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Halfbrick Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Yes Chef! ,Hollywood Game Night ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD Lite ,Fish Out Of Water! ,Fruit Ninja HD Lite ,Bears vs. Art), brings Monster Dash with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Monster Dash games has been update to version 1.25 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the best run 'n' jump games I've played..
  • Good and extremely simple addictive fun like robot unicorn with monsters..
  • this game reminds me of old school sonic on sega genisis..
  • Really fun fast paced game that's easy to just pick up and play..
Overall Satisfactionclick me85
One of the best arcade shooting games i've ever played.
Addictive more levels though.
The only thing I would like is maybe more weapons.
Amazing the gun are awesome it's one of the best games for the iPad.
Really amazing and another amazing game by half brick.
i deffinitly recommend this game to anyone with a sense of adventure and humor.
I cannot recommend this game.
What's not to love about killing monsters.
Amazing game and even better than jetpack joyride.
Fun & Engagingclick me87
This is a fantastic awesome game I love it.
Monster dash is a very fun and addicting game.
Addictive more levels though.
The only thing I would like is maybe more weapons.
This game is super fun and I really enjoy playing it.
fun simple game that will entertain you in short bursts.
Great catchy music with overall fun and addictive gameplay.
A quick and easy game that is hard to put down.
Usefulnessclick me95
I love this game and play it everyday.
Love it I play I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me86
Sexy game lovin it all the way.
Sexy game.
This game is fun for kids and adults.
Super fun kids and adults.
Although Many kids play this game and in Zombie Metropolis.
Replay Valueclick me80
Addictive more levels though.
Awesome game lots of replay value as well as good potential for upgrades.
Fun for 2 minute has horrible replay value.
This game never gets old just wish button was bigger.
This game gets your hands sweaty and your heart going.
Game gets boring and not worth buying imo.
It really does need a speed control and sum new levels.
no new levels.
I can see how people say it's a little repetitive.
It's fun and challenging and easy to play.
it's definitely gonna take awhile to master.
Social Aspectsclick me87
Hope they'll add online multiplayer and other two player options.
Production Valuesclick me75
Very entertaining Amazing good sound effects.
Awesome features and really cool graphics.
iPhone 5 support and retina graphics would give it 5 stars.
Super fun and polished.
Ease of Useclick me85
simple concept which really makes it easy to pick up and play.
fun simple game that will entertain you in short bursts.
Good and extremely simple addictive fun like robot unicorn with monsters.
It is a good game with really good and easy controls.
A nice game to pickup with Halloween drawing near too.
Reliabilityclick me70
Updates & Supportclick me32
Make an updated version.


From Halfbrick, creators of the legendary
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
game Fruit Ninja comes the newest and most exciting world-hopping adventure!


In a world filled with monsters and without public transportation, one man is running.

Monster DashMonster Dash
Tags :   steakfries ,   monster ,   world ,   action


That man is Barry Steakfries.


Monster Dash is an action game starring the lovable hero Barry Steakfries as he runs and shoots monsters with nothing to lose! Travel through portals to visit exotic world locations, battling demons, mummies, vampires and more! No monster is safe when Steakfries is on the case!


Instantly playable and simple to control, the action speeds up and changes gears with every new world. best of all, there are weapon and health pickups to buff Steakfries into serious action mode! Blast your enemies with the one shot Pacifier, electro-charge your way to victory with Mr. Zappy, and look out for the ultimate in raining destruction -- the Machine Gun Jetpack!
Monster Dash


Run as far as possible and shoot monsters along to way to amass high scores and collect awards. Upload your best runs to the Openfeint leaderboards, and enjoy every ounce of personality Barry Steakfries brings to your iPhone.


Do the dash. Do the Monster Dash!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Monster Dash for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.25 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Monster Dash in Halfbrick Studios`s Official Website :


I love monster dash it's very nice it awesome. found in 1023 reviews
This is a fantastic awesome game I love it. found in 408 reviews
This game is super fun and I really enjoy playing it. found in 85 reviews
Pretty fun but not the best needs retina display. found in 40 reviews
It just needs a store to upgrade and change clothing. found in 6 reviews
needs better Graphics and needs power ups and stuph like jetpack joyride. found in 5 reviews
Needs more levels and more characters for sure though. found in 122 reviews
Fun game - needs more content to make it truly fun to play. found in 5 reviews
but the energy meter makes it almost a pain to play. found in 5 reviews
But it needs a shop of some sort and more places. found in 10 reviews
this game is really entertaining but can get boring after awhile :. found in 7 reviews
but it needs TWO more things- retina display support and game center. found in 38 reviews
The company got greedy and now they have ruined the game. found in 13 reviews
even for a 99 cents game it needs more variety. found in 5 reviews
Gets a little boring after awhile but worth the $1. found in 8 reviews
Great game but definitely needs upgrades. found in 8 reviews
Please update to fit iPhone 5 screen and please update graphics. found in 5 reviews
The only problem is with the freaking annoying energy bar. found in 22 reviews
Pretty fun for a quick fix. found in 6 reviews
but often freezes when trying to open menus and needs iPhone 5 support. found in 25 reviews
I'd recommend it if your looking to waste some time. found in 25 reviews
Great game but please add some retina display support. found in 38 reviews
but this game no requires ENERGY to play. found in 12 reviews
But now I can't do that because of the energy bar. found in 22 reviews
This waiting for energy thing is just awful. found in 8 reviews
I have no complaints about the game itself. found in 11 reviews
DR another good game ruined by developer greed. found in 26 reviews
Needs update for iPhone 5 and iPod touch fifth gen. found in 16 reviews
Doesn't allow u to stop or slow down. found in 12 reviews
Game gets boring and not worth buying imo. found in 20 reviews
Cute little game but it gets old fast. found in 12 reviews
unless you pay REAL money. found in 17 reviews
or pay their ridiculous micro transactions. found in 12 reviews
So annoying - coins fly away from you. found in 8 reviews
Also there is basically no point to the game. found in 28 reviews
Once a fair and good game until the "massive update" came. found in 32 reviews
Just another bad game made by greedy developers. found in 12 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Ive been playing this game for almost 2 years now But after a while it gets stale The trophy quests were a wicked good incentive but after getting all the golds in every level and maxing out on Barrys level what is there left to keep me playing          Need more continuity
The pacifiers ammo counter is glitched It doesnt show when its reloading which has caused me some unfortunate deaths          Glitch with the Pacifier
This game is very fun It is not a game that bugs u to keep playing it It will only ask u once if u want to rate it U kill devils zombies vampires ect This might be the game I play the most If u dont have it u need to get it It is so much better than jet pack joyride I like this game a lot Go Monster Dash                Very very fun
I used to play the original years ago on my moms iphone 1 long time ago and I loved it I thought it would be fun to try it again and its been completely ruined I wish it was mire like it used to be Same with Fruit ninja Its really saddening Im ashamed       Miss the original
I love this game your company rocks                Mr
Great game period                Hard to put down get it guns
Love half brick studios                Simple fun
It takes jet pack joyride to another levellove itD             Great game
No le doy Estrellas por q no me déjà jugar    No sirbe
But it would be cool if you added werewolfs             Awesome game
If your a fan of jet pack joyride grab this yes its free but there is in app purchase This is a great time killer Very addicting             Nicely done Berry Steakfries
I downloaded this for my iPhone 4s an it never even played once always crashin even after update    Havent played yet hopefully it works on my iPad
Its cool                Ice cold
Monster Dash is a good game overall I think all the guns are well balanced and you can enjoy the game to its fullest extent But it glitches and freezes every time after every run I do I have an iPhone 6 and it does while my earlier iPhone 5 did not freeze Halfbrick plz fix             Good game
Every time I fail or beat lvl 3 it keeps on crashing plz fix this       Keeps crashing
my son love to play the game but it gets hard fast          Great time passer
Best game when you dont know what to do or in a awkward family reunion                Boredom dash
When I got to the 6th mission marathon man I played it for an hour over and over again getting gold medals but the game would crash afterwards and I got none of my medals    Great game but
This is an addicting game which challenging levels Game play is smooth and the graphics are great You know its a good game when you beat all the levels and then go back through to get the gold score in all of them                Must play
I adored the earlier version of this game before there were levels but then they added all of these tasks and challenges and it all seems designed to force you to spend on upgrades and gimmicks and nonsense The game is asking me to spend money every 60 seconds or so ridiculous Shameful I loved Jetpack but this is garbage Do not get this game unless you want to end up paying significant amounts of money to advance    Used to be great now its a money grab
My game crashed every time I tried to play so I deleted it before I even got to play so every week I will reinstall it and if it does work I will delete it       Crashes
Didnt make it past the tutorial You should be able to skip    Tutorial
So yeah I never thought this game would be so fun Lol                Who would have thought
Love it                Great
Movies dont work Other than that good gameThough I do wish I could put 4 and a half stars                Fix movies
Just want to say I love this game especially the new update with the blade thats awesome                Love
Yay                Stuff
Awesome game very happy with it No crashes or lag on my phone and i have a 5s Only 6 users seem to have any problems Id be surprised if this wasnt a very popular game Lots of game types to keep it fresh and fun                Robot unicorn meets metal slug
What used to be a fun little time waster turned into a constant stream of messages to buy things You have to press so many buttons to get passed all the purchase gems to try again and start the level with this power up if you pay for it That its just not fun Horrible horrible horrible    Disgusting IN YOUR FACE IAP
I love this game and play almost all the games by HalfBrick                Game
One it doesnt even have a good selection of guns to buy two it literally wants your mind so bad from everything three Im playing the one shot game mode and I like how I get three or four kills in one shot and it doesnt even count it Its like its broken Pls fix this seriously Im mad right now it doesnt work       Not happy
I like because you can run and git guns in the game                Monster dash
So awesome I love the music It is the best If you ever want to get a new game this is the one to get it its awesome Very very very very awesome and just a guess if you havent noticed its awesome very very awesome Age 8                Love this app
Fun little game It doesnt live up to the charm of Age of Zombies Not even closeWhile its fun theres one big problem Its a platformer without controller support Cmon guys Thats just a bit lazy          Good but
I love this game and the new features are great but the new update brought glitches that make the game frustrating Crashes after death and frequent twitches in the frame rate Please fix otherwise its a stellar game          Crashes constantly after new update
Great up dates to keep it fresh and fun                Monster Dash
This game is so much fun and all the games halfbrick makes there is a ton of games I like but this is one of my favorites I will rate 5 stars and yes this is a game you should get                Like this game and I like halfbrick
I love this game but it crashes ALOT I recommend it as long as you dont mind it crashing             Love the game but one problem
When they changed it to levels then it just started getting worse I played it most when there was no levels I think that It would be a better game with out the levels IF it was money then do NOT by it seance it is not go a head and prove me wrong but just saying it is not the best game there is ticking Tom is better Hope you enjoy             Well
The game is fun but the revives should not cost 5 gems and also at some points in levels it seems that it is literally impossible to continue             Fix the difficulty and revive price
I remember playing this game years ago and thought it was enjoyable since then a lot of effort and added gameplay has been added I like the levelling system you dont seemed forced to pay to play Overall its great a must have for time killing All it needs is some more incentives like achievements maps secret levels bosses new weapons Id buy this game if there was more content at the moment it needs more             Raise the steaks
Awesome                Bro
Monster Dash used to be a fun quick game but half brick just turned it into an IAPridden coin and gem collecting price of junk Uninstalling    Terrible update with IAP waiting and too many tutorials
App keeps crashing I really like this game but it has lots of bugs it seems       App crashing
One of my favorite iOS games Have had an iPhone since the 4 and its one of the only games thats stuck around on my phones from its conception till now                Extreme fun
Had it when arcade mode was all it was Still have it now Awesome that they added so many new features this late in the game                Fan since the beginning
Too difficult    Poop
excellent time pass                excellent
I have multiple of this companies games and all the time it wont let me play it unless i update it and then after its updated it deletes all of my progress in the game wich makes me just want to delete the game entirely every time I dont like this company and if i could give them zero stars i would    I hate halfbrick
I loved Jetpack Joyride when it came out and expected this to have a similar premise What I instead downloaded was microtransaction filled garbage Levels The only way to beat them is by spending money I cant believe the same team that made Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja came up with this scum Dont bother downloading    Waste of Time


Halfbrick Studios
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.25
iPhone iPad

iOS Monster Dash 1.25 Mobile

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