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259 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 or la

Description - Microsoft Word for iPad

Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (MSN Onit iPad ,Bing Get MeThere ,SharePoint Newsfeed ,Ms. Splosion Man ,Kinect Star Wars ,Halo Waypoint), brings Microsoft Word for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Microsoft Word for iPad app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • For writers..
  • Best cross platform writing app..
  • This is probably the best word processing app on the App Store..
  • any accidental touch of the screen pulls up the editing tools..
  • I'm grateful for the extra editing features like editing headers..

Overall Satisfactionc73
It is hands-down the best word processor ever created for students.
$100 for a word processor that doesnt spellczhech.
This is probably the best word processing app on the App Store.
Thanks Microsoft and dropbox for getting this update together.
Dropbox support makes it fully useful for me.
I love being able to save to my one drive instantly.
After much frustration and never actually being able to use the stupid thing.
It's a very good writing app I use it very often.
but if I can't write on a writing app.
This app out is 100 times better than pages on my iPhone.
I downloaded this hoping it would be better than pages.
Fun & Engagingc82
Saves me from having to use word on my laptop all the time.
without having to carrying my laptop all the time.
I use Word all the time for editing and creating documents.
MS Word Awesome.
Word awesome.
that's super useful and convenient.
Super useful and convenient.
Convenient and saves time.
Saves time.
A very useful app thanks.
Ease of Usec63
Super convenient when I need to get peppers done fast.
I thought this app would be super convenient on my iPhone.
that's super useful and convenient.
Super useful and convenient.
Security & Privacyc38
Glad I can hook it directly to my DropBox account.
I cannot save our open Word files from my Dropbox account.
It doesn't support password protected files.
Updates & Supportc18
I still prefer the Microsoft office version on my laptop.

Easy to use great business tool Duende27. found in 2 reviews
I've had a pretty good experience so far. found in 2 reviews
Perfect for Students and Business needs. found in 3 reviews
This new mobile version works just right for my current needs. found in 3 reviews
Invest in a laptop and Microsoft Office for typing school papers. found in 8 reviews
Microsoft Has a Home Run. found in 2 reviews
A very useful app thanks. found in 2 reviews
Perfect blend of simplicity and features. found in 2 reviews
we´ve finally got seamless integration between Office and all things Mac. found in 6 reviews
A pleasant surprise. found in 3 reviews
The Best of both worlds. found in 3 reviews
for an initial release. found in 3 reviews
Excel and PowerPoint are equally as great. found in 36 reviews
I finally have a quality word program on my iPad. found in 12 reviews
where there's spell check and my lightning fast typing skills. found in 5 reviews
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel transforms the iPad as a work tool. found in 2 reviews
I usually use it for homework when I'm not home. found in 6 reviews
It's The Best WP out there. found in 2 reviews
It allows access to files while on the go. found in 4 reviews
Editing is not as full-featured as the desktop versions. found in 9 reviews
App prevents usage unless you have a Microsoft account. found in 35 reviews
This only works if you use Microsofts cloud subscription service. found in 10 reviews
Another major issue is the lack of right-to- left language support. found in 8 reviews
option so I can easily open documents in other apps. found in 9 reviews
Please give us the support for Arabic language. found in 12 reviews
Please please add Right-to- Left language support. found in 13 reviews
but it dearly needs Document Map support. found in 2 reviews
but why there is no arabic support. found in 22 reviews
still language support problem like arabic. found in 14 reviews
I'd give it 5 stars but it doesn't support Arabic. found in 50 reviews
Just wish the Track Changes did not require a subscription. found in 12 reviews
The app that doesn't need a subscription of 100$
Not being able to print without sending out via email. found in 69 reviews
Would love to see mare cloud services supported especially WebDAV. found in 52 reviews
I had to go into the OneDrive app to open files. found in 7 reviews
Can't print from within the app and light on functions. found in 21 reviews
I understand people's frustration with subscription model. found in 16 reviews
Great app but security issue with Dropbox. found in 3 reviews
Why microsoft do not support persian and arabic language. found in 7 reviews
Yes. found in 18 reviews
Without access to non Microsoft cloud storage this app is useless. found in 47 reviews
Needs Box integration not just DropBox. found in 30 reviews
No Dropbox Support Renders this a D- for Businss. found in 39 reviews
Please give us the ability to print our documents. found in 69 reviews
You can't edit or type without subscription which is $ 100 per year. found in 23 reviews
Rating Will stay at one star until you fix arabic Support. found in 22 reviews
Please add support for other cloud services for a better rating. found in 52 reviews
and fails to save documents with too much frequency. found in 99 reviews
You cannot edit or create new documents without a subscription. found in 23 reviews
I don't immediately see the option to print emails. found in 69 reviews
This application doesn't support Arabic language. found in 50 reviews
you can't use your office 365 university subscription login. found in 245 reviews
Theres no way I'm spending $ 100 a year for word. found in 53 reviews
i don't know how to change my app language. found in 30 reviews
I simply cannot edit documents that originate from my Dropbox. found in 59 reviews
This has never happened to me once I'm google drive. found in 75 reviews
1 star until there will be right to left support. found in 29 reviews
Needs a subscription to Microsoft 365 to get work done. found in 39 reviews
the latest being unable to access OneDrive files through Office for iPad. found in 44 reviews

The Microsoft Word for iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian. It weighs in at a hefty 259 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-03-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
More Info: Find more info about Microsoft Word for iPad in Microsoft Corporation`s Official Website :

Read Word documents for free. To create and edit, an Office 365 subscription is needed. The real Microsoft Word app designed for iPad. Now your Word documents look great on the iPad. When you edit or ...
Its great for college              Great
I love being able to utilize these important tools in my daily Administrative Task and as owner                 TopRated
Can get work done on the go and pick up where I left off on the computer later                 Great tool
You guys are amazing keep up the good work                 Hi
I love this app and thanks to this app my story is coming along great                 Word
This app in your ipad makes you feel that youre using your laptop                 Great app
Easy to use and does the job This indeed was much needed app With 5GB petty space in iCloud I have now moved over to Word completely using the 40GB free space to enjoy Have more than 40 documents that I edit regularly with this app Good work team                 Fantastic app
I love this app It allows me to type a document on my iPhone and save it so I can view or print from my computer Cant believe how useful it is Easy to use                 Great App
A huge help to my practice Very functional                 Works perfectly
Love it              Makes things easier
Esta aplicación cada día es más utilizada por estar a tono con los adelantos de las nuevas tecnologías por lo siempre la uso en mi iPhone 6 plus felicitaciones                 Felicitaciones
Love it                 Fantastic
I cannot really ask for more                 Perfect
Downloaded a compatibility mode Word doc for an assignment I moved in between Excel and Word on iPad iOS9 new half screennow Word no longer responds to my changes and is frozen at the page All other apps including Excel still works        Forever Frozen Screen
Mad dope                 Dope
Love it                 Great app
Полезно и надежно                
Ok so I got this app so I could write stories right It wont even let me type an I Dont waste your money on this dumb app     Are you kidding me
Mobile Word is great and getting better all of he time                 The best there is
Adelante con tan magnifica labor                 Excelente
Been using Word on regular computer for years and its nice to see it for free Really good product You must take some time to figure out its features And you can transfer your docs From your home computer Everyone should have this app                 Word
I use this app as a go between with my home and work computers and my phone Its easy manageable on the small screen and helps me keep up with paperwork on the go                 More helpful than I imagined
5 stars                 Works exactly as advertised
Word has gotten better and better on the iPad I used it on an older iPad 2 that sometimes suffers from performance issues with newer apps Word works well I now use it and OneNote as my primary writing apps on my new iPad Air 2 It is great that Microsoft has been adding access to more cloud storage Now if they add Google Drive that would be the next big feature that would be good for me                 Great compatibility very functional
Well designed Able to be productive on train using 6 plus                 Great app
Im a journalist who has been using an iPad professionally since 2010 The release of a full version of Word for iOS made a huge difference for me allowing me to write articles and submit them into my companys content management system Highly recommended Accept no substitutes                 A Gamechanger
Can almost do without my computer                 Awesome
I love this app It works much like Word on my PC and it transfers in emails beautifully Couple this with the bluetooth printing app and I now use my iPad more than my PC at my office and while traveling                 Makes my iPad even more useful
Good                 Good
Very helpful                 Love the app
APP                 GREAT
I love this app as Im on my apple phone all the time now I can actually get work done all the time if I need I love it                 Very Nice
The product description says that you can unlock the full Word experience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription However I have one of those and feel confident about making the assertion that veteran Word users will find this app to be a very abridged version of the real Microsoft Word and as such quite frustrating to use It lacks most of the formatting options of the real Word including as I discovered today the page x of x page numbering option The spelling and grammar checking feature seems to miss a lot of things Save as has been replaced by a weird duplicateandrename option Forget about producing a professionallooking reaccent aigusumeaccent aigu with it Its best used to create rough drafts or perform minor edits to final versions of files I hope that Microsoft will expand this version to the point that it becomes indistinguishable from my old friend the real Microsoft Word        Cripplingly limited
Only thing I have a problem doing is italicizing certain passages As an eBook proofreader copy editor I need that feature Otherwise it keeps me working when Im riding I love that                 Keeps me mobile
But it needs work I love how it links with my Microsoft account so all my documents are in one place The actual app itself is a bit taxing to use maybe a new UI that is easier to use would be nice other than that its amazing              Love it
Always have loved Microsoft Office and continue to use it on the iPhone                 wd4hmr
جيد                 Good
Gracias por su aportación para lo que necesito es muy útil                 Eficiente app
After the iOS 9 update I lost my job resume document and other important documents Im applying to jobs and need that resume document Please restore the documents soon Thank you           Lost documents
This app is so helpful to me I have to write summaries of clinical work daily This saves me so much time since I can hook up a portable keyboard to my phone and get the job done while on location Thanks for a super practical app                 So Helpful
Word is the best app on the App Store It is so useful and is a must have This app has been there when I needed it the most Wayyyyy better than pages                 This app saved my life
中文版本很好用兼容性好与office2013微软版本配合使用很搭配                 很好用
Para ser perfecto creo que deberian agregar la opcion de poder crear carpetas con los archivos Ademas no se si es solo mi caso pero nunca puedo cambiarle los nombres a los archivos una vez que los guardo Para poder hacerlo debo crear una copia del documento y luego borrar el antiguo              Casi perfecto
Thanks for this app Is great its like I dont need my PC anymore                 Whstapp
Familiar and easy to use                 Great app
Its very useful                 Great
So far this application has been great Ive not yet used it beyond writing so hopefully when it comes time to transfer files and print it will all be a breeze              Great Application
Thank you for updating for iOS9 quickly                 Great App
Super                 Super

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