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Disney , the publisher behind many iOS app (Phineas and Ferb Arcade on iPad ,Radio Disney ,Disney Gift Card ,Disney Store ,Toy Story Mania ,Handy Manny Flicker`s Flashcard Fiesta on iPad), brings My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Amazing way to plan and get excited for the trip..
  • It's definitely a great planning tool for first time travelers..
  • A must when visiting any of the Disney Parks..
  • The most convenient app & time saver for Disney..
  • and it was our first experience with ADRs..

Overall Satisfactionc56
I'm excited about being able to see the wait times while there.
I love being able to make reservations and fast pass selections on the fly.
Highly recommend to anyone that will be visiting the park in the future.
Thank you Disney Destinations for creating this app.
Fun & Engagingc100
Awesomely Helpful.
We have found this app to be very helpful in planning our day.
Everything Disney touches turns to gold and so will this app.
I love having everything in one place for trip planning.
Overall the app was very helpful during our recent Disney trip.
Lots of useful information to plan your Disney experience.
Up to date wait times and a map view of all rides.
Family Friendlyc47
Planning our family vacation without the hassles and head aches.
Been using this app to plan and organize our family vacation.
Keeps everything handy when it's a small family trip too.
Ease of Usec48
Easy to book reservations with the app and plan out the day.
Super easy to book and change fast passes.
This app is super convenient.
Super convenient.
There Are bugs that need fixing.
There are still a few bugs to work out with the magic bands.
Security & Privacyc15
Updates & Supportc19
Disney does it again - great quality and customer service.
Only downfall is it drains my phone battery.
Also zaps phone battery.
Don't waste time and phone battery with this app.

A world of info at your fingertips and complimentary to a paper guidebook. found in 8 reviews
The Disney Experience app worked perfectly both before and during our trip. found in 19 reviews
Brilliant app and an invaluable tool while visiting Walt Disney World. found in 9 reviews
I have been using this app to plan our vacation to Disney World. found in 258 reviews
Great easy to use App making Disney visits much more enjoyable. found in 9 reviews
Great for keeping track of everything you plan to do at Disney. found in 6 reviews
This is a great way to manage your trip and lessen the stress. found in 9 reviews
it is a must-have for the Disney traveler. found in 10 reviews
I ability to change your FastPass+ reservations on the fly was just fantastic. found in 16 reviews
and this app really helped to make the vacation experience even better. found in 8 reviews
I have used the app frequently while planning my vacation. found in 10 reviews
Magical App from a magical company. found in 17 reviews
It locks up or tells you "Sorry we can't process your request ". found in 7 reviews
The app crashes frequently and failed repeatedly to scan barcodes on tickets. found in 6 reviews
Disney needs help with their IT department. found in 35 reviews
I also had no options to change or cancel dining reservations. found in 6 reviews
iPhone 6 plus support would be great. found in 55 reviews
weather and transportation information would be helpful. found in 7 reviews
sometimes giving me a " we're sorry. found in 6 reviews
it said it "could not process your request at this time ". found in 5 reviews
This application is very helpful but still has some technical glitches. found in 4 reviews
The app is a great idea but needs to be better organized. found in 8 reviews
Helpful but needs some additions. found in 8 reviews
I have a love/ hate relationship with the Fast Pass reservation. found in 3 reviews
and the all too often " unable to process your request" error. found in 11 reviews
but it doesn't work half the time. found in 3 reviews
This app still needs much work. found in 4 reviews
When it's not working it's a frustrating experience. found in 9 reviews
Great idea but needs work. found in 4 reviews
Sluggish - Needs Offline Sync STINKS. found in 3 reviews
This app is no where near ready for prime time. found in 4 reviews
Booking fast passes is also a nightmare as usual. found in 1657 reviews
If I have a park hopper option that should be available. found in 39 reviews
Even the cast members agree that this app is frustrating. found in 53 reviews
It doesn't work if you are planning to " park hop ". found in 19 reviews
Does not accept reservation number to link to my reservation. found in 20 reviews
but Disney's tech support generally lags their otherwise excellent experience. found in 21 reviews
Please fix for IOS 8 and/or iPhone 6. found in 55 reviews
Disney needs to catch up to technology. found in 35 reviews
I've been unable to modify Fast Pass Plus selections. found in 30 reviews
The Fast Pass option locks up late in the day. found in 16 reviews
etc make fast pass+ unusable. found in 28 reviews
Disney needs to work out the bugs. found in 22 reviews
With the new fast pass "pre ordering" it works horribly. found in 51 reviews
but you can't remove ONE fast pass until they ALL expire. found in 14 reviews
It freezes up when I try to add fast passes. found in 20 reviews
Network issues and Disney limitations make this useless inside the park. found in 29 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.1 MB to download. The new My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World check developer Disney`s website :

Featuring brand-new Walt Disney World maps, official Disney Parks-provided wait times, FASTPASS return times, ability to book dining reservations, details about nearby Disney Characters, attractions, entertainment, park hours and schedules, and more NEW INTERACTIVE MAPS Introducing ...
Its off to a great start We want to know where busses are We want second round fast passes and passes for multiple or other parks I hope Disney just keeps adding to this                 Great but we want more
This app has been a great help for our first trip to disneyworld                 Self
Very helpful most people in our group used it more than me I was a follower The photo pass could be improved We had the package and everyone was linked but I could only see pictures I used my band for              App review
Loved the tools available to plan my vacation                 Great app
I can actually find my way to different parks resorts now The feature I think is awesome is the dining reservations area You dont have to keep putting in your dates after you finish a booking So much nicer Will use this version in a couple of weeks at WDW Looking forward to it              Much better than it used to be
This place is a magical place but the wait times stress scorching heat and people can make you miserable This app takes away so much stress You dont need to carry around a silly map you have it all in your hands And if you set up your fast passes right you are in full control of your magical trip GET THIS APP NOW youll thank us all later Have a magical time                 Without this app the magic would be gone
I love this app it helps me with planning my families trips to Disney My m tells me what she wants and I find it for her the best way I can                 Love this
Wonderful Made my Disney experience a blast                 Great app
This is an app that is good but needs lots of improvement When a Fast Pass is scheduled the app should check for dining reservations and avoid fast pass times that conflict with dining reservations When a ride is down broken the wait time should inform people of broken rides When you have a Fast Pass for a ride that breaks you should get a text informing you The apps feature for linking alreadypurchased tickets to magic bands is not intuitively located These are all missing features that need to be added to this already good app to make it excellent              Disney Experience App
This app is very user friendly You can set your fastpass in advance and see where characters are meeting and at what times The ride wait times are accurate Love how this app helps to make our trip magical                 Makes magic happen
Great app to plan activities map navigation see pics etc Awesome stuff                 Great WDW tool
This app is my best friend when Im at Disney World however since the new update viewing the restaurant menus is a little more difficult because you have to scroll down a little to be able to actually click on the menu              Love this app
Spent far too much of our time trying to get the app to work properly Scanning our groups cards was problematic then booking fast passes was impossible for animal kingdom when we went today spoiling our experience now making restaurant reservations is causing difficulties Not linking up properly Nice idea but if you are doing this you have to make it more user friendlym the old fast pass ticket machines were so much easier     Many issues
This app is greatwhen it works However rarely does it work I have deleted it and reapplied it many times and sometimes I will be able to get on and sometimes not I go in to get fast passes but when I try to back and see my plans it always shows errors If you are able to even get fast passes do yourself a favor and screen shot them otherwise you may never be able to retrieve them     Rarely works
This is the best app out there I love that anytime I want to plan things out for our trip I can just open this app and its all there This has made my trip worry free and made me feel in control You would be dumb not downloading this app for your family vacation                 Love love love
Great                 Mr
Ive used this app a few times and it is such an asset Wouldnt take a trip there and not have it                 Love this app
I absolutely love this app It makes our Disney experience so much more organized                 Best app ever
Works              Works
The Disney World app is a must when visiting It lets you schedule your fast passes and dining reservations It has an interactive map that shows your location and will guide you through the parks Loved it                 Disney App is great
I was not able to link to room and ticket reservation     Not Helpful
My Disney Experience is a very helpful app to have when you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World I highly recommend it                 Amazing App
But rarely is able to load any info from Disney System goes down several times per day     Lots of potential
We tried this the last time we went to Disney world but it was dragging Its so much better now Honestly we love it                 Best thing ever
So much easier when fast pass had machines with ticketsapp has to be redonenot an easy app to use     Horrible
Lots of great info organized in an easy to use way Love it                 Super informative
Have a trip coming up very soon and all it does now since the update is crash at the open screen Yes Im running an old iPhone 4 with iOS 7xx but its not THAT far out of date If its fixed Ill update the review otherwise stay away if you have an older system     Crashtastic
This app and Disney World rule hands down case closed                 Disney Rules
I dont know the purpose for this app every time I try and use it to get fast passes I cant sign in Very frustrated     Worst app
This app is terrible It froze my screen constantly and gave me error messages all day every day Everyone was complaining about how inefficient it is including the staff at the fastpass kioskas Terrible Frustrating Annoying I want to whip my phone     Terrible frustrating annoying
This app allows you to keep your Disney world vacation organized which is no small feat                 Very well thought out
I go to the Disney parks and stay on the resort property often This app is on my iPhone and my IPad I use it for everything and love the way it interacts with my magic band Im very impressed with the enhancements and growth its undertaken over the past few months                 I have had no issues
Love it                 Great app
I enjoyed the Disney App helps in planning my families visit Thank you very much                 I enjoyed the Disney App helps in planning my families visit Thank you very much
In the age of paper fastpasses I had the initial version of this app It was a great addition giving schedules and wait times Now 4 or so years later with FastPass rolling out its crucial But more importantly it is a great app Good wait time info up to date schedules and seamless interfaces with dining and hotels                 Necessity
I dont like the app bc it freezes often        App locks up
Youd be better off checking and booking on your computer When I go on my iPad it doesnt show everything all the time and so I think something is lost I go on the computer I see it all there The only thing Id think this app is good for is checking wait times     Dont like this app
Its useful to find stuff in the parks but it runs just like the website extremely slow and today I cant access half the app I cant see my fastpasses dining reservations or photo pass pictures           Ehhh
Considering how good this app is if say its practically mandatory for a Disney World trip                 Awesome
Not user friendly Links too difficult to confirm too few places to fix Totally not happy with this        Not up to Disney quality
Definitely worth the download Went to DW for 2 weeks and easy to switch fast pass and view wait times                 My Experience app
Is it me I never have this work when Im at the park     Not workingagain
App kept on crashing and right now on our third day the My Plans section seems broken We cant see our FP times at all Other issues include the overall design There were plenty of times I was looking at our itinerary or at a map and I wouldnt be able to easily navigate to other parts of the map like switching to menus or wait times or other attractions     So much potential
This app will help so much with your next trip to Walt Disney World Book or edit your fastpass selections make dining reservations find your favorite characters and so much more                 Great app with good improvements
The app is a great idea but it doesnt work inside the parks We cant make adjustments to our fast passes during the day because it wont load Very disappointed in the app What funny is that this review is loading but the app wont launch     Wont load in park whats the point
This Disney tool helped us with our first experience using fast pass and what we needed to do or know for our trip Especially reserving our dining places                 Disney tool
Trying to link my photos and it tells me its invalid Does not link accounts but the map feature is nice     Will not link accounts
This was a life saver while on vacation to Disney Now that I am home I still check wait times just to reminisce on the good times                 Its Disney so its obviously amazing
I like the way of seeing everything before going there have an idea Also all the preparations that you can do in it Wish come up with same apps for disney land                 Helpful
This app is integral to Disneys new My Magic and Fastpass initiative however its extremely unreliable It loses my fastpasses tickets room and restaurant reservations frequently I used quotation marks because they arent really lost or cancelled the app just fails to show them Unfortunately if the app goes down while youre at the parks you wont be able to access any of your information This app has been out for 2 years so there should be no reason why Disney has not been able to design an app that works consistently     Goes down way too much

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