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APPLICATIONS SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION , brings My San Jose - a new way with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My San Jose - a new way app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The My San Jose - a new way is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 60086272, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new My San Jose - a new way app version 1.1 has been updated on 2017-05-07.
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My San Jose - a new way My San Jose is a service request system brought to you by the City of San Jose. The application allows you to submit, track and explore a variety of ...
I very rarely write reviews but I filed a cleanup request for an oven that was dumped outside my apartment and it was gone within the week It had been sitting there for months beforehand Any app can send a Prius to take you to dinner it takes a special app to clean up the city                     It works SLOcal
Same results as trying to call a city department Problems are not generally resolved by simply opening a ticket They will reply to you and say you need to contact a different department Then that department will tell you that you need to contact yet another department Apparently city workers aren t trained in how to use a forward button on their email as they re not trained in the customer service premise of ownership     Digital bureaucracy mikeh25
I downloaded this app a few days ago and can say I am satisfied with my experience I filed 3 reports regarding pothole repair landscape cleanup and illegal dumping and have received quick responses within a span of a few hours The pothole report was resolved within 24 hours they filled the pothole down the neighborhood street The landscaping report was forwarded to the department in charge and the last report is currently in progress This is a great way to be involved as a citizen I hope that other cities if they haven t already establish a similar app to centralized city resources and reporting If we keep up with paying attention to our surroundings and our reports are ACTIONABLY resolved by our city teams we can contribute to keeping our areas more crime free by changing our environment                     Good Resource Zaerie
Should you report an issue that the city can and should address you will simply get a reply back saying not enough information or email another department If the city is actually paying for this piece of crap they should get their money back     Worthless j diver
SJPD response time is 3 4 weeks This app is just used as a citizen pacifier don t expect any action We have a recurring issue with motorhomes illegally parking and living on the street in front of our business taking all available parking leaving their trash on the street dumping their black water waste running loud generators drug traffic etc I was directed to this app by a SJPD employee but it appears SJPD refuses to resolve the situation We ll go back to calling every day     Don t waste your time with this app woodframer
All this app does is allow city leaders to toot their own horns Actual city response to submissions is non existent Also photos taken with the app are not saved to the camera roll so there is no record of the photos to use in the future App crashes before you can submit request You have to take new photos     Typical San Jose crap app georgia-lia
Great app                 Easy to use pmccracken
Easy way to submit to City of SJ                     Works as intended BayArea1572
I was excited at first and after testing it out and finding many many bugs I spent some time and I wrote them all out and I had to send them to the city because there was no way to email feedback on the app That was many months ago and to date nothing has changed I noticed some Graffitti in my neighborhood and I took a snapshot quickly and drove away hoping that I could then upload it later on in the day For some reason there are multiple folders that are made in photos that doesn t allow me to find the actual picture I took and so as far as I m concerned the photo to report is useless In addition to that it takes forever for the city to respond and so the level of frustration with me and my neighbors is so high we are so over it We just gave up I stopped using the app     May have potential but not seeing any upgrades FilomenaMaria
Been using this app several times One to report an abandoned vehicle two to request my sidewalk painter red three to request a tree branch trimmed and four to pick up an illegal dump Immediate response produced follow up and confirmation once the work has been done Kudos to the dev and triaged team Great app and well deserved 5 stars                     Great app and Service
Don t bother with this app Just call your city councilor or the mayor Maybe the app is fine but given the lack of responsiveness from the city it s just a waste of time     Another avoidance mechanism zippypinhead2012
The app has its issues but that can be polished in time The problem They close cases without reason or with completely incorrect reasoning Report a abandoned car without license plates Closed because of not having license plate info Report a abandoned car with clear images of it on a public street Closed because it s on private property Report blight Closed because it s been reported already yet it s still not resolved Or the same excuse San Jose agencies always give please be patient we are experiencing a high volume of requests lived here a long time with these high taxes but this is the excuse always given Think it s time to start purging city workers either they are mismanaged lazy or perhaps both but one thing for sure They are far to expensive for what we receive San Jose residents deserve better Spend some time of the maps of your neighborhood reading the comments     Closing cases and Horrible city response Vickie C
The process of submitting an issue is very simple just one small core problem resolve the issues before closing them smh     Missing core feature AndyPThanh
I am having the same problems Seatiki mentioned This is a great concept but my cases are closed as soon as I report them without no resolution I also noticed the map is off         Great concept but appears to be insufficient aterracotta
I was excited to see an app that lets the people help point out problems that need fixing in the community like street lights that are out graffiti abandoned cars etc the problem is that everything I ve tried to report has been put through as closed case but nothing has been done They are either referred to caltrans or just closed without ever solving the issue What s the point of the app then         Great idea but no follow through seatiki
Title says it all I just installed this app so I can t rate it s value yet I can say there is no feedback built into the app so I guess I have to make a request for traffic light section here Traffic light malfunctions disrupt more people than almost any other issue so please add it For now I ll give it 3 stars for this glaring omission             Why no traffic lights section customer909
yes                     yes vindinh
Works great easy to submit                     Awesome app Buddsly
The app is waaay better than the SJ clean app esp since it has additional requests Here are the major problems Scrolling on lists do not utilize momentum when selecting car type if it is a VW you need to swipe 8 times to get through list vs a simple flick Map location feature has awkward interaction method Would be good to see other items code enforcement complaints sidewalk damage etc as options in general so they get classified and tracked appropriately Graffiti team seems lazy if you report graffiti on a light pole but don t report the graffiti on the sidewalk below they will only clean the light pole Seems like they really like to mail it in sorry no ticket for graffiti we are standing on It is clear they are motivated paid on a per ticket basis and not motivated to clean the area of report                 Would be great if a few bugs were fixed NextDoorWarren
This app is so intuitive and user friendly                     Amazing customer experience Mature app
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