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Medco Health Solutions, Inc. , brings Medco Pharmacy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Medco Pharmacy app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc21
Love this new version.
Easy and helpful.
This app saves time.
Ease of Usec90
Easy ordering - love it.
Convenient and Informative.
Easy and helpful.
Security & Privacyc12
Updates & Supportc18
Customer service is exactly what it should be.

It turns yellow when you start to run low. found in 1 reviews
Great progress and looking forward to future enhancements. found in 2 reviews
view medications and set reminders for yourself or other household members. found in 1 reviews
Pretty table view rows. found in 1 reviews
Drug interaction. found in 2 reviews
Cool tool to track my Rxs. found in 1 reviews
Great app with nice updates. found in 3 reviews
Convenient and Informative. found in 1 reviews
May I'm just lucky :. found in 1 reviews
Finally paying attention. found in 1 reviews
Great app for managing and ordering daily scripts. found in 1 reviews
It's nice to not have to carry my card around. found in 1 reviews
Recent updates have provided much -needed improvements. found in 1 reviews
Love the new dashboard. found in 1 reviews
I downloaded this new version. found in 2 reviews
Does not allow for refill request. found in 3 reviews
Express scripts needs to get their act together. found in 1 reviews
but keeping the app in hopes that they'll fix it. found in 2 reviews
Note: it's called "finishing" a prescription…I don't need a refill. found in 2 reviews
It's OK but could actually be useful. found in 1 reviews
Can't turn off the alerts. found in 1 reviews
What's the point if I can't order refills from the app. found in 11 reviews
Needs more functionality. found in 1 reviews
After installation - app begins to open. found in 7 reviews
Does not switch between patients properly. found in 1 reviews
The website also is no longer as user friendly. found in 6 reviews
Cool ap except for the crashes. found in 1 reviews
Had to call customer service to fix the problem. found in 11 reviews
Crashes when setting alerts. found in 1 reviews
Customer Services & Tech support unable to address or correct problems. found in 2 reviews
No longer able to login. found in 28 reviews
Medicine cabinet function is confusing and doesn't seem to work properly. found in 20 reviews
Screen says " please stand by" and doesn't do anything else. found in 5 reviews
New app needed me to go to website to re -register. found in 7 reviews
Can't refill prescriptions. found in 4 reviews
App needs lots of work to make it a useful tool. found in 3 reviews
Are you ever going to fix this app. found in 11 reviews
Now when you try to login it insists that you update. found in 28 reviews
App is crashing when I try to open on my iPhone 5s running iOS 8. found in 7 reviews
The Medicine Cabinet feature was broken. found in 4 reviews
Unclear regarding info needed to log on or register. found in 28 reviews
Can't transfer to home delivery. found in 3 reviews
given a more difficult menu and made very slow to load and respond. found in 7 reviews
This company obviously does not care about customer service. found in 15 reviews
this app is useless without the ability to order refills. found in 11 reviews

The Medco Pharmacy is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.4 MB to download. The new Medco Pharmacy app version 2.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Medco Pharmacy check developer Medco Health Solutions, Inc.`s website : http://

The Medco Pharmacy app offers eligible members access to lower-cost medication alternatives anytime, anywhere, as well as mobile alerts to keep members on track with taking their medication as prescribed. The app has three features: My ...
Like other users this feature which should be the key feature never seems to remember my entries and thus give me random feedback that it is time to refill when it is far from it For example 5 days into a 90 day supply it tells me I am out and need to refill my recurring prescription     Days Remaining
On top of being generally buggy it falsely shows as delivered medications that the UPS USPS Web sites show arent while giving an estimated delivery date of 2 days ago Dont waste your time debugging this for them     hangs frequently logs me out frequently
Just downloaded the app and it works great I also like the website but the app is more convenient                 Love it
Not easy to use I just wanted to check my progress towards my deductible but I couldnt even figure out how No offense but Im deleting the app after posting this review Just not worth the hassle in my honest opinion     Frustrating
Poorly organized and user unfriendly just like the website Update 9215 now completely useless Just displays a graphic saying please wait        Slow as molasses
App too difficult to set up Not user friendly at all     App is frustrating
I have tried using the edit drug function on the mobile app but it does random things For instance when I received a refill recently I tried to update the app to show that I had a 90 day supply remaining But when I clicked the OK button it said I had a 15 day supply remaining I tried again today with other random numbers and it updates with the incorrect info I put 99 days remaining in and it shows 20 or 40 after I hit save etc This is why I dont use the worry free refills program I dont want shipments of medications I dont need yet cluttering up my medicine cabinet Nor do I want to run out because they think Ive got more remaining of a drug than I actually DO have     Cant update days remaining
Cant view benefit card Everything is slow Blue blank screens do you have no idea if its actually working     Slow and buggy
I was told by a very hard to hard to understand phone rep to download this app to show my Script card The three times I go to show my card the app just hangs and does nothing I hope everyone involved with this app gets stuck in horrible traffic while their insides curdle that familiar sound related only to an uncontrollable bowel movement You all deserve to have a really bad day for this abortion of an experience     Garbage Dont waste your time
This app is as bad as the website and almost as bad as talking to one of their customer service reps The VA has better customer service     App as bad as website
When I input the number of days of medication I have left it shows a different number I have to figure out how much that number is off and incorporate that into the number I input Otherwise Ill get notifications that I only have a few days of meds left when I really have a couple weeks I had to delete and then reinstall the app because anytime I tried to open it it would pop up for a second and then close After I reinstalled it I was able to open it and reset the number of days of meds I have left however still with the same issue as above and set the daily reminder to take it But when I closed out of it and tried to open it again I had the same issue as before it would pop up for a sec and then close on its own Someone needs to fix the bugs to get this app to work properly     This app would be great if it would work
This is the best thing Since sliced bread                 Good
Doesnt work     Horrible
App is ok but try getting a prescription through is a nightmare customer Service are Dumber then Workers McDonaldsDealing with them for over a month and still havent received my Medication with Multiple Sclerosis     Company is A JOKE
Seems marginally more convenient than just using safari on my phone However and this may be an issue with the website too I see no way to use a copay assistance plan Which means I still need to call in and talk to someone every time I need to fill this prescription        Rebadged website
I tried using the medicine cabinet feature Will not let me change days remaining on any meds except retail drugs Even if it did work the max one can put in for days remaining is 99 It out to allow way more than that like 180200 I have some meds where the Dr cut the dosage in half so I have twice as many days left But since I cant change it at all I guess it doesnt matter Great idea but doesnt work     Not Useful Bugs
This app is very very slow Not worth downloading You can not get billing information or see your ID card Not a very helpful app     Crap
For some reason all one star reviews have magically disappeared Im putting my review back as you need to know Dont waste your time Days left on any script are a random number and you can not correct it     Days remaining WRONG still
With high hopes I downloaded this app Unfortunately it is terrible A prescription was listed as delivered in the app so I frantically looked for it and thought it stolen I decided to check with UPS tracking and saw that it was only sent out for the delivery at the time Express Scripts said it was delivered The web portal showed the same status so obviously they are not putting the data from UPS in correctly In addition the doctors names are wrong on prescriptions A prescription for my daughter has my husbands doctors name on it It shows correctly on the web portal Finally I tried to click on the link Tell Us About Your Experience and the link goes nowhere So Express Scripts since I cant tell you I will tell everyone else who is considering using this app to NOT click the Get button     Absolutely awful app
Was very useful now apparently updated to be hard to find at the App Store listed for iPhone only but works on iPad given a more difficult menu and made very slow to load and respond Why cant an App that is working well just be left alone     Used to be a great App
This app now is fast to load and fast to login Great job                 Fast
Slow to load and respond Glitchy Requires users to use the companys webpage to do most of what you would expect to do in the app Just use their web page     Not very useful
Very nice app Perhaps Touch ID and able to pay an invoice              Really neat
The app keeps crashing Although it was nice when it worked        App crashes
Tried 5 times and all information correct no area highlighted but still wont register     Not able to register
My Express scripts pharmacy network includes preferred and nonpreferred pharmacies All the preferred pharmacies in my area appear in the app as nonpreferred Bad information is worse than no information     I cannot rely on this app
Now it crashes on launch        Great when it worked
First thing first This app is as good as the service from Express Scripts They will do nothing about these complaints For almost two years I have had to call them every month with my refill requests because this app stinks I cannot get them to resolve any issues with this app or with the refill system In many cases the count is wrong on the day I get my refill or it stays at zero after a refill They have not once been able to refill my order accurately and on time It might work if you only have a single med but when you take 17 doses of meds each day this is quite ineffective for tracking them accurately     Needs serious provement
Recent updates have provided muchneeded improvements Keep it up                 Finally paying attention
Well if you shake this on your lawn it will make the grass grow green From a crappy website to Crappy app expresscipts is the rx for you        Fertilizer
This app has many valuable features that are much faster and easier to use than the horrible website However it does not have a way to check the prices of medications Please incorporate this feature as soon as possible        No ability to check medication prices
This app is the worst Its basically a bad mobile web site It loads incredibly slow and does not align with information that I was just emailed by the same company And if you have multiple family members getting prescription there is no way to sort from one person to another Your better off logging onto the website from a computer     Not efficient
This site is painfully slow and is not userfriendly Try to back up from a page that was no help to you at all and you will become more frustrated watching the time wheel go round and round Youll probably become so impatient youll want to exit the site but that option is not available The site told me that I have listed no method of payment I dont have a co pay with my insurance company But I couldnt figure out how or where to go on the site to tell them that The site invited me to find generic versions of prescriptions that cost less I tried finding an alternative to Voltaren since my insurance decided they would no longer pay for it but this site did not give me an alternative I felt like a rat in a maze without a scent of cheese And this from a mail order pharmacy that has already devoured countless hours of my life with unhelpful mail annoying voicemails and conversations with assistants on the phone who could not give me helpful answers and then put me on hold for twenty minutes while they couldnt locate either of the prescriptions my doctor had to send them for the same med for me I stood and watched as they did the same thing to my neighborhood pharmacist Learn to multitask feed the dog or fold clothes while you wait for the screen to change on the webpage or a supervisor to come on the phone        A waste of time from a company that wastes a lot of my time
They cant make a website that work what makes them think the app would be any better I would not recommend this to anyone Very poor customer service when nothing ever works     Piece of CRAP
I cant even get this app to work Ive tried to register twice and get unexpected network error both times Good idea in theory but simply does not work     Doesnt work
Ive used this app a lot and it just gets worse It insists that I refill meds that have already been refilled and wont let me off the page unless choose one The whole time Im trying to look up my sons order history Ive correctly requested the switch to his records and the app still holds me hostage even though his name is now at the top of the display Almost uselesswent to website for info Then it crashed     Inaccurate un dependable junk
I cant get anything to load on this app I had problems with it before so I deleted it And I thought I would give it another chance but it still doesnt work properly     Horrible
A tiny menu makes this app almost impossible to navigate I tried to bring up my member ID card and watched a blank screen for about five minutes then I gave up Slow and balky almost useless Very disappointing     Really Bad
This app is rather slow when changing to another subsectionthat is if you can get it to actually switch and not hang Ive never been able to pull up my Prescription ID card it only produces a blank screen that forces me to quit the app and log in all over again        App is slow
App wont even let me ok the agreement Hope I can delete it successfully     So far so bad
Improvements coming often Thank you                 Nice App
App is extremely slow and not optimized for iPhone 6 plus     Web is way better than the app
I keep getting the error message 4888 just deleted the app     Error msg
Does not work     Terrible App
Havent even had a chance to use it and when I do it keeps crashing Very annoying Fix it        Application crashes
I do not know why other people have complained about this app This is much easier than calling Express Scripts and waiting on the phone for them to answer any questions about my prescriptions Besides I have all of my prescriptions listed in one place how much I paid and when they will be renewedGreat app load it and try it out                 Really Useful Great App
I know my password is correct and Im rejected Moreover I changed it and it still rejects me Help I shouldnt have to change passwords every time to access the site     App Rejects My Password
App works really well and fast with the most recent updates I can keep track of my meds and refill when I am on the go                 Great app with nice updates
Total waste of space on my phone Just like Express desktop site can not refill prescriptions Yup DELETE     Can not refill Rx
It is not accurate to the a amount of medication I have and it does not allow me to do certain actions that it tells me I can do It also crashed after the 2nd use of the app     Not Accurate

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