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iFunia Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (iFunia DVDCreator ,VideoConvert for iPad ,FLV Converter ,MTS Converter ,Media Converter Ultimate - All-in-one Video Converter, DVD Ripper and Burner, Video Downloader ,VideoConvert for iPhone), brings Media Player - FREE Multi-format Video and Audio Player with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Media Player - FREE Multi-format Video and Audio Player app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Media Player - FREE Multi-format Video and Audio Player for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 9214560, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2015-10-03.
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iFunia Media Player is a totally FREE video and audio player let you watch movies, play videos and listen music with high definition. It will play almost any video and audio files you throw into ...
Granted it s a great player The converter is another story It is relatively expensive so you think you will get something good Well it only converts one solitary audio or video at a time So what do you do if you have an 8000 song Windows Media Library you need to convert to Apple One by one that would take a century or at least a decade Worse the converter insists on putting the resulting output into User Library instead of User Music and it does not allow you to establish a default target for the output So you have to edit the output location individually for each song or let them be and move them after you re done converting However there is a solution Another or their apps the iFunia Audio Coverter for 9 99 does permit batch mode conversion But don t fall for this money trap Get the free player skip the seven dollar in app converter and buy the Audio Converter for ten bucks Better yet do it now on the holiday special price of 2 99 Final bit of advice skip the in app converter that only does one song at a time             Great player lousy expensive converter in app 6 99 Caribbean Jim
This app doesn t support smi subtitle     smi subtitle doestn t support Region334
Great FREE Video Player plays my videos smoothly and automatically detect and load my local subtitles                     Great Automatically detect my subtitles Robert KY
Skip this one it forces you to click through an ad for the pro version every time you open the app rendering it useless     Horrible must click through ad EVERY TIME to use red.planet
Wow I did surprised this video player as it plays almost all video formats smoothly And many other features like make screenshot of the movie I like and convenient playback possibilities All this are totally free amazing                 Play almost all video formats Yola G.K
I downloaded this good media player free It let me watch movies play videos and listen music with high definition I watched movie with my family with this best media player We had a nice moment with ifunia media player Thanks ifunia                     Funia Media Player is really a free video and audio player Mary.CA
It can play my old animes and some old formats like dsd files well that other player can t play But still have little bugs need to fix hope can do better                 can play my olde animes and some old video format well Abeeskya
This does not work I tried to play a video and the whole thing froze So I had to shut down my computer then when I came back on it was gone So if I had to go through the trouble of shutting down my computer to get it gone because it wouldn t play the video or let me x out then it is not a good product Good products would work So if anyone is looking at my review to see if you want to buy it I would suggest not to buy it Thank you have a nice day     Did not work at all Da Wales
Useless Would not work     Useless The Avenging Dodger
I have some old anime music videos that I couldn t play using Quicktime because they are in WMV format When I tried to change them to MP4 tehy still wouldn t play I downloaded this to watch them and it worked I haven t tried they on any other videos or formats so I can t speak to those but I m happy to play these again I haven t seen them in forever                     It worked GetSomeYost
Video                     Media player Vojang
I downloaded this player solely to open a spx audio file It did not work     Did not open spx audio file Darling343
Whatever another application don t open media player does open it I love it thank you for creating it                     it s great and amazing Roulay
No webm No flv So what makes this better than other media players that do everything this one does and support more formats         No webm No flv So what makes this better 100 Watt Walrus
I read the reviews and thought since it was a free app I would give it a shot That being said same problem other people had was that the audio and video were not synced at all Rules out using this one again     Audio Video Not synced Robbquinnphoto
I was hesitant due to all the negative reviews however it worked perfectly for my purposes of playing a 10 min video clip from my speech class Albeit my speech sucked the video player was synced and played without a hitch Pretty awesome for a FREE app                     It worked fine Labradoriteleigh
Ok to be fair I can t say it s complete crap because I used it for approximately 5 secs But within that time I was able to see what other reviewers had already attested to and that was that the audio and video immediately became out of sync My intention was to use it for school related videos so this was disappointing Usually people are hypercritical of apps and I m not But this was crap     Complete crap Medlifejunkie
I ve only used this with AVI MKV and MP4 files but they all play fine When i m in full screen the screen will start to dim becuase i m not using my trackpad or keyboard Which is kind of annoying but if plug my computer in it stays lit Works good though for free though I can t really complain                 Works great no major issues so far Bigwass42
It could not open mp4 file neither with open file from player nor by drag and drop Not so user friendly     doesn t even read mp4 file Sidcp
The description clearly states that it saves the playback spot where you left off It does not work     doesnt save playback spot Antkn33
I added the converter to the app it doesn t work it s not converting anything just a 3 second audio file is created from a 1h30min video WMV into a MOV and they charge for the it I want my money back     Video Converter doesn t work Sirioj
I was very skeptical at first to download this app because of all the negative reviews I read about it But I thought What the heck why not I ll give it a try Seeing this was one of the last options I had to try and play my avi files these are the only files I ve tried this app with so I dont know if it works with other files that quicktime player does not support but you can sure give it a try But when I downloaded it it worked very well All you have to do is just open the app when it is done downloading and then drag your avi files into where it says Drop file here and it will start to play instantly So in the end I do recommend this app to play avi files I hope all of you have a wonderful day                     Works suprisngly well AfroMan825
This is a basic player that doesn t seem to do much of anything that isn t built into OSX It does however frequently lose sync between audio and video and to fails to jump backward at different times I also notice that this developer fragments their offerings putting individual features in different products rather than all together in one products or offered as an optional add in So if you want to use all of the varied features they offer for video files and you get a page of 10 or more results making identification of what version or versions you actually need difficult at best With all of the fragmentation of their video products as some other developers do as well I tend to pass because the developer will ultimately keep charging a 5 or 10 here and 2 or 3 there before you know it you ve invested 40 50 and still don t have a decent result I opt for open source solutions which I will use and then donate to if they have put out a product which performs as the developer states or implies It gives the developer an incentive to keep improving their product and financially to continue or expand the project Good open source projects such as vlc handbrake openoffice carbon copy cloner were more deserving of financial support than this dev s attempt at a money grab     Simplistic with bugs Wizbang Trainer
I needed a sofware to help me play mkv videos that i have and this player filled it just perfect                 Works Great CoachAhmed
It looks like a scam without retina support     No retina support allant8
Not sure about other format but AVI file playback totally bad     AVI file playback totally screw up dragonfly-311
Does a horrible job playing AVI movies     Horrific Reztnulb
there s no playlist capability and apparently no way to queue multiple files might be more accurately marketed as a movie watcher             nice and tidy but rserl1ng
When this media player opens my 4K HD movies wow what comes into my eye is such a clear and perfect display lets me enjoy the best movie and easily control the playing                     I love it a pretty intuitve and flexible app angel CCat
It is the best and simplest media player I met I am able to watch all HD and 5K videos it lets me enjoy on full screen with pretty high display definition Nice app                     Nice app to play movies Timothy OO
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