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Social Quantum , the publisher behind many iOS games (Территория фермеров ,Magic Kitchen: match - 3 puzzle game ,Magic Kitchen 2 ,Atlantis Adventure ,Megapolis ,메가폴리스 for Kakao), brings Megapolis with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Megapolis games has been update to version 1.0.1029 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Make a night time version..
  • Cute Game..
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  • Good long term game..
  • I am always up for a great social game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me73
I really enjoy playing this game make more like it.
Makes me feel I wasted time/money playing this game.
Amazing game beautiful graphics amazing architecture and buildings love this game.
One of my favorite games on the Apple App system.
Loved the game a lot.
This a very fun game i recommend this game to everyone.
I do not recommend this game and suggest you download another.
This is the best iPhone iPod and iPad game I've played.
Best strategy game on the market right now.
Fun & Engagingclick me83
Awesome game to take your mind off of things.
You could have an awesome game without all that junk.
But other than that this is a really fun and addicting game.
Very fun and addicting until advancement required purchase of megabucks.
Very fun game and it passes time when I'm relaxing.
Super fun I just started today and I already love it.
It's lots of fun at first.
This is a fun little game with lots of stuff to build.
I've had hours of fun with this game.
Usefulnessclick me52
I play this game everyday after school and on weekends.
You can not play this game without spend over $100.
I love this game and play every day.
Everything cost Mega Bucks which you only earn 1 every level.
Value for Moneyclick me46
But everything is expensive and you will probably have to spend real money.
Replay Valueclick me73
I've had hours of fun with this game.
Great game but very hard to get bucks at higher levels.
I play this game almost everyday and it never gets old.
Fun and challenging to manage every aspect from power.
and it's too hard to get cash.
Quite a fun and strategic game all around win.
Social Aspectsclick me53
with real friends from facebook or other social media.
Production Valuesclick me81
I love the game great work.
Great variety of things to accomplish and awesome graphics :.
Reliabilityclick me64
This game crashes before I even get into the game.
Security & Privacyclick me37
I have emptied out his bank account to buy megabucks.
Bring your bank account though.
Updates & Supportclick me27
Megapolis customer service is great.
Love the customer service too.
Whenever I've contacted customer support they've gotten back to me quickly.


As the city`s mayor you are in charge of designing the primary infrastructure: airports, railways, seaports, oil & gas, atomic, solar power plants, mining and manufacturing.


Make Megapolis beautiful with parks, fountains and sculptures, world famous architecture from ancient to modern. Manage the budgets and finances, learn to enhance your citizens welfare to receive more tax money.

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Help your friends create equally gorgeous neighboring cities, send them gifts and learn to collaborate.


- Awesome realistic 3D graphics
- More than 300 buildings and sites, hundreds of construction materials for buildings
- City expansion both on land and over the sea
- Daily tasks, quests, city events and competitions


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Megapolis for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 46.3 MB to download. The new Megapolis app version 1.0.1029 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Megapolis check developer Social Quantum`s website :


Awesome game to take your mind off of things. found in 373 reviews
I've had hours of fun with this game. found in 20 reviews
I enjoy this game and would recommend it for all ages. found in 6 reviews
This game is strangely addicting. found in 5 reviews
Fun and challenging to manage every aspect from power. found in 6 reviews
This game is a great time passer. found in 13 reviews
Keeps me occupied with the many options to build my city. found in 9 reviews
Very fun game and it passes time when I'm relaxing. found in 68 reviews
It's a good time waster that is fairly entertaining. found in 42 reviews
Amazing game beautiful graphics amazing architecture and buildings love this game. found in 52 reviews
Awesome than The Simpsons Tapped Out. found in 10 reviews
This is a very sophisticated and interesting game. found in 16 reviews
Best simulation game I have ever played. found in 5 reviews
I thoroughly enjoy this app for my iPhone. found in 5 reviews
Very fun and long lasting. found in 4 reviews
entertaining game that continues growing as you play. found in 24 reviews
Very relaxing --like a zen rock garden with industry and infrastructure. found in 5 reviews
Other then that it a pretty cool game just a time killer. found in 24 reviews
Otherwise I enjoy it and it passes the time away. found in 14 reviews
Best strategy game on the market right now. found in 10 reviews
ItIt should let you earn mega bucks quicker. found in 54 reviews
Everything in game requires megabucks for materials to expand. found in 14 reviews
Although you can never complete any of the challenges unless you spend real money. found in 34 reviews
The error message claims it is my Internet connection. found in 34 reviews
Very fun but limited if not interested in syncing through Facebook. found in 17 reviews
Essentially this starts gameplay over until you connect to FB again. found in 22 reviews
Love the game but you will spend real cash completing things. found in 222 reviews
Just like Pirates Cove unless your willing to spend real money. found in 522 reviews
It's annoying that you almost need to spend real money to make progress. found in 522 reviews
Awesome game but wish you could earn more megabucks to help build city. found in 14 reviews
Fun game to play but geared towards paying money to play. found in 23 reviews
I have enough energy but it won't let me get something. found in 50 reviews
Good game at first but gets boring after about a month. found in 18 reviews
It's a great game except it loads very slowly. found in 16 reviews
Don't play if you don't want to spend real money on mega bucks. found in 522 reviews
Great graphics and fun game but requires patience. found in 6 reviews
And failed to connect to Facebook over and over again. found in 59 reviews
No way to earn megabucks except by buying them. found in 258 reviews
and there needs to be an easier way to earn bucks. found in 258 reviews
Putting pieces on my wish list doesn't seem to help. found in 56 reviews
The fact that I have to spend real money doesn't bother me. found in 522 reviews
Keeps telling me I don't have enough energy to do tasks. found in 50 reviews
Great game but takes way to long to build. found in 92 reviews
I still can't connect to Facebook even after downloading the update. found in 59 reviews
but expanding is impossible without spending a bunch of money. found in 131 reviews
they made it impossible to advance w/out opening your wallet. found in 68 reviews
It's a great game but I play without paying for megabucks. found in 120 reviews
Game really doesn't do much without spending real money. found in 97 reviews
You can not play this game without spend over $100. found in 98 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
This game is the best city building app out there Way better than SimCity or CityStory Doesnt make u spend money if u dont want too I it                Best city building app
Not able to collect on population I collect and then it gives it right back and shows ready to collect again          Please fix
Love it                Megapolis
Addictive                Metropolis
Víst my city HB city                Hoa Binh City
This game is really great but the last update made the coin prices of every timed task building and structure very expensive 920000 coins for the Parthenon in Cradle of Civilization outrageous I liked it better when the timed task buildings and structures cost between 20000 coins to 100000 coins Next update can you please lower the coin prices of the timed task buildings and structures a little             This game is greatbut
i thought that this app was gonna be fun it ha a lot of storage so i had to delete almost all of my fave games once it downloaded it kept crashing and wouldnt open now all my progress on my games are gone DO NOT GET EVER EVER EVER it stinks    zero stars
Love this game addictive          Come be my neighbor Smith Town
I updated my iPhone 6 Plus and I have noticed a significant increase in time that it takes to open the game I have tried everything from switching to wifi to cellular data exiting the app completely turning my phone on and off and even deleting the app and reinstalling it Sometimes the app wont even open and it just stays on the screen where it says it is starting the app I love the game but I am having serious bug issues with the new IOS update          SLOW LOADING WITH IOS 90
I Been Playing This Game A Long Time And Since The IOS 9 Update It Doesnt Work             IOS 9
CRASHES MORE THAN ALL MY OTHER APPS COMBINED Pop up Spam has gotten out of control Save Game for expansion only Dont fall for their tricks Forget timed quests its a trick to get you to spend real world Its redic that it takes over a 1000 materials to build airport Over a year still not done    DO NOT BUY CRASHES SPAM POPUP TRICKS TO SPEND
This game is great Ive been playing it for quite some time now and can actually say I havent spent a penny on it However they need to add a way to just collect all and a way to message neighbors                Great game but
With the new contest as of today92215 it keeps spamming buy these 4 buildings to try and win one of these rare ones and every time I close it a few seconds later it pops up again Really killing the game And if the solution is to buy the 4 then screw it Ill wait till the thing is over in 3 days          Eh
Look forward to playing daily on free time                Addicting
Ill play for consecutive days on the game Each day you log in you are greater with a gift As the days increase so do the gifts I have seen on three occasions this game will be at day 80 90 105 and reset to 70 80 90 WhyAlso emphasis is on buying the Cash coins dont really do anything You know what Id like to see the same quantity of buying Gold Coins to exchange for the same purchase of Cash Or at least enable coins to buy materials instead of ONLY cashAnother issue is the unrealistic time frames to build things with the quantities of material being asked for You need at least 200 friends to be successful giving you goodsAny option requiring Cash should also require Coins          BUG bGame forgets your continuous play achievement
This is my second day playing this game and I have to admit I am absolutely addicted to this It is basically like Tap Zoo that they took off the App Storebut anyways but instead of animals u build infrastructure and roads and everything Some things u are forced to get because of tasks that you dont have to complete but you should so that u can spend ur prize money on building whatever design u want Best game on my iPhone If I could I would rate this 1000000000000000000000000000 stars Plz get this game                Addicted by second day
So much fun I love this game                Amazing Game
It crashes ALOT I did not even get to play it would load but the crash but everybody is rating 5 stars so Ill give it 3          Crashes
It keeps glitching and I cant put roads or buildings because it will go back to where it was       Need new updates
I absolutely love this game                love it
This game is fun but takes way too long to complete upgrades trying to force you to pay for resources Also the day counter is broken Ive been playing every day at least checking in to get credit for over a year the game doesnt give correct credit          Fun but takes too long has flaws
I like it                Cute game
This was a great game I have been playing it for more the 3 years now It started off great then went down hill It had really good visuals then went too cartoonish Now when you hit a house or building The new games to play keep popping up every time you hit a house building etc really ruined the game Long time player looking to delete game       Great game gone bad
Way better then sims city build it                Better than sims city
Good game to play with it didnt take being a higher level in order to expand other then that I recommend it to anyone                Yeah
Si me lo creo ja si                El mejor del mundo y la otra semana de vacaciones
I dont really like city games that much but this game wasnt that bad I have fun learning about how to manage a town and completing quests However after a week I went bankrupt from the avalanche of quests I was getting I never recovered because for some reason a whole city of people doesnt give you a whole lot of money Good but needs some fixes             Fun and Educational
This game is fun at first but you learn very quickly that in order to keep the game going and to be entertained you must purchase mega bucks and these are not free The game sort of stalls out until you feed the machine with your wallet and then you can start buying more properties etc Honestly I would not recommend this game The developers are greedy and only focused on taking your money    Open your wallet
I really Love the info screens on the train stations so I was thinking why not do the same thing in mega Pollis main city with the stationary contracts Put it in a info screen that will take you right to the contracts so that way you can run faster So heres what I was thinking The main map is divided up into areas each area inside of main mega Pollis would take you to another map showing all of the stationary contracts for that area and could be used to run those contracts or take you to someplace in that area This makes the main map a multilayered map Contracts like the car dealership or the nuclear lab wouldnt show up on the map because they can be moved from place to place There has to be some subroutine that allows them to be moved and could be excluded from the map so therefore they wouldnt show up                Contract info box
Awesome game love it This game is so great I love the buildings and the upgrades                Awesome game
Wonderful game But can you add the Freedom Tower                Nice game 1 suggestion
Make it easier to restart game    Megapolis
I love the game the only thing that i dont like is how difficult is for the player to construct building With the time you ended up deleting the app because you can progress             Love it
Great game but please fix all the bugs          Keeps crashing
It easy my mind                Wen u cant sleep
My previous rating of the app was 4 out of 5 stars but now it wont even open Ive tried everything PLEASE FIX THIS    Im angry
I am addicted to this game Been playing it onandoff for about 2 yearsBut I do have a gripe upon initial loading the game lists space required at about 95 mb That is so not true The game currently takes up 39 GB on my iPad that is a third of my capacity And unfortunately that slows down the game to the point that it becomes boring since you are constantly waiting for things to load          Love it but
So far so good always evolving                This game rocks
It takes long but it is super fun it is like suspense in a movie I give this game a both because you can get bored of it if you are not patient and also your face will be stuck to the screen             Megapolis
Everytime i play this game it is normal till when i start t fix something it             Awesome game but needs bug fixis
I bought a sale expansion for 6 or 7 mega bucks what I got was nothing But the game deduct the mega bucks I want them back    Buying sale items and got nothing
I love my Polis But I have to pay 5 bucks to add a friend Then I get a reply they cannot add any friends at this time Bye bye bucks                Great Game
I didnt rate it 1 star is because I saw where the game was going it had a very big map and interesting projects that looked good very good but the sad part is you cant make progress without hacking or using real money to buy stuff so it was very hard to make progress but I guess you cant blame them because this is a free game anyways       Nahhhhhh
This game is so cool I love it keep it up But one thing I would change pls make it a little bit easer to get megabucks they get hard to get as u get into the game But I would never delete this game I love the graphics and all of the game                THE BEST GAME I HAVE
I really like playing this game I play it all the time but I have some ideas for megapolis in the future 1 I think the navel station should have a ship yard with destroyers and a aircraft carrier 2 There is a lot of space near the main territory that you cant use and it should be available to use cuz what is the point of having all that space when you cant use it3 The buildings that are to the right and left of the hella pad should be connected to the hella pad expansion4 A lot of buildings are not connected to any territory and they should be connected 5 The city would look a lot better at night to that way you can see all the buildings lit up at night 6 There should be a oil platformSo then We can hire our neighbors to work at the platform 7 I think there should be a Dubai timed quest The buildings are really cool and I think that would be very cool Also I think the timed quests should be easier to complete and not require so many assets to complete the buildings                Best game ever
I enjoy the game so much and Im glad where Im at in the game but I wish there was an option to restart because now that I know what I know I want to start over I havent spent any money on the game so its not a waste Add a reset button please                Its awesome
I started the game and it was very detailed I decided to buy mega bucks to build up a little I spent 20 and thought I was going to get lots with it It said build beach for 5 in mega bucks Then I found out that was for phase 1 There are several phases and all in all for one little beach its like 100 mega bucks and same with the zoo and airports I spent 500 mega bucks and have hardly anything You can have friends that can send you gifts but you only can have 9 unless you pay more for them They can send things to build but only one item per day Like one chair for your airport but you need ten chairs Chairs is one of 40 items you need to build one terminal at your airport There are 2 terminals and then you have to build a runway and buy planes It is very slow going unless you put tons of money into it I think the zoo would cost like a thousand mega bucks which translates to 80 in real money to complete It is a money sucker    Takes to much real money
This is a great game with great graphics Very involved and doesnt get old fast I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of city building games                Great Game
Add manufacturing to mining and produce assets a quarry to make limestone curb sandstone etc A steel mill to make iron beams sheets rebar etc this will add an element of strategy to the game             Ways to make it better


Social Quantum
46.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.1029
iPhone iPad

iOS Megapolis 1.0.1029 Mobile

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