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Pomegranate Software , the publisher behind many iOS app (SpaceTime for iPad ,Realms ,MyFood - Nutrition Facts ,Graphbook ,Arcs ,SpaceTime - Scientific computing in the palm of your hand), brings MyFood - Nutrition Facts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MyFood - Nutrition Facts app has been update to version 2.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easy check and good for healthy lose weight..
  • who has type 1 diabetes uses this app to count carbs..

Overall Satisfactionc54
it is obvious you will be adding many more foods.
This is IMHO the best food app out there.
Love it guys.
It's soo amazingly thorough and the Wiki is great.
Fun & Engagingc44
it is obvious you will be adding many more foods.
Awesome food guide.
App awesomeness.
I use it in the grocery store all the time.
Very useful information.
I have to count carbs in everything I eat.
Helpful quick reference.
Ease of Usec56
It's easy to search and attractively presented.
Easy to search.
Very nice app and easy to understand.
Very functional and easy to navigate.
Updates & Supportc24

Very nice app and easy to understand. found in 1 reviews
Finally an app that gives nutrient and mineral data. found in 1 reviews
Omg I love this app it tells u everything u need to know about food. found in 1 reviews
It provides a good resource. found in 3 reviews
Straight nutrition facts about basically anything you could eat. found in 11 reviews
hopes me keep up with the calories. found in 2 reviews
Very functional and easy to navigate. found in 1 reviews
This is IMHO the best food app out there. found in 6 reviews
Great for diabetics. found in 2 reviews
Excellent source of information. found in 2 reviews
700+ items in the beef category and no search tool. found in 5 reviews
But needs a search function. found in 4 reviews
They are missing basic items like steak. found in 2 reviews
Good but could be improved a bit. found in 1 reviews
Still missing some obvious foods. found in 1 reviews
More info needed. found in 1 reviews
but wish there was a dairy category with butters. found in 2 reviews
But needs Brown Rice. found in 1 reviews
Useful but needs other features. found in 1 reviews
Newest version keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
Appreciate the fast fix of the previous update. found in 1 reviews
Needs more foods and a tracker. found in 19 reviews
The serving sizes are not realistic nor flexible. found in 31 reviews
Needs variable serving sizes. found in 1 reviews
but is missing some common foods from its database. found in 3 reviews
but the pics of all fruits and veggies were great. found in 3 reviews
Lacking a lot of variety in food choices available. found in 2 reviews
There is no search function. found in 4 reviews
Don't see processed foods or steak. found in 2 reviews
but lacking many basic items. found in 2 reviews
the database is missing a lot of common foods. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download MyFood - Nutrition Facts for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6.1 has been released on 2014-11-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about MyFood - Nutrition Facts check developer Pomegranate Software`s website :

MyFood provides complete nutrition data for the following fruits and vegetables and also includes common servings sizes for each food. Apples, Apricots, Artichokes, Asparagus, Avocados, Bananas, Bell Peppers, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cauliflower, ...
Nutrients is a handy app for seeing my overall nutrition and especially useful in detecting gaps I just started a vegetarian pescatarian diet and Nutrients is helping me maintain a healthy balance of vitamins protein etc But the app crashes at least twice per session This is tedious and particularly irritating since Nutrients is a paid app             Very useful app crashes often Reason for four stars
I was so hopeful when I found this app I wanted to input my own recipes and see a breakdown of nutrition per serving which it does have the capacity to do However 1 the ingredient library is VERY limited forcing me to input brands I didn t use and just hope the nutritional value was similar to the brand I did use 2 the only measurements option is metric no option to measure in imperial measurements and unfortunately I don t know the conversions off the top of my head so I need an additional conversion app to use this app and 3 its not very intuitive in its setup and menu options I wish there were a way to return an app I just wasted 5 on this and I ll never use it         Big disappointment Lhomey
Pros nice overview relatively simple to use Cons only gives percentages for your journal summary and no breakdown of actual grams etc the percentage summaries are based on some random daily amount Doesn t allow you to input your intake needs Ie If you workout and have higher calorie needs it still assumes a 2 000 calorie diet to the same point as above would like to adjust the targets I have to be individualized Protein fat etc no ability to breakdown meals Only daily intake Just a basic app with a little more nutrient info than some of the others so may suit some people but anyone that actually takes nutrition halfway serious will find this app lacking Back to trying to use a spreadsheet and out 5 Better than the apps that charge a big monthly fee I guess         Lacking rdav31
This app is so confusing and complicated Just trying to find a food is difficult I also tried to scan a bar code on a very commercial bread and it couldn t be found Way too much work     Confusing dknj925
For what is available this is the best app I found for what I needed However there are a few things that would make this a great app First my purpose is to track my nutrients every day But the journal does not allow you to go back and edit a days items This was a real bummer I woke up this morning and was forced to enter my food items from last night on todays date Also I am using this for the purpose of tracking my vitamin needs during my pregnancy So it would be extremely helpful if there was some way to calculate everything daily There is no other app out there that does this If these two functions were added I am sure you could definitely increase your revenue Especially if you would promote it to the pregnancy community Finally it would be great if you simply added a notes page Where users could take personal notes Ideally integrated into the journal page some how I am calculating my nutrients and storing key details in a notepad I am sure this one is probably an easy add Thank you for your efforts I look forward to seeing whats to come           Great start but missing just a few things
Really useful              Great app
Love the app It has become where I turn to for my nutritional counts but it doesnt write enough data to HealthKit I would like to see it write all possible data to HealthKit so that I can track everything it provides Other than that its DEFINITELY worth the money              Love the app but
This is a great app If it had a bar code reader it would be near perfect as a food register and journal              Great App
Straight nutrition facts about basically anything you could eat Im using it as a plantbased eater to make sure I have it all straight Great job                 Awesome
Hard to navigate and when you turn your device the list resets back to the top I would not recommend this app     Not worth the money
You have to pay to sort the foods by type or category You have to pay again separate purchase to have a favorites list You have to pay again for some other stuff too I cant remember exactly what because Im in shock Get this Under the poultry section there are 18 listings for cuts of elk There are 18 listings for ostrich There are 12 listings for emu There is 1 listing for chicken Its for the whole chicken For 2300 grams of chicken No other cuts of chicken are included The app thinks watermelon kernels are poultry There is no search function If they develop one I predict it will cost 499 This is not a helpful app I tried it because I thought googling produce items a few times a week was a pain But this is a much bigger pain I recommend moving on     Am I confused What
I love this app you can search anything by vitamin or mineral Well worth whatever I paid for it Id get it all over again because I use it all the time                 Best App Ever
An egg is not listed but ostrich meat is What Plus you cant search     Twilight Zone
Search for a food change units if desired touch favorite to save as favorite andor touch journal to enter into my journal The design is perfect in my opinion The only thing I havent figured out yet is how to get the total nutritional values for the day based on my journal entries It MUST be there Im just not seeing it right                 Love the simplicity
Just started using it but so far so good              Good app
I love this app The only improvements I see would be for the user to add or create foods of their own I take a daily multi vitamin and would love to see this added to my nutrients I sync this with Apple health and thats a good thing It would be great to get a daily overview that compares it with the recommended daily allowances so one can compare or figure out deficiency Thanks for the great app              Needs some tweaking
This app is great in principle but is missing some common foods from its database You cant add custom foods yourself so the app is needlessly limited Im fairly disappointed           Has limitations
Only thing this is missing is ability to enter custom serving sizes Nice to finally have a nutrition info app thats not a meal tracker so people can check things out at their own leisure              Excellent app
Packed with good info I like it iPhone 6                 Its awesome
This is a fantastic app to get on a good path to real health Thank you for making it easier to find and track what our bodies need to stay healthy              Fantastic
This app is for you if the heading describes you Knowing empty from potent calories can make all the difference in food choice Its possible to actually achieve 100 of the RDA on a 2000 calorie diet and not depend too heavily on vitaminmineral supplements I only wish I could synch my lists between devices or a cloud database                 Pedantic Food Planning
Great thorough info and good selection on quantities of each item eg apple 1 2 cup 1 small etc I noticed unsweetened almond milk is not listed or traditional rolled oats Also caffeine isnt transferring to Health app when journaling my coffee intake Makes me wonder what other categories arent being transferred accurately either           Needed info
I search eggs all I get is eggplant and fish eggs Really        Missing key foods
Dont waste your money     Search function is really bad
Outstanding worth the money                 Lovvvv it
Lots of great info on nutrition of each food Only 3 stars bc I would like a way to process that info so that I can see how much of each nutrient vitamin mineral I am getting over the course of a day or week           Good info but needs a data synthesis feature
Love this app It has tons of information in very clear formats Use it a lot                 Terrific app
For someone who counts carbs all the time this app saves me alot of time and helps with my diet This a great app Thank You                 Carbs
Good info but crashes whenever you try to change the serving amount        One big fault
great app to quickly look up nutrition facts its fast to use and is pretty to look at                 helpful
So convenient to have but I didnt realize each individual section costs a dollar or two There is a section to keep more than three food favorites one or two dollars search foods by nutritional content extra couple bucks and even more Ultimately a 10 app           Absolutely great BUT ultimately high cost
This is a great app One of the most complete out there                 Excellent
I really like this app for getting quick and useful nutrition info on most foods you will eat Goes way beyond what grocery store labels give you Based on the USDA nutrition database Works great on iPad Air iOS 7                 Very nice app
I love the detailed nutrient info but I wish they had a search bar and easier to use journal where you can journal by meal and an automatic steps counter and add exercise otherwise this is a knockout app                 Good app need more features
I dont like this app at all The serving sizes are not realistic nor flexible For example I looked up egg and wanted to know how many calories and how many grams of protein were in one egg All there was 1 cup of eggs Really Who measures egg by the cup It would have been okay if I could have changed the quantity but the app doesnt allow it I think it showed 600 calories for a cup of corn which is not possible either        Wish I Didnt Buy It
After a heart attack I really needed a good tool to determine the fat content of my diet Foodle has a comprehensive well tended and ever expanding database of nutrition info Its easy to search and attractively presented Its built in units conversion ability makes it simple to compare servings of like amounts of diverse foods Best app for this purpose I could find and I looked at a bunch                 Literally a lifesaver
Very complete and each upgrade gets better and better                 Excellent source of information
This app has a lot of information but the serving sizes are ridiculous First search for honey returned information for one cup I really only needed a teaspoon Second search for bacon one cup I guess I could recalculate everything to size but why The addition of variable serving sizes would make this a 5 star app        Needs variable serving sizes
This app has set serving sizes so you must complete complicated calculations to find your own serving size nutrients I do not see the value in this app Waste of money        Wheres the value Overpriced
This is a useful app BUT the add on purchases are SCAM This developer should should charge for a complete app up front     Do NOT purchase
Pros the app has fairly extensive food lists and I like that it is integrated with the Apple Health app Cons the food lists do not include all the items I eat and there is no way to add them to a custom list The portion sizes suggested are not necessarily what I eat and there is no way to change them Consequently my daily nutrient and intake totals are not accurate I hope that a near future update will add these needed features to make this a truly useful app Unfortunately I did not realize the shortcomings before purchase There are other apps available that do include the needed features but they do not integrate with the Health app and the integration is a plus           Useful but needs other features
The hardboiled egg serving is one cup chopped and the fried egg serving is one egg Huh Cant you have a drop down menu so we can change the portion size like they have on the Self Nutrition facts website It is awkward You cant do comparisons Still useful just much less so than it could be Search function is clumsy too It took me 5 minutes to find an egg because it was listed as whole egg alphabetically I would expect when I type in egg to have an egg pop up first rather than eggnog and egg mix a USDA commodity in case you didnt know The interface is slick just think its still not up to snuff           Serving sizes are very random
The journal is nothing more than a list of foods you ate it does not generate a cumulative overview of of you nutrition for the day and make the app useless if you are trying to track your vitamin and mineral intake How am I supposed to know what vitamins I am low in for the day The app is the best I have seen to itemize the vitamins and mineral for EACH ITEM but the journal ruins the whole app for me Please add a tracking system     Needs a cumulative nutrition journal
Overall great app I wish you could add your own foods and categories to really customize and track your nutrition maybe with the next update              Great app
Very helpful Good resource                 Very helpful
The perfect app but please include iodine Thank you                 The prefect app
Is only would worth my money if I could keep a record on my daily food consumption otherwise I can check it all on a google search but for free        Useless for me
Great app hopes me keep up with the calories                 Foodie
It is not what I expected Very limited and not user friendly if you give top 100 foods with a certain vitamin it would be logical to place a food with the highest content of the vitamin at the top of the list and with the lowest content at the bottom The app is just an attempt to categorize random information about food If I need just information Google and Wikipedia are sufficient I wish I could try the app before purchasing I would never purchase it     Disappointing
Just what the doctor ordered Could use a serving calculator though              Very good
Quick easy guide Tells me whats OK and what to avoid invaluable if you have medical restrictions No guesswork                 Just what I need
This app isnt so much for tracking although it will do itits for looking up nutritional values especially when youre not online or dont want to sign up for one of the services For that its great lots of foods lots of built in ways of measuring them Plus a cute icon                 Almost perfect
Im really impressed with how comprehensive and easy to use this app is The ONLY drawback is when youre journaling in the foods You have to tap the icon and then a little pop up over and over Case in point coffee 1 cup 8 oz I have to tap the journal 8 time and a little pop up message 8 times Its annoying Other than that its 5 well spent              Wow
This app is great its an excellent source for food knowledge many things I would never have known keep it up It also links up with the health app                 Great app

MyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & FitnessMyFood - Nutrition Facts Healthcare & Fitness

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