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GrandSoft Hong Kong Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (MDB Explorer - Access Viewer, read and export Access files ,ACCDB MDB Explorer - Open, view & export Access files ,Social Lite ,Social for Gmail ,Social Pro for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Google+ ,Social for Facebook), brings MDB Explorer - Access Viewer, read and export Access files with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MDB Explorer - Access Viewer, read and export Access files app has been update to version 2.4.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download MDB Explorer - Access Viewer, read and export Access files for 9.990 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 10836577, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4.7 has been released on 2014-11-17.
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MDB Explorer is designed for quick and easy viewing of MDB and MDE files without having an Access license. This application can be used to open tables from multiple Access databases, have your table structures ...
I just want to open an access db form but it runs out that paying 10 for this program does not give you that ability you have to pay another 10 to open a file Instead of doing that I will go compile the mdbtools off of github Ugh why would someone do this     does nothing without buying add on mehmermaid
Description of app doesn t make buyer aware of in app purchases to actually use this product You would have to create an MDB file from Access to use this If you could that on your mac you wouldn t need this App to begin with     Beware in app purchases phattirepilot
Don t waste your money Can open files but the filter function is useless Crashes every time I use it I have to find a new app I want my money back     WORST APP EVER BOUGHT siiiiiiq
I downloaded this to convert an MDB file to SQL in order to import it into a SQL Server instance The interface was good and the export was a seamless affair it was quick and easy Until I attempted to run the exported SQL script on SQL Server 2012 There were a lot of syntax issues with unique indices I had to remove the schema definitions by hand and the SQL generated for foreign keys doesn t work well It s possible that some of the foreign key isues are due to the way that the Access database was set up but I m having to edit the SQL by hand to make this work correctly Of note if you have an Access database that uses the varbinary type and you export as MSSQL the syntax will be incorrect it uses the MySQL variant for the value insert ex x 589cf instead of the MSSQL hexadecimal syntax ex 0x589cf so you ll have to do a find and replace Overall it s not bad compared to a lot of the alternatives but just be aware that it requires tweaking             Nice interface but MSSQL export needs work lunchmeat317
I used to love this app because I used it to convert from Access to SQLite In a recent update they made Access DB format an additional 5 00 I purchased this app once I won t purchase it again for a feature I bought the first time around         Penny Pinchers Tuxiteer
Pretty nice app works as advertised and has very clear menu and app structure                     Get it Oneatme
Love this app as it helps me a lot highly recomed it to all people involved into database management                     Great Sweetsymphonylike
I tried to open various mdb files on two separate systems with 0S x 10 9 1 The files varied in age and size from 2mb to 1 3 gb No matter the system or the size of the file the app just keeps crashing As it stands the app is completely useless all files open fine on MS Access 2010 and contain data I submitted crash reports and waiting to hear back Until then i wouldn t spend money this software UPDATE Had some contact with the devs and the latest upgrade to version 2 2 solved all problems Blazing fast great software Much appreciated                     beware no more works great now duncdrum
I opened various database types and app works good I like that app helps support export in many formats                 Works BOB Danne
Pretty much useful tool for all database admins love the flexibility app offers cute design and responsive menu                     Excellent app Ericdaniles
Rather user friendly app with easy to navigate menu and app features doest take much space and works good                 Benefit Roman Diawe
I would suggest this app for all people involved into the database managment as this app solves many problems like access to multiple database and fast works process organization                     Suggest Michem Ron
This app turns my work into a pleasant experience and it helps me a lot as well Designed with ease of use in mind                 Reliable Rodychik
I was in a search of such app that give you acces to various database types Works good and dont have any problems with it                 Helps RobBobCat
Helps me in my daily routine rather powerful tool for any database type Nice idea implementation                     Explore Konny Wales
Very useful app with rich variety of features works as advertised and no bugs which is really important                     Like it Steve Blake R
Good MDB file viewer app at a good price Helps me in my work a lot as I have access to several databases that increases my productiviy level                 Good Trevor Starisfalling
This app is really great as it has so many helpful options and it supports lots of formats which is great                     Great app Jeff Spark
When attempting to open a mdb file the app automatically closes crashes Tried several times to reopen the file and tried on a different Macintosh computer but the app still did not work Customer support has not responded in nearly 1 week     App fails to open mdb files pstill
I found this app by searching for something to open extension accdb Then when I try to look at that file it comes up with an in app purchase thing saying that it can t open that file but you can buy this other thing to open it That is BAD and deceptive     Does NOT support accdb directly Prof. Curmudgeon
I used the demo and now the paid version It worked great                     Worked fine for me jimbabb
I bought it And then realized that I hadn t read the fine print in the description under What s New They added an in app purchase as if it were a feature and I had to pay an additional 5 to get this tool which advertises itself as an easy way to view MDB files without an Access license to open an Access db Once open I couldn t edit the data Fair enough I guess I then tried to export it as SQLite and the tool crashed every time I tried it it wasn t a fluke Same with SQL only I got an error not a crash Same with CSV What the heck This thing doesn t do ANYTHING it says it will do And my db only had a few tables records in it with very little complexity I created it in 10 minutes just to test the tool I want my back     Doesn t work Upsells and Crashes Booooooo tholaday
I use it to open and export tables from MDB files and it works perfect Is so easy to use I recommend it                     Great Dotwoodpc
Can t open anything     WORTHLESS CineOutlaw
I have used this to open and convert a fairly large Access db the first version would crash when I tried to click on column heads I wrote to these guys and within 2 days that had fixed the problem notified me and posted an update to me that is paying attention to your customers Nice Job                     Works very well great support MacFrom55
Before finding this app opening a MDB files in Mac can be a nightmare Now with this app it saves a lot of my time when I need to view a MDB files in my macbook It also offer plenty of export options so I can export it to other file formats With its clean and easy to understand interface you don t need any time to learn how to use this app all you have to do is to download this app then open it and it does all you want it to Recommended                     Saves your time with this app if you need to open MDB files Natasha10nis
it won t even open a file don t waste your money     doesn t work floreena
This little tool works exactly as described with a clean and intuitive interface                     Nice little tool Nic Auger
Simple and clean interface to open access without using Windows And can export to CSV XML and even Excel It s really worth to pay 5 for it                     Beautiful Interface and Excellent feature MLin.
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