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690 MB
Pocket Trend
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Requires iOS 6.1 or la

Description - Micromon

Pocket Trend , brings Micromon with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Micromon games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • At least I think it is considered a RPG game..
  • Fun and challenging game..
  • This game is the real deal love it super fun..
  • Quest with direction and turn based is completely different..
  • Love the game so far and I think you guys should add more micromon..

Overall Satisfactionc87
This was an amazing game for me and my brother.
Better than pokemon as well plus it's more challenging as well.
You should def make sure to save as often as possible.
This game needs auto save.
One of the best ios games I have played in a while.
This is one of the best games I've played on a phone hands down.
I recommend this game to anyone interested and I'm sure you'll have a blast.
I think this game is the best App Store parallel.
Easily the best pocket monster spin off game on the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game closest thing to pokemon iv found yet.
This game is the real deal love it super fun.
This game gets boring and finishes to fast.
This game has been super addictive.
Overall an enjoyable / addicting little game.
Tons of fun.
I love everything about this game get it NOW.
Everything about this game is top notch.
Value for Moneyc75
Have yet to spend money outside of base game.
you don't necessarily NEED to pay in order to progress either.
You can fully enjoy it without in app purchases.
Replay Valuec78
if you don't save frequently you could potentially lose hours of gameplay :.
I'd recommend this game because of the hours of gameplay.
This game gets boring and finishes to fast.
Hours of gameplay with great replay value.
Fun and challenging game.
Good challenging game.
Social Aspectsc58
test your skills against real players in the online multiplayer arena.
and an online multiplayer arena to challenge friends.
Production Valuesc85
-The Music and Sound Effects compliment the graphics and gameplay very well.
+ Amazing graphics and cool animations + Amazing amount of content.
Ease of Usec81
You just need the patience to train your overall awesome game.
Sweet game full on monsters to train and battle.
This game is way better than Pokemon.
this game is way too easy :.
The game crashes frequently and unpredictably.

Way better then any other role playing game I've ever played. found in 4 reviews
I've been waiting for an expansion for a while. found in 2 reviews
and offers a pretty interesting storyline. found in 6 reviews
Dope game brings back memory's of my childhood. found in 5 reviews
to poppy colors this is a beautiful game. found in 5 reviews
Micromon is the closest game to Pokemon on the App Store. found in 8 reviews
I beat it in 3 days. found in 3 reviews
Great time killer. found in 6 reviews
Very visually pleasing game and lots of detail. found in 3 reviews
This is a really awesome game for old school Pokemon fans. found in 7 reviews
This is a very wonderful game for the price it comes at. found in 3 reviews
THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD. found in 3 reviews
This highly addicting pokemon-like game contains a great storyline. found in 33 reviews
It's a pretty cool game. found in 5 reviews
This is basically the first ever real Pokemon game on the app store. found in 27 reviews
I great substitute for Pokemon. found in 4 reviews
Best alternative to poke'mom on iPhone. found in 2 reviews
It's my new addiction. found in 3 reviews
please add future updates and more micromon and extend the game maybe. found in 3 reviews
Needs some changes including fixes to the online battle setup. found in 3 reviews
The in-game multiplayer needs retouching. found in 4 reviews
However the game is very unfair. found in 4 reviews
Great game overall but somehow can't buy gems. found in 3 reviews
Great game except when you forget to save. found in 7 reviews
The game crashes way too much and it should be longer. found in 43 reviews
Please add iCloud syncing. found in 3 reviews
Great game but could use some upgrades. found in 3 reviews
The game keep on crashing but it still good. found in 19 reviews
it says game over and doesn't save anything. found in 39 reviews
You DO NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON THE GAME. found in 75 reviews
My only complaint is the lack of cloud saving. found in 4 reviews
Fix multiplayer but amazing. found in 5 reviews
Good game but needs more variety of micromon. found in 20 reviews
Needs auto save and terrible ranked matches. found in 9 reviews
it's killing me not being able to play anymore. found in 5 reviews
I think this game is the best rip off of Pokemon there is. found in 7 reviews
If the game wasn't built around micro transactions. found in 12 reviews
When you first start the game you go through the stupidest tutorial. found in 12 reviews
except that right now I can't play the game at all. found in 32 reviews
I loved the game until I died and said game over. found in 39 reviews
a little over 500 battle points mysteriously disappeared from my account. found in 10 reviews
The game crashes frequently and unpredictably. found in 43 reviews
but after making it to end of the game. found in 15 reviews
unless you pay real money. found in 5 reviews
as recent progress in the game is lost every time it crashes. found in 4 reviews
Terrible update the game is all glitchy fix this game's software. found in 8 reviews

The Micromon is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 690 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Micromon app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-07-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Micromon check developer Pocket Trend`s website : http://www.facebook.com/micromonios

130+ Animated Monsters to Catch & Battle No waiting, play at your own pace Embark on an epic monster capture RPG like none other on mobile Enter the massive world of Pixekai, where you can capture, train, ...
Love it just like Pokemon                 Micromon
If you love or like pokemon you will enjoy this game it similar and yet it has its ways of being its own game but hope they keep updating it and make another one in the future lol                 Amazing
Very good for a 1 game                 This game
This game is a great game Great graphicsgreat game playgreatest story mode However it has recently crashed on me while I was trying to purchase diamonds Another flaw would be the online Im not sure if its the lack of people playing online but 4 some reason it takes me like 10minutes to find a match for the online arena Overall it was totally worth the 99C You should most definitely consider playing this game It is the best Pokemon substitute for iOS              Great Gamehowever
This game is excellent If you love Pokemon and the story training etc youll enjoy this game Definitely worth the 99 cents Make sure you save your Diamonds though Theyre the most valuable thing in the game and easiest way to get strong Micromon                 Very entertaining
I love this game                 PLEASE UPDATE BEST GAME EVER
I really am enjoying the game but one thing I would of recommended is that evolutions arent shown until later in the game and that there be more evolve stages instead of two and maybe more micromon But overall the game is sweet              I like
Omg Words cant really express the feel of the game I simply Love it and cannot believe I didnt pay for it much sooner The story graphics gameplay and cute critters have just Blown me away completely Ive become a huge fan and recommend this game to everyone                 A Gamer to the Core
In all honesty Nintendo shouldve given the green light for Pokemon to make its way to the app store when they had the chance Mobile gaming is the future Sooner or later no one is going to play with any DS or whatnot All Im saying is Micromon has changed the game entirely The need a sequel asap Pokemon will forever have soft spot in my heart but for right now Im definitely enjoying Micromon to the fullest Love this game                 Pokemon Shmokemon
Good game Just like Pokemon in a way              My Review
The best game on iPhone that is similar to the old school Pokemon games Lots of fun a great time killer                 Pokemon alternative
It takes me bake to you youth and the monsters are cool              Good
Id probably give this a 35 out of 5 so I just rounded up to 4 Anyhow The game overall is great Im serious If youre a former Pokemon hardcore player youd understand that Pokemon games are getting expensive Micromon is the next step down Nothing beats Pokemon Just saying But Micromon is a great substitute in its own way Its also the most unique of the Pokemon spinoffs thank you by the way There are a couple things that I personally would change to attract more players For example The DR rates for the godly and legendary should automatically be a 10 It takes way to much time to even find them and when you do if their DR is like a 3 youve just wasted your time It would also be less time consuming if legendary and godly Micromon would appear perhaps in more of a 111 chance instead of 170 You should have as many chances and chips to catch a Micromon or at least more than 3 There should be a daily rewards system so that it keeps players who have already completed the game interested in participating even more Finally What is 20 The last update was LITERALLY forever ago in App Store terms My fellow tamers would appreciate another update I get really tired of replaying and not being able to save when I win the battle against B002 and the other guy Greatly appreciated and thanks for the consideration Happy taming              Its good
The game is way too easy It needs more places to explore and things to do There also needs to be more of the people like gymleaders Otherwise this game has good graphics and no problems I have encountered Update it Where are the updates UPDATES ARE NEEDED        Too easy
The battle arena is fixed Cant seem to accept battle challenges from a GameCenter friend My phone vibrates right after the friend hit challenge on their device but I never found a way to accept the challenge        Will add 3 more stars after
Great game Just like Pokemon and its worth it but there are bugs so it crushes sometimes but the game still saves                 Awesome game
Waste of money     Crap
I got stuck in a fenced area no way to get out        Not good
A really fun game and a great time killer Please update and add more content              Fun
Great amazing game just like Pokemon Totally worth 1                 Alpha
I mean its way to easy in navia everybody told me oh your gonna get beaten by slider and then in the end I beat by using the worst healing potion and I won Im not saying the potions bad Im just saying its the lowest option of healing potion also the directions are terrible to actually find slider you have to go LEFT not west west is RIGHT but otherwise its pretty fun so far I just got to magma so Im not very far in              Its ok
This is a great game but after you finish the story there is nothing to do And Im still waiting for the next release in the game series please let there be one              Good But
Fun game 5 stars                 Dope
Plz plz make a micromon part 2because I really enjoy this game and it would be fun to play the 2nd one if yall make another micromon                 Part 2 of micromon
Pretty awesome game Im a huge Pokemon fan and this is the closest Ive seen to it in a long time I cant put my phone down                 Love it
Worth some time              Good Pokemon clone
Enjoy the set up and details are nice Still not Pokemon but still very good              Pretty good
Great when I got nothing to do              Cool game
Just like Pokemon                 Great game
100 pay to play Took a great idea and went greedy as can be and ruined it     Disappoint
Micro on is very much related to Pokemon but is very self unique it has great controls great story and awesome gameplay if I were Judge Id say its as good as Pokemon              New Pokemon
It wont let me battle the tornadoes every time I try it leaves the game ugh              Help
Best game thats close to Pokemon                 Closest to Pokemon
Basically this game was good It had a fun battle system good plot and character development and little bits of humor here and there The reason why I only gave it 4 stars is because the surprise ending scared the wholy crud out of me and probably will do the same to you              Good until the very end
Just dont want to see this one go Want them to have as many versions as Pokemon                 Love it Hope they keep Making it
So far its a great game Though I feel its lacking a bit of somethingthe thing I dont like is that you only get 3 chances to capture a Micromon which really is a pain when youre trying to capture a super rare one Also how about making it so that your micromons can hold an item Another thing that might make it more cool is if you made them animate when they use certain moves besides hopping up to an enemy which is hilarious XD Id also suggest maybe even running into some Micromon that might need your help or you find that one is following you around I think it be cute if your lead Micromon would follow you and all These are things I suggest in my opinion              Amazing but maybe
Best 99 cents youll spend                 If you like Pokemon youll like this game
Really like the game                 Very fun game
Closest game to Pokemon on App Store but U know every game has it flaws a bit I mean its pretty fun theres not really flaws just its not exactly a wow game           Its pretty good closest to Pokemon on App Store
I would rate 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 if I can because the ending is horrible you cant return to earth and the final battle against malk The professor who betrayed us at the end and b003 became red because he had been modified and malk says its the end of the world and then it says 10 20 10 and credits roll DO NOT GET THIS STUPID GAME GET GEOSOCIETY INSTEAD     Awful
I paid for a game that doesnt even work Every time I try to open the game it crashes Ive tried restarting my phone redownloading the game and updating my phone     Keeps crashing
Its simple its a dumbed down version of Pokemon You really cant ask for anything more for a dollar on a smart phone                 Pretty good
Good game needs updates           Micromon
Awesome game It has a way bigger screen than a 3dsXL and micromon are way easier to train than Pokemon                 Micromon
Very funny and addictive                 Best game ever
Very fun game                 Kool
I love this game its the best and I hacked it and got all the best micron in                 Micron on
Awesome game butplease update ASAP Ive already beat the game multiple times its no fun redoing the same part over and over and over again and Im sure Im not the only that feels this way so please for us the fans the ones that play this game faithfully update this game so that it has a true ending and we can capture all the godly micromon that come with it                 Micromon
I find this game a lot a lot of thought its a lot it seems to be a very slow pace game but its a very much a lot like Pokémon earning diamonds is very hard without having to pay for them but it is possible to go about the game without buying diamonds the game is a lot of fun I would highly recommend it                 Fun

Micromon Games Animated Monsters Fully AnimatedMicromon Games Animated Monsters Fully AnimatedMicromon Games Animated Monsters Fully AnimatedMicromon Games Animated Monsters Fully Animated

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