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SpartanApps, the publisher behind many iOS app (Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos ,Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos ,Ultimate Arm Wrestling ,Ear Training Course by Musicopoulos ,Metronome by Musicopoulos ,Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics), brings Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos app has been update to version 1.8.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's stable now and easy way to read music..
  • I can see this being a great teaching tool too..
  • There is a bug with the piano sound..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This app is the best music theory app I have found so far.
Two recommendations : after completing a section.
The best music related app I have ever purchased.
I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn or memorize music theory.
Fun & Engagingc77
Awesome music app.
Awesome resource.
Very helpful and informative.
I'll be buying everything else they make as well.
I pick it up every day.
A useful and informative app just got better.
bugs and updates.
Updates & Supportc49
Brilliant job and thanks for listening and responding to your customers.
I'm still waiting for a version of this for my Samsung phone.

Learn as fast or slow as you want. found in 1 reviews
this app has helped me alot in my music class. found in 1 reviews
Recent advances keep the app vital and a great learning tool. found in 5 reviews
this app will teach you and help you maintain the knowledge. found in 2 reviews
There is a wide range of topics. found in 1 reviews
The interface is much cleaner and nicer. found in 1 reviews
Currently the question changes when changing view from landscape to portrait and vice -versa. found in 1 reviews
This app is highly recommended for beginners and professionals. found in 1 reviews
minor pentatonic scale. found in 1 reviews
This app is the best music theory app I have found so far. found in 61 reviews
A wonderful and comprehensive theory and training app. found in 9 reviews
Still wonderfully in awe of the capabilities of a phone these days. found in 1 reviews
Great ongoing review as a fairly new music student. found in 4 reviews
It needs a key board. found in 2 reviews
App would be cool. found in 1 reviews
your update kinda ruined the app. found in 1 reviews
You will learn but app needs updates. found in 1 reviews
don't jump immediately into the tests. found in 1 reviews
Needs bug fix. found in 1 reviews
but still needs additional exercises. found in 1 reviews
I hope you can fix these problems. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see some more advanced concepts. found in 2 reviews
All it needs is a Keyboard interface for the tests. found in 1 reviews
but it might be fun to hear the notes I'm playing. found in 2 reviews
Excellent app lacking iPhone 5 display support. found in 1 reviews
Practice mode crashes when sound set to piano. found in 8 reviews
The latest version just keeps crashing while I'm going an exercise. found in 1 reviews
Just the thing I needed. found in 1 reviews
Impossible to navigate. found in 1 reviews
This program closes when I go to the practice mode. found in 8 reviews
but there are some wrong answers that need to be fixed. found in 1 reviews
please refund my money. found in 1 reviews
Practice mode crashes everytime. found in 2 reviews
This buggy version 1. found in 1 reviews

The Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. The new Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos app version 1.8.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos check developer SpartanApps`s website :

This is the must have app for all musicians"lessons with accompanying practices in notes and intervals, scales, and chords. Finally, you can fit your favorite class in your pocket" - Strings Magazine, January 2010, No. ...
I really just practice my sightreading in bed now Netflix and this Hooked                 Helps keep my skills sharp
This is the only way Ive been able to swallow theory Ill be buying everything else they make as well                 Fantastic App
This app is perfect especially for the complete beginner with no prior knowledge of music theory lessons are clearly explained and followed up with practice on real instruments couldnt recommend more                 great for a beginner
the most comprehensive music theory app in the market                 excellent
I rarely rate apps but this one is so outstanding that I felt compelled to do so If you aspire to learn and deeply internalize music theory then this is your tool The app provides insightful and well presented music theory concepts After each lesson you are given the option to test your knowledge The practice exercises are awesome My progress is exponential compared to other learning methods such as books video courses etc Want to learn every note on the guitar fingerboard This app lets you practice using guitar and other instruments Its fun to use as well Seriously outstanding                 AWESOME
It NEEDS arrows to go up and down the notes of the instruments but its an excellent app plain and simple              Excellent
I am a grandma who decided to 1 Take piano lessons am working on the 2nd movement of Moonlight Sonata and 2 Learn to play using chords on the left hand ie fake playing lol Enter music theory to learn just what is a chord How does one know D major has 2 sharps It all sounded overwhelming This app begins with intervals explains it quite well then tests the knowledge with a keyboard on the app It thoroughly explained the circle of fifths and the circle of fourthsthen thoroughly tested it using the circle and the key board built into the app I had always heard people talk about the circle of fifths but it just seemed too hard to grasp I get it Happy dance I can now tell you every key signature and its not just rote memorization I really get it Cant wait to begin the next chapter but took a break to extol this app I just absolutely love the interactive approach I just wish it had some games on it                 Incredible app
This is an exception tool for learning teaching understanding music Bravo Easy fun addictive learning empowering                 Amazing
Clear and concise Wonderful                 Music Theory In Motion
I just love this app Anything you need to help to selflearn music theory andor extend teachings from music lessons this app is it My piano teacher and music director recommended this to me Good looking out                 Top notch music theory app right here
Without a doubt worth every penny I grew up playing but wanted to refresh and relearn Great app for veteran musicians and newbies alike Music lessons are great but get this app and you can be learning in all your spare moments I bought all three of the Musicopoulos apps theory ear training and vocal warmup and use them everyday I even had people at our local pub playing along with me                 Priceless
This app is great Its very understandable for people who have never taken a theory class before Definitely worth buying                 Wonderful app
Ive been playing guitar for a little over 2 years and had just brushed the surface with theory This app is an outstanding learning tool It is well designed and easy to use I love that it allows you to enter your answers on a guitar image Most theory books and apps are geared towards the piano This app gives you a choice of instruments No previous knowledge necessary Thanks                 Outstanding
I actually really do like the app I wish it would quiz you on intervals though For example youd hear a maj 3rd being played and have to select the correct option amongst all possible intervals Also the word descending is often misspelled in the melodic minor section It is always missing the s              Pretty solid
Great app I needed a review of music theory This not only gave me review but filled in what was missing A great A to Z theory appBuy it                 Great Music Teaching App
I used this to learn how to read notes Its really excellent for that Its also an app that respects your interest in music and doesnt distract with annoying gamificationI wish that it had rhythm practice or that the developers would make a rhythm app                 Excellent
Having to learn music at 50 It is helpful                 Great app
Thanks for making such a great theory program                 Big big help
Ive really enjoyed this app The layout is great and practice mode really helps reinforce what is taught in theory lessons I usually dont understand the concepts at first But after rereading and attempting practice mode something eventually clicks in my brain iand i understand it I am new to music theory and this has been a great start that has encouraged me to progress in my education What really makes this app over the top is the excellent instrument modes I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in music theory                 Excellent Resource
I love this app Its easy to use and its easily understood                 Excellent
A wonderful app Theyve clearly put a lot of thought and care into it Get their other apps too                 Get it
When I read these reviews I always wish I could live in these five star universes I just dont see it in this one Perhaps Im too harsh 1 star but 5 stars These things always promise the world but always disappoint if not at first then at the next upgrade     Not worth the money
This app makes music theory easy and I love it                 Pretty dope
Ive learned more with this ap than i have after months of lessons Im three lessons in and this ap is awesome It gives you the lesson then quizzes you on 3 different difficulty levels The best part for me is you can use the virtual instrument or do it mentally                 Awesome resource
Awesome app for anyone interested in theory Sight reading training rocks with guitar Just what I needed Excited to see what else they add to this app                 Awesome
I have studied music theory off and on for several years and I have never learned so much about theory in such little time as I have using this app I cant believe how thorough this experience has been and I am only just now about to begin lesson 3 My favorite part about it is its versatility to be able to apply what it is teaching you in so many ways I also love that you can take all these tools with you anywhere Wow I want to recommend this to everyone                 Spectacular
What a great app for learning music theory I take music lessons but we never have time to cover basics of theory so it always scared me a bit Not anymore I highly recommend this app                 Awesome app
I love this app Im preparing myself for a college class and because of this app I dont even think I need to take the class anymore Ill still take the class but Im sure it will be a breeze now                 The truth
This app is what you need get it now                 What I have been waiting for
I also have many theory books I have bought over the years and sometimes decide to try and plow through But since finding this app I have had a lot of fun with the quizzes I pick it up every day Its fun and I like alternating between piano and guitar screens Good job                 Love this teaching method
Please update to its 8 interface              Good but
Great for relearning after not practicing for a while                 Amazing app
Ive studied music books and even went to music school but the way this app describes and illustrates music theory is more clear and concise than any of the above I have a very analytical mind and have a tuff tough time just accepting that this pattern is this way and thats how it is granted you learn later why from other resources This app presents the why from the start without overwhelming you because of its amazingly simple illustrations But it Youll learn more than you will from a 20 book                 Different Perspective
Im a beginner to music theory and I have found this app to be extremely helpful in learning to read notes fastI particularly like how they have created an interactive guitar fret board that allows you to select nots that they postIt also has a lot of reading much like a music theory book would haveI love it                 Helps you learn notes fast
Surprisingly thorough Great interface I use it often                 Great Music Theory program
Dont waste ur money     App Broke
I love the way that you broke theories down into easy to understand discussions and then provided three levels of practice The practice sessions were extremely helpful in illustrating patternsTwo recommendations after completing a section it would be helpful to have a NEXT button appear that will take the user directly to the next subject It would also be helpful to have a reminder on the main screen indicating where the student left offIn spite of these two recommendations I will give you five stars                 Im throwing away all my Theory Books
This app is good I just wish it had chord extensions along with altered chords           Great but needs more work
This app starts with the basics and builds up to more advanced concepts There are exercises with increasing levels of difficulty so that you can gradually master the material The fact that you can apply the theory in the practice portion to a few instruments is a really nice feature Their ear training app is also really good My only suggestion would be to get it to work with Core MIDI so that I can use my line 6 mobile keys 25 to go through the practice                 Phenomenal Theory App
A great app for learning theory or refreshing your knowledge Love it                 Amazing App
After years of piano lessons it finally makes sense Wish Id had this years ago Would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in music                 Great app
No comparison                 The BEST
Im still waiting for a version of this for my Samsung phone It is the greatest app Im just disappointed that I cant use it on the phone I have now                 Still waiting
The app has gotten me to remember the circle of 4ths and fifths chords names of notes on the scale etc so great in the respectIts a bit dated though It doesnt really save app state so whener you go back you have to find where you last left off The design of the table view is cumbersome It could use an update feature and design wise to be more usable Its been somewhat abandoned           You will learn but app needs updates
This is a very useful app I am hoping for a little upgrade soon maybe              Upgrade
Ive been writing and playing music for many years but always with the aid of recording equipment Its always been somewhat embarrassing that so many people Ive played with have almost another language in music theory that Ive not understood My fingers understand a guitar fretboard very well but I have no idea of what the notes are nor do I know why a chord progression works Im doing everything by ear So far this app has been wonderful in helping me begin to get some understanding Also its not overdone with graphics just a simple clear interface Thank you for that                 Longtime musician new to theory
Ive been looking for an app like this for a long time Ive played guitar for years but havent been able to get into the theory of it all until now This app makes that all clear and understandable I noticed the program hasnt been updated in a while I really hope it doesnt become abandonware as it really is an invaluable resource                 Invaluable tool
I wont waste your time making you read something long when you could be studying music theory Buy this app it is well worth the 5                 Best music theory app
The BEST app ever if you want to learn about music theory this is the app you were looking for im learning so much i love this app                 Deffinetly buy it
I had forgotten much of what I learn about music theory in college this is a great refresher tool and or learning too                 Excellent app

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