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yoobee , the publisher behind many iOS app (Mondo Travel Diary ,Private Journal ,Engage Docs ,Pimp My Face ,My Secret Diary ,YOOBEE), brings My Secret Diary with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Secret Diary app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I especially like the three digit code lock..
  • Otherwise I love this app more than any other diary apps..
Overall Satisfactionclick me81
Otherwise I love this app more than any other diary apps.
it is way better than a real diary this app is awesome.
I used to love this app.
I love how you can add stickers to make it look adorable.
I love that you can add pictures onto the pages.
I totally recommend this app soooo much.
I love how you can put in photos and stickers and music.
Thanks for reading.
Fun & Engagingclick me82
Awesome diary what I like is that it's so secret.
I love the secret diary it's really fun.
that same song is playing.
It's Super awesome.
fun interface.
Usefulnessclick me57
My phone is always with me and I write in it everyday.
I love to write in it every day.
Really really useful.
Ease of Useclick me70
It has a cool password thing that's very easy to remember.
If you have an important date that you want to remember.
I forget my password and it doesnt bother to remember.
This simple diary app does exactly what I wanted.
This is a very nice SIMPLE diary.
It's cute simple and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me58
should I need to reset it or I lose/break it.
::single tear::May I suggest a password reset option.
Calendar crash too.
Please fix the crashes.
Security & Privacyclick me64
Neil you forget your password.
-----WARNING-----u may forget ur password so write it down.
font and change to a 4 digit password instead of 3.
Super cool and more secure than notes.
Updates & Supportclick me82
Guy version.
I saw the new update.
I POD version.


Enter a secret world that only you can experience!
What are you thinking, how do you feel, what is happening in your life? Capture your day in this special place!


Use pictures, text, notes and music that reflect your mood and then decorate the page with stickers. Enable your creativity and reflect your life!!

My Secret Diary
Tags :   notes ,   secret


- Stylish, easy to use interface.
- Three-digit lock code, to keep your secrets private.
- Sticky notes, to help you remember important details.
- Attach photos from your albums directly onto the page.
- Choose from a collection of stickers to brighten up the page.
- Set the mood, with music played from your iTunes library.
- Remember the extra special days with easy to use bookmarks.
- More features coming soon!


Feedback Replies....


Drag notes, images to right hand side of page this will give you the option to delete them.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download My Secret Diary for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about My Secret Diary check developer yoobee`s website : http://app-support.yoobee.com/mySecretDiary.html


This app is sooooooooo cool. found in 2 reviews
Best app Eva. found in 2 reviews
set the mood with music played from your itunes library. found in 4 reviews
It is PERFECT for journaling on-the-go. found in 3 reviews
so I can play a song for each day. found in 6 reviews
Really really useful. found in 1 reviews
It's easy to put your personal thoughts & feelings in writing. found in 6 reviews
Also the password protected is great. found in 4 reviews
Omg i luv this app. found in 3 reviews
This is the coolest app Ive seen so far. found in 1 reviews
This is a great multi-media journaling app for people of all ages. found in 2 reviews
It's my new BFF. found in 2 reviews
Great way to express my feelings when I'm feeling blue. found in 5 reviews
OMG OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR APPS. found in 2 reviews
You can even play music and add photos to your pages. found in 18 reviews
My phone is always with me and I write in it everyday. found in 11 reviews
I also love the little smiley faces. found in 7 reviews
17 year old Male. found in 2 reviews
No auto save and writing space is limited. found in 7 reviews
u may forget ur password so write it down. found in 22 reviews
I love this app it was awesome until I forgot my password. found in 7 reviews
If I have get another app to get rid of the ads. found in 6 reviews
But landscape keyboard would make it much easier to write in. found in 10 reviews
Except for the fact that you can't type in landscape mode. found in 8 reviews
I love this app BUT it needs more colors OTHER than pink. found in 4 reviews
can you please make an update that transfers the diary to another iphone. found in 3 reviews
But my main concern is I wish it had landscape typing. found in 8 reviews
No way to unlock it if you forget you passcode. found in 15 reviews
And the longer screen version for iPhone 5 please. found in 3 reviews
I love this app but it needs landscape view. found in 2 reviews
It kinda takes a long time to load. found in 20 reviews
i just downloaded this and it opens to a black screen. found in 13 reviews
If u can fix the loading problem n the beginning. found in 3 reviews
Since the update I can't even open it. found in 3 reviews
Once I forgot the password code and there's zero way to reset. found in 17 reviews
I used to love this app and now it's just garbage. found in 21 reviews
It took forever to load and all I wanted was an electronic diary. found in 20 reviews
I just waited 20 minutes for it to load. found in 20 reviews
being able to write more than one page would be such a bonus. found in 59 reviews
Diary Entries = GONE Update= WORTHLESS. found in 25 reviews
This diary would have been great if I could write more than one page per day. found in 60 reviews
the update is awful it keeps bringing me to home screen. found in 22 reviews
There were some issues about reviewing old entries that need reworked. found in 21 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPad 360x480 1
iPad iphone 480x360 2
iPad 480x360 3
iPad 480x360 4
Icon 175x175 1
This app is so retarded Its deleting every thing i write I hate this app nowLike whats the point of using it anymore    So retarded
This app crashed right when I filled out every thing out I HATE IT    DO NOT GET THIS APP
When i press too close to the edge of the screen it flips to the next page I cant open my pictures because it is too close to the edge it opens up the previous page I cant see any of my pictures Pls fix                Pages
Its been two months now come on I have years and years worth of memories in this app and if it didnt mean anything to me I wouldve deleted it a LONG time ago Please fix the bugs    when are you planning on fixing this
Updated to Dropbox and now four years of data is completely gone How could you do that to us    Horrible Update
Ive been using this app a lot for a while and Ive always loved it except for the new update I hate it when Im writing and it flips me to a different page and deletes what I was writing Also I cant look at the pictures i put in the app on my phone because when I try it flips the page Please fix this       PLEASE FIX
Im excited have it                Excited
I turned on Dropbox sync and then the app crashed on me Now its like it was when the first Dropbox update came out and crashes every time I open the app Plus the data hadnt even backed up to my Dropbox yetWhy switch to Dropbox Everything was easier when it was iCloud       Crashes
This was a great app when I got it a couple years ago But thanks to recent updates it deletes portions of my entries it doesnt play music right and its just really buggy now the pages skip and its really frustrating It doesnt do anything right anymore       Ugh
I used to love this app but the update came with lots of bugs First of all when I try to move the cursor the page swipes to the next day when I swipe back everything I have written is gone Also the app wont save what I write so I just wasted about 10 minutes worth of writing for it to disappear I deleted the app will be downloading a different one    Screwed up after the new update
Had been using this app for more than 4 years and I cant believe they messed up it so bad Constant ads skipping through pages randomly copying pagesdeleting this thing right away Horrible    Ridiculous
Downloaded app typed out whole day worth of stuff when I came back to the app it was all gone Uninstalled    Deletes data
Id give it 9 stars if I could If I listed everything wrong with this app my review would be a mile long Get My Private Diary instead    Bad
I tried my best to keep using this app but recently its just been so terrible You write your entry for the day then mistap somewhere anywhere and it turns the page randomly Then you try to continue writing on the previous day but when you tap where you left off it turns the page again And then youre stuck and gotta deal with it The entire page is bugged now and you cannot write anything else on it at all and be like alright I didnt want to finish that sentence anyway My advice for anyone wondering if they should download this dont There are better diary apps that actually function properly    Annoying af
I start typing and then the page keeps moving up so that I dont see what I write It never used to be like that before and another thing if you accidentally press too hard or swipe left or right the whole thing goes away quicker than you can imagine Plus when it comes to writing under pictures or over for that matter just forget about it The app also takes to long to open when registering the password Miss the way this app used to be I loved it and had it for more than 2 years Shame I had to delete all those memories          Horrible Update
Ive had this app for a long time I recently redownloaded it on my new phone It had been on my IPod and it had a new updateOkay new update cool wooBut It was more like Okay new update No ewI used to store a bunch of things in it like pictures secrets all kind of stuff that I couldnt trust any normal book due to my family finding it entertaining to break the lock and read itBut It has to many bugs to be a desirable app anymoreLike everyone else has stated when you swipe one way or another it will often disappearI also cant view any photos I store there ClickDelete    Lost Its Value
I like writing on my phone thinking its a real diary but I also like to listen to music and I dont have iTunes I have pandora plz upgrade to were all music can get in          Love it But
I loved this app and have used it offon over the last 2 years but like other users I noticed it wouldnt sync between iPhone iPad and now it wont open at all I just put an entry in there today after not using it for a while and now I cant even get back in I hope they figure out a fix for this and provide an update ASAP    Crashing
First of all I loved the app I wrote daily thoughts and entries in it for the past 2 years and I liked how my friends usually tried to open it but they couldnt with the passcode I setThen this update came which included Dropbox I didnt really know what it is so I just continued writing But then it crashed me out when I almost finished When I finished I forgot about something which I wrote about in one of my past entries But I couldnt even view them then it crashed againWhen I opened it I could view the previous pages But nothing was written inside it All my entries were deletedI havent deleted this app in case of an update But now I hope my entries are safe Who knows I have read the other reviews and lots of them complaint about the same thing Please if the person who makes this app even CARES then read our reviews and fix this We dont need this stupid Dropbox thing We only need it to be fixed Because if it doesnt I have wasted my time of writing a letter if nobody even reads themThank you and fix this Then I might rate it 5 stars again But right now its a teeny weeny 1 STARUpdate August 2I deleted the app then downloaded it again after some months and I tried to write o it When I try to erase a letter or type it scrolls to the bottom of the screen so I couldnt see what I was typingAlso I set a code then I exited the app When I came back and entered the code it opened and what I wrote was still thereIll be checking it again after a few hours or days to see what happened to itIll still give it 1 star The only point I would be giving it 5 is when the app is back to normal just like the past years    Could Be Better
This is a fun app but it is hard to work out there are pictures you can put on there at the bottom of the screen but if you click on the first pic it just goes to a different page Same with the second and third then the 4th workswhatever I still like typing my secrets             Ok
I have been using this app for over a year and I love it My only problem is that with this version when you turn on Dropbox syncing the app crashes On first load you can go to settings and then when you go to sync it crashes On second load you put in passcode and it crashes Then after that every time you load the app it crashes before it asks for passcodeOnly solution for this is to go to Dropbox and delete the folder for this app Then when you put in your passcode and go to settings Dropbox syncing is turned off I would love to be able to use Dropbox syncing so that I can use this app on both my iPhone and iPad and have them both have all my entries             Dropbox Syncing
I began using this app in 2013 and it WAS great I really loved it But whatever they have done it is extremely frustrating to try to use the app at all now Too many glitches to name I would give it negative stars if I could I dont mind ads at the bottom of the page I dont mind intro ads Heck Id pay 99 to get the old version back And I bet Im not the only oneIm done    Im done
I had the app before and I liked it but then I deleted it because my sister kept reading it but then I got it again and the new update is AWFUL The update is just confusing because it said to make a password in the settings for the game and I did and it kept saying to make it to fill out this thing that was a security question and I chose a security question and it sit said it TBH I do not like this game at all       Its Horrible
I tried using this APP after having problems of losing my entries in a different APP what do you think happened Once again but in this journal APP I wrote for about 2030 minutes I closed the APP when I was done When I go to write more EVERYTHING is gone lost Does the maker of this APP also make the APP Journal The APPs act and look very alike I do not recommend this APP if you actually want to save what you write    Bad APP
I love this app for many reasons but every single time I try clicking to edit what I have written it turns the page THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED          App needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY
I cant find the settings icon so I cant change my password          Settings
this app was really great up until the last update the app randomly changes pages while Im writing when I go back all my organized thoughts I j wrote is lost its so annoying having to rewrite everything perfectly well thought out how you wanted it the first time    lost data from random page turns
This app was great until the new update Now it force closes upon launching and entries are missing and settings are weird Please fix this       Was goodnow its not
Ive always loved this app But this new update ruined it for me the awkward page switching is annoying and keeps deleting what I wrote I hope you guys fix this soon so I can get back to writing in it    Why
I have been using the app since 2012 I use to enjoy writing in the diary and looking back over past entries however all that has changed with the recent update Since the update it has wiped out months of heartfelt diary entries Also when I write it wont save my writing Please fix the problem and return my entries or I will have to delete the app I have grown to love    Return to original format
Ive been using this app for almost 3 years and it was very convenient It allows up to a lot of storagewriting on each page This used to be my favorite until the recent update Ive been having the same problem as most of these users complained about which is the random occurrence of swiping pages and data being lost Its crazy and confusing and very frustrating to write whatever you want and then to be taken to the previous page or next page and then return to find that nothing was saved Please get rid of the touch flipping page option Its not helpful and its deleting a lot of our heartfelt entries Also with the new update its slow and keeps crashing Please look into itit was a good app why did it change because it didnt get better       Hate this new version
I have been using this app since 2013 This week I recorded some very important stuff on it and it didnt save it What happened    What happened
i have used this app for 3 years and never had any problems until the latest update cant view pictures pages randomly flip and always losing data needs a better update to actually fix these things    Hate the new update
Ive had this app for probably 2 or 3 years Ive written some of the most personal things I could never tell a soul in this so this app really means A WHOLE LOT to me and I would never want to give it up But I think you guys need to addchange some featuresmaybe add some themes change up the colors pink is ok I guess but maybe add some more options like you have the fonts Whenever I go to edit a typo I made the page changes and flips back to the day before hand and its SO annoying Please fix this update the look maybe maybe make the layout look 2 or 3 years more modern Or just more similar to other layouts on iOS 8 Hope you fix these things A lot of people take this app seriously and deal with its flaws everyday                Love this app But
I would give it zero stars if I could Ive been using this app for about 2 years and its always been a great place to record events and know that other people wont be able to read about them but with this recent update you cant do anything without it flipping back to a previous page When it does flip back to a previous page it also loses work that you wrote during that session Im very disappointed and I hope I will be able to write a better review in the future a very unsatisfied user    Hoping for a new update
I typed in my passcode and wrote a little in my diary I accidentally clicked on settings and I saw red text telling me my passcode wasnt imputed I typed in what my original passcode was and when I clicked the settings button to go back to my diary it said it wasnt filled in I did this about 20 times and I wasnt successful Please fix this in your next update    PLEASE FIX
Once I got it I automatically started typing and then 3 hours later I open it AND IT DIDNT SAVE I am warning you dont get this game its a waste cause either way it doesnt SAVE so DONT GET IT    DONT GET THIS GAME
Ive been writing in this app every day for three years now and it used to be a fun and easy app to use I loved it Back before the update you could move pictures around and write on them the page didnt turn when you tapped on the page and you very rarely lost all your writing from a glitch Now its just frustrating The only thing I actually like about the update is the new selection of fonts The app is so much more complicated to use now All I have to do is tap on the page and the page will turn and lose everything I had just written I know you thought that would be more convenient or whatever but trust me its really not seriously please please please get rid of it everyone absolutely hates it On top of that I can never access the first or last picture on each page because every time I try to tap on them the stupid page turns Its literally impossible to access some pictures because of that ohsoconvenient automatic page turn feature Im glad that you at least put the picker button back on There was a brief period when I would literally have to go to the calendar and go month by month to find old entries from years earlier At least you put the picker button back All in all this update has ruined the app and based on the other reviews Ive read Im not the only one who thinks so It went from fantastic to frustrating I cant write long entries anymore as they keep getting deleted and I cant keep pictures on it anymore either The reviews for this app used to be so positive about how much everyone loved the app Now you honestly cant find one positive review on it If you want to start getting positive reviews again I would fix all the glitch problems so our entries dont delete themselves when we turn the page COMPLETELY GET RID OF THE AUTOMATIC PAGE TURNER because seriously everyone hates it read the reviews and fix the picture situation so we can actually access all the pictures we post on each page Honestly I would just go back to the version before this update because NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH IT UNTIL THE UPDATE HAPPENED This app has basically recorded my life for the past three years Its where I write everything happening in my life Its so much fun to look back at and remember all those moments Sadly I wont be able to do that much anymore because all my entries keep deleting So please please please fix this Its a great app worth the five stars but the update has completely ruined everything about it Thank you so much for your time and consideration                Why did you update There was nothing wrong
Used to love this app Can add pictures captions and stickers Able to write A LOT on one page Able to write about multiple topics per page But this new version is horrible Just tapping the left or right side of the screen flips the page How do I tap on words that arent directly in the center of the screen Also it deletes what I wrote I had to write one paragraph three times because I would accidentally tap the screen and flip pages and when I went back what I wrote would be gone FIX NOW THEN I WILL GIVE 5 STARS    New Version
I dont like the past years updates It crashes all the time My iPods app has not been opened in a year It crashes before the app can open I deleted everything but the app because I thought it may have been a storage problem and it didnt help at all I would appreciate if the iCloud sharing if thats still a feature would upload all entries so I could move my old life onto my phone My app has not loaded any pictures since the last update It also doesnt save entries so when I log back on to read what I wrote its shows up as a blank page I really miss reflecting on my old entries Ive had this app for three years and its only gotten worse       Im glad Im not the only one with glitches
So This is the 388246852149th review Im writing here but the developers dont seem to care HOWEVER I have a suggestion All of us know if all the annoying crashes and data loss which have been pointed out numerous times My iPhone 6 had an issue recently and I had to restore it My iTunes for some reason had decided to keep none of my apps as part of the backup so I had to reinstall everything NOW HERES MY POINT READ CAREFULLY AFTER REDOWNLOADING THIS APP all my memories from the past three years were gone BUT WHEN I CHECKED MY ICLOUD OUT MY SECRET DIARY HAD 70 Movazebe khodet bash DATA ON IT WHICH MEANS ALL OUR DATA IS STILL STORED UP IN ICLOUD UNTIL MAY 27th SO ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS ADDING A FEATURE TO RESTORE OUR STUFF FROM ICLOUD AND AN OPTION BETWEEN ICLOUD AND DROPBOX AND I WILL TOTALLY PAY FOR IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH    Inconvenient to the max
Is great but I cant use the emojis and I cant see the photos I put on the page can you fix that please             The app is great
I love this app its a nice way to put all your thoughts and worries in text I really dont understand why other people are wishing they can rate this app at zero then again I havent experienced other updates other than that my daughter loves it                Awesome app
On the previous update the diary kept crashing Thankfully it was fixed However on this current update the diary got worse I used to write such long entries and include many many pictures Now because of the update that flips the page when you touch the rightmost or leftmost part of the screen writing long entries or including pictures has become so complicated While Im writing an entry and click on the right or left of the page it goes to the next or previous page which is a terrible inconvenience It deletes all of what you write unless you press the check as if saving your work Also because of the touch feature I cant access the first 2 and last 2 pictures that I put in the diary Please fix this during the next update       Terrible Update
I was trying out the app and I just got started to write and was all excited on what it would do I started typing when it took me to the bottom of the page and I couldnt see what I was writing It also took me to different pages of not the same date Please fix this    Cant write at all
This version NEEDS CHANGE Everytime I try to use it it STARTS ALL OVER The entry is gone my password is gone I close the app and everything is deleted Use a real notebook and pen over this stupid app    HORRIBLE
Used this app for several years and loved it New update totally messed it up Im looking for new app Any suggestions    MySecretDiary
Not so great but not so bad either But I deleted it cuz its too hard to control Its hard to set up too So I wouldnt recommend it       Not great but not bad


Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
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OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.2
iPhone iPad

iOS My Secret Diary 2.0.2 Mobile

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