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Verizon Information Technologies LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Verizon Visual 411 ,FiOS Football ,Verizon Home Control ,Verizon Business Digital Voice ,My FiOS ,Verizon Online Backup and Sharing), brings My FiOS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My FiOS app has been update to version 2.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The only suggestion I'd make is adding live tv..
  • It's a great way to check your account where ever you are..
  • Very user friendly and makes watching/surfing efficient..
  • TV Guide is easy to navigate..
  • Finally I can have one single app to manage my FiOS account..
Overall Satisfactionclick me46
Can you remake this for iOS 7 UI thank you Verizon FiOS.
Love being able to check all these services on my phone.
you're hooked.
Fun & Engagingclick me66
I use them all the time.
Michael from FiOS Mobile App Support is awesome.
Another awesome app from Verizon.
Usefulnessclick me95
It's very easy to use and extremely useful.
Great Usefull App.
everything works perfectly.
Ease of Useclick me49
I love being able to access my services from anywhere.
This is easy and very convenient.
Easy to pay bills and check your account.
It's very easy to use and extremely useful.
Reliabilityclick me28
I downloaded this app to try the email function.
Security & Privacyclick me59
You can do everything from pay your bill to check your voicemail.
Able to pay bills and check account information on the go.
Updates & Supportclick me50
Great customer service both on the phone and during home visits.
Michael from FiOS Mobile App Support is awesome.


See everything you can do with the My FiOS App:


Record and Watch Your Favorite Movies & Shows Anywhere.
Working late? Never miss another show with Remote DVR programming. Taking a road trip with the kids? Browse our ever-growing Flex View On Demand library and watch movies and TV shows anywhere. With the My FiOS App, you’re never far from the stuff you love most.

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Connect to the most important place on Earth directly from your mobile device. On vacation? With the My FiOS App and Verizon Home Control, you can switch on the lights to look like you’re home, check things out with a live video feed, and so much more!


With access to My FiOS you can check your Verizon TV and Internet account to view and pay your bill, view recent payments and more anytime, anywhere. Rest easy knowing your account is always in good standing.


• Browse FiOS TV and VOD listings, set parental controls and see What’s Hot on FiOS.
• Enjoy your personal photos, home videos and music from your Flex View library.
• And so much more!


You must have the current version of the Verizon Media Manager, Verizon Home Control, or Verizon FiOS Remote mobile applications on your device.


You must have the appropriate TV, home phone or data service on your Verizon account to manage or access it.


The My FiOS is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about My FiOS check developer Verizon Information Technologies LLC`s website :


Keep up the updates. found in 5 reviews
It solves many of my questions in fios service. found in 9 reviews
Love being able to check all these services on my phone. found in 11 reviews
Much improved with update. found in 1 reviews
All services in one app is the best thing you have done. found in 2 reviews
Got rewards points n cards :. found in 4 reviews
Very cool concept. found in 2 reviews
I like the summary of my voicemail on the home screen. found in 6 reviews
you're hooked. found in 2 reviews
the app I mapping phone numbers with contacts in my address book. found in 2 reviews
It even accepts voice command in the support page. found in 3 reviews
Great Usefull App. found in 2 reviews
A friend of mine asked me to download My FiOS. found in 2 reviews
Coming from time warner. found in 3 reviews
Easy as pie. found in 1 reviews
This is a great feature that i use on a daily basis. found in 4 reviews
The new layout is perfect and a lot easier to user use. found in 2 reviews
This app is handy. found in 2 reviews
Light years ahead. found in 1 reviews
Too many Error Messages. found in 2 reviews
it really needs to allow you to retrieve your Verizon email. found in 13 reviews
No paste complex passwords. found in 5 reviews
After deleting and reinstalling this problem still isn't fixed. found in 7 reviews
Pretty good app but how about updating the TV listings. found in 49 reviews
Email program is terrible. found in 2 reviews
Barely works after update. found in 1 reviews
Why can't we paste into the password field. found in 8 reviews
Digital Voice Feature Missing. found in 3 reviews
Voicemail retrieval broken in ios7. found in 2 reviews
Unable to block unwanted callers since last update. found in 1 reviews
Missing my favorite channel. found in 2 reviews
Very frustrating to use when you want to pay or view your bill. found in 2 reviews
So now I'm forced to change my password. found in 2 reviews
it won't let me watch tv on my phone. found in 6 reviews
Still can't log into email. found in 5 reviews
Other comment would be to release an iPad version of this app. found in 3 reviews
taking over 30 seconds to delete 1 email is unacceptable. found in 23 reviews
I open the app at 7am and the TV listing shows 10am. found in 11 reviews
Guess this Fios customer doesn't count :/. found in 19 reviews
I was forced to download this APP and it doesn't even works. found in 18 reviews
Hasn't let me view my bill or even manage my account. found in 10 reviews
No way to access voicemail messages. found in 23 reviews
The last update supposedly fixed bugs in the TV listings. found in 49 reviews
No option to play Fios voice mail. found in 24 reviews
If you want to pay your bill do it with a stamp. found in 19 reviews
Underhanded bill pay option tries to trick you into making. found in 20 reviews
Freezes and always says to try again later. found in 11 reviews
Fails to recognize my login and won't retrieve any account information. found in 10 reviews
Still does not pair with my set top boxes. found in 10 reviews
I have FIOS phone & Internet but can't use this app to pay my bill. found in 107 reviews
What happened to the voice call log and voicemail options. found in 12 reviews
Says unable to retrieve your voicemail at this time. found in 13 reviews
now can't find anything related to voice. found in 15 reviews
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Its a very user friendly app I keep on getting No active BHR account when I try to control my router from iPhone It happens on local wifi or over the air in LTE          BHR Account
This is the best app for Verizon                Wonderful app
Love the design easy and very convenient                Love this app
Works flawlessly on my iPhone 6 I record shows when on the move pay bill from my device Thank you Verizon                This app made my life easier
Overall very satisfied Much easier to navigate with the last few updates Definitely worth checking out again if you were not happy with previous versions                Very satisfied
Overall it works well Very happy                Verizon is the best
Guest network is easy to setup now from the app Great addition to the app                Guest network
This is one app I use everyday Really good app                Use everyday
The app has everything you need without having to go on your computer or laptop I have recommended it to family members                My fios app is very handy
Good to manage my recorded shows while in the road                Awesome app
The things this app can do is wonderful Use it all the time Works really well                Surprised
I love the my fios app Its very easy to use and extremely useful                Cool app
This is a strong app and deserves higher ranking here A couple areas for improvement to be 5 star Should be able to save channels here and organize saved channels and have channel visibility specifically to the logged in users subscription package Organizing understanding this is hard and frustrating on a remote near impossible which channels are part of my specific subscription which are not etc Also in call logs should have the ability to do the core functions you can do via online account access eg Block certain callers etc             Well Done
This app works great I have no issues and there are tons of features Great job and thank you for the greatest                Greatest
Great and works very well but take the wifi password out                Password
i tried using the mobile remote on my tv and now it says terminal locked so I cant watch tv now    screwed up my tv
I can do almost everything I need to do with this app                Great app
Ever since the new update whenever Im using the app to read an email it may never load and kick me out to the main screen of the app Additionally when Im trying to delete an email it will do the same thing if I try deleting them one at a time or multiple emails at a time Its great sometimes and other times I would rather just use the computer although the website email options are awful Food for thought Can someone please create an option to delete all emails whether 125 or all at once without having to manually select them Its a burden when you accidentally select an email to delete it and instead it opens it Then you have to redo the process over and over          Hit or miss with this app
I downloaded this app primarily to check my email and to delete junk ones For some reason all the emails dont get pulled in and the from on many of them is incorrect I get some Facebook notifications for a few private groups and most of them look like they come from this one Facebook friend who isnt even a member of the private groups Fix those issues and Ill be one happy camper          Emails look weird
This app works well when it does Since last update app doesnt work Cant log in which prevents me from using the app    Another miss
Does not matter they are all going down very soon The dishonesty of their employee is exceptional This iPad app was very good The last three months it has been spiraling into mediocrity Now it is so bad it tries to get me to pay my bill twice You know how one might have a senior moment so I wanted to confirm I paid my bill The app said I owed Good thing I checked my email I paid       Frontier Or Verizon
This app never gets me where I wanna go The user interface is horrible and the login rarely works Go back to the drawing board Verizon Please       Never get anywhere
Very happy with it I dont have any issues                Very happy
Have used this app with iPhone 5 6 and the email never properly fits the screen Its too large so I must scroll back and forth       Email display too large
The last three releases the trending now section does not work Now the Verizon messages show a balance on my account which was paid two weeks ago Its amazing that hightech company like Verizon cant even get an aap right Well they fixed it and it lasted about three days and now its back to the way it was Again amazing a high tech company like Verizon cant even fix a simple app    This app never works right
I tried 3 times to register my info and get the same sorry message    Doesnt work
This app wont work for me It wont open It keeps says error To log out or try again later Fix it I need to make my payment Please fix it    This app isnt working
This is a great app I just found out about it Very convenient allows you to access your account pay bill and many other things Love it                This app rocks really
Cant even sign in to use it    Garbage
This app has always been horrible but today it wouldnt even let me PAY MY BILL You would think the software engineers would at least get THAT PART RIGHT    Always horrible
This App is Garbage    Stopped working
When signing for My Rewards use this code ALEIS003VZ it will give you free points                Use this code
Half of the time I use the app I get an error message Also the app has the wrong information about my account Dont try and change your billing info in the app It will not update to your account    Errors 12 of the time
Best update so far                Update
I shouldnt be forced to download this app just to look at emails on my mobile device    Only way to view emails
Overall a good app But the last 3 releases my Trending Now part of the app does not work             Trending Now
I have been unable to log in to the My Fios app since February I get We are unable to load your account information Please select retry to attempt again If you continueI have uninstalled reinstalled gotten a new phone chatted with Verizon called Verizon tech support and the eCenter and have gotten no results or answers Very frustratingPlease help    Unable to log in
Does not work    Does not work
Why is it that you can access a current or pass billing statement but not have the option to download a PDF version on your mobile device for your own records on GoodReader or iBooks without having to log on to review it if necessary With the ability to have the option to do so Ill give this app a full 5 stars if it ever happens             Good app but still wondering why
I love my food and love all these features that make it so much more convenient for me                Perfect
This updated app does not accurately reflect Verizon bill When app says 0 dont trust it Worse is that if you delete the app restart iPhone reinstall app launch you wont have to log in again It remembers login details AND keeps you logged in even AFTER deleting the app Thats a big flaw Dont trust this app for either billing data OR account security    Security Risk Inaccurate Bill
Sort of hight on the billing for the first few months                Great service
This app is terrible and shame on Verizon for not fixing it The biggest problems I have is getting the app to actually sign me in AND allowing me to see my emails Verizon has failed    WTH
Perfect app to check on all verizon fios services                Perfect app
Can you update this My FiOS app to work with iOS 90 thank you                iOS 90 Update
I just discovered this app and its amazing I love being able to view my bill and check all the other fios services                This app is the bomb
Whats the holdup and getting on board with the sign in process       Wheres Touch ID
I support this app Few things need to be fixed though 1 Trending now issues 2 Add live TV 3 Remove the password from the wifi info Otherwise its a really helpfull app for fios customers                Support
Needs 1 push notification for vmails like UVerse VM app 2 ability to removereorder sections like Evernote iOS home screen There is a bug in remote where secondary buttons not centered on 5s screen Glad app exists just feels clunky they could invest more here to meet FiOS standards for sure             Vmail push notifications please
As our network administrator Id like to see whos using the most bandwidth in my network and the hours they use it the most             Good app but need xtra stats


Verizon Information Technologies LLC
2.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.4
iPhone iPad

iOS My FiOS 2.4 Mobile

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