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Amegan , the publisher behind many iOS app (My Package ,My Package Pro), brings My Package with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Package app has been update to version 1.5.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use it to track everything I have shipped..
  • This is the best package tracker I have found..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Don't spend your money on an app for package tracking.
This is hands down the best shipment tracking app I have used.
I also love the ability to see it on a map.
I'd love to see a widget in the next update.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome and free.
Ease of Usec89
Easy to use and even shows package location on a map.
This one is very simple and user friendly.
Updates & Supportc79

It does what I want: map tracking. found in 4 reviews
Don't spend your money on an app for package tracking. found in 8 reviews
This program is Perfect and is Free. found in 1 reviews
This is hands down the best shipment tracking app I have used. found in 3 reviews
Many Thanks to the Developer. found in 1 reviews
and I like the google maps integration. found in 2 reviews
Very cool to see a map view of your package shipment. found in 2 reviews
FEDEX and USPS and just use this. found in 2 reviews
It needs to be updated to support the iPhone 5's 4 inch screen. found in 1 reviews
This is a terrific app for tracking packages. found in 5 reviews
Easy to use and even shows package location on a map. found in 20 reviews
Add from Browser plugin is invaluable to me. found in 1 reviews
just copy and paste the tracking number from your email or web site. found in 2 reviews
Buggy but awesome. found in 1 reviews
So I'm removing a star from my review. found in 1 reviews
PLEASE UPDATE TO IPHONE 5 support. found in 1 reviews
I know it works but I can't always press it. found in 1 reviews
But won't buy the Pro version until then. found in 1 reviews
App doesn't retain tracking #'s. found in 1 reviews
there is a problem with the mapping function. found in 1 reviews
Please fix these issues. found in 1 reviews
it sort of defeats the purpose. found in 1 reviews
right now it doesn't find your current location. found in 1 reviews
But it lacks a scanner for the input of the tracking numbers. found in 1 reviews
I really hope that future updates will fix this soon. found in 1 reviews
The notifications don't work at all. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't have any tracking information. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't track UPS packages using mail innovation facilities. found in 1 reviews
Now it keeps saying "server is unresponsive" or "restart push notification". found in 1 reviews
however there is some problem with ios 4. found in 1 reviews
I wish I had not updated. found in 1 reviews
Awful since update this morning. found in 1 reviews
Tracking numbers are always invalid. found in 1 reviews
I can't even track my packages without it shutting off. found in 1 reviews
Error today. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download My Package for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.7 MB to download. The new My Package app version 1.5.0 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about My Package check developer Amegan`s website :

Ever wondered where your package is? This small application helps you to track your package and find out where it is. Just copy and paste the tracking number from your email or web site. Simple ...
Out of all of the tracking apps in the App Store this one is the best I ve probably downloaded over twenty and they re all either outrageous in price or not on time with the tracking Thank you                     Best one in the App Store sourgummyworms
Why can t I add a Zip Code anymore Something messed up in this version can t add destination zip code on the map Enter New Address     Why can t I add a Zip Code anymore Disappointing456
Very Good Tracking App I ve been using a few years now but recently comparing with a few other and others 2 or 3 allow sync of tracking numbers across multiple devices automatically which is very very convenient and helpful I can say this app can be 5 stars easily if you allow sync of tracking numbers across multiple devices automatically Please make it happen ASAP             Please allow sync of tracking numbers across multiple devices automatically Mlooker007
It shows you visually where your package is and the path it took to get there It shows the date and time for every change It shows estimated arrival dates for most packages depending upon carrier support And the author is very responsive to bug reports and suggestions                     Fantastic Free Package Tracker jiraffe
Horrible DO NOT USE THIS APP     Horrible DO NOT USE THIS APP hey you should be
This app is actually pretty awesome The only downfall of this app is that sometimes it takes a while to update your package My package arrived and it still says it wasn t delivered It was delivered two days ago and it still says the same thing This may seem like it s not a big deal but it means it is behind with other parts of the package process Overall though it s a great app                 Decent Otterpop1111111111119999999999
Best tracking app I ever had it s amazing                     Love it Kikimb12456788866668
It s an awesome app Easy to send tracking info from a computer to phone Suggestions 1 add more carriers 2 text recognition for tracking number The bar code scanner is cool but when you ship something from USPS you just get a receipt with the tracking numbers on it If these things were added I d just buy the pro version                     Awesome app alaukik
Love it a LOT I bought an airsoft gun last week and they gave me a tracking number but the site wouldn t show me the tracking so I searched around and found this it s easy to use and actually kinda fun but the one problem is the 2D map has some bugs cause when I zoom in some times it loads and others it doesn t but that doesn t really bother me Keep up the great work                     Great app (DeadDread125)
I have used this tracker countless times and it is never wrong on when it will come it s only wrong because the package shows up earlier than the expected date sometimes but who can complain about that                     The best package tracker on the market Antonio Quintana
Great app but needs an update to track AMZL US deliveries please                 Amazon update needed Euan72
As at the date of this review I ve tried all the popular tracking apps on the App Store At the end of the day this was the only free one that offered full push notifications every step of the way A few of the other apps offered a notification when your item is out for delivery only but some did not even offer that Some did not even let you track more than a few items without paying or creating an account with them This app lets you track unlimited items and set up push for 30 items a month which resets every month Very generous                     Best free package tracker Al P.n.
Though it doesn t have all postal services it s still the best tracking app in the app store I ve been using it for years                 The best JayDeeEnt
THE BEST HANDS DOWN                     Best 000101100100
Please fix this             Crashes every time I try to move the shipment Rogerqian1987
I went through the tutorial and everything looked OK and it asked me to tap here and enter my first number and it would not allow me to enter anything Garbage Deleted     Downloaded walked through tutorial Nope Didn t work even once Jamesjems
This is an awesome app to track all your packages in one area Also I like animation to show your packages path of travel I would totally recommend to any one looking for a app like this                     Best tracking application Porksoda505
I ve downloaded many apps for tracking and this one is the best                     The best antoquinones
Easy and effective                     Great app Annoyingrandomname25447
This app does not keep you up to date on packages It doesn t even have the newer shipping couriers Also there s no notifications This app is just all wrong Many times I had to email or call the shippers to tell them my packages hasn t arrived after it states that it was delivered Then they would track and tell me that it s still being shipped     Wrong info jenipark
I requested a feature to distinguish incoming and outgoing packages Right now I m just putting In or Out in the description There should be a way to sort and search packages Hasn t been updated since Dec 2015 which is eternity for apps         Could be better badzny5
Really like the app the paid version is worth every penny Highly recommend                 As a sneaker head this app is a must BigGuygoodhair
I used this dependably for a year and a half Worked great For the past 8 months this has become useless I have 15 packages currently on the way and ALL but one is track able on here I keep getting tracking number number invalid or no tracking info available on the rest I know how to use this app as I had been using for a long time so it s not that I m doing anything wrong I have no problem getting info to pull up anywhere else only this app Done fooling with it and getting a different one Leaving review so no one else waste there time or phone storage on useless app     Useless Jessienandy
I just downloaded it went to add my tracking number and I couldn t even add it What a waste     Don t waste your time Wonderboy165
It doesn t track UPS packages using mail innovation facilities or many lasership packages     Doesn t track not many carriers jsophialee
Works fine Sometimes have to fix the carrier after it incorrectly auto detects Fairly easy to send tracking numbers from my computer with the widget harder to send them from email on my phone It does sometimes forget my device code for sending tracking numbers and I have to find and re enter it Mainly Does NOT support OnTrac and I get packages sent through OnTrac more and more frequently now Overall works pretty fine but I just downloaded another app I think will meet more of my needs         Needs improvements Lernig
Great app all the time Wish it had a option to see all packages on a single screen current and all history                     Very useful app Keithg2002
Map is unreliable Likes to yell you there s no location data about half the time when switching from map view to info view and back FedEx tracking doesn t seem to work at all Says the number is invalid when it s copied directly from FedEx s website where it tracks perfectly and double checked for correctness Doesn t autodetect carrier and doesn t support as many carriers as other similar apps The big ones are there but again FedEx is apparently broken Decent enough UI but I m not impressed by most of the things I need not working I d have bought pro if this version actually worked properly         Broken and unreliable RefinedSugar
Bought Deliveries since everyone was raving about Never got notifications without opening the app This one does exactly what it s supposed to do track packages and notify about it Perfect                     Great app Jaysaugus
Wish I found it sooner                     Love it VegasDad
Map works great and it s an overall great package tracking app                     Pretty good Katie----
Gives me the wrong date of delivery most of the time         It s ok Tinka55
This app was a great investment I m sure the 2 app is better but I was able to follow where the package was from making the label to the final delivery                     Great app J7805
I ve been using this app for 3 years now and it updates much faster than email notifications eBay and Amazon Also love that there s a push notification option to tell you the change in transitions of where your package is at                     Really great Moonlit0Night
I love this app I am able to track my packages easily and efficiently with no problems I haven t had any problem with the app crashing like everyone says Super great app                     Awesome Lolo9!9
easy track                     really good app cutebottle
Used to work fine until recently         Crashes at map again krebzo
I like it Exactly what the description says it does                     Works Great KMBLK
A little slow at times but easy to use for the most part             Good shipping tracker Concern Yahoo user
Have used this app for all of my packages and love it Never lets me down                 Amazing app
This app is so great I cannot explain how good it is So get this app its the ONLY GOOD FREE ONE and all your packaging problems are gone within a matter of seconds Just do it I use it on an iPhone 4 running iOS 712 Latest iOS 7 version and it is so good Give me some credit on Twitter and Facebook                 Awesome Beautiful App
Does what its supposed to and easy to addedit packages                 Works like a charm
Awful UI Not worth the download     Bad
Have been using your app for around 2 yrs now Its an excellent app and low the new update and improvements Keep up the good work                 Great update
Plz add support for UPS mail innovation              Pretty good
Great app Just needs an ios7 update Also the keyboard gets stuck open sometimes                 Fantastic
Please optimize for iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Looks very magnified on the new phones           Update for iOS 8
Did everything I wanted And its super easy to use Totally gonna be my go to app for track my stuff Screw the others                 Love it
The user interface is kind of hideous and it lacks auto import of tracking numbers from emails The bookmarklet import feature takes multiple steps requiring you to verify on you phone that the tracking number you added in your PC is indeed what you wanted to add why     So So
I really like the app for tracking packages UPS tracking is currently broken though and thats a major carrier Would be great to see added support for more international carriers A today widget would be nice too My missing star is based off broken UPS tracking get that fixed and its 5 Thanks              Nice work
I gave it 45 stars only because I would like to see this app take advantage of the widgets extension in iOS 8 Once that happens it gets a 55 from me word              Dope App
It makes tracking my package a lot easier Thanks 3                 Best shipping app
Only reason Im not giving it 5 stars is this I have yet to find a tracking app that maps all deliveries simultaneously this app suffers from that lack as well Otherwise great Does everything else that I want it to              Works really well
Great update works much better now than previous builds best package tracking app available                 Awesome Update
Does exactly what its supposed to do and well                 Track packages easily
Ive loved using this app for about a year for tracking my online orders Its great I love that it shows geographically where it is unlike some other tracking apps It also updates the packages status fairly often It would be nice if they offered tracking for a few more package carriers like OnTrac but they get the major ones for sure My only real complaint is that Ive been trying to track a few FedEx shipments today and the app has been crashing before it loads any of the information about the packages I wasnt having this issue last week with tracking UPS or USPS but Im hoping that the developers can figure out this and fix it              Great app but recent bug
Been using it for years awesome app                 One of the best apps
Awesome app Easy to use Works well Makes tracking all you packages in one place easy Love it                 Great app
I would give you 5 stars but you only have the biggest shipping companiescan you at least add OnTrac to the list              Nice but needs more shippers
Love this app best one I could find it even told me when my package would arrive                 Amazing
What a great and useful app My favorite part is the ability to easily add tracking numbers I receive on my computer to the app by highlighting the tracking number and clicking the shortcut in my favorites bar Very very useful especially around the holidays Thanks                 Love it
Gets the job done works as described Problems doesnt handle landscape orientation well drag down should refresh packages would be nice to provide way to go to carriers web site for tracking the package                 Nice app with some glitches
This app make my life easier Im able to track all my packages and get notifications as they are coming and its free Thanks Im very happy                 Awesome app
Great app No problems for me                 Great app
I bought this thinking that it would be a sorry excuse for a package Tracker but when I opened it up I was surprised Before it even gets to your house it shows you all the places it goes before it gets there Man no more using usps track this is way better it dose not just show you arrived at sort facility it shows you where it was and where it is going to next I highly recommend this app to any one who needs to know where there package is in 5 seconds No complaints so far                 WoW ohhhh WoW
The new feature to send tracking info to your device from the computer is absolutely awesome No more typing in super long number and getting it wrong accidentally Highlight click name it done Love this little app                 Just awesome
I added a FedEx tracking number and kept getting an error message The new record just wouldnt get added Tried pasting the same tracking in another app and worked just fine Is this app not compatible with iOS 83     Unable to add new tracking number on iOS 83
Just recently for UPS shipments Im now getting the error Invalid Access License Number Looks like their api access needs to be updated Oops Has been a great frequently used great app for me I despise dealing with UPS tracking pages etc Although they have gotten better              Saved me from bad tracking pages
I rarely write review for an app But I love this one a lot I installed this app several years ago From the time without scanning the barcode I start to use it It saves lots of my time to tracking all those packages even if I have to enter the tracking number manually I love online shopping Recently I have more than ten packages on the way Sent to me or sent by me When I update all packages some of them change their name to the next one Like I have two packages with exactly the same name If I click the bug one it doesnt have any tracking information It happens a lot recently I love this app Looking forward to the next version without this bug Thank you guys              Love it but have a bug
Nice                 Works great thanks
This app is the best tracking app Ive come across in my entire life I love it and its insanely accurate I know exactly where my package is and when it will arrive at my house 10 out of 10 would download again                 Amazing app
Great easy to use program Excellent customer support                 My Package
Please update for Watch This app is great but it hasnt been updated since October 2014 and its June 5th 2015 I would gladly pay for the Pro Version if it added support for Apple Watch Best Regards Phil              Great App but Update for Watch Please
I like it Its great but I wish I tracked international packages like ePacket and China Airpost Mail Please add it              Its great but
La aplicación es muy útil para rastrear los paquetes te informa continuamente cada cambio de estatus de tus envíos Muy buena aplicación              Excelente
Very nice                 Awesome
Excellent app The only problem i see its when you try delete some item the app delete the next item                 Great app
Add from Browser plugin is invaluable to me Very nice app                 Add from Browser plugin is invaluable
This is a great app Just needs support for Amazon logistics              Need Amazon logistic support
Make an ipad app PLEASEEEEEE        Nice but
Fantastic app for tracking packages I love it                 Great App
Great app Buuuut one thing to make it even better would be adding expected delivery date just an extra feature would be cool Anyways tracking packages multiply now is way better that having to keep typing in numbers the map feature is pretty cool also But not accurate of course its not gonna know exact USPSupsfedex route                 Good App
In general this app is good to use It is so far the best one I can find in this category User interface is ugly Doesnt support Amazon ontrac DHL can not track FedEx shipping can not auto detect must change from USPS to fedex              Good app
Ive been using this app track every single item I buy for about 2 yrs and I can say is the best arround It is always up to date and its free It has been getting better with the time going on You can now even scan the labels barcode which is awesome as for buyer as for sellers Congrats                 Best arround
Best tracking app ever Free and easy to use You can send tracking numbers directly from your computer                 Best
A few months ago I got tired of trying to juggle multiple windows for each delivery I was tracking and was delighted to learn about tracking apps I researched several and picked this one Im so glad I did If youre using a major US carrier then this is it and its free it has more features than some paid apps It has made tracking SO much easier Its worked smoothly the free version includes push notifications for up to 30 shipments per month and it shows my history Id love to see a widget in the next update but for what it is and being free its great Its also really nice that ads are minimal and only on the map page no pop ups and it doesnt bombard you with requests for a review I dont know that Ive ever had a request actuallyhence this my first app review ever Thanks for My Package                 Makes tracking a piece of cake
Simple to use many features and a small app size Love the notifications too Great clean app                 Love it
Great app pure and simple                 Excellent
Ordered a tv from best buy and 3 days later they say its still in their store ups says they just got the tracking number But this app shows its moving all over It maps and shows more of whats happened than the my ups site shows and its THEIR package Very impressed Great app                 Holy crap

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