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Game Insight, LLC
Compatible with iPad.

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Game Insight, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Paradise Island: Exotic ,Love and Dragons HD ,My Clinic ,The Syndicate! HD ,Mystery Manor Blitz HD ,Starborn Wanderers HD), brings My Country: build your dream city HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Country: build your dream city HD games has been update to version 2.02 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The My Country: build your dream city HD is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 28.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.02 has been released on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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"I can`t put it down It`s a constant cycle of excitement,wealth and social meeting place I love, love, love it Plus customer service help is awesome " - My Country fan If you are tired from ...
My dream city is cool but it is Miami              Dream city
This game is cool                 Cool
Good time killer           Ok
The game is really cool until you try to build your buildings and you finish the challenges to hire your professional but you dont get the item you were playing for You should be able to ask friends for those items as well You should also be able to sell any unwanted buildings instead of having to bulldoze           Professionals
What I hate about some games is that the developers dont update the game look at the last time there was a update 2013 its almost 2015 so that either means they gave up on this game or they cant think of something new which isnt so hard considering reviews on how to make it better so they have must of gave up     Need updates
All you idiots who say its stupid and all that just shut up this game is awesome and is so fun I reckoned to get it to not listen to people who say not to get it                 Shut up and stop complaining
This game is completely boring It is like these people didnt even put an effort into it I downloaded it then right when I started I deleted it It is that horrible For your sakeDO NOT GET THIS GAME     Dont get it
Game starts out well but shortly you find yourself not getting the necessary equipment to build     Ok for the 1st day or 2
Juego mal diseñado des compensado en sus funciones y se bloquea con facilidad sobretodo cuando se busca mover los objetos Muy poco diseño y simulación para lo que cobran     Regular a Malo
awesome                 awesome
Fun game                 Game
Dknm                 Hn
I love this game Play it several times a day but its really making me mad that every time I go to the neighbor icon it forces close When I am able to get into it I have no neighbors Even though Ive sent requests Ive also received no requests Is it an iPhone5 thing or what Its really starting to annoy me           I love it but
loveit                 Iphone5c
I liked the game but the only problem is having to sign contracts every couple of minutes           Contracts
Previous users compared My Country to McDs monopoly game and that you are given the illusion that you can progress thru persistence grinding It is only an illusion You cannot build third tier structures without professionals and you will not earn the necessary collectables without Country Bucks I mourn for the time and hope I wasted on this POS     Bait and switch
Its a fun game but I never have enough money              Somewhat fun
Fun game but as other reviewers note it can be very frustrating to try to wait for all three items needed to open a given building In one case bus station you need a piece you can only get after opening a bus stop but cant open a bus stop until the bus station is open What Obviously this is to force the player to spend real money ingame to buy needed pieces again with real Still playing but Im sure the frustration will at some point outweigh the fun and Ill stop If the developer would make the rare items a bit less rare it would be much better           Fun But Frustrating
This game for the first few days seems managable to play without spending money but as the investments and land gets more higher it is ineveitable to continue the game without making a purchase This is just a shame        Beware
It keeps updating my twitter without asking I say no do not update it then it does anyway Ughh i hate this game delete     Twitter
After about a month this game is nothing but the same thing You simply can not get the pieces you need to continue to expand well unless your willing to pay I have deleted this waste of time     Just a mind numbing boring game
Starts fun but it takes to much to get land and people Sends the same thing over and over again when u build things waste of time     Wow a let down game
I hope the road system would be very similar to the road system of simcity in which it has working traffic lights and can build up traffic It would be so much interesting           ROAD SYSTEM
awesome                 awesome
Takes time but its decent           Worn
This game is awesome you got her rate my country                 My counter
I love this game Its a great stress reliever after a long day Although I do wish there were more interaction with other players Its pretty cool that you can create and build alliances but I kinda wish it had the option to build military forces and expand your country in that perspective as well Wonderful app More can be done with it but until then Im going to continue to play faithfully Thank you              Great App
Unlike most other games My Country is pretty realistic Its still fun enough to enjoy but has that element of realism that so many other games lack                 Realistically Fun
Quit playing even deleted then reinstalled hoping things had changed It has not Do what it shows to get item I need to hire and open building but get everything but what I need Will not pay to play Giving 3 stars for now Really enjoyed at first but when I built what was requested and upgraded still getting the same things and not the items needed to open the buildings or business So will not play as often until this changes and I will be rewarded with what I need to open all the businesses and not the same things that I have over a hundred of Then I could give a higher rating           My country
I love the game but i have very good Internet connection and it took ages to load so you wait for like 15 minutes to play an okay game where you have to get tons of stuff for certain builds good game but needs improvement           Sad download
Good game                 Cool
Bad game super complicated and it crashesa lot     Ughhhhh
Game is super addicting                 Love
It has become worse since first review Damnable pop ups really do interfere with the playing if the game often interupting what you are trying to do What can you expect from the twelve year old mentality that will not listen to anyone Does anyone know what companies are called that do not listen OUT OF BUSINESS It was a nice game except for the in app purchases they almost force you to make if you want to keep going I intend to post on media sites a warning to NOT invest in this game It may be just a game to the player but big bucks to the developer who DOES NOT give a fair story about the true costs of the game Just watch very carefully and see that you cannot do everything without spending extra money It is the extra cost that earned them one star Since I posted this it has become worse with incessant pop ups of other games they want you to try and MORE ways to separate you from your money Totally amoral people doing this     Has not improved
WAYYYYYYYYY too boring     Boring
This game rocks                 Wv
Love it                 Good app
On IPad original when I start collecting revenue after a minute it crashes and nothing saves PLEASE FIX THIS THANKS           Bugs
I hate this game except Its sorta fun Deleted 30 minutes after I bought it        Worst Game Ever Except
Ok so I was just playing and I unlocked a building that needed a janitor It took me over 10000000 game money to find a stupid plunger and I still havent found it yet What a waste           Please fix
This game was fun until it started force closing I would restart the app only to find out i had to start the WHOLE GAME OVER        Fun game until
Great game                 Good
It was ok but then I realized it was super confusing and everything costed way to much coins dont waste ur time on this game        NO
At first I loved this game and played it all the time Eventually I realized you cant move half of your stuff to a different area I quickly and poorly organized my country and soon wanted to redo it but I couldnt relocate most of my buildings Good otherwise hiring professionals can be annoying though I am going to try My Country 2020 and see if I like it better           Good game but
Was looking for a game like this and this one works                 Nice
FUN              My Country
This is definitely my favorite city builder on iOS                 The Best
This game is really fun The graphics of the game are great The ads dont get in the way There is minimal mistakes But it is really hard to earn country bucks Otherwise the game is perfect              Pretty Good
Awesome game 5 stars from me                 This game

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