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Starfall Education , the publisher behind many iOS app (Starfall Pumpkin ,Starfall It`s Fun to Read ,More Starfall ,Starfall Learn to Read ,Starfall Gingerbread ,Starfall Snowman), brings More Starfall with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. More Starfall app has been update to version 1.08 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iOS owner,you now can download More Starfall for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 22.6 MB to download. The new More Starfall app version 1.08 has been updated on 2014-11-20.
More Info: Find more info about More Starfall in Starfall Education`s Official Website :

This app requires a membership and an internet connection. The app`s offerings will continue to expand as the Starfall Team transitions the popular website`s content for delivery to mobile devices. Starfall is the brain-child of ...
Lots covered and in a fun and engaging way My son keeps coming back to it              Good variety
I was excited to get Starfall on the iPad for my kindergartener I quickly became disappointed when I opened it to a green screen with no functionality Ive removed and subsequently re downloaded same result I feel duped and would like a refund     Green Screen Issue
So I down loaded this app after hearing about it from a friend and once my daughter started playing on it it was making strange sounds that had nothing to do with the games it was saying how to build a robot in a strange voice with electronic music as a back ground with someone counting 1 10 100 and so forth at first I thought it was part of the game as it was loud in the room but I picked it up after she left it and put it to my ear and made sure it was quiet in the room and it was definitely saying strange things Maybe it was a bad download or maybe it was bugged I dont know so I uninstalled it Upon reinstalling it no strange scary voice issues perhaps this needs to be looked into     Strange noises
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and you can see her learning The game of putting the object in the right size opening is one of her favorites She is a master at already She absolutely loves this app I see all the potential for her to learn more as she grows As for the American Flag comment below There are more than Americans using iPads and iPhones              Watching my 16 month old granddaughter play
I used to love starfall when I was younger so bringing it back for me was instant fun LOVE IT                 Awesome
Im 11 years old but that doesnt mean I cant make my own person and make it dance in the bathroom My youth is back thanks to Starfall                 Age Is Just A Number
Except a green screen     Nothing
A great app with great variety for ages 18 but second time my daughter tried to play on my ipad it gets stuck on green screen Very frustrating after I consider my 35 membership fee for a non working app Please fix bugs and I will be a much happier customer     Great app but wont work on ipad
I hate this app I have to be a member to get in omg     I hate
A fantastic app Disagree with the negative review My son really likes this and so does my daughter I dont like to let them use the iPad too much but I dont mind when theyre on this app                 Fantastic
Does not load It only gives a message that you are not connected to the internet even when you are Thats really too bad because its such an excellent website Expected the app to be good     Starfall FREE
Amazing helped her so much please please please buy this app this will help alot                 Great
I love it                 Great
Wow one of the few apps that a kid can go into and virtually navigate wherever without going into ads or areas they cant get out of I only tried the free version but the sample has enough to get your child started and stay busy in a variety of subjects                 Im impressed
It lets me have everything Its so fun 9 year old reiveiw                 Awesome
Please help not working on my ipad     Not working on my iPad
The App says STARFALL FREE but when downloaded it asks you to log in as a member If you dont purchase the membership you cannot access it     Parent
So cute my girls love it                 All about me
Very good app but why does the game show a rainbow flag instead of the American flag Please fix this Its in the section where you find things ins black and white picture Silent e makes the o say o           Rainbow flag
This is a very good game for kids 9 and under it teaches a lot but if you dont have a 35 membership theres really only 10 things to do see you next app the truth out           The truth
Poop is delishois Throw the cheese                 I like cheese
im 11 years old and i still like to play starall its a grat game                 Best thing ever
Ok so I went on star fall and then the screen was black I waited for 6 minutes but still black please fix     What
Why say throw the cheese thats weird your so pose to comment about starfall                 Um
Love this app but the update has made it buggy PLEASE FIX              Great but Buggy
So my kiddo absolutely LOvED this app while it worked Now its just a green screen PLEASE FIX THIS     Very sad
i would like my kids to use this app on their ipads without being connected to the wifi for example when we are traveling i did become a memberi paid the 35 wifi is not always available     app
These are all baby games I dont like this Please fix this                 Terrible
Tap on the app and it goes blank Deleted and reloaded the app the same thing Waste of 299     Doesnt work
It is awesome it is fun for kids and they can learn how to read write and learn there numbers and abcs                 Excellent
The app wont start I just get a blank green screen     Whats wrong
In the last update I couldnt get the content to load but this latest update fixed that and added more content too Im very happy that they responded so quickly and now Im as impressed with the company as I am with the content All my kids boys and girls ages 17 cant get enough of it                 Excellent App Best Educational App Available
I remember when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade when I used to play this all the time Well now its not free And to tell you the truth this is a great website If only membership wasnt that expensive     Really
Its good to tell about you                 All about me
For weeks now the ABCs section of the app wont load Its just a white screen For 35 I expect to be able to use the entire app Its been a long time since it worked correctly please go this issue Right now I consider this to have been a waste of my money     Doesnt work
This app is an incredible resource Makes me feel so much better that if my son is using the phone its atleast for an educational activity Only thing I wish was that it was available off line Would make plane trips much more manageable                 Absolutely wonderful
Please develop Word Machine next              No word machine
How do you get to all about me        What
Great learning app My kids ages 15 love it Great learning songs and educational games Wish it had more or an option to buy a full version without actually paying a tuition fee to join the site Otherwise great app              Great
My 4 year old grandson loves this app Thumbs up                 Great Educational App
If you have bought the Starfall program then this is for you Its literally the entire program in the palm of your hands Perfect for my iPad                 Perfect
Im a 12 year old and I still love this learning thingSo it doesnt matter how old you are because it doesnt say people above the age of 6 cant play its just says it recommended for 16 ages so that means you can play it                 Doesnt matter what age you are
I only gave the app one star due to the factit does not load There is a black screen with no activity I wanted to test this app first but this scares me into not purchasing the other Starfall apps Please fixthank you     Update needed
App requires you to sign up on website however you have to pay to sign up In short the app is not free and does not have any free features DONT BUY     Sign up problems
I agree with Daneilla3936 I too am a fifth grader who is eleven years old I have recently been volunteering in a kindergarten classroom and found starfall I myself remember it from kindergarten and I am just amazed at how much I love the app for being an 11 year old                 Agree
It fun    

More Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall EducationMore Starfall Education

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