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Diego Waxemberg , brings Moonlight Game Streaming with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Moonlight Game Streaming app has been update to version 1.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Moonlight Game Streaming for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 16021504, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Moonlight Game Streaming app version 1.1.4 has been updated on 2015-11-09.
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This app streams games from an NVIDIA GameStream-compatible PC on your local network or the Internet. After an initial pairing process, Moonlight will show a list of apps to stream from your PC. You can ...
It s great but I am sad because my pc is AMD                     It s a great app Hi I'm Kyla
Could you bring back the old icon with the moon it looks so aesthetically pleasing                     Amazing BUT Artixqyr2
Needs support for the new version of GeForce experience     Not supported Noah new1233445566
I was an early adopter of all the Nvidia shield line and I really enjoyed the shield later called shield portable but moonlight is better simple as that I have both an iPad Pro 12 inch and an iPhone 7 Plus and I own two game vice controllers for each one and have them lying around the house Whenever I want to play any game that is on my pc all I have to do is grab my tablet or phone and wrap around the Gamevice and its a better experience than what I had on the shield Your experience will vary of course not only does it depend on your computer hardware and your network infrastructure but also on the types of games you want to play while using it A good example is how playing a game that requires fast reactions times like a FPS or a Street Fighter game especially online would completely such while using moonlight due to the added lag of the whole process However plying single player games RPGs strategy games or pretty much anything where lightning reactions times aren t required are perfect The Witcher 3 was perfectly fine the combat may take a bit to get used to due to the fast paced nature of it but its not bad enough that you cant play while games like South Park fractured but whole are incredibly comfortable to play using it in fact it was more confortable to play on my iPad than on my big screen tv It all depends on what you expect don t expect 4K graphics that look and play as good as they do in your high end computer The only controllers I use for this are gamevice so I am not able to give an opinion on compatibility with other gamepads While the original nviida shield portable still takes the first price when it comes to the controller it was the best part of the shield the small screen and extremely slow android OS it has makes it more annoying than anything Even with the shield lying around I still use moonlight with my iPad regularly instead of the shield                     Really great but your enjoyment depends on several things MKuhne
This is an awesome app for when you don t feel like getting out of bed to play some PC games but it could be better For instance the controls are very restricted It s either NO controls you move your finger around to move the cursor SIMPLE controls just 6 buttons in the RB LB configuration seen on the top of controllers plus two other buttons and FULL controls freaking PS D pad shoulder buttons and bumpers TWO thumb sticks an XYAB button configuration and start select near the bottom edges In my opinion it s either not enough or WAY TOO MUCH as in a lot of cases only need two thumb sticks XYAB and start select ok maybe the bumpers and shoulder buttons The rest is just covered up screen space Please add an option to set custom button layouts and sizes and to choose what buttons you need It would greatly increase the usefulness of this app Other than that that s pretty much the only complaint I have It s responsive but I probably wouldn t use it for FPSes and tweakable bitrates from 0 5 mbps to 50 mbps default 10 on 720p 20 on 1080p and framerates either 30 Hz or 60 Hz I would recommend 20 Mbps at 1080p 60Hz but you could go for a lower setting Overall pretty OK app let down by the controls By the way it works pretty well on my laptop Inspiron 15 i5577 i5 7th gen 3500hq GTX 1050 8 GB ram 2 4 GHz 20 MBPS down 5 MBPS up Although you probably want 5 GHz                 Great although some suggestions Cabalex4
I m so happy this is one of my favorite apps on the market for gaming when I wanna chill around the house instead of hardcore gaming I like to explore the map of GTA while watching rick and morty It looks lovely especially on the iPhone X overall great app great invention and overall great                     THANK YOU 3 GAMERMCFLAMERBL
we really need 2048 1536 and 1024 768 for ipad to avoid the black bar thank you so much             Plz add 4 3 resolution support on ipad woweihua8844
This is an overall great app It lets me play PC games from anywhere on my phone at a Somewhat low delay depending on the service WiFi which is a great convienence However aside from this being a great app there are a few things to be improved First of all there is no customizable control scheme There is no customizing for the on screen controls whatsoever rather than it displaying on the screen or not also having a simple option with only l3 and r3 there is just a ton of useless buttons Who needs a dpad that takes half the screen when you never need it I d say 90 of all emulators have an option to set the size of certain buttons which is disappointing that this app doesn t have that Also I d be nice to rebind the controls for mfi controllers The WOL feature also doesn t work when I made sure to port forward all the ports nessisary Including the WOL one Anyway this app is great and I hope the dev implements more to it because it has great potential                 Overall a Great App Csgoo
I m on a iOS 11 but every time I open the app it kicks me out Please help me or update the app Andrew Apple Trainee         Nothing seem to work DJ-Studio
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