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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (Need for Speed Shift FREE ,The Sims 3 Ambitions ,TETRIS® ,SimCity™ Deluxe FREE ,Need for Speed Shift ,CLUE), brings MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition games has been update to version 2.4.44 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's more of a long car ride kind-of game..
  • I just bought this app and it's super fun..
  • Great graphics and fast paced for Monopoly game..
  • To get a 10$ iTunes gift card instantly for free..
  • A future update should include online multiplayer :..

Overall Satisfactionc60
I love monopoly n grew up playing it with my family.
I love Monopoly but it definitely needs a retina-display upgrade.
It's the one game my girlfriend and I enjoy.
I haven't finished one game because it crashes over and over.
Monopoly has always been one of my favorite games growing up.
& it's a shame because this is my favorite game.
Monopoly is one of my favorite board games and this electronic version does it justice.
I normally don't complain about board games on my iphone.
This game needs a lot of updates before I would reccomend.
This is an amazing game with amazing graphics.
So I would definitely recommend this game to monopoly lovers.
It's bs and I would not recommend this game at all.
Fun & Engagingc80
Awesome game especially when you find another play to play with.
Would be an awesome game.
The game is awesome though and I play it all the time.
and I never get tired of the game itself.
I just bought this app and it's super fun.
It's very addictive and has great graphics and very smooth gameplay.
This is a very fun Game for a very good price.
AI will eventually land on your monopoly and game over.
With all of that said the game is still tons of fun.
I ttly love this game I play it everyday.
I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc50
This is a perfect game to play with family and friends.
play with family all the time.
Replay Valuec63
AI players are actually pretty beatable even in Difficulty Level 3.
Not sure why Monopoly needs a difficulty level.
This was on the hardest difficulty setting.
No matter what difficulty setting.
Once this is fixed it wil have a higher replay value.
CPUs take the 2nd out of 3 way too easy.
$5 is cheap for a game like this that never gets old.
Overall - It has provided me with hours of enjoyment.
fun and challenging.
you've probably seen that some people complain that the game is too hard.
Social Aspectsc33
i just wish u could play with friends w/out wifi.
One feature I was really impressed with was the wifi multiplayer.
There is also a wifi multiplayer mode which was pretty cool.
Need to create Words With Friends turn sharing to play other players.
Production Valuesc69
Smooth game play with gnarly graphics make this my favorite app.
and the game play is simply annoying.
this game is wonderful the graphics are great and everything.
I love the sound effects.
but then some of the sound effects stopped working.
The graphics are awesome and multiplayer option works great.
it's very fast pace fun animation.
Ease of Usec52
CPUs take the 2nd out of 3 way too easy.
They're way too easy to trade with.
Make another game free.
good game some bugs need to be fixed.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Updates & Supportc71
Recomended Updates: - classic version -time limit option on turns -more characters.
but EA needs to add the classic version to this version.
are there other modes besides world version.
My only complaint is that it uses A LOT of battery.

This is an amazing game with amazing graphics. found in 23 reviews
This is a very fun Game for a very good price. found in 17 reviews
It's very addictive and has great graphics and very smooth gameplay. found in 8 reviews
I was very impressed with the graphics and animation in this version. found in 9 reviews
Multiplayer doesn't work if you host or join a game. found in 9 reviews
it's just frustrating so I never want to play anymore. found in 6 reviews
The wifi doesn't work and after a while it gets BORING. found in 25 reviews
because it totally ruins the game. found in 6 reviews
Every time I play my game freezes for like 2 mins. found in 30 reviews
I do wish I could play fast games without all the extra effects. found in 8 reviews
Need to fix the wifi multiplayer to improve easier. found in 22 reviews
The one flaw makes this impossible to play however. found in 5 reviews
Everything is great but the game needs more multiplayer options. found in 26 reviews
Overall the game is fun except the computer cheats a lot. found in 41 reviews
Too bad the game doesn't work the way it's supposed to. found in 25 reviews
Love the game but we need iPhone 5 support. found in 8 reviews
Fun game but the sound doesn't work and it is very glitchy. found in 2 reviews
The game crashes when trying to play over wifi. found in 17 reviews
- There needs to be an option to turn off the tutorial. found in 6 reviews
I also think the AI needs tweaked a lot. found in 14 reviews
but everytime I play I have to click through the tutorial. found in 33 reviews
dissappointed with a non-working wifi option. found in 10 reviews
Good game overall but AI cheats too much. found in 51 reviews
please make classic monopoly like the one for super nintendo :. found in 51 reviews
Tutorial every time a new game starts is annoying. found in 45 reviews
Wifi Game Won't Work Between iPhone 4 and 5. found in 115 reviews
Cool game but the wifi to play with friends NEVER works. found in 40 reviews
but more difficult you always land on their property and taxes. found in 101 reviews
The updated version bombards you with ads for EA games. found in 60 reviews
When you play against Al you get the worst scenarios. found in 88 reviews
Bottom line - buy it if you want to play with friends on wifi. found in 40 reviews
This game is near impossible to win even on level 1 difficulty. found in 158 reviews
don't expect the computer players to land on you property. found in 73 reviews
if one of the AI players are going to win. found in 77 reviews
Not sure why Monopoly needs a difficulty level. found in 47 reviews
Good game and fun but the computer cheats like crazy. found in 41 reviews
There is a consistent issue where suddenly you cannot roll the dice. found in 50 reviews
but who really wants to play Monopoly by themselves. found in 45 reviews
The game interface is dull and the AI is impossible to beat. found in 85 reviews
the "computer" freezes when it's turn to roll. found in 71 reviews
Deleted the game The AI cheats all the time. found in 51 reviews
I love Monopoly but it definitely needs a retina-display upgrade. found in 117 reviews

The MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition app version 2.4.44 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition in Electronic Arts`s Official Website :

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This game has so much potential yet is so poorly executed One would think a board game would be simple to program There was a nes version of Monopoly as an example EA should try this new thing called testing Maybe next time     Unbelievably badly written
Fun game but would be way better if the sound effects actually worked Its 2015 Even duck hunt had consistent sound effects Also please make it an option to turn off auctions The original version has this feature and it would be great to have it in this one as well Overall a fun classic game that just needs a good update           Update
It is not full screen and a lot of problem i paid my money for nothing     Horrible game
Its been a three years without an update for this app from the developers Do not buy this error prone app     EA give us an update
This game Is so stupid You cant win and the computer doesnt know how to count For example the computer rolled a nine and it was supposed to land on my space and pay me 6 million but instead it went forward 10 spaces DONT GET THIS CHEATING GAME     Dont get
Dont waste your time Thinking it was the original one instead its trash Now I have to spend another to get the right one     Garbage
First game I actually paid for and I deleted it the next day Its so ridiculously rigged it just aggravates the hell out of you     Garbage
I enjoy playing the game especially when Im on a winning streak But I cant ever finish the game when it suddenly freezes up Ive tried saving and exiting but whenever I load the game its still frozen So I have to delete it the file        Freezes up
Read the title    
Terrible very bad no good     No work good
Nothing more frustrating then trying to play when it wont let the computer actually GO     Crap
Ive never played the wifi option so this review is solely for single play In short the computer ALWAYS has an unfair advantage The dice do not act in a random fashion Instead they conform to the difficulty level which is ludicrous When I ask to play at a harder level I want the computer opponent to play more intelligently mortgage its properties bid intelligently negotiate in a cunning fashion etc I DONT want the game to cheat and have the dice behave in a nonrandom way It makes the game so frustrating I just deleted it from my iPhone TLDR dont buy this app EA needs to learn to code basic fairness into their dice     Fix the random number generation
You have so many bugs and issues to work out My husband and I downloaded this game to play together over wifi just like we do with the original monopoly game and we cant even get one started The app keeps force quitting and glitching I wont even open it again until an update is completed I am so disappointed that I had to pay 99 for something I cant even play     Does not work
Title     Just dont
Madaretono gaidam koskeshaye avazi Orze hosh masnoi neveshtan nadarin goh mikhorin taso kontrol mikonin be nafe Al Haromzadeha     Madaretono gaidam
The wifi portion does not work it allows the host to play as both pieces and the person joining stays in the join lobby     Wifi does not work
I experienced problems with the dice and cards being totally blacked out on my iPad Air 2 You see were they go on the screen but nothing is there Anyway called technical support and waited 39 minutes for assistance and finally hung up Ive requested a refund     Dice and Cards are Blacked Out
Its great for a few games then it locks up I have to delete the whole app Then I have to install it again It is fun when it is working Please Please Fix the Bugs           Very fun But Very Buggy
I originally got this game back on my iPod Touch 4th gen and it was fun But now I have a 5th gen and the app hasnt kept up with the iOS nor the devices supported I wish I could give it a better rating because it was fun but until its updated I cant        Update needed
Wifi games dont work     Dont buy
This game is so biased to the AI its amazing I know you cant win every game and every roll of the dice cant be perfect but wow this game doesnt even try to make it fair Terrible     Wow this is terrible
Theres no sound and since I PAID for this app I want sound     Please update
Cant connect with friends Suddenly stopped after 6 minuites Never played a game like this before Wastage of my money     Worst game ever
My wifi games would not work The display is absolutely disgusting The graphics are crap Do not waste your dollar     Terribly Dissapointed
Downloaded game and it has bugs right away Waste of money     Rip off
I mean seriously EA This is 2015 This game would have barely been cutting edge in 1995 The graphics are atrocious and the sound cuts in and out This is just horse crap marketed as a game Even if this game was free I wouldnt play it And I have the iPhone 6 Plus so if it works like crap on my phone I am sure it will on all the others     Horrible Graphics It plays like a 1995 windows version
Dont spend your 99 on this BS Everything works fine accept that     Cheat All this gam do is cheat
I bye this game but it is suport just on iphone 4 screen size please give my monye back ineed that     HELP
I loved monopoly until this happened now I no longer decide to play Every Time you think your about to win the computer wins It took me literally 22 times to win on easy You constantly land on the computers properties sales tax or jail The computer also constantly role doubles and it is truly unfair Worse of all the computer get all the outstanding properties like Montreal In addition it getting the better properties the computer will also get a majority of the monopolies and as you could probably guess you land on them as well Please dont buy you will regret     Zero Stars
Want to play monopoly lose 98 out of 100 games Want to lose despite you own 6 sets wHotels to the computers one set Want to land on its hotels 50 times in one game while it never lands on yours If yes play with this waste of time     Waste of Time
After playing this game about 15 times I started to realize that the computer aided opponent is definitely the favorite Just the right roll to bypass your houses andor hotels the perfect roll to land on a free space or needed property I also noted that 70 of the time it rolls a double and is able to roll again and again Liked it at first but after the major favoritism Im ready to throw my phone out the window If I could rate this game a ZERO I would     Monopoly
Its cool but I couldnt start playing over wifi or bluetooth with my kids The game on their devices can not be established when they join mine Also the ad is so anoying        Needs improvment
When I go to options the sound and music slide bars are greyed out and unusable I turn down my phone volume but then I forget it and miss calls              No sound control
Quality is terrible and you cant play with friends online unless youre on the same wireless network Pop up for origin login and friends extends off screen so you cant press any of the buttons Total waste of money     Total ripoff
I have played the first monopoly game they made for a good while and it is wonderful Worth every penny But this version of it is a really big let down There are so many little bugs and glitches Over all it is about ten times worse then the original they made The ads are ok but you do pay for this so it makes it seem really cheap The ais are messed up as everyone has said And there are just small glitches everywhere to the point where it stops the game from continuing because it gets stuck on an ais turn slowly to never go making you have to restart the game losing all progress in the game you where just in Over all it is a cheap glitchy mess If you want a good monopoly game get the original of from these guys that one is amazing But this one makes it look like these people have no idea what there doing It is disappointing to see a game that was wonderful in the original version and then have the producers just make something that is completely under There skill ability almost as if they didnt care Thats my 2 cents if you want a good monopoly app this is not it     Some what confused
Dont like it     Nope
Needs to be updated for larger screen size still on 4s size update or get off the App Store        Update needed
Dont get this at all just like with console and PC gaming EA just doesnt care anymoreI mean why even be a company anymore     Awful
Its a great game I have heard a lot of people say its rigged and its glitchy and things like that I really have had no problems with it The reason I rated it four stars is that u have to sign up to get diff tokens but the default ones r cool too I really love this and u will too No adds BTW              Great
this game is really hard to beat but i say if your not up for a challenge then LEAVE 00 I LOVE KAWAII                 AWESOME
I bought this to play with my girlfriend and neither of us can connect to each other It changes the icons for the other player when tapped It basically crashes the other players the one who is not hosting it game Fix the multiplayer and we might give it a try     Absolute garbage
It doesnt support iPhone 6 and it isnt optimized     iPhone 6 support
You can not play anyone on wifi This game is broken period     Doesnt Work
Downloaded to play with my brother down in Arizona Doesnt even give me an option to play with anyone else besides the computer itself Along with a ton of other small issues        Poor
The only reason I bought this app is to play with my friends But this app kept shutting down when the other side try to join the game It would be really great if they could fix that issue     cant play with friends
This game will be more popular if it had online multiplayer Please make the update                 It needs online multiplayer
Nothing fair at all     Game cheats
Bought it for my girlfriend and I to play when we are away from each other The wifi multiplayer feature bugs out the moment you start the game Im angry and I want to return it but apparently all sales are final So EA GAMES NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND UPDATE THIS IMMEDIATELY     Multiplayer doesnt work
Wifi game mode doesnt work this game always glitches I will never buy another EA sports game     dont waste your time or money
Rolling two dice should be about odds not a electronic manipulation which always put AL in favor to win Only way to beat Al is to stop him from acquiring any monopoly Disgraceful EA Games     Cheating app

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