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Kevin Sliech , brings mutility - life counter for magic with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. mutility - life counter for magic app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Cleanest interface of any MTG life counter I've used..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Finally an amazing life counter.
Love the little tweaks and features.
Thank you for such a great app.
This app is the best on the market and as promised.
Ease of Usec98
The app is pretty to look at and simple to use.
Easy to read and use for both players.
Beautiful and easy to read display.
Simple Elegant.
With some great intuitive features.
Updates & Supportc87
Great customer service.
I used the free version for a long time before upgrading.

I used the free version for a long time before upgrading. found in 1 reviews
versatile and user friendly. found in 2 reviews
I liked it so much I paid for the full version. found in 1 reviews
pen and paper. found in 1 reviews
best one I've seen. found in 1 reviews
As an active Magic the Gathering player of the last 20 years. found in 1 reviews
There are all sorts of cool things about it. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and easy to read display. found in 2 reviews
Excellent MtG Life Tracker. found in 2 reviews
Leaps and Bounds Above the Rest. found in 1 reviews
You can pay for customization. found in 1 reviews
Great app that looks stunning. found in 1 reviews
This app really helped me play magic the gathering and also other games. found in 1 reviews
This app is the best on the market and as promised. found in 1 reviews
head and shoulders above the rest. found in 1 reviews
simple design and functionality. found in 1 reviews
tap the left side of a player x2019. found in 1 reviews
Ability to view full game history would make it 5-star. found in 1 reviews
Needs poison counter capability before I will upgrade. found in 1 reviews
Only down fall it doesn't work with my iPad. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download mutility - life counter for magic for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-02.
Bottom Line: For more information about mutility - life counter for magic check developer Kevin Sliech`s website :

Mutility is a simple, refined, and unapologetically iOS 7 life counter. Designed to be used on the gaming surface with large sized life totals and touch targets, Mutility makes keeping track of life totals simple ...
Really pretty and easy to use app By far the best life counter app I have ever used Only thing I would like to see added in the future is haptic feedback when life is incremented or decremented                     Best life counter app Ofsahb
I ve been using this app for about two years now and I have to say it does its job Use it all the time at tournaments and I have never had it crash If your thinking about getting this app do so                     Love it Kdkdhshdkavsj
I know this app was designed for MTG for which it does great but I ve it for several other scored card games including Five Crowns It works fabulously and I haven t had a feature I needed that wasn t there great job on a great app                     Amazing app for any score keeping boutteboy
App only supports two players at default settings without purchase of 3 upgrade No customization is usable save able and options are basically useless You get a generic two player unnamed up and down counter whoopee     Deceptive pay for relatively basic use Rayraykins
It s clean and very functional Every other app I ve tried adds features that eventually muck up or crash the app My only complaint isn t a real complaint but a request for a feature multiple separate counters for separate Commander damage                     Excellent app Seabass128
Functionally the best app out there for MTG scoreboard Perfect or near it on iPhone 8 and earlier Lacks X and iPad support keeping it at 4 5                 Ehhhhhh iPhone X and iPad support PatBonner
The app is advertised as free however the entire settings section can be changed but not applied without paying for the premium version of the app     False Advertising Trashmasterjb
I use this app all the time Not only is it great for counting just about anything I like to use it for remembering how many bananas I got at the grocery store but it s also amazing for checking our different colors that your phone can display I like clicking grey definitely worth the 2 99 upgrade fee                     Amazing app Many uses GrOcErY_GiiRL_69_xoxo
We saw an app similar to this on a MTG how to play video and realized it was so much easier than a countdown d20 When our more experienced friend came over he was very impressed and poked around I m sure more of us will buy it the more we use it                     Great App geowhaley
It s really fun to press the buttons and see how low I can make the numbers go                     I am very glad I downloaded this application LaserCann0n
I love the simplicity of this app Nothing to fancy but works with my phone with out draining my battery                     Simple and great App gamer :)
This is fantastic and works way better than counters or turn down dice If I would suggest one thing I would put two counters possibly one for poison or whatever and the other one for commander damage etc Love this app                     Amazing Capt Ward
Kills battery too fast I d rather just use dice as I m afraid my phone will die mid game             Great but Hdsbn
Other utilities are free on here 2 99 should be 0 99 Basically for free you get a life counter whereas other free apps you get utility counters Not worth the 2 99         Cost too much for what you get Dfarrey
This is such a great life counter It is simple and easy to use It also has 1 4 players While you can choose to pay 2 99 for more options what it comes with is all you really need After testing every free life counter for the iPhone this is way above the rest                     Great App Bear Incorporated
Very well made app useful for any card game and highly customizable                     Pretty Good Mr.BunBuns
Such a great app Simple an to the point                     GREAT queerchameleon
By far the best life counting app I ve ever used It has all the functionality I need for single player and multiplayer commander while remaining aesthetically pleasing It s so perfect I was left wondering why it took so long for someone to do it right                     Clean intuitive beautiful and highly functional Bensplanb
This app has it all track your life manage counters energy poison etc and see your game history It will allow you to spend less time tracking and more time strategizing It s perfect for 1v1 as well as Commander The developer is also very friendly and responsive They were quick to fix a bug I had discovered upon emailing Get this app and you won t be disappointed                     Must Have App for any MTG player 1234677653366534673
I ve tried them all Bought them all as of 2 2017 There is no counter app that even comes close 4 player life counter custom colors track record and player names I have 3 buddies and this app has definitely improved competition But most importantly I can use this app running and have pandora playing and it s so light code wise that it uses almost zero battery                     Black Lotus of counters Rageofross
Love it                     Great ThePvpMaster
This is my favorite way to keep score in a variety of games especially Dice Masters                     Top Score Keeper RobApproved
We recently started playing Commander and the built in 20 damage indicator is so great Make Magic Great Again                     Best life counter conspireagainst
I ve been using this app for about a year and I believe that it is the best life counter app available on this platform This app works for two three and four players and the dice roller is a quick way to determine who goes first The in app purchase isn t necessary but it does add many features for customization Particularly the sub counter option is great for counting infect counters or commander damage if you are playing EDH Unfortunately it looks like only one sub counter can be used at a time so you can t track commander damage from multiple players for instance Custom counter coloring and name settings make it very clear whose life is whose It is very easy to make contact with the app creator If I had suggestions for improvement they would be mostly for offering 5 player support and simultaneous sub counters Maybe some more freedom with color selection too like custom colors from a color wheel hue instead of from a pre selected list                     Efficient App for MTG Players Ushdui
This counter does everything I want for almost any game I play I have even used it for other counting scenarios in a pinch And it looks good doing it                     Full featured elegant and simple Matt2718
Great for games with more than two players But unless you pay money your stuck with this ugly blue color They should open up more colors at least the basics blue red green black white for free                 Great but Alakay312
Used many life trackers this is hands down the best                     Best tgc life tracker period Msorsher
Every time I play magic with my friends now they request my phone just for this app I bought the pro version because we started using it more frequently The UI is the sleekest I ve seen for a magic app I highly recommend it                     Awesome App TheLaconic
Simple and easy to use with good features Supports more than two players                 Best MTG counter on the market
Its a beautiful and functional life tracking app Im sad it took me this long to find it                 Beautiful and functional
Very easy to use and simple                 Best life counter app
I use this for Magic all the time It works great                 Great App
So glorious on the iPhone 6 Plus This is the best MTG life tracking app in the App Store Its clean and easy to use design with powerful extras that Ive have been poorly implemented or missing altogether in other MTG counter apps Ive tried Very responsive developer always adding new features and refining the experience                 Best MTG counter in App Store
Of all the possible life counters I could find this one is by far the best I play Magic The Gathering every single day in college the only complaint I have about this app is that you cant have more than 4 counters at once                 Tried a dozen
Best life counter app around Only request would be to have multiple boxes for Commander damage as each individual player would need to do 21 to beat you                 Super simple very useful
Muy buena APP realmente recomendada y sencilla de usar y si la pagas tienes mas opciones y puedes personalizarla espero que la sigan mejorando                 Excelente APP
Even though its mostly my life going down still a good app                 Wonderful
Not a bad app I always use this app when I play Magic              Decent
Ive never had any problems with crashes Does exactly what it says and what I downloaded it for Highly recommend                 Great does exactly what it says
I like magic and this app helps me play I see no reason to dislike it                 I like magic
Its become essential to my life Worth downloading immediately                 Best MtG app around
Great app                 Great app
Tried a few this one is my favorite                 My favorite life counter
I use this app for various board and card games It is the best scoring app I have tried Very intuitive and clean design                 Best out there
This app has become essential to our games I like this app because its simple and elegant You can pay for customization but its perfectly usable without Can even do multiplayer                 Prettiest and easiest counter
This is the best life counter for MTG Ive seen and as of today Ive seen almost all of them Very legible and easy to use with an elegant UI                 Elegant
This app has a well thought out UI and great ease of use                 Well done
The design of this app is simple to understand easy to use and easy to read while in use Only minor complaint is that the reset is always to twenty which makes setting up for EDH a bit more of a hassle                 Simple and Easy to Use
Ive been waiting for an app like this for forever I had 4 different apps before this one It finally makes 4 person EDH games easy to keep track of Well worth the 299 for additional features                 Best life counter app
Simple feature rich elegant Buy it                 Tech Guru
Seriously I Use it for multiple games LOW BATTERY USE App runs for a long time even on low battery If everyone playing a board game has it its even better I dont play magic but I play A LOT of Dicemasters This app is great for both Games Ive used it for smash up Dicemasters munchkin ticket to ride                 The Best
Perfect for what I needed Easy to use with just the right features                 Love it
Clean and quick app                 Awesome
Ive tried many many lifetracking iOS apps and Mutility is by far the most beautiful most thoughtfully designed of all of them I now use Mutility exclusively for all of my casual games it has displaced dice and paper for me Many features can be customized and Mutility provides a clean efficient elegant user experience for doing so                 Thoughtful Design
I currently use this for Star Realms and it works great I tried a lot of apps and this one is the best 2 requests Haptic and sound feedback would be great                 Works for all games
This app is a must download for any a Magic player                 Must get
Ive had this app for months more like a year and bought the full version a month or two ago and Ive never had a problem or regret buying this app I know my Magic buddies are impressed and only like using this app Great app                 App Review 2015
Ive tried over a dozen different app and this has the best simplest largest interface Plus it has a ton of advanced features you can enable like poison counters commander damage multiplayer Etc It also has a nice life history log so you can go back and see who lost how much life at different steps                 Best magic life counter app
Get the paid version There are all sorts of cool things about it not including the sleek look It keeps history of when things happened you can change the colors of each persons life total and you can even set custom starting life totals for whatever you want Its an awesome app                 Hands down best life counter out there
Love it                 Best counter out there
Perfect app for keeping track of Magic Simple enough easy enough and pretty good on battery                 Great App
I actually bought the app for keeping track of authority for Star Realms and it works great It also works as advertised for Magic                 Not just for Magic
Great app                 Great app
The best app for MTG on iPhone I have iPhone users download this app for life counter purposes and its easy to use                
Easy to use lots of great features head and shoulders above the rest                 The best life counter ever
Clean design customizable and fully featured All the other apps are ugly as sin compared to Mutility                 Easily the Best
I thought the 299 price was a little much but being able to have a 14 player option with a simple yet nice design equipped with a bunch of options I ended up purchasing it and Im happy with it                 Perfect
Easy to use has just about everything you would need for a magic game                 Simple
By far the greatest Magic life counter Definitely worth getting                 Great
Love this app when playing MTG Sleek and seemless Glad the latest update fixed a crash I was experiencing Good stuffs                 crash free
This is the best Mtg life counter t have ever used If you play magic you need this app                 Awesome
A young kid told me about this app at a magic tournament I had tried four or five others and each had its drawbacks This is the easiest to use and has the best looking interface                 Best Ive tried
This is my favorite Magic the Gathering counter app Put your phone on the table and just tap Very simple and easy interface Stable Its also got some great dice features if you need advanced functionality                 Clean and easy to use
Easily the best life counter in the App Store Clean full featured and pretty Perfectly functional before purchasing worth buying for plusminus 5 if you play commander because of the big life swings Changing colors to match deck sleeves is fun too                 Best life counter
It has a very simple easytouse interface and the pay features are definitely worth it although not required My group has been using it for the past 6 months and its perfect                 Best life counter Ive used
Best life counter out Great quality you can tell someone that plays magic designed this I make it a single counter and use it on my IPhone when Im playing commander Buy it                 5 star quality app
I love it and havent even bought the full version yet                 So clean
By far the best life tracker on iOS I only have one feature desire please allow me to make settings for different formats andor playgroups It would be great if I could click a few buttons and switch from Modern 2 player EDH 4 Player EDH etc without having to modify all the player names and starting life totals This would make the app perfect in my eyes                 Excellent MtG Life Tracker

mutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totalsmutility - life counter for magic Entertainment Life Totals

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