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Monster Worldwide , the publisher behind many iOS app (Fastweb College Scholarships , Jobs for iPad , Interviews by Monster Worldwide ,CareerOne , ,Monster Events), brings Jobs with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jobs app has been update to version 1.4.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great search tool..
  • fast search results..
Overall Satisfactionclick me10
Y'all could add recommended jobs to make this much better.
Thanks Monster.
Fun & Engagingclick me22
Awesome app must download.
Security & Privacyclick me12
of course you NEED to have a Monster Account.
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The Monster app is the perfect addition to your Monster account. Now you can search and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere. Best of all, the Monster app makes it easy to keep up with the latest job opportunities when you’re on the go. Download the app today and find your next job from the palm of your hand.


- Use the same account you have on Monster.
- The app is automatically synced with your online account- resumes, job applications, cover letters, saved searches (job alerts), saved jobs, etc.
- Search for jobs, filter and quickly find the right job.
- Use device`s built-in GPS to search for jobs.
- Apply to select jobs using the app.
- Want to apply later? Simply save the job using the app and access it on to complete the apply.
- Like your search? Save your search using the app and it is also accessible via website. Jobs
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The Jobs app is the perfect complement to your website account.


The Jobs is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 11.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Jobs check developer Monster Worldwide`s website : Jobs


I've gotten multiple call backs for job interviews. found in 2 reviews
Attention Getter. found in 1 reviews
Easy to use format. found in 1 reviews
Used to help a friend quickly find a job. found in 1 reviews
A good extension of the full site. found in 2 reviews
Screen Shot. found in 1 reviews
Much easier to use than the website via iPhone. found in 3 reviews
Should review app and see where to fix glitches. found in 10 reviews
but they still show up in the app. found in 2 reviews
This is a major malfunction and needs to be fixed ASAP. found in 8 reviews
Nice app but dislike the daily job alerts. found in 1 reviews
You can't apply even though there's a fat button saying apply. found in 80 reviews
Can't update basic account info. found in 1 reviews
when I try to open it only stay in violet background. found in 17 reviews
user must do additional click to view job description -- very frustrating. found in 16 reviews
Very buggy and hard to search jobs. found in 1 reviews
which is now partnered with monster and was unable to sign in. found in 12 reviews
Location filter does not work. found in 5 reviews
I like the app but the filters don't work very well. found in 14 reviews
My only complaint is that the search criteria doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
Edit button is missing to edit resume. found in 2 reviews
Crashes every 30 seconds. found in 1 reviews
App crashes on new IOS update. found in 5 reviews
but Monster's search engine is weak. found in 4 reviews
They messed up a good thing. found in 1 reviews
Force close every time I try to open the app since the update. found in 17 reviews
No ability to update resume or status. found in 6 reviews
Can't sort search results by date. found in 13 reviews
So what's the point of having an apply button Not good. found in 6 reviews
It needs to be fixed fast. found in 8 reviews
Every time I try to send my resume it states error. found in 8 reviews
Can't apply for jobs doesn't show all jobs in surrounds area. found in 80 reviews
The app crashes when you visit saved searches. found in 8 reviews
This app crashes immediately when you select search for jobs. found in 59 reviews
Search criteria is removed when you select Current Location. found in 6 reviews
failure to parse HTML in job descriptions. found in 16 reviews
Before this issue it wouldn't let me delete some saved jobs. found in 10 reviews
I had been hesitant to download this app given the horrible reviews. found in 10 reviews
Crashed immediately under ios 5. found in 10 reviews
Updates are supposed to fix bugs not make them. found in 10 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
i keep getting a notification that i have an unread message but nothing appears in the message center also not sure if its supposed to but created an account online downloaded the app saved some searches but then deleted the app hoping to get rid of the message then redownloaded it and all my saved searches in the app are completely gone not even the searches from my online account appear       glitchy
Ummm I live in pa not Illinois Pretty annoying when youre desperately trying to find a job and you get cross country results and all the results are truck driver Fix this    Really
This app does have some slight issues but if you stay on top of it and put forth effort its great It takes about onetwo weeks for a call back                Good app just got three interviews
Filters dont work Saved searches dont work You cant delete them Editing them is neigh impossible The location search doesnt work at all period A location search for a 10 mile radius brings up jobs all over the USA Stated simply this app does not work was not finished before being put on the App Store and is fundamentally unusable on an Apple iPhone 4s And also Im seeing the same problems on my new iPhone 6    Fundamental user interface flaws
Its almost like Monster doesnt want me to find a new job App wont load at all Gotta give it 1 star since I cant even use it Fix and youll get a new rate    App wont open
Purple loading screen    App stopped working
So far so good Interface could be better but it could be worse          So so
Great for on the go             Great app
I am just starting my job search after a few years working at home and spending time with my family but Monster has been a big help so far             Very user friendly
Better off using websiteWith this impractical app you can only search NOTHING ELSE    Still fail
You would think Monster would have a great innovative app however I can only use to search It will notify me that I have messages then when I open it to checknone I dont know if Im missing job offers or is it just a glitch    Bad app
This is frustrating       Wont load
Ive downloaded and uninstalled this app 3 times now One I push to load it just gives me a purple loading screen then a timeout error message stating I dont have an Internet connection which is quite falseHopefully you get this fixed soon The Indeed app has you guys beat Ill review again once fixed    App doesnt load
After the last update the app will not load at all    Needs fixed
Search does not seem to work To test I did a general search and came up with no results Went online using same parameters found several dozendisappointed I am deleting app    Nonfunctional search
Download was easy so far its working good Three Stars          Its Ok
Was a good app but has recently become unusable since a search will pull 250 results but only 40 apply to the search and 210 are all the same repeat ads for CDL drivers or insurance salesmen There is no way to filter ads by keyword so you have to scroll through all the useless spamming ads to spot the 1 true ad in the middle Unfortunately this is a very routine annoyance so the CareerBuilder and Indeed apps dont have the same garbage flaw       Becoming unusable
I did not know NYC and NJ were within 25 miles of LA This apps filters do not work It makes it useless for job hunting    Radius
I would like to conduct a job search by municipality for tax reasons by level of education and by required qualifications However it seems that the narrowest geographical search possible is 5 miles from the zip code you provide which produces a large number of results outside my target area Also there does not appear to be any sort of filter for educational or other job requirements I guess I was expecting more from Monster          Why such limited filter options
The app is pretty good I just cant get the mileage filter to work right I keep getting results from all over the US Even with my filter set at 60 miles from my address          Good app
I gave this app three stars for the following reasons ProsThe app does have good up to date information regarding employers and employers regularly check Monster for potential applicants Ive gotten three interviews in two weeks from this app The Fast Apply option saves a lot of time and hassle of filling out a dozen dozen boxes a dozen times I also like that it tells you when an employer has looked at your resume That is huge for me It lets me know that my resume is actually being viewed by employers So far my resume has 3 views and Ive had that many interviews I feel like this app has a lot of potential to be great HoweverConsThis app is very buggy It does not do great with search filters changed the search radius to 20 miles and Im still getting job results across the country Ive noticed that if I put in a specific search request like Sales it tells me theres no jobs available and when I clear that out the first half of my results are Sales They fixed the bug where it wouldnt load but it seems they cant get the search filters quite right However if youre patient with it its a good solid job hunting app I hope this helps          Pros and Cons
There is always things you can do to improve any app I just use it to search for jobs and check my inbox for messages but you cant do everything here that you can do online             Monster
Just started using the app what I have see so far is excellent                Excellent content and interface
App Version is horrible I put my area of interest in and it says there are no listings but Indeed site has tons of listings Very disappointed    Very disappointing
I love the app I did hope to be able to put more on the profile for potential employers to look at regarding hours available or even being able to search that way It would make it a little more proficient Other than that its a good source             Mrs
Excellent                Great
Used to have no problems with this app and was one of my primary search tools But now Ive tried everything and it wont load Really disappointed in monster you would think they would have a reliable tech and programmers to make the app at least usable    Wont load
Pros allows you to apply to jobs with your resume saved on the website Allows you to search jobs and edit some profile information Cons buggy false notifications that prompt you to open the app Needs a little work All in all this is a great resource for finding a job          Meh
Location services are on and filter is set at 10 MI and Im still getting jobs from other states    Location doesnt work
I deleted and reinstalled 4x and all it does is load Total dud    Wont even load all of the sudden
The App DOES NOT WORK at all    The worst
I hate this app    
Ive removed and reinstalled the app twice When I open the app it hangs at the banner screen saying loading And then it fails and tells me to check my network My network is fine Off to job hunt somewhere else for now    Fix the loading bug
It actually got me a job                Good
This app should have a tag or renamed to MonsterUS if it only works for US profile    Doesnt work for monsterhk users
App seems to be very basic might be better to just hop on a desktop before visiting monster application for cellphones Not impressed at all       Blah
Keeps showing around globe I need 520 mile radius       Jobs from around the world
I get a notification that I have a message from a prospective employer but the messages are unavailable It just says that there are no message available at this time Super annoying       Cant read messages
This app does not load Horrible    DOESNT LOAD
The filters do not work whatsoever I ask for jobs within 20 miles of my house mind you I live in Buffalo New York and a constantly gives me jobs for North Carolina New York City and Miami no thank you    freakin horrible
I downloaded the app and it wont even open Its been loading for ever Sigh I thought monster would have a good app with good reviews    doesnt work
This app needs a MAJOR update Wont load or open at all on my iPhone 6 Please update    Needs major update
Didnt have computer handy to search PRNPer Diem positions downloaded the app and was able to signin to old account not used in two yrs updated profile and all my info resume from couple years ago still there Great that even though not used in sometime all my stuff still there Any other search services my stuff would have been deleted             Great App
Since update app wont load or update with IPhone 6 software    Wont loadOpen
Did everything possible to try to seek out employment Filled out all necessary things for this app to give me an advantage Seems like theres too many third party affiliates temp agencies and no direct company access through human resources personnel Disappointing    App needs work
Not sure what happened to Monstercom Used to be a decent job search resource now not so much Very few job listings Youre better off using Indeed       Huh
Stopped working after about a week Maybe Monster should use their own system to look for new reliable programmers Just sits at purple screen Nice screensaver if that is what they were going for    Should be removed from App Store
Slow but very helpful             Helpful
Cant get a job search local filter says 40 miles but doesnt display a job within the state I live in Complete crap now    Use to work
Its good             Good app


Monster Worldwide
11.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.4.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Jobs 1.4.2 Mobile

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