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Description - Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands

Gaia Interactive Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Gaia Switchem ,Gaia Rally ,Go Gaia ,Witch Hazel ,Hordes of Nords ,Gaia On The Go), brings Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands games has been update to version 3.01 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's a pretty good game to kill time and boredom..
  • It's super fun and definitely good to pass the time..
  • Best fighting game with monsters we need more..
  • The best rpg I've played in a long time..
  • with a little bit of final fantasy -like monsters..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Absolutely and amazing game reminded me of Pokemon so much.
This is an amazing game up until you close it.
I absolutely love this game it's almost habit forming help.
Don't buy this game it's a stupid Pokemon ripoff.
This is one of the best games that I have ever played.
Just like the game on Facebook cuz they want ur money U.
Loved this game until the most recent update.
This game is so assisting and even better than Pokemon ever was.
This game is awesome it's one of my favorite games.
unless u want me to boycott one of my favorite games.
Best game I ever played on iPhone But too good to be true.
This is the most fun and addicting game in the world.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game brings me back to my childhood.
Awesome game but crashed and wont open again.
very fun and addicting though Its still not as cool as pokemon.
It's a fun game once you get the swing of things.
It's super fun and definitely good to pass the time.
Scam but super fun.
It's a really fun game reminds me of monster rancher.
Game was easy to learn and very fun to play.
I would want to put my Kirin on my team.
Very fun and entertaining game to play with my friends.
Gotta pay for everything.
I use to love playing it everyday.
I'm playing it everyday :D.
Value for Moneyc52
Okay game but most has to be bought with real money.
Some mogas are nearly impossible to catch without paying real money.
That really makes me want to spend real money to buy mogacash--NOT.
so you are forced to wait if you don't want to spend real $$.
Pretty good "po@&mo;$" type game without all the needless adventuring.
Why do you have to pay real money for stuff.
except you have to pay real money for the Pokeballs.
They try to make you buy starseeds.
Replay Valuec95
Would really like the chance to play more levels.
when are we gonna see more levels.
this game is very fun and challenging.
Fun and challenging.
Production Valuesc81
Very Awsome game good job guy you earned it.
Sound Game Design and Awesome Graphics.
Can you add settings that raises/lowers sound effects and music.
Ease of Usec89
Game was easy to learn and very fun to play.
Easy to learn and some skill involved.
A fun and simple game that's quite enjoyable.
The game was very fun and simple to follow.
Just a simpler version of Pokemon love it.
It's a simpler version of Pokemon.
They are generous enough to make the game free.
Updates & Supportc87
I played the Facebook version and this one didn't disappoint.
I almost like this one more than the fb version.
Itu2019s a really big battery drainer.

Geomon is still the best pet battle game on the market right now. found in 3 reviews
This is the most fun and addicting game in the world. found in 15 reviews
I love the art and the soundtrack is amazing. found in 12 reviews
It's a fun game and is a great time passer. found in 13 reviews
brings back memories of the old ORIGINAL POKEMON GAMES. found in 12 reviews
Love this game so addicting reminds me of old school Pokemon. found in 9 reviews
Reminds me of my childhood days spent playing pokemon. found in 5 reviews
Cute game in the poke mon monster trainer theme. found in 29 reviews
and recommend people who love role play to play this. found in 13 reviews
Awesomest game possibly ever on the app store. found in 5 reviews
Awesome game brings me back to my childhood. found in 573 reviews
Fun and enjoyable to play every now and again. found in 5 reviews
Great game reminds me of pokemon bt wit better graphics lol. found in 307 reviews
Game was easy to learn and very fun to play. found in 31 reviews
other then that it's a very nice game and it worth trying. found in 16 reviews
I use to love playing it everyday. found in 4 reviews
I love this game with the good graphics and cute monsters. found in 16 reviews
Has its own feel to It and great storyline. found in 16 reviews
nice art work and descent story line. found in 6 reviews
Keeps me occupied and coming back. found in 5 reviews
except on Facebook you get to choose between three mogas :/. found in 24 reviews
Awesome game except mine is frozen on the options screen. found in 10 reviews
I cant play until its will be fixed. found in 11 reviews
Only thing is the trainer energy thing is annoying. found in 20 reviews
Great game but recently lost interest after finding the mogas don't evolve :. found in 3 reviews
I can't get my daily prizes cause I can't open the game. found in 10 reviews
But if I delete the game from the multitasking menu. found in 10 reviews
because I can no longer play anymore. found in 11 reviews
But after now every time I try to play it crashes. found in 14 reviews
It is fun but it's kind of a rip off of Pokemon. found in 13 reviews
The game crashes when i try to play it please fix. found in 42 reviews
You've got nothing to do but collect Daily Prizes every day. found in 106 reviews
The game now needs an internet connection to recharge. found in 8 reviews
This game keeps crashing every time I restart. found in 5 reviews
Not a bad game if they'd fix the bugs. found in 20 reviews
But can you fix the energy issues and bugs. found in 11 reviews
Its fun but needs alot of work to improve it. found in 6 reviews
Good game but after I got the update the game keeps crashing. found in 14 reviews
Edit: added a star for fixing daily prize problem. found in 106 reviews
Game requires you to spend real money for seeds and such. found in 43 reviews
The game keeps crashing when I touch the add button for monsters. found in 24 reviews
The app crashes every time I try to pick the gender. found in 25 reviews
This stupid game crashes every time I press an island. found in 42 reviews
I shouldn't have to pay money to enjoy this game it's stupid. found in 18 reviews
Fix the energy bar. found in 34 reviews
now it always crashes when I try to play it. found in 28 reviews
Some mogas are nearly impossible to catch without paying real money. found in 123 reviews
so you are forced to wait if you don't want to spend real $$. found in 112 reviews
except you have to pay real money for the Pokeballs. found in 34 reviews
The energy thing on the trainer is just stupid. found in 20 reviews
Should be no energy it takes too long to recharge. found in 94 reviews
If you have been playing this game and don't want to start over. found in 56 reviews
it only shows green circles instead of creatures and then crashes. found in 23 reviews
It seems nearly impossible to play the game without spending additional money. found in 21 reviews

The Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.5 MB to download. The new Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands app version 3.01 has been updated on 2014-11-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands in Gaia Interactive Inc.`s Official Website :

Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can battle and capture over a hundred wild monsters Monster Galaxy has been enjoyed by over 10 Million people already. Come see why--with 13 beautifully painted ...
The game is fun I really enjoyed it But when you try to earn some moga cash through deals it doesn t work most of the time I end up getting dangerously low on seeds and can do nothing about it but wait everyday for the daily log in rewards             Good game but deals don t work Nana ask.sjfh ilaehrbclie
                    H geomanekit
Please upgrade to be compatible with iOS 11 I currently play this game and Exile on my old 4s I would really love to get both this game and Exile on my iPhone 7 Otherwise really enjoy the game so I give it 5 stars                     Upgrade to iOS 11 please OK)(@
please make this compatible with iOS 11 this game is AMAZING and is very addictive but i can not play it due to the fact that i have iOS 11 please make this happen thank you                     listen Icky sticky Vicky
Great game just like pokemon                     Awesome Zachman9
This just hits me right in the angsty teen memories It s just like the first time I played it on Gaia and that s a great thing but no current version for the current version of my phone Cmon now                 Just like before The blanket man
I loved the original version of this game Monster Galaxy on GaiaOnline now on Facebook and I love having this mobile version to play as well                 MoGa
Cool              Cool
Makes me think when I was playing this on Facebook I think this is fun even though it teaches you all the way over how to play XD                 Fun
I this game Its so fun you get this dog at first but then your fighting other Mogos and you can get other monsters Get the app                 Best game in the world
App ever                 The beast
I recommend it if you like playing Pokémon its sort of like it              Really great
The best game soooo many mogas but If u would make the levels EZER                 Like Awesome like I cant like find any bugs
This game reminds me of Pokemon If you like that game then youll love this                 Amazing
This game is great but there are a few issues              Fun
This game is too frustrating for me to deal with right now I hate it The odds of catching certain Mogas are horrible We get it theyre supposed to be super powerful or whatever But at 1HP they should get in the starseed on the first or second try Wasting 25 starseeds on something with 3 HP is ridiculous 3 HP ONLY A 10 CHANCE OF CATCHING Stop being such a cheapskate You make enough money already owning Gaia Online and all Oh and if it isnt a problem make creative names On Monster Galaxy Exile in the Bladewings description it clearly shows that you were just going to name it Eagle originally Also peascorp Seriously Use a name generator or something but really think of something     Sorry
It almost like Pokemon but cooler                 Great game
Good                 Hah
yep                 Yep
Fun time killer p just wasted my whole lunch break playing this                 Love this game p
I love it                 Great game
Great game yo                 Great game
Have fun friend                 Goood if we can hack this game event better
This game is my second best game on my phone                 Monster Galaxy
Just the kind of game I was looking for                 I love it
I really like this game its pretty fun                 Really fun
Great                 Good
This is poop I got all my targets down to 1 hp but it will NOT get in my star seed bolls I mean why whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you people do this torturous poopy stuff I had to waste like a creak ton of star seeds on like just 3 monsters OK And finally I askwwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy By the way I am talking to the creators next few days if you guys make like quest that involve getting certain monsters why make them in possable even when there at one onnneeeeeeee Hp then what is the point of catching and wasting star seeds and I mean ever single bit OF it ok Dont be butts you guys should know that we so called players for now are trying our best to capture and complete missions in the freaking game        Why
This game is all out fun I just dont like the fact that you need to pay money to get the most out of it Best iOS monster capture game by far Much better than the sequel                 Amazing game
This game is awesome but would recommend an update for iPhone 6plus does not fit screen              Great game
Really fun to play                 Good
Awesome                 Parker
i love this app so much its so much fun                 this app
One of the best games Ive ever played c Its both cute and entertaining                 Amazing 3
Awesome                 Cool
This game is THE BEST i love that it has a actual plot                 Awesome and more awesome
Awesome game                 A game
This game is the best by I was just wondering if theres ever going to be new creatures and diff maps and a new update                 Gg
Best 1010 I love all the creatchers and the zodiac signs                 Awesome
It be good it u had more choices in the beginning              Bubba
Awesome                 Yea
Love it                 Great game
This game runs as if I just got the phone Incredibly fast                 This game is fun and snappy
Its cool                 Cool
This game is really good but it would be so much better if you could evolve monsters              This game is really good
I love that the game is so fun and that you can get epic monsters by getting all the stars on an island i also love that there is a fun story to it I hate that you run ouy of energy so fast You have a low chance of getting a legendary monster when its at one hp when it shoud be at least 50 when it is that low I think you should have the mogas healing while sleeping so you can wake them up and have some health I also think that you should lower the price of moga cash 499 for 15 And you should get like 10 moga cash for gettimg all the stars on an island or at least some way of getting moga cash without buying it people dont have the money              Love and hate
Great would be 5 stars if it wasnt freemium would rather pay initial cost than get offered to spend money              Awesome
Cool              Grin
Add restore purchases                 Add this
GR8 M8                 GR8
Cool                 awesome game but second one is better
This game is cool                 Game
Great app                 Great app
Played many times on Facebook so glad they have this app now especially since it keeps freezing up on my Facebook                 Awesome
I love this game Long wait periods though but its a very cute and fun game I want there to be an alternate path where the main character gets to join Othos army and Probus is their best friend Hes my favorite character                 Review
Awesome game and very fun to play                 Monster Galaxy

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