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Nevosoft , the publisher behind many iOS games (Mysteryville 2: hidden object crime investigation ,Annabel: adventures of the Egyptian princess ,Vampireville HD: haunted castle adventure ,Magic Academy 2 Lite: hidden object castle quest ,Mysteryville Lite: hidden object investigation ,Supercow: funny farm arcade platformer Lite), brings Mysteryville: hidden object investigation with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mysteryville: hidden object investigation games has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good basic hidden object game..

Overall Satisfactionc63
Wonderful Game.
Loved this one.
I love these kind of games.
Fun & Engagingc62
Addictive fun.
smooth and addictive gameplay.
I play games for fun and relaxation.
zzed a logic marble popper game filled with fun and humor.

a true western casual game. found in 1 reviews
It was very challenging. found in 1 reviews
first thing I do is turn off the timer. found in 1 reviews
nothing can stop you from conquering the world now. found in 1 reviews
zzed a logic marble popper game filled with fun and humor. found in 1 reviews
get the inside scoop on nevosoft games. found in 1 reviews
The dialog is a bit cheesy. found in 1 reviews
and colorful game with hints when I need them. found in 1 reviews
Addictive fun. found in 1 reviews
Definitely a great stress reliever :D. found in 1 reviews
Sooo cool. found in 2 reviews
Good story line. found in 1 reviews
Even mixing up the "search" items. found in 1 reviews
smooth and addictive gameplay. found in 1 reviews
Overall I can't recommend. found in 1 reviews
hate that it counts when you touch the screen to move the pic around:. found in 10 reviews
so you are constantly moving the screen in zoom. found in 1 reviews
Not so much for hand held devices. found in 1 reviews
it's very quick to issue time penalties for over tapping. found in 1 reviews
the countdown clock ads an element to the game. found in 1 reviews
-broken english makes storyline lame. found in 1 reviews
And it kept freezing up on me. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes tap an item and it doesn't register. found in 1 reviews
I can't pass tis one level because of this. found in 1 reviews
Great entertainment and I'll be sad when it's finished. found in 1 reviews
not a lot of differences in the hidden objects. found in 1 reviews
- broken english makes storyline lame. found in 1 reviews
Please update with MORE challenges. found in 1 reviews
but doesn't translate well for iPhone. found in 1 reviews
if you choose to use it. found in 1 reviews
Almost impossible to play the darkened scenes. found in 7 reviews
I do not want this game anymore. found in 1 reviews
I have no idea whether the game is good. found in 1 reviews
Dumb games. found in 1 reviews
Do not like the screen on the left side. found in 1 reviews
but it penalizes you EVERY TIME you touch the screen to move the picture. found in 3 reviews
Bought it and I can't get past the title screen. found in 4 reviews
This is the second game I've bought from nevosoft that doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Which I probably won't do since it's almost impossible to play. found in 7 reviews

The Mysteryville: hidden object investigation is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.3 MB to download. The new Mysteryville: hidden object investigation app version 1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Mysteryville: hidden object investigation check developer Nevosoft`s website :

Sinister things are happening in Mysteryville: all cats have disappeared from this little town. In the role of trained journalist Laura Winner, you decide to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the absent felines and explore ...
I just purchased this game for 299 but it doesnt work How can I get my money back I do not want this game anymore     Mysteryville doesnt function well
Very fun if you like Hidden Object Game                 Great game
I liked the game but I think that if you dont want the count down then when you set it to relax mode then it should stay that way once you exit the app Other than that it was good game              Great HO game
My only complaint is there should be MORE levels Even mixing up the search items would help since there are SO many unused items Please update with MORE challenges              Love it
My title page stays on all the time it WILL NOT PLAY ever What a scam waste of what little I had left to use on iTunes Someone fix this     Someone Better Be Refunding My
Dont like the countdown clock Turn it off in options menu Problem solved Allot of game time for money Good basic hidden object game In the dark searches can be tough to get through almost impossible with countdown penalty clock running you need to magnify screen to find objects then get hit with penalties for moving screen Other than that the countdown clock ads an element to the game if you choose to use it Storyline is strange but most of them are Its not a novel after all but plenty of searching makes up for it              Trcy
Bought it and I cant get past the title screen Either fix it or give me my money back     Horrid Experience
So far so good Did not like the game where you find objects in the dark And you only have a little light to move around the screen Every time you tap to view other areas you get 20 sec off of your time as a penalty for trying to move the screen around              Game
Works well Good story line                 Fun Game
This game is very fun                 Really fun
I had experienced what others complained ofBeing penalized for trying to move around the room horrible written dialogue and stupid story Now an update has caused me to not even be able to open the game to finish it     Frustrated
When you have to search for things in the dark with only a flashlight itll penalize you every time you go to move your flashlight I cant pass tis one level because of this This is the reason for only 3 stars Otherwise I would have rated this game 5 stars           Can be very frustrating
I love both games Mysteryville and Mysteryville 2 Just bought Mysteryville and Ill buy Myseryille 2 next     Mysteryville
Love this game                 Awesome
I enjoyed the game very much and would have given it 5 stars but too many dark rooms and penalties              HO Fan
Im very disgusted as the other users are with the 20 sec penalty esp when it counts just moving the screen around The game is also a little elementary I lk hidden objects with a good plot the chapters r too short n the dialogue is pointless Wish it was more challenging I brought the game bc Ive played other nevosoft games but this one just doesnt compare Dont buy     Not feeling it
This game is so addicting love it              Fun
Could find most of the stuff but it freezes up And it the puzzles on the game are to hard on magic ac I couldnt figure it out And it kept freezing up on me           Fix the problems
Entertaining              Misteryville
I love these kind of games This is great Highly recommend                 Awesome
Easy and fun                 Fun
Great App              LuvHiddenObjects
Great Game The dialog is a bit cheesy                 Mysteryville
Great game its hard to put it down                 Mysterys
I cant get past the title page on my iPod I thought by now they wouldve fixed it but still doesnt work     Dont Buy
Every scene was the same The scene need to change Create a different back ground     Disappointed
Interesting gàmehate that it counts when you touch the screen to move the pic aroundother than thatits fun              Great game
Bought this game and played it a couple of times now it wont let me past the title page WHAT HAPPENED              WHAT HAPPENED
Impossible to play since attempting to navigate around to see a whole scene is considered random clicking and is penalized by 20 seconds Very badly made    
To bad     To
The games ok but have to play without timer because of random clicks           Mysterville
Someone should really fix the problem with all the penalties everytime you touch the screen even when trying to zoom in or out It it kind of annoying to lose 20 seconds off the timer because you touch the screen to zoom and it counts against you           Hidden objects problem
My kids I liked this enough in spite of the poor language to buy the app but now Im frustrated that we did The random click penalty is ridiculous as it counts clicks when you are just looking around the room add to that the level I just reached where you have to use a flashlight to see the dark room and the game just became irritating Your finger is about all you can see on that level Im disappointed           Promising start
Sometimes tap an item and it doesnt register however its very quick to issue time penalties for over tapping        Its okay
Very addicting                 Love it Sooo cool
I WANT A REFUND The game WILL NOT let me play NO MATTER how many times I reset my phone or redownload the game I WORK for my money and when I PURCHASE something I DEMAND IT WORKS     Mysteryville
Great entertainment and Ill be sad when its finished I havent had any of the problems Ive read in other reviews regarding being penalized for scanning the background to search              Addictive fun
I play games for fun and relaxation first thing I do is turn off the timer The timer and a no stress fun and colorful game with hints when I need them is the surest way to get me to buy the full version which I did I love it I play it all the time Thanks                 Wonderful Game Love It
Fun game              Mysteryville
Funat the start Boring after the tenth screennot a lot of differences in the hidden objects Would not purchase again given the option           Hidden object game
Great game                 Great game
This is not a great game Everything you touch the screen it counts against you You have to touch the screen to move it Also I do not find a difference between the free and the 199 game I am very disappointed I am not far into it and feel stuck already I want a challenge but I dont want to spend time on multiple failures I would not pay for this game if I had a doover     Mysteryville
Agree with all other userstoo sensitive and to add insult to injury when they did the last update I lost where I was and had to start over Which I probably wont do since its almost impossible to play Ive played great games from this vendor before I dont know what happened this time     Not ready
This is the second game Ive bought from nevosoft that doesnt work Pantheon wont even open and this stupid mysteryville wont go past the title page I want my money back     Dumb games
This is a terrible game Wont let u play once u leave the whole minute I did get to play kept penalizing me for nothing I want a refund or fix the problems 0 0     Mysteryville
Definitely a great stress reliever D              Good time pass
This I a great game for a full size screen but doesnt translate well for iPhone Too many random click penaltys for just trying to move the screen Almost impossible to play the darkened scenes Many objects are too small to identify so you have to find it by hint and remember where it is for next time Some items you can click directly on and get a penalty because you didnt hit it on the correct spot on the item Buy the version for your pc and youll love it Not so much for hand held devices        Great game but
Awesome game                 Mysterville
I loved this game so much that i tried not to play so often to make it last longer It was very challenging                 Loved this one
This is a pretty fun hidden object game I see some have complained about searching for items in the dark using the flashlight I didnt mind those levels and enjoyed the challenge My biggest complaint and the reason this didnt get 5 stars is that EVERY time you touch the screen you get docked points When time is running out and you only have a couple items left to find you are constantly penalized just from trying to navigate around the screen I enjoy hidden object games and this is the first game Ive ever come across that has had this defect so I cant imagine its that hard to program the game to work so you can navigate properly Fix this issue and I will buy future games from you AND give you the 5 star ratings you deserve           Not bad

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