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NSOFT INC , the publisher behind many iOS app (ThinkPocket ,SumoMatch ,월간해인foriPad ,퇴옹당 성철스님 ,로망띠끄 for iPhone ,로망띠끄 for iPad), brings Moneylog with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Moneylog app has been update to version 2.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Dear Moneylog users,


We deeply appreciate your love for Moneylog.


In regard to Moneylog 1.6.1, an upgraded version released as of May 29th, 2010, we have received some complaints from the paid users that they see advertisements on their Moneylog. We come to know it has happened in the process of launching our new version and it will inevitably continue until mid June, 2010. We apologize for your inconvenience and kindly ask for your generous understanding.

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As the number of Moneylog users increases in Japan and around the worldwide, we have come up with many strategies to meet various kinds of user needs. But, with the existing paid download system, it is very hard to provide upgraded convenience and functions, multi-language services and efficient maintenance. Now, we are moving an ambitious step forward with Moneylog 1.6.1. It is free for all as long as it contains short advertisements. The followings are the summarized operating system of Moneylog 1.6.1:


iPhone free version (containing short advertisements)
iPhone paid version (for the existing paid users)
– free basic functions, launching time still undecided
※The Paid version will contain no advertisements.


Currently, we are revising the paid version so that the existing paid users can enjoy Moneylog 1.6.1 without advertisements. So, we expect to provide the no-advertisement Moneylog service for the paid users around June 15th, 2010.


We apologize for this inconvenience once again. We will try our best not to repeat this kind of happening. We promise to keep providing more upgraded services.


Sincerely yours,
Moneylog Project Team


MoneyLog is a simple and efficient management of expenses application that is based on the concept of managing expenses only by three touches.


When you input the budget every month, the graphical meter goes up, and the battery is charged fully. Then, as you input the expenses everyday classified by categories, the battery dwindles.


You can simply confirm the expenses classified by categories, terms of payment, or average amount of money you spent a day like dashboard.


For some people who want more detailed management, sending exported data through mail is possible.


â–  Features


- simple and fast 3 -touch -expenses entry
( offers 30-over different kinds of categories and supports the capability of ordering the data by frequency in use or by user customizing.)


- supports add/change/delete category


- supports various currency units.(need change
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
System localization setting)


- dashboard -indicate the statistics of expenditure
(category, term of payment, average expenses)


- supports graph which is the statistics of expenditure


- data export (You need e-mail address.)


- Expense Database backup / restore.


- display of expenses history


- adjustment of past data


- support theme. (Black, Emerald, Violet, Classic)


- set period of a month with start date or end date.


The Moneylog is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese, Korean. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Moneylog app version 2.2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Moneylog in NSOFT INC`s Official Website :


This is a great great app It is exactly the same as those paid ons except advertising However please please fix the new update asap Thanks and great work so far          Great app
I love this app and thats why I still rated 3 stars after your killer update Please fix this asap          20 killed the app
Ive tried a lot of money logstrackers This one is great It has almost everything I needThings I love It has the export feature I want although I havent tried it yet Very user friendly No extra inputs that arent needed Beautiful design Starts up relatively fast And some othersThings I wish it hadAbility to add subcategoriesEx School Books Medical Dentist Import feature in case I fup my iPhone And the main feature that seems to be missing on all money loggerstrackers Easy way of keeping track of how much you have in your bank account Set up an account with an initial balance as to not mess up the graphs On the input screen maybe be able to turn this feature off for ppl who dont use it an extra place for you to select what account the amount is be income or expensed from                Almost the perfect money logger
Needs a calculator so budget categories or other figures can be calculated then pasted where they need to go Option of adding money to a budget My budget is my weekly paycheck What If I get a bonus or someone gives me money I want to add that to my current months budgetThere is no way to add reoccuring expenses like monthly loans rent mortgages or other fees that remain the same every month You have to manually reenter them every month That and a few other things would make this 5 star       Could be improved
Great software I use it almost every dayOne small issue If I add my own categories to the existing list sometimes when adding an expense two categories are highlighted at the same time This is easily fixed by unselecting one of the two categories or not adding my own categories in the first place and editing existing categoriesOther then that excellent software and interface             Good software
It was very useful before updating After update I can not use anymore when i was checking something this program just shut off So bad             Error
I appreciate the developers taking some of my comments into account The icon not displaying the true app icon issue was fixed with this new version A few additional suggestions please 1 Add an option to add money to the budget this would allow me to add additional spending money each payday without having to redo the entire budget which is a real pain 2 Should be able to reorder the display of the categories and add additional ones 3 I put in my gmail account but received no confirmation indicating it was fine 4 The text size for available balance should be larger to make it easier to see          Better
오늘 업데이트를 했더니 지출 사항을 입력할 수가 없네요 튕겨서    업뎃 후 사용 불가
Ive tried all similar apps and this is the best Very intuitive no little detais do a lot of graphics and helps to track the spent money                No complains
upgrade means make it WORSE I cant add any transaction after upgrade It kept shut down So hv to backup and delete    Another app that
Nice idea not bad but adds in app are downgrading the UI of the app U should be able to track the balance without setting up the budget It says money log but features says its a budget log          Nice Idea
ADS Eh hello Customers are not jellybeans You dont toss them around and then gobble them up If you want a reputation earn it If you want support act it If you want any more customers remove those freeeeeaking ads    WHAT DO YOU MEAN
No matter how many times I reinstall this app its icon becomes the same as one of another random application I have on my iPhone which makes it extremely frustrating to hunt down each time I still dont understand how this has slipped past the App Store let alone the developer One other thing is that its not intuitive at all to change currency Lets say youre travelling abroad and you want to record your expenses in the currency of the place youre in well thats not possible when you change currency you change the currency of EVERYTHING you input in this app On a positive note I thought the interface was clean and not too cluttered although not being able to delete categories or at least arrange them in order of preference is quite bad and what Id consider a pretty basic option I certainly can say I very much regret buying this application Hopefully the developer will address the shortcoming of this version soon    Potentially Great But
이번에 압승을 했더니 이전버전에사는 아무 이상 없었는데 업글후 팅겨버리네요 내용입력할려면 갱 팅겨버립니다 빠른 조치 부탁드려요             자꾸 팅겨요
Great app really However a few thoughts on improving it tremendously First the icon Ditch the words in your logo and stick with just the battery and maybe a dollar sign In short since the title of the app is below the icon title in the icon is redundant Drop me a line if you want help Also have the categories resort by alphabetical order when customized Also add some more icons for people to use when customizing categories coffee cup computer football credit card dice etc so that people have even more control And let people turnoff some categories showhide so that users dont need to scroll through a long list of categories they dont use             What Pennies should have become
I like the new update that allows you to customize the category The interface is very nice professional and cool looking I really like the function to add notes and transaction type on each expense The only things missing hopefully will be included on the next update are the ability to add a budget for each category and to have a weekly budget instead of just a monthly one Overall an excellent app thank you and keep up the great work             A great monthlybudget tracking app
This was a great app until the latest upgrade Now the program crashes when trying to log new entry If this is fixed I will update my rating As of now I will do as previous user and backup delete and start overI have downloaded 201 and this program now deserves 4 stars All issues wprevious update were corrected If I could change the names of payment options it would get 5 stars Also love that I can set the start date for the month to coincide wmy cc statement             Upgrade disasterupdate
In iOS 4 it doesnt workMost of Labels disappear and it is shutdown when is pressed bottonPlease fix these bugs ASAP    New ver 20 dosent work
But This app dont have function of income writeSo please add function of income add             Good app
Do not update to v20 is you are running iOS40 The app crashed when adding trans and the icons are messed up NSoft please fix the issues    20 update break the app
This is pretty cool application Ive been used                Cool
유료구입했는데 업데이트 후에도 상단에 광고가 보입니다 업데이트 부탁합니다    유료구입 업데이트 후 광고 보임
すばらしいです             とても便利です
I like it its a pretty cool app                Great app
ohI get the update todaybut I lost all category for expenses and get shut down problem after updateIt is same problem in other peopleplease fix    this update has big problem
Good app but long time dont have any update                Good app


English, Japanese, Korean
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Moneylog 2.2.0 Mobile

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