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Funzio, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Jackpot Slots™ ,Criminal Legacy ,Modern War ,Kingdom Age ,Crime City ,Crime City HD), brings Modern War with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Modern War games has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me55
    10x better than crime city Add me 894 967 203.
    Hey funzio amazing game best thing I ever played.
    Started of as an Amazing Game then terrible.
    This is definitely one of my favorite games to play right behind mw3.
    I would recommend this game to any of my friends.
    Awesome game need allies I'm only level 3 or 4.
    This game needs an update immediately.
    This is the most addictive game I've played on the iPhone.
    Fun & Engagingclick me86
    awesome game add me 850 684 461 great game.
    Awesome game but it crashes all the time.
    This game is fun add me 389-061-398 pls.
    Addicting game but CRASHES constantly.
    The game used to not be like that.
    I play all the time the game is so fun and addicting.
    This game is easy to pick up and hard to put down.
    but was ready to put money on this.
    Awesome game add me 135 319 229 I need more allies.
    Other than that its super fun and addicting.
    Usefulnessclick me89
    Play everyday add me 948852218 and 381-446-363 daily player.
    I play every day add me 206 062 662 huge army.
    Value for Moneyclick me18
    The only downside is people tend to spend real money.
    I've even finished a few myself without spending anything.
    Yet almost everywhere is an ad for buying gold.
    you have to pay real money for it.
    Replay Valueclick me34
    Possibly thousands in the upper levels.
    Great Strategic Game.
    Reliabilityclick me34
    Is there a way to reset the game.
    Make reset option.
    Crashes on iPod 4 gen.
    Updates & Supportclick me10
    Used Funzio customer service once and they were very responsive.


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    Build a global military empire and destroy your enemies in Modern War!

    Modern WarModern War
    Tags :   military ,   build ,   modern ,   modern war




    Become the most powerful Commander and take over the world! Build up your base, complete missions, and battle other players!
    Modern War


    Brought to you by Funzio, makers of the #1 hit game Crime City!




    - Massively Multiplayer Online War Game!
    - BATTLE other players LIVE!
    - Gorgeous RETINA graphics
    - Cutting-edge visual effects and animations
    - Choose to fight for one of six countries: US, Russia, UK, Germany, China, and Iran
    - 100+ POWERFUL air, sea, and ground units
    - 60+ military buildings to own
    - 300+ different missions
    - 200+ goals to complete
    - 30+ areas around the world to explore
    - 50+ decorations
    - Build factories, bunkers, power plants, and more!
    - Bomb buildings, blast tanks, and more!
    - Invite friends to make your alliance stronger!
    - Collect massive income from your base!
    - Build a colossal military!
    - Enjoy a rich story






    - Works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
    - This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play.


    The Modern War is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 18.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    More Info: Find more info about Modern War in Funzio, Inc`s Official Website : http://www.funzio.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?28-Modern-War-iOS


    Play everyday add me 948852218 and 381-446-363 daily player. found in 87 reviews
    Great game add me 390-355-473 stronger with allies. found in 186 reviews
    So far This seems like a good way to pass time. found in 33 reviews
    10x better than crime city Add me 894 967 203. found in 191 reviews
    Game crashes after traveling three times and then attacking. found in 71 reviews
    but The game won't load after the new update. found in 17 reviews
    I love the game except for the outrageously expensive currency. found in 13 reviews
    But not a bad game for the occasional play. found in 27 reviews
    Fix crashing get five star. found in 5 reviews
    multiple times game freezes in animation. found in 11 reviews
    This game needs an update immediately. found in 26 reviews
    Impossible to win unless you spend money. found in 26 reviews
    337492067 also gets boring after a while. found in 9 reviews
    This game crashes every time I try to attack another player. found in 60 reviews
    if you could build or upgrade more than one building at a time. found in 53 reviews
    Paying real money for 15 gold bars is unfair. found in 102 reviews
    and there is no way to earn gold or get any free. found in 77 reviews
    Great game just wish it would allow to upgrade more than one building at a time. found in 49 reviews
    The game constantly requires you to buy gold. found in 125 reviews
    game does not connect to server and cannot play. found in 20 reviews
    Crashes Almost everytime I try to attack somebody. found in 6 reviews
    ---Grees customer support is terrible unless you actually buy lots of gold. found in 7 reviews
    but there are no ways to win gold bars. found in 6 reviews
    Need to earn gold in game and fix the crashes. found in 77 reviews
    GREE has the worst customer service I have ever received. found in 76 reviews
    Unless you spend real $$ you'll never get anywhere. found in 90 reviews
    and they won't let you upgrade more than one building at a time. found in 54 reviews
    They run contests that force you to buy gold. found in 125 reviews
    where they advertise their other games in exchange for gold. found in 66 reviews
    Another pay to win game with crapload of ads and bad graphics. found in 94 reviews
    You can only enjoy this game if you spend real money. found in 71 reviews
    You can't makes good war game on a 4 inch screen. found in 42 reviews
    I may be missing something but gold bars cost alot. found in 102 reviews
    Why keep playing something if you don't know how to win. found in 94 reviews
    and forced to spend real world money to get anywhere. found in 237 reviews
    Thought it would be nice to upgrade the app for Christmas. found in 81 reviews
    and the events are impossible to complete without spending money. found in 37 reviews
    It crashes when I'm trying to attack someone's base. found in 60 reviews
    unless you spend real money to get gold. found in 48 reviews
    iPhone 320x480 1
    iPhone 320x480 2
    iPhone 320x480 3
    iPhone 320x480 4
    iPad 480x360 1
    iPad iphone 480x360 2
    iPad 480x360 3
    iPad 480x360 4
    Icon 175x175 1
    So Ive had this game for a couple of years When I first got it on year one it was perfect I thought it was the coolest thing ever Epic bases balanced scales a couple of bugs and challenge I stopped playing and felt the need to give this review Ever since you did the update where you completely changed the soldier scales to do like 1000 damage for a level 5 soldier I stopped playing I lost a battle against a player in my division Damage I did 10500 Damage he did 2000000 None of my soldiers could compete against the low level players simply because you upped the damage scales I could never recover Thats honestly where I think you ruined the game If it ever needed an update it needed to show battle scenes and other small things Im sorry but you ruined the first game Ive ever had on my device    Why did you do this
    Updated my iPhone operating system and now the game will not load Is this the end of the line for me Any suggestions       iPhone 90 update cant log into game any longer
    Several of my faction members and I cant login to game after downloading new iOS 9 update Why is Gree taking so long to fix this    Game not loading with new iOS 9 update
    Need to fix issues with unit purchases some units have been in there for months now and They still cant be purchased by a lot of gamers I dont understand why you dont know how to fix it but it seems like as long as people are going to be playing you wont fix it and thats why you dont have to fix it but this is not good customer service or support but its okay dont worry about it just if your ratings keep dropping they will take you off of most app stores I checked and thats what I was told by most app places They could have been saying that to get me off there sites or it could have been the truth You know what to do          Fix it GREE OR LOSE A LOT OF PEOPLE
    No strategy its all about who spends more goldreal money Game lags and is full of glitches Customer service is the worst and when they do respond usually dont fix the issue at hand Was a great game when funzio owned it Gree destructs this game Surprised prayers still spend time and money on this garbage    Terrible no strategy game
    Ive played this game for a long time it has a lot of crashes at the worst possible time I downloaded iOS 9 and have not been able to get the game to open up sense I have tried everything that was suggested to me and have deleted and downloaded the game again multiple times Its still not working So dont waste your time on this game as you never know when it will work and when it will not    iOS 9 and modern war not compatible
    Worked fine until I updated to iOS 9 Now it immediately crashes out Probably a good thing as the game is geared more toward people willing to constantly pay real cash for power upgrades with everybody else primarily being fodder       Doesnt support iOS 9
    Is their a way to delete my game profile    Delete
    I just got into this game because my friend had told me about it and I thought the game was great but the took away the daily scratchers and that took an opportunity for people who have weak troops to get very strong troops but the games is still awesome because you can rewards for doing missions especially for bosses Before I got to know about the bosses I used to have really weak units but now I have really strong ones and if people want to complain about the game then why dont you just stop playing this amazing game                Great game
    Open your wallet    MONEY PIT HACKER PARADISE
    since my phone updated the game wont even load up fix this bug problem                fix the problem
    Thats the best advice                KNOW Linkoln and Kristen
    If you plan on downloading and playing this game for free be prepared for a huge disappointment You can never win anything and you will invest all your time and if you spend money for pixels you can chase the next level until the end of days    Modern War
    So far so good I have managed to get over 1000000000 attackdefense points and over 35000000 and Im only a lvl 13If anyone wants to be in my alliance its662948686If anyone wants to join my faction its392601028And I add everyone                The best
    This may make some people laugh but my step son start to play a few months after I did So after about 6 months I begin to see his base and army start to increase quickly I say to my self damit boy But what we didnt know was he was charging to his cell phone and sneaking his grandmother CC not once but twice LOL Make a long story short he was 10 and racked up an bill totaling 62500 Lol Now thats a gamer and when asked he said he didnt know what he was doing Lololololol                Son coined
    To call Modern War horrible and GREE technical support inept as an undeserved compliment to both if them Ive played Modern War for nearly 4 years but my career is nearly over Its fun to play and Ive made a number of good friends while playing but the iOS 9 debacle is inexcusable Im looking for the door out Think long and hard before investing your time and money in this game GREE is very money hungry besides and you get terrible support and engineering for your money This game and other GREE games are to be avoided Good day all    Horrible is a compliment
    I had every boss staged to onehit left When gree reset them all Hundreds of thousands of energy and when emailed gree they so generously gave me 10000 in return How nice of them I recommend not wasting your time or money on this game I have played this game since before factions and wish I had never started itgree ruined a really good gameThey need to go back to school learn simple math    Gree math
    Have been playing this game for quite some time The game will not open with OS 9 I have tried to open numerous times    Is not compatible with IOS9
    Aug 2015 Absolutely mismatch of tanks in battle Just lost a team event 3070 to zero Yeah zero for a complete six tank competition Why play The other team had 27 kills No losses Really enjoyed this game but I agree with other reviews You cannot compete in most of the battles even though you achieve upgrading your tank Scores like 1200 to ZERO 495 to ZERO 1125 to ZERO This despite the fact that I EARNED a million dollars by game play and updated tanks to my current Aquila model with average stage 10 upgradesI still really enjoy the game and sometimes get lucky and the tanks are closer in features and ability There needs to be some changes to equal the playing field Maybe more parachute drops with high power ammo to equal the scoreI UPLOAD the game it is a great game but start looking for another option in 90 days unless you have the money to buy the best tank like 300 bucks                Fun for four months
    i play this game on 3 different accounts and no matter what i buy or what i do when i go to attack rivals i never win my attack is on 23 and i loose every time          cant win
    Good game add me as an ally and lets work together 858 421 707                Good game
    Idk wats goin on but after the 90 update i cant get on modern war it boots me out          Love the game
    Gree has stopped the videos for gold because one of the vendors is giving more gold then they are supposed to I have not had this issue but you would think gree would have better control over their silly app       No videos for gold
    Game doesnt work on iOS 9 They ignore inquiries for support from longterm players both on their forums and from tickets Id avoid any game created by this company    Terrible customer service
    Its a fun game but the way they have it laid out is after awhile you have to purchase gold in order to get better stats and be able to do more things Also there are some glitches that never seem to get repaired          Prepare for spending to better yourself
    You may need to do an update for those who have upgraded to iOS 9 Game will not open          Update
    Updated to iOS 9 now game will not load and in Gree forum it says if u hit home button while trying to load you will lose your game and no way to recover meaning all real money spent over 3 years is gone This Gree game and any Gree games are bugged and no reimbursement given Maybe God is telling me something Bottom line will not work with iOS 9    iOS 9 update will not load game
    Pls fix the game so it works with IOS 9 I love the game but if I cant play it how can I love it Pls fix it                Pls fix
    Fair warning game can lag when attacking mission details to where you run out of energy You are prompted to refill but do lag and rapid tapping of the mission detail that moves around fast and usually doubled or tripled pile of other characters you may inadvertently select use of gold to refill despite having over 30 refill packs Report the bug and possible solution of an extra prompt to verify using gold and you get a canned response of it being forwarded to the dev team and no offer to recredit the waste    Wastes money easy
    Now doesnt even load    iOS9 incompatible
    Once upon a time this game was fun required strategy and was fun for spenders and free players alike Then Gree took it over Customer service went down the toilet the ability to play for fun became impossible without spending a minimum of 50 a month and nothing ever works correctly or is reliable This is a game that could be fun but is just a lesson in frustration SKIP IT    DONT JUST DONT
    Do not spend money on this game or even better do not download The game is full of bugs and the developers are aware and do nothing to fix it Boring game and waste of time and money Play other games from other developers Lots of other better games by other companies than gree    Worthless game and terrible customer service
    If you dont plan on spending big money this game is not for you Im talking about thousands of dollars No more free gold Gree just doesnt care about its players    Greed
    Playing for years and game system is never in sync with iOS which causes login errors This one is the mother of all errors CANT LOG IN TO THE GAME    DONT UPGRADE TO IOS 9
    When I first downloaded it It was fine ya know a glitch here or there but nothing big but now ha try doing anything without it glitching or crashing Try joining a faction and youll get an error about joining a guild Srsly Wanna raid Nope gonna keep u loading forever so u have to close the app Wanna watch a vid for free gold It doesnt work And this is almost EA level of greed in this game Ill tell ya that 100 here and 100 there Want a new unit 10 please Any new buildings that arent in an event MORE MONEY PLEASE       Buggy much
    Used to be fun Gree killed it Its been a slow and steady decline for the last couple of years I used to spend money on this game but its obvious they are not going to reinvest any of the money theyve gotten from fools like me back into the game The glitches now are just mind bogglingly dumb They literally cant get their computers to count to 3 without having a stroke Do yourself a favor and do not bother downloading this abomination    Sad
    I love the game building your empire an bombing you rivals base The thing that could make it better is to speed up the time things get built or either make it so you can build multiple buildings             Speed up
    Please FIX This is not sat       NOT WORKING WITH IOS9 UPDATE
    Stupid game Graphics are not that great too much waiting time    Not worth it
    Title says it all Used to love the game Now i play to be social but lag and horrible quality control make the game worthless now    So full of bugs its unplayable
    Cant get into the game after I updated my phone iPad is slow now too but can get in barely Please fix    Not IOS 9 compatible
    Have enjoyed this game for years now                Great Game
    Game just continually crashes Be warned Uninstalling and reinstalling doesnt help It still wont launch GREE please fix    Doesnt play well with iOS9
    I got this gameI dont know how many years ago It was cool at first but the programmers have really messed the game play up No one is matched against equal opponents Please see all the other reviews Dont play this game until they work out the kinks and you see better reviews    Dont waste your time
    This game has went down hill Ive tried to hold out on deleting it to see if it gets better but I think Im done It used to be fun Now so many bugs There are units that show available but when I try to buy them I get the Error connecting to server message I can buy older units with no problem just not the newer ones that are there Very frustrating bc I have built up my gold and stars to acquire units and I cant even use them on items that I want Seems like no matter how much I increase units or buildings the playing field still seems lopsided             Game Gone Downhill
    The game will not load at all Doesnt matter what you do to try and get the game to load nothing works Gree needs to fix the issue has something to do with the 90 iOS update    Game crashes
    Like the others Bugs galorehave not been able to make a troop purchase for months then you can loose more than half of your power When you log in Tech support tells me issues will be fixed on next patch waiting for over 2 months for that patch       Bugs Galore
    Playing for 4 yrs Has changed too much Updates often are not tested and crashes OR restarts Although expressive thought may have went into building it I think it should be modified to allow more than 1 upgrade of base buildings and rankings revamped so that they are consistent currently rank is not factor in game play eitherI loved it at first but now dont want to waste my time more than 5 minutes a day       Modern War gree Funzio
    The game is still fun I play for hours But like everyone says the Game has changed for the worse after the update Missing gold freezes crashes wrong button hit due to these errors My favorite is that my WL stats are reversed after the update and u can contact support all u want They will not help you DONT GET THIS       How does a game go from good to bad
    So this is a good game and all but the only bad thing in this game is the one and only GLITCHES so they need to fix a lot of things in this game The only thing that is good about this game is that it is a fighting game and it is fun to play so I will rate this a 4 and a half star just because the only thing bad about it is GLITCHES so instead of that everything is awesome but I hate that every game it makes you buy so much things it sometimes wastes 10000000000 so I hate the money they should lower the prices a lot And then everyone will like it If you do that MONEY FOR DAYZZZZ             Pretty good game BUT


    Funzio, Inc
    18.8 MB
    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 2.2.1
    iPhone iPad

    iOS Modern War 2.2.1 Mobile

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