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Flixster , brings Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes app has been update to version 5.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent app for quick reference for movies..
  • We use this every date night because we never plan ahead..
  • Great to watch trailers and see what's playing where..
  • Accurate and convenient movie finder app..
  • Great and very useful app for movie fans..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is by far one of the best movie Apps out there.
But there are plenty of movie apps out there.
It is a great app for movie lovers like me.
Love being able to watch trailers and having it locate nearby theaters with showtimes.
Love Flixter it's usually right on and ticket purchase is fabulous.
I used to love Flixter but this version is a disaster.
I was using fandango before and this app was much better than fandango.
Excellent video quality too.
This has to be one of my all time favorite apps.
Fun & Engagingc80
I use flixster all the time and most of the time it shows everything.
that I won't use Flixster anymore until this is fixed.
Fixter is a awesome movie app with trailers and pictures and games.
This is a really great app an comes in handy all the time.
Everything you need to know about any current movie is in this app.
This is freaking awesome it has everything movies.
Always helpful all the time completely satisfied with flixster.
It makes my life easier and saves time.
This is the most useful movie theater app I've ever had.
This app works great & keeps me informed of upcoming movies.
This is a great app that is incredibly useful and reliable.
Production Valuesc89
The app loads quickly with easy interface.
easy interface is a plus.
Ease of Usec95
Super convenient having kids on the go and watching movies.
Super convenient for last minute movie plans.
The app loads quickly with easy interface.
easy interface is a plus.
Ads not Intrusivec16
Security & Privacyc36
The ability to link your ultra violet account is wonderful.
Downloaded it today with my Ultraviolet account.
Updates & Supportc19
Works Great and good customer service.
Best customer service ever.
I would pay for an ad free version.
It's nice version 6.
App version 6.

It never is slow and it shows the latest movie updates. found in 8 reviews
theater - anything one could wish for in a movie site. found in 14 reviews
Easy to use with current movie info & accurate start times. found in 37 reviews
Flixster hits the sweet spot with the awesome movie application. found in 27 reviews
It tells me everything I need to know to answer "What movie should we see tonight. found in 10 reviews
Great for last minute Friday night planning in the car. found in 10 reviews
Its si great its always right on movie times and locations. found in 29 reviews
a must have for any movie watchers. found in 41 reviews
This app has been a real time saver. found in 17 reviews
Always use this before anything else for my movie searches. found in 19 reviews
Great app everything you need to plan a movie night. found in 26 reviews
This IS the ideal app for movie buffs. found in 127 reviews
Gives me all the info I need when we're headed to the movies. found in 15 reviews
Helps you keep track of movies and lots of other stuff. found in 11 reviews
Get it from people who watch movies for entertainment. found in 8 reviews
Fastest way to find local movie listings where ever u are. found in 11 reviews
I love having theater and movie showtimes information right at my fingertips. found in 10 reviews
Love Flixter it's usually right on and ticket purchase is fabulous. found in 61 reviews
I was using fandango before and this app was much better than fandango. found in 50 reviews
The layout is user friendly and simple to navigate. found in 156 reviews
Like everyone else the Netflix queue option is not working. found in 77 reviews
After update to iOS 8 i can't stream to Apple TV. found in 77 reviews
It would be great if we could watch downloaded movies while offline. found in 73 reviews
Was a great app until recent update broke Theater search function. found in 8 reviews
I would pay for the app for a version with no ads. found in 8 reviews
The full screen ads ruin this otherwise great app for me. found in 50 reviews
There are way too many ads it is annoying to use. found in 16 reviews
Instead login with the flixster account you created. found in 36 reviews
Can't connect to facebook and crashes when I try. found in 85 reviews
The ads that pop up are terrible. found in 10 reviews
Frequent error messages as unable to save ratings. found in 20 reviews
The video quality of sound and image are horrible. found in 19 reviews
Upcoming movies no longer works. found in 9 reviews
Good but annoying pop up ads make this very annoying. found in 7 reviews
I can't play my movies anymore on iPhone 6 plus. found in 12 reviews
Stop opening that STUPID GAME when I try to watch trailer. found in 47 reviews
away from my iPhone because I logged in using Facebook Connect. found in 11 reviews
No option to get rid of ads with upgrade even. found in 38 reviews
Only "improvements" the company seems interested in is more annoying ads. found in 39 reviews
Can't stream digital content to Apple TV using airplay. found in 77 reviews
Other free movie websites don't have this problem. found in 130 reviews
Now it doesn't show the movie listings most of the time. found in 97 reviews
Great app but I can't watch downloaded movies off line. found in 73 reviews
I am really disappointed the Ultra Violet digital copies. found in 98 reviews
When I download movies it's impossible to find and play them. found in 101 reviews
Crashes everytime i try to play a tv show from my collection. found in 146 reviews
but it won't do anything unless I connect to Facebook. found in 85 reviews
I cannot rate movies in the movies I want to see. found in 85 reviews
Cannot not connect to Netflix with latest release. found in 57 reviews
Won't load ultraviolet movies and upcoming movies barely load. found in 161 reviews
Keeps crashing playing UV movies on iPad latest update. found in 97 reviews
and shows no movies playing for BOTH of my local theaters. found in 54 reviews
It won't let me view movies in the "Upcoming"Tab. found in 58 reviews
- Customer Service disregards repeated email attempts to contact. found in 53 reviews
Then they removed the ability to add movies to my Netflix app. found in 71 reviews
It makes having an Ultra Violet account worthless. found in 98 reviews
On top of not being able to watch Ultraviolet movies in iTunes. found in 164 reviews
I thought this was a digital copy for iTunes-DOESN'T WORK. found in 200 reviews

The Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.5.1 has been released on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes in Flixster`s Official Website :

Movies by Flixster is the 1 movie app to watch movie trailers, find showtimes, get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and share movie ratings with your friends. Features for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad: - View the ...
Great app                
Excellent app to find movies                 Great App
This app at one time was one of my faves however now it is filled with constant and irritable pop up ads which at times causes the app to crash Almost unusable at this time Dump the pop ups and return to basics        Used love it
I had been using Flixster since the beginning but the number frequency and all types of small or full page ads are more than a nuisance It has made me move to other apps I still use the Rotten Tomatoes for review scores     Ruined a great app
Havent had a single Issue Perfect app                 Had it for years and its still awesome
Fantastic app                 Great
Used to be my go to movie info and show times app The most recent upgrade has made the software nearly unusable Essentially a new advertisement appears every time you want to look at a theater or showtime And that is fine yea to capitalism however the app is forcing the same add my way with just about every key stroke I make When I am using a movie app I am looking for quick movie times and reviews and movie previews It used to take me a minute or two to use this app to decide on a movie to see now the time is at least tripled and more often than not it hangs up and I cant get to the information I need Now this is fixable Seeing the add once should make this more workable I look forward to a little tweak on the next update        Used to be great
Loved this app when I could quickly look at which movies were playing near me and delve deeper when I found something interesting Ads became annoying but it was something I could live with Now we have PPP up ads and an auto start video Time to move on to some other ap to get my movie fix     Hate the auto start video
I prefer Flixster to other apps because the info is clearly presented and easy to access The Rotten Tomato ratings help me decide which movies to see although we dont always agree with the critics                 Dependable and clear
This app saved my life                 Excellent
Its one of my most used apps I love how easy it is to use and informative                 I love this app
This is a great app I use it all the time                 Flixster is a Great App
I go to the movies a lot and always use this to watch previews and view show times Awesome app                 Great app
Forced update September 2015 crashed the app Using an iPad Air and nothing works Both the old and new App wont play my movies Avoid is app and download another service     Update crashed the app
I really like Flixter because I can easily check movie times and locations quickly and accurately from my phone The layout is user friendly and simple to navigate Its very user friendly                 Easy App
Its my go to source                 Great Resource
Use this app often Very convenient                 Flixster
Helps find what movies are out in theaters                 Great app
Great Great reference for watching new movies                 Its works
I drove 25 miles to the theater only to discover the information presented on the app was inaccurate     Not for me
Very convenient enough said                 Love it
Cant live without it                 My go to app for movies
Easy to use and up to date                 Great App
So convenient when searching for movie times and locations for theaters all around the world This app offers the best results for all cinemas near you Love it                 BEST APP FOR MOVIES
Use it all the time Even when I am out of town Locates nearest movie house for me                 One of my most used apps
This is an outstanding App The first place I look to see whats at the movies theaters near me and where Ill be traveling to A must for a movie junkie                 Great
Ads choke you to death on an otherwise decent app Would gladly pay to get rid of all the dogsht        Ads
for trailers and movie schedules              Works well
I can always count on getting the most accurate info from Flixter                 Always good info
The star ratings are fixed thanks              Fine
I this app ur able to see the price of movie tickets purchase As well as being able to view the movie reviews              Awesome App
Look up a movie say True Story with James Franco Click on a review read it then click on DONE Instead of taking you right back to True Story you go to a completely different movie Today its taking me to War Room Could it be that Flixster is promoting War Room today           Problems with the Flixster app
Every touch takes you to a new ad The only redeeming quality of this crApp is that you can delete it and just use the theater apps from Cinemark or AMC     Ad after ad after ad nauseum
It makes no sense to me why anyone would use Flixster when you cant watch your ultraviolet movies on it Their second app they force you to get now doesnt run nearly as smoothly     Worthless app forces you to use another
This app is great I love checking the ratings before I shell out 10 bucks a ticket                 Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes
Very good                 Great
You get rotten tomatoes release dates for various media show times and can link so you can put a movie in your Netflix queue What else can you ask for                 Great info at your fingertips
No complaints              Works Well
My goto place for picking movies and finding out where and when theyre showing Nothing else is even a close second choice                 Fan
I use this app often for movie reviews and showtimes I love that it includes rotten tomatoes reviews Nice UI great app                 First place I go for movie infoshowtimes
I love this app never failed me before              Awesome
Love reading Rotten Tomato reviews BUT Its a big but when reading critic reviews Ill click Done and the app brings me to start page sigh I then have to search the movie again to read another review repeat rinse Very annoying Itd be great if this could be fixed Also I have trouble opening the app without crashing at times PLEASE save this app So much potential     WAAAAAY too many bugs
Once loved this app Now I just deleted because there are MASSIVE amounts of Pop up ads Pretty upset I have to use another moor app now Goodbye Flixter     Ads ads everywhere Dont download
Great App Love that you may view trailers highly recommend                 Flixster I use it every week
The last update was fine It fixed the glitches and added a different layout in the background which corrected the problems Now youve re uploaded the old layout and its plagued with glitches and is crap Fix it     Worst update ever
Worst app ever     Terrible
One the best greatest musthave apps of all time                 Best Film Showtimes App Yet
My go to app for movie times and reviews                 Great App
Love this app for everything movies              Most Useful App

Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes EntertainmentMovies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes Entertainment

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