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MobileIron , the publisher behind many iOS app (MobileIron PIV-D Entrust ,MobileIron Tunnel™ ,MobileIron Sentry ,Workplace ,MobileIron DataView ,MobileIron Tunnel), brings MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client app has been update to version 4.5.30 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Usefulnessclick me59
Very helpful for managing iOS devices at work.
Useful in many ways.
Reliabilityclick me27
Security & Privacyclick me28
Batteryclick me10
and fight for email till your battery dies.


NOTE: The free [email protected]â„¢ client requires use of MobileIron’s enterprise Virtual Smartphone Platform for all operations. Please consult with your company's IT organization before downloading this application. The [email protected]â„¢ client will not operate without the necessary back-end system.


MobileIron’s [email protected]â„¢ application seamlessly integrates your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
into your company’s mobile operations.

MobileIron MyPhone@Workâ„¢ ClientMobileIron MyPhone@Workâ„¢ Client


Quickly and easily get up and running on your company's network.
Get access to
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
and network resources.
Test and profile your network connection speeds and track your results geographically.
Easily indicate where you've experienced dropped calls and share this data with your company.
Access your company's recommended applications.
Stay up-to-date with policies and configurations.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client app version 4.5.30 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client in MobileIron`s Official Website :
MobileIron MyPhone@Workâ„¢ Client


Very helpful for managing iOS devices at work. found in 1 reviews
This new version of the app looks very clean. found in 1 reviews
note the mobile work x2122. found in 1 reviews
test and profile your network connection speeds and track your results geographically. found in 1 reviews
Great application for enterprise environments. found in 4 reviews
please consult with your company's mobile it organization before downloading this app. found in 1 reviews
Love the fact that it works with native iPhone email and calendar. found in 1 reviews
Useful in many ways. found in 1 reviews
This one just flat stopped working once I updated iOS. found in 1 reviews
I have been helping install this app for a company recently. found in 1 reviews
my other apps and even my email struggle to load. found in 2 reviews
GPS runs constantly. found in 1 reviews
I struggle to believe others don't have the same issue. found in 1 reviews
App keeps location services running even when it is closed. found in 1 reviews
10PM fully charged. found in 2 reviews
Major step backwards. found in 1 reviews
Fix the speed test. found in 1 reviews
Playing back voicemail doesn't work well. found in 1 reviews
it's a little intrusive. found in 1 reviews
i dont know what the hell it does. found in 1 reviews
broken with IOS 8. found in 1 reviews
How can this be ok to constantly use the location finder. found in 1 reviews
Why haz you drain my battery with constant location polling. found in 2 reviews
App crashes since iOS 5. found in 3 reviews
Works fine until the battery dies around lunchtime. found in 4 reviews
and that's if you're only checking email a few times. found in 2 reviews
they have no right to my personal email. found in 2 reviews
Major Battery Drain Issue. found in 2 reviews
GPS Tracks Constantly - Drains Battery Fast. found in 2 reviews
I was still unable to access my work email or outlook calendar. found in 5 reviews
Location Services are running constantly killing your battery. found in 18 reviews
a single good reason to install this on my phone. found in 2 reviews
Disappointed Siri and voice recognition are gone. found in 1 reviews
Encrypts everything on your phone to make it impossible to recover. found in 5 reviews
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iPad 360x480 3
Icon 175x175 1
The app works great for managing devices in an enterprise environment Its very easy to push out profiles and control what users can and cant do with their work supplied devices Thanks to MI we can easily stay in compliance with our legal teams requests Im guessing the other bad reviews are due to not knowing what mobileiron is used for at a higher level It adds extra steps but keeps your company data safe and secure             Great application for enterprise environments
I couldnt access the company email for 2 weeks due to this software So much trouble    Very poor quality
Dont waste a second of your time on this pos    Worst POS application ever
Not sure if its at the organization level but mobile iron constantly states that it cant connect to the server Ive installed and reinstalled over 10 times and cant get it to connect    Doesnt work
Reading an email need wait for 10 mins first making a phone call through contact wait 10 minutes first all what the app did is unnecessary and waste your time After removing it the world back to peaceful again    Horrible garbage
Our IT department requires it to download email to your phone Apparently there is no trust on its employees to guard company data It is a very intrusive app with many privacy violationsAccording to MobileIron installing this software captures phone number carrier device ID and serial number device operating system current device location and roaming status storage capacity MAC addresses encryption status along with the compliance status of your device to policies such as passcode requirements Looking at the certificate placed on the iPhone SettingsDevice ManagementTexas InstrumentsMore DetailsMobile Device Management System iOS MDM MobileIron is grantedErase all data and settingsLock device and remove passcodeList configuration profilesAddremove configuration profilesList provisioning profilesAddremove provisioning profilesList device informationList network informationList installed applicationsList restriction informationList security informationApply settingsInstall and remove application and dataThe app drains your battery and slows any email access To help with battery drain turn off location tracking and do not allow notifications Any update or reinstall from backup requires to Uninstall MobileIron delete all the profiles it installs Power off the phone power it back up then reinstall and reregister MobileIron    Privacy violations galore
Like others on this review string I have been obligated to install MobileIron in order to access company email All negatives previously reviewed are true Battery drain crashes and stalls Not well supported Never thought Id say thisGive me back my BlackBerrysad    Worst App Yet
Before mobile iron Apple watch and phone work greatAfter configuring mobile iron on iPhone due to company requirement Apple watch and phone are unusableWatch battery will only last 34 hours phone 67 hours Both crash constantly and have issues pairing and impairing Both batteries run hotI suspect the issue is mobile iron is continually trying communicate to watch in background Please resolve asap Otherwise the job wins and watch needs to go    Makes Apple watch useless
Terrible software Graphics no longer displays with an email You have to tap the download button and you get the MobileIron logo on the screen rather than the graphics itself    Mobile Iron User
My IT department requires this app to be installed to get access to exchange email If it werent for that I would never install or use it    Way too intrusive
My organization forces us to use this to gain access to calendar and email via our exchange account The application is always using your location and is extremely unreliable I got rid of the app and the profile it installs on your device and opted for office 365 mobile website    Terrible
BEWARE My employer uses Mobile Iron for BYOD with 90 day requirement to enter new passcode With this process Mobile Iron got me into a looping where I could not update it at all Our IT dept cannot control or change the passcode as it is not serverbased but individual phone based Mobile Iron customer support doesnt support anyone My only recourse was to restore the phone to factory settings Bye Bye Mobile Iron I am done and done    BEWARE Loss of access to phone
We were forced by our IT department to use this app with our Google email It has slowed my work down tremendously It is an extra log in step everytime I want to access my email It is slow to download and send new emails and it seems to be using a lot of battery power on my iPhone    Terrible app
Drains battery constant location services poor file viewer no ability to edit attachments or share with other apps    Worst in class
Ive had to install this app via my corporate policy I have now for 3 days been battling 1 How to get EMail 2 How to get enterprise Apps ie box for emm to work 3 Receiving emails 4 THIS APP HAS DELETED ALL OF MY OUTLOOK CONTACTSBackup your phone and contact list and be prepared to reinstall multiple times for it to work    Deplorable App and Performance
App does a good job of enforcing policies deployed by corporate Phone can be remotely unlocked by corp IT staff That has saved my butt a few times             Corporate policies
Should be zero stars cause it does NOT work    App does NOT work
Used to allow you to open a contact that was emailed to you and save to address book Basically would open in that app and you just saved it Now that my company has turned mobile iron on for handling attachments the only option is to open cards in mobile iron which eliminates the ability to save to contacts Major step backwards MI needs to create a carve out for address book type attachments so that those can still be opened in address book          Need to create a way to bring contacts into address book
This app was not made with the end user in mind The first 5 star review is an IT guy and the rest are actual users who have to put up with it Drains battery limits use of MS file viewingediting screwed up my contacts Should be zero stars    Horrible
Mobile Iron should be banned from the world It slows emails and makes it impossible to forward normal attachments to coworkers from smartphones or tablets in a format that can be read on desktop or laptop pcs Even our IT department hates it Mobile Iron goes down frequently causing even more problems DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE    Terrible
My employers IT Department are a bunch of idiots so of course they think they need to make all of us use this crappy AP to access our email and calendar It drains the battery and now it doesnt work Why they chose this AP with such poor reviews I guess doesnt surprise me There was nothing wrong with the way we did it before and we dont need such security anyway    Crappy AP
Great app Very easy to understand and use David Lorea Farrington                Great app Very easy to understand and use
Would have been nice to know that work network access and applicable apps would have to be reinstalled because of this update Terrible communication    Had to reinstall work access because of update
Access to email and SharePointwhats not to like                Pretty straightforward
I cant utilize Epics Haiku now that the IOS has upgraded to 83 bc of connectivity with Mobile Iron which my hospital makes us use for HIPPA I am encouraging them to change products       broken with IOS 83
Allows employer to read personal email and your location    Breaks TouchID and Apple Pay
I had to install this on my personal phone to access my work email Since I did so I can count on my beloved and formerly reliable iPhone 5 to lock up at least once per day sometimes even more Has anyone else had their phone walk and not you to enter your password    Guaranteed Daily Crash
I was forced to try this because my company discontinued support for Microsoft Exchange and went to this The app crashes and is not reliable at all for alerts or new emails Im so bummed that my company went away from Microsoft Exchange This app is useless    Garbage
Forced by our company to download this trash now my company email no longer works    Worst App Ever
It does not sync regularly    Very slow response
Barely functional    Barely functional
I had to download this app for work It changes your password lock and requires you to type an extensive password on a tiny keyboard every time you unlock your phone I was still unable to access my work email or outlook calendar so I tried to uninstall this software Although the app is erased it still shows up in my phone memory I had to do two different delete procedures and yet it still remains in my phone memory And even worse the lock screen will not revert to the original apple lock screen so I am stuck with this obnoxious tedious login to use my phone I tried calling the MobileIron support line but the automated message refers you to the website and then ends the call I have wasted 2 hours trying to read forums to find other ways to rid myself of this insidious app Do yourself a favor and do not download    Insidious software
App performs as designed                Does what was designed to do
I had to install this on my devices in order to access my company email In addition to the battery drain with the location services always on it appears to have stopped iCloud from syncing my photos And the two step process it uses to handle opening attachments is cumbersome and buggy I work for an employer that does need a high degree of security to access their system but MobileIron seems like overkill for email and calendar syncing    A huge hog
I love that this app lets me get native mail calendar and contacts on my work phone I dont love how one of the features I needed the most isnt available in iMessage mail or other native iOS apps custom keyboards I need to swype in these apps but cant because mobile iron is blocking me from doing so       Custom Keyboards
it may not be directly caused by the app itself But I tried 6 times to get all the settings done correctly for my company mail Terrible design of the verification process I wish I can vote for 0 star    so hard to get through The verification process
Why does location services have to be on at all times for this app to work This is draining my battery much faster than normal We need a better solution       Location Services
My company had me install this on my phone My phone never locked up or froze before now Not sure what the app does Its terrible And it kills your battery    Needs lots of work
My staff send me draft and revised Word documents on a frequent basis Since I am often away from my desk during work hours I rely on my work smartphone to minimize the amount of catchup when I return to my desk at the end of the dayMy employer recently adopted MobileIron and since adoption I have found that it hinders my ability to complete work remotely I cannot view my staffs revisions in Track Changes nor can I review any revisions or comments sent to me by my supervisor Essentially this means that aside from the simplest of documents I must now reserve all off document review work for the end of the day extending my work day and virtually eliminating the benefit of having a mobile platform       Too simplistic to be practical
My employer installed this app on my work phone I wouldnt allow this in my personal phone It drains the battery everyday There are days I am not even using my phone and it is dead my the end of the day How pointless One point of the app is for the employer to track the phone so they can wipe it if stolen How can you when it doesnt hold a charge The developers need to figure out how to write an app before submitting it    The worst app
An app that promises security features but forgets that people actually need to use their device One of the worst PIM in Divide in the market coupled with a poor design in the interfaces Sheer laziness in design and development trying to capitalize on corporate IT department security fears producing a terrible tool Shame    Terrible app
This drains your battery after about 5 hours of light use Totally unacceptable    Drains battery
What a joke    Straight Garbagenever works
Gets me mobile access to my email and a few intranet sites                Works as expected
Just got an email from the IT security team at work large Fortune 500 company saying not to upgrade to 70 or wed be blocked from the network Interesting that a socalled security app would have an indie like thisAside from this disaster this has worked OK so far with the settings my company enforces Still annoying sometimes and its extra work on a smartphone to get to key tools I usually need to use in a hurry    Security Issue Dont Upgrade to 70 7172015
Why is Siri disabled after this is installed Why is the voice recognition disabled Will only IT folks have access to everything music pics emails etc on an employees phone or do all managers have access Disappointed Siri and voice recognition are gone    Removes iPhone functionality
My company uses this for MDM I have no idea why Email should not be this difficult We have had people switch back to Blackberry it has been so bad Avoid at all costs    Worst Email solution Ever
This takes for ever to work with Audi App Go back and redo it    App is terrible
Cannot open passbook    Poor handling of most files
Yes ui matters    Nonsensical ui


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.5.30
iPhone iPad

iOS MobileIron [email protected]â„¢ Client 4.5.30 Mobile

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