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Audeonic Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (MidiBridge ,FreEWI ,MidiFire ,MidiBus ,MidiVision), brings MidiBridge with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MidiBridge app has been update to version 1.41 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The MidiBridge is now available for $8.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.41 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about MidiBridge in Audeonic Apps`s Official Website : http://www.audeonic.com/#midibridge

MidiBridge is a utility that interconnects all MIDI interfaces (external, virtual and network) on an iOS device at a fraction of the cost of equivalent hardware. Supported external interfaces include Line6 Midi Mobilizer I and Midi ...
Because of this program I am able to use my Akai Synthstation 25 with any of my IOS music apps Great customer support as well I was initially having trouble with communication between the Akai SS 25 and GarageBand after the last update No problem because I emailed the folks over at Audeonic and they responded immediately to address my problemtwo days later they updated Midibridge and it solved the problem Great job guys and thank you                 A must have for IOS
The concept is a good one but I cannot seem to get my apps to work without interference and artifacts I have read and followed the instructions numerous times but cant seem to get this to work satisfactorily I have tried ipolysix ilectric piano and Alchemy they all conflict with each other not worth the money until more apps are made compatible and work with this thing Two stars just for the idea get all my core midi apps working with it and youll get five straight up        Disapointing
He replied at 1000 at night to answer my question it works amazingly I can hook up my synthstation to my computer to control GarageBand on my iPhone wirelessly also I can make my synth station and phone control the CPU midi software wirelessly just ask him how to do it Literally amazing price is low compared to what it can do pay the 9 bucks                 This guy deserves applause
Very easy to use must buy                 Easy apps setup
OKNow I can control Nanostudio on my Ipad from Thumbjam on my Ipod wirelessly with MIDIBRIDGENough said The support is great tooI emailed a few questions and nic got back to me the same day and addressed all of my concernsCant wait to delve deeper with AnimoogStepolyarpGeosynth etcMidibridge is well worth the money and definitely rates 5 stars                 MUST HAVE APP
Midi bridge is a Swiss knife tool for midi It can do everything from routing to splits to transformation of keys and other events It fills in the missing bits that a lot of other midi apps leave out For example if you need to transpose a section of your keyboard midibridge can do that If you need to split your keyboard between 2 channels midibridge can do that If you need to route notes to 2 different apps simultaneously say Sampletank and Bismark midibridge can do that And its pretty easy to set up I had a minor problem when I first installed the app but the developers at Audeonics responded nearly immediately and got me up and running very quickly I wish I could get that kind of support from other vendors Count me as a satisfied customer                 Great product with great support
Trying to connect all your midi gear is sometimes a challenge With midi bridge you are able to do so much more than just that I dont even know where to start I have half a dozen pieces of gear now connected to my iPad and everything talks to each other perfectly Then you have a customer service that is UNPARALLELED The response time and competency of the app developers is just amazing I had a couple of hardware issues involving my novation launchpad and after several exchanges to understand the issue they provided me with custom made controller messages to make my launchpad work as I want it to I had almost given up after 2 calls with novation tech support who told me it couldnt be done easily Well midi bridge did it flawlessly I highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in connected gear to an iPad or other similar devices Midi bridge will be the foundation of my setup as I continue to build my rig                 Incredible app
This man redefines customer service I was having troubles at first so I emailed him with questions He replied IMMEDIATELY at the oddest hours to answer ALL my questions no matter how stupid or irrelevant even gave me advice Now that weve worked out the kinks in the hardware faulty batteries the app does everything I need it to do and works flawlessly with my SynthStation25 running GarageBand                 So much awesome
I was thrilled to find this app and the free addon FreEWI which has allowed me to use my L6MM to connect my EWI4000s wind controller to Animoog and iMS20 Im looking forward to finding other apps I can make wind controller friendly Since I have found Core MIDI to be problematic having this option to extend the use of the L6MM opens up whole new vistas for me Thank you Audeonic                 Must have for Line 6 MIDI MobilizerWind Controller Users
I own an Alesis ioDock and its great but theres no midi thru I was going to purchase a 30 midi thru box but this app made it unnecessary Thank you                 Awesome midi routing tool
This is everything well almost everything one might need in terms of routing and remapping MIDI on iOS Probably one of the most useful apps on my iPad The user interface is on the other hand among the worst Ive ever encountered making using the app a chore Thats a pity              Great functionality terrible user interface
I was worried that the Akai SS25 was going to be left in the dust with the advent of core midi on the ipkone I have been using Nano studio and nlog and more but I wanted to use Sample Tank and a host of other apps that dont support the SS25 I had considered buying another mini midi keyboard and irig but Midibridge came to the rescue TG and the developers It works with garageband and Sample Tankwithout any latency that I can notice Run it in background no problemsThis is a no brainer to get for the SS25                 Synthstation25 Saved
The app served a need to facilitate midi in os and did it well I think this opened the door to other apps and development in midi control Please continue to expand and let this pioneer tool continue to grow Thanks Stan                 Hope to see more
Works great with my synthstation25 and Animoog Thanks                 Awesome
This isnt just for SS25 I have an iPhone and iPad and wanted to control one with the other so that I could play a midi interface for scales and chords while tweaking knobs with the other devices screen while recording The latency is extremely low even with a crappy G network and the router on the other side of the house Thank you                 Awesome
Seriously A musthave for anyone who wants to use iOS as a serious MIDI brain Worth the price intuitive controls great programming Highly recommended                 Incredible
Works flawlessly with SynthStation25 couldnt be happier I wanted to change the note mapping for the drums in GarageBand but I was not able to figure out how to use the Note Mapper feature I sent an email and Nic came to the rescue and very quickly set me straight maybe there is such a thing as a perfect world Nic is prompt knowledgeable and the consummate professional colossal app with the very best support                 Colossal Features In A Small Package Make A Colossal App
These days with more and more apps supporting CoreMIDI and even network MIDI it seems that there are few instances wherein a connection cannot be made between apps especially with the dawn of the AudioBus era However when these situations do arise MidiBridge REALLY shines and makes those connections happen It does everything advertised and then some with flying colors Worth every penny Highly recommended EXCELLENT support Regular updates MidiBridge is part of the iOS AudioBus CoreMIDI revolution                 Spectacular
Works flawlessly for me Simple concept yet so very needed                 Great app
This app is awesome My akai synthstation 25 and 49 are no longer obsolete It is confusing to use for those not familiar with midi and hex values and such but the developer goes above and beyond in personally assisting you in setting it up                 Fantastic app outstanding customer support
Thank you so much I was about to sell my Synthstation25 thinking there was no more hope in new app support but by chance I stumbled upon your application Now all music apps which support CoreMidi work with the SS25 with simple ease extending the lifespan of the little beast 10 stars                 Unbefrickenleavable
Seeing as many apps are not compatible with this I dont use it very often Comes in handy when it works right but doesnt quite do what I thought it did           Rarely used
As a lot of the other reviewers have said this allows my synthstation to work wonders by allowing it to be a core midi device Plus I can use my synthstation to control my iPad apps and even my Mac applications Life saver                 Awesome
I have an Alesis io dock Wasnt able to get an external midi keyboard to run Animoog through the midi in on the io dock This app had it working in 30 seconds Thanks for making this app                 Works
Okay so I was always able to use the SS25 with NanoStudio which is the music production app I use 90 of the time anyways but I was getting severely bummed that all these great new performance synths were coming out that had no SS25 support All that has now changed MidiBridge is the Bees Knees I can now use SunrizerXS Addictive Micro Garageband SampleTank Pocket Organ and Organ all with my SS25 via MidiBridge This app simply rocks No discernable latency either To note I had to upgrade to iOS 5 or 501 in order to get the SS25 to work with these through MidiBridge This functionality wont work with anything earlier than iOS 5 The dev was very helpful too in pointing that I needed to connect the SS25 kbd In port within the MidiBridge App to the MidiBridge Out port I know that there any many other uses for this app but for the ability to use the SS25 with these other apps it was easily worth the price of admission                 My Synthstation25 is useful once again
I emailed and Nic answered in the middle of night Got it working and I love it Great product and great service                 Fantastic
This app is insane I had a strange request I had emailed these guys about they had the coding emailed back to me within 24 hours Support on this app is amazing This really changes the way you can midi configure your ipad Very impressed                 Let your weird midi request be made known
Midibridge is awesome It was able to solve a huge problem preventing me from operating my lighting setup properly Where multiple other apps and workarounds failed MidiBridge succeeded with ease Highly recommend                 Great app very necessary
I cant get it to work with beatmaker 2        Help
This app is a very valuable tool for making many apps and hardware running midi play nicely with each other                 Solves app and Midi Problems
No keyboard pops up so I cant give each scene a specific name Please fix it           Cant label scenes
Needs update to be working on OS 8 Good supportreceived immediate response to my question about an update Update for OS 8 soon                 Deadunusable on OS8
I wanted to plug my MIDI Fighter Twister into an old iPod Touch and use it to wirelessly control a mixer plugged into my Macbook MIDI Bridge was an essential connector to make that happen                 essential connector
A must have app for the original Midi Mobilizer No thanks to Line 6 but thanks to this app there is no need to spring for the new Mobilizer II Now I can use GarageBand for the iPhone Serous props go out to Nic Grant customer service who responded to my email on Sunday mind you and provided the info I needed to fix an issue I had Thanks again Bottom line BUY THIS APP                 Must have app for the Midi Mobilizer I
I can control animoog with akai synthstation thanks to this wonder Thats worth the price of admission alone                 Works enough said
Like many reviews you see here I was simply blown away by the support for customer questions the makers of this set aside time for it shows that they arent just satisfied with a must have iOS musicians app under their belt they hands down are the best at helping you understand the product and getting it to work for your needs Amazing This is my first review i think I had to after the help they gave                 Amazing app OUTSTANDING SERVICE
I always have this running Either its converting my MIDI out into a thru or its rewriting CCs or revealing the iPads many MIDI mysteries If you have a studio you will probably end up with this app                 Little Problem Solver
It took me a bit to figure some things out but got it going and couldnt be happier Totally worth the price to be playing Animoog Alchemy etc on Synthstation 25 Thank you for making this app                 Another Happy Customer
Like others have been saying you practically need this app if you want to enjoy your akai synthstation 25 Combine this with Animoog and you have yourself a very powerful synthesizer                 Life saving app
I was having trouble getting clock information working properly just dont bother with the Midisport UNO to make a long story short I contacted support for some assistance thinking I was missing something with MIDI Bridge and Nic went above and beyond to help me troubleshoot an issue that clearly wasnt his problem In the end I got a Line 6 and alls well and the MIDI Bridge is a great tool                 Great support
Im delighted that this did what I wanted it to do record the MIDI from ThumbJam in Cubasis and then route it back to Thumb Jam This allows me to edit performances and craft parts rather than just well jam A toy is now a usable tool It took awhile to figure it out and I pretty much just stumbled onto the solution but thats probably my limited knowledge of routing and MIDI Thanks                 Record MIDI from apps to DAW
I will admit I know very little about MIDI but when I purchased an Alesis DM6 USB drum kit i knew I could use it through garageband The problem was that the floor tom would not register in garageband After scouring the internet I stumbled upon a fix was to use MIDI Bridge to get the floor tom to register I downloaded the app and spent the next couple of hours getting nowhere As a last resort I emailed the delveoper about my problem and to my astonishment he emailed back a few hours later offering to help After getting him the info he needed he wrote the code to put into MIDI Bridge and voila the floor tom was registering Thanks to Nic and the great support for getting my drums to work                 Great Support
great app I am very happy with the results raised my synthStation 25 and now I use Roland electronic drums and midi channel 10 to channel remap the Sampletank 1234 wonderful congratulations brazilportuguese grande aplicativo estou muito feliz com os resultados ressuscitou meu synthStation 25 e agora posso usar bateria eletronica Roland canal midi 10 e remapear para o canal 1234 do Sampletank maravilhoso parabéns                 GREAT APP
Please right now this 9 app is useless Crashes and will not open     iOS 8 support
If you control Synths etc with other Apps or external keyboards you need this There are a few recalcitrant Synths that bypass MidiBridge but that is their faulty MIDI implementation MidiBridge can fix most other partialy inept MIDI and make things sing together And adapt controllers as needed I see UI complaints OK its nerdy but there are few other games in this town and they are worse UI with lesser functionality                 MIDI Essential App
Works good with Akai Synthstation and GarageBand I use GarageBand on iPod Touch 4 G to record song ideas on the fly but cant always get the feel with touch instruments Now I can use Synthstation Much easier                 Akai Synthstation GarageBand
I can finally play the GarageBand sound s from the Synthstation25 I had to turn on the AirPlay option in settings to make it work You can even use the SS25 to record more complex parts in the GB sequencer Still much more to discover A must have                 The missing link
Thank you Audeonic for putting this app out because I was on the verge of ditching my SS25 Now I can play my favorite apps Alchemy Addictive Micro Synth now through Midi Bridge without having to wait for an update For those who own a Synthstation 25 and have midi core apps that does not have SS25 support you can now control them through Midi Bridge no Joke Once again thank you Audeonic I am now a proud Synth Station 25 owner again                 Just when I thought my Synthstation was useless
I really havent used this a whole lot still trying to understand MIDI And all this app is capable of The support is fast the responses are detailed and friendly All around great                 Very nice
Now I can use my Akai Synthstation with Animoog and other Garage Band Vendor went the extra mile to help me with a problem I like it                 Works great

MidiBridge Music Midi Mobilizer Midi DataMidiBridge Music Midi Mobilizer Midi DataMidiBridge Music Midi Mobilizer Midi DataMidiBridge Music Midi Mobilizer Midi Data

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