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Gameloft , the publisher behind many iOS games (GT Racing: Motor Academy HD FREE ,Fishing Kings HD ,The Settlers ,The Oregon Trail FREE ,Shrek Kart ® HD ,Splinter Cell Conviction™), brings World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a very good rpg game..
  • It's the best strategy game ever madre for iPad ¡..
  • Very user friendly game and awesome graphics..
  • Great combat game with good graphics..
  • This game is a good time killer and very very fun..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
Probably one of the best strategy /base building games out there.
This is an amazing game and I highly recommend it.
Great game keeps u thinking its one of the best games I've played.
Best game ever I love it definitely recommend this game to everyone.
Highly recommend to anyone who has a few minutes between tasks.
I absolutely will not be recommending it to anyone any more.
Good game but need to fix bugs.
Fun & Engagingclick me88
Awesome game great progress without having to pay.
Very addictive and holds your attention for hours.
Very fun game always waiting for my lottery to be ready.
Once again super fun and time consuming.
Fast pace sims game.
Land expand to expensive though other than that fun and challenging.
you'll never get bored of THIS game.
Usefulnessclick me72
I play everyday haha it's great.
I find myself growing this game every day.
Value for Moneyclick me51
and you can make decent progress without spending real money.
Easily to learn ad achieve good results even without spending hard $$$$.
This means you can't even play without spending real money.
Replay Valueclick me54
recommend it to others who like strategic games.
Land expand to expensive though other than that fun and challenging.
Great game hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesclick me85
Very user friendly game and awesome graphics.
Awesome graphics and all.
Cool graphics.
Ease of Useclick me53
Fun and easy game play.
easy gameplay.
Intuitive and fun.
Reliabilityclick me41
Server Problems.
We don't pay $ for Server problems for almost three days.
Updates & Supportclick me28
Customer Service is the Best.


LOCK AND LOAD! The United States of America is under attack from an evil alliance of highly trained forces known as the KRA. As the leader of the free world, YOU have to stand and fight. Build your military base, train your army, and battle against or ally with players from all over the world online in order to defeat the enemy for good!


World at Arms is the new ground-breaking social game by Gameloft!


- Enjoy the most beautiful war simulation on smartphone with outstanding graphics & animations, plus extra-realistic units & buildings.
- Engage in innovative, strategic and breathtaking battles across the globe, in the air and on the ground (desert, urban and snow), and unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you!
- Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings & upgrade your base to become the top superpower.
- Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign with more than 75 missions to complete!
- Take action and attack any player in the world, loot them for bonuses and climb up the leaderboards!
- Connect with your friends through Facebook, Game Center or Gameloft LIVE! and borrow their units during battle to defeat tough enemies.
- Unlock loads of achievements!

World at Arms - Wage war for your nation!World at Arms - Wage war for your nation!
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The World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 44.9 MB to download. The new World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! check developer Gameloft`s website :
World at Arms - Wage war for your nation!


Nice real time strategy to play with friends Gameloft account required. found in 3 reviews
Fun and easy game play. found in 6 reviews
Very nice game excellent graphics well done world at war. found in 8 reviews
This is an amazing game and I highly recommend it. found in 33 reviews
Awesome game great progress without having to pay. found in 187 reviews
I'm level 5 now and haven't spent a dime. found in 4 reviews
Good time waster easy to play. found in 8 reviews
The game is more like 3 games in one: sim city. found in 11 reviews
A very fun interesting game way way better than modern war. found in 7 reviews
Once again super fun and time consuming. found in 17 reviews
but am done paying for in game purchases. found in 7 reviews
Good game but needs to be a bit easier to level also. found in 10 reviews
game freezes sometimes but overall very addicting. found in 6 reviews
I enjoyed playing the game until the update this morning. found in 18 reviews
The game will not load past 33% and hasn't since the last update. found in 2 reviews
whenever I try to use my HQ the game crashes. found in 36 reviews
Kinda wish you could earn more money for battles though. found in 5 reviews
It's a good game but there is a lot of waiting involved. found in 2 reviews
This game is awful and poorly made seen better. found in 2 reviews
A relatively engaging game except for the server connection. found in 4 reviews
I fear that the next update will ruin the game again. found in 4 reviews
but the server keeps going down and the game won't load. found in 13 reviews
Only wish there was more free ways to earn stars. found in 31 reviews
It keeps saying no connection to the server and won't let me play. found in 4 reviews
Keeps losing connection and restarting it doesn't help. found in 3 reviews
gets stuck at 33 % loading then kicks you out. found in 9 reviews
nut the connection issues interfere a lot with gameplay. found in 8 reviews
Fun but need lots of $ to play. found in 5 reviews
Too may error reports make it frustrating but worth the effort. found in 3 reviews
It says " request timed out " half the time I try to play. found in 7 reviews
But when it just stops loading and you have to start over. found in 36 reviews
No bounties three days now to expand. found in 24 reviews
Need an update for the games to the game starts crashing. found in 13 reviews
but GameLoft is unable or unwilling to stop hackers. found in 18 reviews
This means you can't even play without spending real money. found in 51 reviews
and doesn't pay out well enough to move play along. found in 11 reviews
Will not be playing this game until the issue is fixed. found in 55 reviews
I keep getting "no connection to server " errors. found in 10 reviews
Would have given 5 stars but customer service is horrible. found in 13 reviews
Recently did an update and game crashes right as it loads. found in 36 reviews
After playing a few days the game won't load anymore. found in 13 reviews
Game loft will rarely respond to hacking issues. found in 29 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
can not even load the game after update this version    bad bad bad
Id play and spend moneybut being over run with HACKERS Play honestly or not a all       Fix is on
Its an ok game Nothing spectacular Issues contacting developers There is an issue getting invaded even after purchasing protection and apparently no credit given for the glitch Possibly another take the money and run scenario       Its ok
I cant do anything anymore a guy shows up and said something like Im strong enough that any faction whould want me and a arrow shows up pointed at nothing I cant tap buy stuff or collect coins and stuff I need I can only go on chat fix this    Fix it
I love this game but I do have one count it ONE complaint its when I go to redo my base that I cant pick everything up and then put it all back down If this was an ability this would be the best game on any phone                Best phone game ever played
If you dont put money into this game you will get banned I played for 6 months Was so addicted to the game building things up fighting against other players Reaching new levels loads of fun But beware they will ban you from playing for no reason I had a survey pop up one day which I answered honestly Admitted that I hadnt spent any real money Guess what Banned within two days of that Its like seeing a movie you dont get to see end of And customer service doesnt even try to help They could care less with their vague email replies Wish I had listened to others Lot of people were saying this but I thought well you must have done something wrong NOPE    Do not get addicted
With the latest update 16 game progress sync every 710 minutes is very annoying hopefully Gameloft fixes this bug soon    Game Progress sync every 710 minutes during game play very annoying
Good game but glitchy             War at arms
Love this game fun to play addicting very enjoyable smooth controls worth downloading                One of the best games in App Store
اهنكم على البرنامج                Akdadyh
Hi like these game is really cool                Hi
Tiene buen desempeño y no es tedioso                Exelente
I had got my 50 medals from a attack but then it had taken it and lost my medals so GIVE ME BACK MY MEDALS    AWFUL
Game taken over by hackers Developers really want your money its going to cost you real bucks when you reach about level 30 if you want to be competitive So much garbage on the screen when you play          Hackers Galore
The game is good and all but since the new update this game has becometerrible and annoying to play The main glitch that I see is when you open the game go through the attack mission this is going off what I notice and what people say in chat Then recruit some troops then the mess hall glitch just smacked you in the face Once you buy the mess hall it place s it for you so you cant move it even if half of the area its in is red So then your stuck like that Please fix    A lot of bugs
This was my favorite game Before an update killed it months ago Still waiting       Fun while it lasted
Good game                Good game
At first its great i stopped playing and now its busted I have 60 grand to collect and much more DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT WILL DIE ON YOU    Do not download
iraq                iraq
Best game ever                Awesome
The best game ever                World At Arms
Like the game and super graphics                Cool game
Игра крутая Но разработчики слишком жадные Постоянно урезают возможность развиваться бесплатно либо за малую платуПоследнее обновление ну просто гнище Многие уже отказались от игры и я думаю тоже отказаться если в дальнейшем разработчики не одумаются и не вернут предыдущие условияPS Жадность фраера сгубила    Обновление от августа месяца
Great                Wonderful
Until this afternoon I havent been able to access the game It keeps on loading up to 2 and will just freeze there for the longest time I have tried rebootingrestarting my device yet it still will not work I also deleted and reinstalled the game yet it still faces the same issue Please fix this fast                Game not loading
Good game but it glitched so all I can do is go to the conquest             The glitch
I ve played this thing for 2 years enjoyed the fights online Now Im fighting the online experience of nothing operational on my base and no support from Gameloft Ive made multiple requests for help with very little results       Was the best game ever
A very good game                Perfect game
When I am typing into chat with my faction mates or just talking in the global chat I cant day the word started or start For some reason those two words are considered offensive language Why Please fix             Offensive language
Best game ever should get                Must have
منتازه                mesoo
I installed this app again because I was in memory of having played this game 1 years agoBut this app is closed by itself so I cant play this game properly    Too many bugs
Cada vez que uno quiere fusionar un sumarino no puede y pierde todo lo que ha ganado y vuelve a empezar de nuevo y cuando se dan las mejoras se sincroniza de nuevo y lo que he comprado se borra    Pésimo
He perdido millones comprando potenciadores espacio torio y basicamemte todo Me tieme enojada y no se supone se supone que bajo un juego para pasarlo chevere y no es asi En cambio ustedes nos envian una actualización de porqueria Donde perdemos en vez de ganar Arreglenlo pa ayer Gracias       La actualización es mala
But ever since the most recent update when I run the game it tells me that it synchronizing my game data Please fix                Love the Game
I havent played a game this fun in so long Its great because there are so many things to do                So much fun
It stops loading at 35    Stops loading
Great game takes a while to load                Review
Its good game                Good
Its fun but I dont like that its powered to the spenders             Alright
I like this game because its different than most village games but there are a lot of bugs 75 of the time it stops at loading 5 and I cant play Also it force closes sometimes and the troops I train dont train Conquest doesnt work either Update 16 made everything confusing Whenever I open the campaign screen it force closes the app REALLY ANNOYING I got a lot of my allies deleted somehow and it says synchronizing game and then deletes some of my units PLEASE FIX GAMELOFT AND I WILL GIVE 5 STARS       Some hugs and a lot of bugs
Every time I try to make a unit it restart and I lose my progress    Once awesome now its not
Commanding your own army is just the best                Military Experience
Ive been playing for a year It was fun at first until Global Conquest and hacker issues When people pay money they get stars During the feature called GC you use these stars to buy refills to fight When the game doesnt register the players refill it doesnt give back the stars so you lose them Gameloft doesnt properly reimburse players All you get is a 50 stars and some boss units Players lose upwards to 200 stars Those units doesnt equate to the 200 stars you can use in GC A lot of hackers as well The list of issues goes on from here chat censor is not well adapted not enough hardware to support the influx of users playing in GC and API is not well designed to accommodate connection issues    Game steals money from people lots of Hackers
This latest update is a perfect example of Gamelofts complete lack of customer care Update 16 is full of more errors and bugs than can be listed in a review but feel free to look at the GL forums to find the dozens of bugs The worst part is that many of these bugs are painfully obvious and common and any prerelease testing would have identified their existence Noticeably absent from the forum listings of bugs Note the lack of responses from the developers acknowledging the bugs existence or that they are being addressed Avoid this game like the plague at least until it is fixed    Horribly Run Zero Quality Control
Game stops loading at 2 It logs me out in the middle of a battle game crashes too much and I expanded my base they took the money and everything and the next time I logged back on the base wasnt expanded Fix the game or Im never playing it again Im not wasting my time and money on a game that doesnt work    Worst game ever
Greatest war game I think Get it CH4ever xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo                Awesome war game
Love it                Good
Since 731 only been able to open app once a day All other attempts freezes on Loading 2 20 and 35 This game is not worth downloading since the latest update Very frustrating    Unable to open app


English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
44.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.0
iPhone iPad

iOS World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! 1.0.0 Mobile

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