there is a spinner that wont go away when you click on register Doesnt anybody test their apps anymore before publishing them How about a betatest focus group McDonalds has been a successful food franchise for thousands of yearsyoud think theyd get iOS app development right Bad McDonalds     Terrible App Design Many Flaws
This app is pretty easy and it works I used an offer today with no issues in the store Ill take the free stuff and it has helped me find stores as Im driving It also seems pretty fast Cant wait to see whats next                 Im not sure what the bad reviews are about
First time it was not working     Promotions not working
Its lame Very very very bad     Lame
I wanna see the price of the menus           Should have prices
I installed this app a few weeks ago All it ever says it to check back later for personalized offers so annoying The punch card is not accessible What good is this app     DOES NOTHING
Get a life fools                 I cant believe youre mad over a Mc Donalds app
IM LOVIN IT                 Duhduhduhdadaaaa
Great concept but the punchcard never records my purchases and most employees still dont know how to use the app        Potential to be great
The title says it all     Never worked
This app is awesome and has worked every time for me                 Works every time
I was really excited about this app until I wanted to sign in and use it The app wont let me sign in so I tried the forgot password button That was useless It told me that I needed to update my Facebook credentials I log into Facebook daily so I logged in and that didnt work I reached out to McDonalds for help My instructions were to use the forgot password button This is a useless app that needs an update     Wont let you sign in
You gotta like free App works for me as its supposed tomicky dees for mees                 FREE FOOD
completely unsuable without location services Want to get coupons by just manually entering your McDonalds restaurant and zip code Too bad you need to let this app have location services and have them running in the background when you arent using the app too Completely broken stupid app Im glad that I cheat them out of free burgers by signing up for new accounts every time I come in so I can get a free sandwich GARBAGE APP     Biggest piece of crap EVER
I have had the app downloaded on my phone for about one month now Yes its quirky and yes the employees are still trying to figure out how this thing works I gave it four stars The app and the interface ability of the employees at the store probably only deserve three stars Im giving this app an extra star because of my experience with most of the people employees and managers when I have encountered difficulties with the app crediting my purchase The app has potential and does work however with McDonalds thousands of employees training takes time Patience my friends be patient I have found in my area that the punchcard for Mc Café drinks does not read properly and that is no fault of the app the employee or McDonalds They arent going to allow you a punchcard credit when theyre giving you a twoforone deal on Mc Café drinks Its reasonable that they expect the punchcard to be used for full purchase items So far Im pretty happy with this app and I think patience on the part of the employees and the customers is the essential thing I have experienced kindness and generosity in exchange              A Practice of Patience
App works just fine for me Got a free sandwich for signing up and it scanned just fine at the register Even had good daily deals like buy on get one free etc                
This is the worst app ever trying using my email to sign up it would not register this is the worst     Worst app ever
Its been nearly two months and I have yet to receive an offer It still says Check back here soon for your personalized offers Its 2015 and they still cant get their mobile app right     No offers displayed
Great app Who doesnt like saving money Free sandwich is awesome                 Great app
I love this app and the deals but I have used it at 4 McDonalds and they never know how to scan or put in the code there have been several times I didnt get the deal because they didnt know how to do it           great app good deals hard to use at store
This app for my area doesnt work and I have yet to get an offer to use nor any type of punch card rewards Right now its a waste of space on my phone memory     App is in need of much more help
Works well as long as staff is educated about app Love it                 Love it
Teach your employees how to use the app or else tell them to stop being lazy and figure it out Cant use the coupons or punch card because the employees dont know how or wont do it which makes the app useless Pathetic     Your Employees Dont Bother with Learning
I had to go to 3 different McDonalds to get my coupon redeemed Some employees dont even know how to redeem these coupons despite the QR code and the plaintext code The ones who have seen the coupon think theyre another one of these stupid coupons I heard various excuses from the computer isnt taking it to people just not scanning them properly This app is just a ploy to get hungry people into their restaurants without any actual rewards because when youre already inside youll probably be hungry enough to pay that 5        Good luck
This app is crap You dont get deals unless you enable location services aka McDs wants your marketing data to use and sell You also dont get deals unless you enable push notifications Garbage going to uninstall the app     Your Data is what they want
Im assuming theres kinks that need to be worked out on this app For example the inability to not be able to use your coupons unless youre connected to WiFi makes it pointless to have on your phone wastedmemory     Not very good
I have been to many different restaurants but this place is the bomb literally Best app ever but needs improvements but still awasome              One of the best restaurants
The app should be better but it doesnt work well because the staff isnt sure how to use their system They dont know how to use the scanner It works maybe 10 of the time Bummer     Over promised under delivered
Crashes every time I try to select a coupon making the app worthless     Crashes when you select a coupon
I love McDonalds              Love 3
The coupons only work half the time whether its scanned or the numbers are punched in The new mcCafe rewards punch card doesnt work at all Ive tried it a few times They need to go back to the physical paper ones The coupons dont come out once a week only every other week if that And worst of all theres no support line email or anything to contact about the issues so they can fix them Why launch an app if it has so many issues        McCafe Punch Card Doesnt Work
I downloaded the app 5 minutes ago on 921205 I went to look at my offerscoupons and they expired yesterday 9202015 Really What sense does that make     Expired offers
The manager nor the crew have any idea why the app is not working I came to the same store on back to back days and tried to use the app for the punchcard and it kept saying no offer selected Called the manager over and then we was told to collect the punchcards that they were no longer giving out I told them that having a punchcard is counter productive to having the app The crew and managers need to be trained better on how to use the app and what to do if the app is not working as they told me on two days in a row Im going to have to find me a new breakfast spot soon     Horrible app
I connected the app through Facebook and had to get my device replaced Upon restoring the replacement device this app refused to log back in through Facebook and Ive lost coupons I had Disappointed that such a good idea couldnt be better in reality     Maybe one day your app will work
Just went to McDonalds to get a coupon and struggled with the scanner and the employee at the cashier She said sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt App kept freezing while trying to redeem and it was a mess Couldnt redeem the coupon Worthless app     Employees Dont Know How to Redeem
I like the old app better for many reasons 1 the deals changed more frequently 2the deals were way better This new app deals are not persuading enough When I had the old app I was buying 1 dollars fries and buying buy one and get one free fries Now I dont go to McDonalds anymore because it just disappoints me Its taking up my storage and I rarely use it     Bad deals
The app doesnt work at all wont even let me sign in by far the worst app Ive ever downloaded I recommend it to nobody     Junk
Only problem with this app is the McDonalds employees dont know how to use it they want 1500 dollars a hour butt there average iq is 30 otherwise this would be a nice app        Dumb employees
Got a receipt saying I could get a free sandwich with download of the app Downloaded registered no free sandwich no other offers Realized you have to have location enabled when you first install the app wants to use your location even when youre not using the app waste of battery mostly but you can specify within your settings to only allow it to use your location while the app is running           No Offers Without Location
Ive gotten coupons for products I wouldve purchased at full price At some locations the employees are not familiar with the policy or how the coupons work but they do try to resolve the issue quickly I have found that a little patience goes a long way I also downloaded the ChickfilA app and theres not one single coupon for anything                 Eat and Save
I like McD Im a stockholder This app does NOT work Just had to use Around Me app to be directed to a store Please FIX IT NOW     Get it together McDonalds It Doesnt work
Please add support for South Africa     No South African Support
I ordered 17 premium sandwiches yesterday for 0 I simple kept logging out and reregistering with random emails and kept scanning the same coupon for a free regular menu sandwhich best app ever                 Best Glitch
Any McDonalds I have been to has no clue how to redeem these coupons or that there even is an app with coupons     Not one McDonalds knows about this app
1 star     Where is my free coupon
The punch card suddenly doesnt work It says invalid promo     Doesnt Work

McDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s MobileMcDonald`s Mobile Food & Drink Mcdonald`s Mobile

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