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Compatible with iPad.

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Game Insight, LLC, the publisher behind many iOS games (Hidden Land HD ,Enchanted Realm ,Tank Domination HD ,Starborn Wanderers HD ,Rule the Kingdom ,Pocket Martians), brings Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure games has been update to version 1.11.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 148 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure app version 1.11.2 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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A dreadful Event took place in the Manor and completely ruined the ordinary life of its inhabitants. Their deeply loved master Mister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but a strange message. Only you can ...
I just started this game on another iPad Im at level 420ish on my new iPad but thought for fun Id start again on my old one As usual there are prbswould be nice if theyd figure it out It CAN be a fun game just isnt right now     Need to get things figured out
Fun game but kind of just drops you in Although it is easy to figure out           Entertaining
Latest update is awful Mine just locks up Cant do anything Not sure Im going to like it anyway but Id like to trySo far so good I havent played this very long I thought it was confusing to start out with but the more I play the more I like it Im sure I will end up liking it more and more Of course they always want you to buy things but its fun so far without having to buy     Loving it
If you like hidden objects youll love this game Extra fun with special quests to get collections                 Fun fun fun
Good game Love hidden objects                 Hidden object
Long time player I didnt think Id ever hate the game this much but the latest update is just horrible I couldnt imagine being a new player wanting to play this mess for very long I think this game has run its course     Worst update yet
This game is interesting and fun but way too expensive You have to spend money at every turn              Beware
Havent had the app long but it definitely entertaining thus far           So far so good
this game is so fantastic                 good
I am constantly getting the night mode in all rooms which is annoying Give us a free drop gift counter I get too many useless gifts and diamonds are hard to come by or too costly to waste on that This game has gotten so bad it is surprising that I am still playing Why has the server been down so long People are crazy if they spend money on free games in this economy The whole game has so many problems that it would take too long to write down At least it is not boring     Mystery Manor
Gotta spend money to progress        Inapp purchases pricey
I have never been so compelled to write a review but as a loyal player of this game I am shocked and dismayed by the poor customer service and technical support of this gameI would not recommend to new players and have now decided to stop playing     Stay away bad customer support and horrible technical glitches
Fun to play Can be a bit confusing but fun              Good game
Great game keeps you very busy                 Mystery Manor
Last update is terrible If you are going to update make sure it works It takes 2 minutes for the game to open Then going into friends to visit it keeps saying server is in maintenance Can we please fix this its been two weeks Your not done maintenance in all this time        Need to good update
At first glance this game seems like great fun And you would be rightat first glance But when you start to level up in the game expect to spend quite a bit of money or you will stay where you are at Keys to rooms do not drop Items for their impossible quests are impossible to get because they are in rooms you have no keys for AND when requesting items from friends the request tab is located right above the purchase tab planned that way I am sure so if when you are requesting one of the hundreds of parts you need from friends you happen to hit the purchase tab by accidentso sorry You just spent 20 or 30 diamonds for something you could have gotten from a friend for free Major problems with this game Until they fix it look for another game        Dont Start Playing
This game is addictively fun              Great Fun
Good game              Nice
This is by far my favorite app It is very entertaining                 Love this app
You cant get any where unless you pay Wast of money doesnt get you anything No perks at allI have written to them before and it never is resolved When I do get an answer it gives an excuse and close your file Why to go GII stopped playing     Tina
Great game fun to play                 Great game
I like this game although the part about paying additional money bothers me a bit Otherwise its a good game if you dont mind paying the extra money              Good game
The game would be great if they gave more information on whats going onhow to play itotherwise its frustrating           Interesting game
Ive been playing this game for over a year and I havent advanced very far One of the ways to advance is to help friends but for days now that functionality has been broken and support doesnt communicate at all as to why or when it will be fixed So basically the game is stalled out I think the developers wrote this game and then abandoned it Save your time and money     No support game broken
Love this game sooo awesome                 Awesome game
Been playing this off and on for a few years Keeps you guessing what the next quest is going to be                 Relaxing
Its a fun game           Fun
Enjoyable Very similar to Secret Society in MANY ways           Fun
Its fun                 Fun
This is an enjoyable game that keeps your interest              Mystery
I love this game been with this game for three years but hate that you have too start all over every time you get a new tablet or iPad or phone I dont know how many times I had too start over again I really do thats the only thing I hate so much so yall have too figure a way on how too save our stuff when we get a new iPad or whatever it is we play our game on           Love it but hate 1thing the most
Love the graphics and the game Ive been playing this game since it came out into 2012 and had finally gotten up to level 113 after taking breaks over the years However today I just bought an iPad Air 2 and was trying to transfer all of my applications from my IPad 3 and it looks like Ill have to start over from level one again which is a real bummer                 Endless playingLots of fun
Is anyone else getting the message that the server is down           Server Down
But need to have way less icons on the screen           Better than most hidden object games
Overall the game is tedious but I am enjoying it There is a lot going on and trying to make sense of it all is a little overwhelming at first The ingame currency is annoying I wouldnt mind buying a little to make gameplay more productive but it costs so much and buys so little 20 diamonds for a weapon you have to have 10 of to banish one creature wandering in the yard to maybe drop one key to a room that needs 40 keys to open so you can defeat a boss with expensive weapons and explore the room in a certain mode in hopes of finding another item to complete one of the fifty active quests But aside from this I enjoy playing even the social aspect which I normally ignore in other gamesI do not care for the look of the newest update The graphics are crisper but the change in background and the look of the first floor is making it hard to play The furniture feature might be okay if it could be accessed from the room menu without changing the look of the main screenOne thing Id like to see is a way to better organize and prioritize the endless barrage of quests characters and friends           Good game dont like the update
I would give zero stars if I could No server connection means no network with friends which is a major part of this game Now it costs diamonds to receive bonus points and diamonds costs money Wouldnt need to use diamonds if server were up and running Server being down is common with a major update     Not able to receive gifts
It takes to long to charge your energy And everything is too expense or hard to find to move along in the game Quest are given out but you cant try for them since you are not in the level needed           Tedious
Interesting game but even on an iPad everything is rather smalla lot to learn yet would hate to play this on phone or iPad mini with graphics so small           Great concept
Good game                 Pretty good
Pretty awesome Great goto game to pass the time              Pretty awesome
Good waste of time           Decent App
Severs still down Day number 4     Enough is enough
Fun to play Great way to pass time waiting for appointments              Fun game
Fun game                 Cool
I really love this game but here is a list of my issuesAt times the codes do not workIn game purchases are a bit expenses ie opening a new room buying access items chargers weapons and diamondsI dont agree with only being able to send gifts to 50 friends when I have over 200 and in order to send more I have to pay to drop the counter just get rid of the counterYou need a variety of avatars of different races and occupations that we dont have to pay forThis new Guild I got all excited but none of us know what it is or what we are doing some explanation would be helpful Please start giving us some events so far there was two one did not give us access at all please fixDespite all these issues I still enjoy playing would have given 5 stars but theses things need to be addressed and fixed without any other issues first                 Love this game
I find I am enjoying this game very much except for the fact that you do not give enough energy free points It is supposed to be free Thats why I play this Why cant we use the gold points we build up to buy more energy Enjoy it and would play more if not for these exceptions Mari D              Mystery manor hidden adventure
The tech support for this game is horrible They never help the players when they have a problem As soon as you send in a ticket you get their generic reply of BS and then are told the ticket has been closed before you ever get a chance to reply Major bugs that take weeks for them to fix and they will leave you in the dark about any time frame as to when the problem will be fixed They have made millions off this game alone but they could care less about their customers that helped them get so rich Never again will I download a game from Gi     Gi doesnt care about their players
I played before love the game                 Returning
People should be able to get credit for quests that are completed I have completed two quests because it had pop up saying charge collection so hit button but after charge collection a quest pop up to say charge collection and it doesnt register that it has already been completed If you are going to have pop up to charge collection then it needs to register that collection is charged so can complete quest and continue on game        Quests

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