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A Thinking Ape, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Kingdoms at War ,Gangs at War ,Meego Village ,Future Combat - Patriots at War ,Party in My Dorm ,SMASH Monsters - World Domination), brings Meego Village with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Meego Village games has been update to version 1.02 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is lots of fun and a great time killer..
  • I love it to such a cute game..
  • The art style is awesome..
  • Great creative game..
  • Great sound track to listen too..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Great game it's very addicting yet simple to play.
I love this game it's so much fun and its so cute.
This game is my favorite game on my iPhone.
I don't want to lose my favorite game :.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys farming games.
It's an amazing game with plenty of room for new players.
Love this game need to make levels faster.
His game needs to be supervised by employees.
This is by far the best game in the world.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game and the new upgrade is great.
One of the most fun and addicting games in the App Store.
I like this new game it's fun and addictive.
Addictive and super fun u should totally try it.
Great game it's very addicting yet simple to play.
I think it's pretty fun game to play the characters are funny.
I love it to such a cute game.
I play it every day and I love the notification feature it has.
Well worth the download and fun to play everyday.
There are helpful and nice people literally everywhere.
Love this game I just wish everything didn't cost do much.
Family Friendlyc83
It's fun family friendly and it's great for kids.
It's also very safe for little kids.
Great for kids and adults alike.
Value for Moneyc57
but you can definitely play without using real money.
Unless u pay for it with real money.
instead of having to buy them.
Replay Valuec63
It's fun to try and get to higher levels and upgrades.
super addictive and hours and hours of entertainment.
Hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc94
It's both a strategy game and a social game.
It's a social game.
so fun to play with friends too.
Fun to play with friends.
it adds a unique social aspect that keeps you coming back.
social aspect.
Production Valuesc94
good animation.
I am addicted to the cute graphics and the characters.
Beautiful graphics and fun game play.
music and sound effects are awesome.
I like the game but it keeps saying "please try agin" it's irritating.

Best game ever invented. found in 1 reviews
This game is so so so fun and relaxing. found in 2 reviews
Fun and a good time waster. found in 9 reviews
This game is fun for all ages. found in 6 reviews
Great game it's very addicting yet simple to play. found in 27 reviews
Great for kids and adults alike. found in 2 reviews
And have things like daily rewards. found in 5 reviews
Best game since Virtual Villagers or My Tribe. found in 5 reviews
I enjoy the interaction with other players. found in 2 reviews
super addictive and hours and hours of entertainment. found in 2 reviews
BEST GAME OF THE CENTURY. found in 1 reviews
Well worth the download and fun to play everyday. found in 13 reviews
I like the sense of humor these creators have. found in 4 reviews
So much more than just another run of the mill sim game. found in 2 reviews
Addictive and super fun u should totally try it. found in 29 reviews
U gotta give the game a chance. found in 3 reviews
It's very entertaining and the people are very cute. found in 4 reviews
What a fun and enjoyable game. found in 6 reviews
This is the best game on earth. found in 1 reviews
It's awesome but can u plz make an update for iPhone 5 support. found in 5 reviews
I like the game but it keeps saying "please try agin" it's irritating. found in 3 reviews
Hi i like this game but there is one problem. found in 2 reviews
Let down its the same quest over and over gets Boring. found in 9 reviews
Fun at first but becomes annoying since you plateau in the game. found in 4 reviews
Little errors. found in 1 reviews
there have been numerous amounts of glitches and error during gameplay. found in 3 reviews
Great game but could use tweaks. found in 1 reviews
I wish there was a disable chat option. found in 1 reviews
it's been too difficult to earn gold and mainly. found in 4 reviews
Needs shorter times and easier ways to get gold. found in 2 reviews
Original but suffer from the same problems. found in 1 reviews
Loved this game until the latest update. found in 3 reviews
It'd be great if I could play offline too tho. found in 3 reviews
Okay so I'm greedy. found in 2 reviews
I'd appreciate it HUGELY if you made a button to log out. found in 6 reviews
Lots of fun but also parents beware. found in 1 reviews
Keeps force closing when I'm trying to send gifts. found in 4 reviews
Wish i can play on my droid tablet. found in 2 reviews
but then say "Check your internet connection. found in 2 reviews
I dont wanna kill my rare ones for dumb new ones. found in 3 reviews
His game needs to be supervised by employees. found in 10 reviews
Inappropriate bad game. found in 6 reviews
I wanted to chat on hear and didn't let me. found in 4 reviews
But after a few days it gets boring. found in 9 reviews
I would give this game zero stars if I could. found in 4 reviews

The Meego Village is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 28.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.02 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Meego Village check developer A Thinking Ape, Inc.`s website :

Meet the Meego - wacky, volcano-dwelling villagers who need your help. Watch them grow from babies to adults, fall in love, and build the most epic village AWESOME FEATURES Assign Meego to jobs and see them ...
By far my favorite game Should definitely make another type of quest People are getting sick of just turtle and bear ones Itd be cool if you came out for a new one with new rewards Just a thought keep it up Great game              Suggestions
This game use to have 5 stars but when I updated to iOS 83 my games started to mess up I have lines threw it all the time I contacted support an they said there working on it Yet there is no update I dont play much any more because it to much of a pain to play an see the lines all over the game I lost all high stat meegos An there never an update to make the land bigger on anything fun So all the money an time I use to spend I dont no more when this finally gets fixed then I play again An trying to be a mod for the people that are rude an swear its way to hard I tried 3 time to be a mod But no I dont meet what ever there standards are Game has gone down hill Now they will no longer be doing up dates to this game so lines threw the game are here to stay They will no longer be making the land bigger There pretty much done updating an working on this great game Ever great game they stop making an updating     Poor dont bother Playing
Ah yes the game that has mods What 4 year old plays games with a global chat They cant even spell or understand much Why are yall so dang strict Whatever happens to the kids is the parents fault cause they are the ones who let them play this game Kids just wanna be like us but it doesnt work like that     Eh
Ok sooooo when I spent 5 crystal skulls to make my meego kid grow it took the skulls and he is still a kid so fix this and then 5 stars for you     How could you do this to meget it
I checked to see what apps ATA made and all of them have got recent updates I know and dont know why meego doesnt want to update meego anymore I love this game so much and so do others Please make an update to support ios9 and 8                 Please update meego
Great game Lots to do Love it Recommend it                 Love it
It wont let me buy anything even though I have enough materials     So Annoyed
I play this game all the time and me and my friends love to text each other on it You get to meet people who from around the world and its really interesting But minus one star cause the prices for crystal skulls are so high              I Iove this game
This game is fun and has a really great community Ive been playing this game for 2 years and have made some really great friends                 Awesome communitygame
I could barely bear to start the game Once I did it became clear that all of the cultural influences in the game are from indigenous South American cultures like the Maya and Aztecs It was honestly just really offensive to me because the stereotyping of these groups as savage and uncivilized to the point of being subhuman still affects living people today This game is kind of dehumanizing to every Latin and indigenous person worldwide and I do not recommend it     Are you serious
I think it would be pretty cool if they could have twins or something like that but other wise the game is great thank you              Babies
Every time I buy skulls I get a error     Error when I buy skulls
I absolutely love this game The villagers are so cute Graven is hilarious greedy too I love the community and hope that this game gets even more popular                 Amazing
Great game Really is One flaw though there needs to be a better way for us to get skulls Wasting money shouldnt be an option Come on half of the people playing The Meego are kids AND KIDS DONT GET MONEY Everything other besides that is flawless Add me on Meego though its MainBae                 Great Game
I have been told my name changed and I dont like how it is changed you should allow me to change it if you dont like it This problem must be solved and should be the first thing to fix     Fix this now
Great game                 Adorable and fun
This game is ridiculously amazing I love how the meegos need to have food and resources However I wish that there was a way to earn skulls Also please give this game an update for new stuff because once you get to a certain level you run out of room to build and out of stuff to build But this game is amazing and I definitely recommend this game to people who want to be addicted to a game                 Please Update this Game
I rated this five stars because I love your game But can you plz have an update where we can send players gold wood stone food and skulls That would be awesome                 Sending Stuff
мєєgσѕ ιѕ gяєαт вєαυѕє уσυ αи ѕєи gιfтѕ αи мєѕѕαgєѕ вαк αи fσятн му вяσтнєя ρℓαуѕ тнιѕ αи нє ℓσνєѕ ιт αи ι σ тσσ                 нαν 2 нαν αρρ
Loved it                 Fun and entertaining
Best game ever since the new update I love this game                 Zawh
About a month ago I re downloaded meegos after about a year I love the game so I wanted to write a review when I saw the review I wrote about meegos after the update that made the meegos live 300 years I remember how that update was the last straw for me when I was already extremely angry about the swearing bad language and telling of personal information on wc I ranted angrily on my review and practically demanded change and said I would delete the game which I did do for a year unless changes were made and they were Wc is a lot more child friendly and even though there is the occasional outburst when a player is being nasty on wc the mods are almost always there to take care of it Meegos has become way better and a more fun place Sincerely Kyo10                 THANK YOU DEVS
I love this but it should be like other games need ways to earn skulls like watching a video 1 skull and so on and on When you send gifts you get to leave messages we should be able to do that with sending meegos        I like this but updates are needed
Everything about this app is terrible Everyone is rude when you talk and never listens I got into a fight not the app then I was finished So take it from me the app is not worth losing the mb     Terrible
This game is so so so fun and relaxingTipwhen your graven is madto find out why he is madyou click on him and read what is in the speech bubble for exampleYOUR MEEGO IS HUNGERYFEED YOUR MEEGO NOW So that means one of your meegos need to start picking berries for food or picking food from the plots of land where you plant food like cornIf you want more infoget the app and follow me my village name is happyvillage and post on my wall what your question is and have fun Before you ask mefollow me first Sincerely Happyworld                 MEEGOTASTIC
I admit I am a woman playing this game but it is so cute and its fun and very kid friendly so anyone of any age can play Ive noticed everyone in the world chat are very friendly and there are moderators to help with any questions you might have                 Fun for all ages
All this game needs is more quest option                 This game is awesome
I love this game                 Meegos
Very interesting and exciting                 Love it
Most fun Ive had in a really long time my in game name is Paywolf and Garrako                 Extremely fun and Addicting
It was so addictive and so fun                 Omg best game
Duh 5 star why text pepole                 Meego
Best friendly game Ive played everI love everything about it my name is Jardiaville on iti want to be a model meego some dayI have the qualities                 Best gamealso
Great game Its fun interacting with other players I really have a lot of fun killing time with this game                 Great
This is a 4 and up game Why Do we have to have a chat I had to delete it its a good game besides the chat So I rated 3s           No chat
I love this game so much and like another reviewer said it is fun for all ages I love how you can talk to people in the chat menu and ask for meegos It is really helpful when all my meegos are gone                 Fun Game For All Ages
This game is amazingget it The only thing that I would Change would be that you didnt have to be connected to wifi or data But its such a cool game                 Awesomest game ever
At first when I saw it I thought it was gonna be boring like any other game but just in case it was gonna be good I downloaded it and it was even better than I thought if they update it and add things it will get a 5 star from most people Keep up the good work p                 Really Good
This is THE best tribe game ever This is like better than the sims I had played this almost over 2 years ago and I LOVED it Then my iPad broke and I was heartbroken When I got my iPad mini I looked for the game searching up tiki people I couldnt find it so today I searched up tiki because I was bored I was amazed on how I had found it and Im going to play it every single day This is the best simulation game ever and I really recommend it                 Can I give this 100 stars
This game is so fun and addictive Its a social game and so amazing I recommend this game for 4 people Its amazing and addictive You must get it                 The best around
I have no complaints none Its fun its easy to learn and many players are so helpful and nice Ive had NO problems with the iOS 83 update I play my daughter plays my mother plays                 LOVE this game
This is an awesome game The meegos are so cute and I love how you can raise their stats I usually have my mind set on getting very high stat meego and I love how you can breed with tourist My tribe Release The Gravin is the best tribe I could have I just have a suggestion In the game I think we should have a chief Of OUR tribe and not the tribes you join If we had a chief we could also choose a meegos that would follow in hishers footsteps And we could change chief and the one who follows in their footsteps anytime It would also be nice if only the girls could get the food and the men only did tree chopping Stone smashing and Im hoping you would add hunting You could just scatter a few animals rabbit squirrel deer etc around the place for them to hunt Once again great game Oh I got to go I got a message my corn was ready to harvest Thank you for the great game                 Best Game Ever
This app is so much fun and very addicting You build your village make lots of meego babies go on quests and make many wonderful new friendships with other players along the way                 Great Social Game
As the title says I love the genetics in the game                 Breeding is the best part
I really do love this this game but how do you be come a mod Ive asked everyone on world chat but no one ever answers so I mean could you like put it in the forums or something so Im giving this a 5 I love it                 I Love This Game But How Do You
If you enjoy building things and you are patient this game will be enjoyable You can buy skulls to reduce build time If you dont buy things take many hours to build I am enjoying the game I have played it for more than a year                 Fun and slow moving
I love it Cant get enough This game is downright fun The tribes are helpful and the game itself is very interactive with other players I suggest you try it                 Wonderful
Love it so addicting                 Love
Love that game                 3

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