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Intuit, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tap2Track Mileage ,QuickBooks Online for iPad ,QuickBooks Mobile ,Intuit Tax Online Accountant ,TurboTax Tax Preparation - Complete and efile your 2014 income taxes ,ItsDeductible by TurboTax – Track your donations), brings MyTaxRefund with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MyTaxRefund app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Makes for a great time saver..
  • Save money and do your own taxes this year..
  • Tax Guy..
  • It's great that it's all in company with step by step instructions..
  • Turbotax is the best tax return to go through..
Overall Satisfactionclick me97
Thanks TurboTax for being there every step of the way.
Turbotax is the best tax return to go through.
Loved it and love being able to check at the tip of my finger.
Love being able to track my returns progress anywhere I'm at from my phone.
Thanks Intuit for another great app.
Awesome app and awesome tax service.
Great job turbotax.
Much better than IRS website.
Fun & Engagingclick me97
just another way Turbo Tax makes tax time not so unpleasant.
The best app ever created give stars turbo tax is awesome.
Awesome and fast.
Usefulnessclick me90
This app was easy to use and very convenient with updates available.
Works great and accurate with up to date information.
so this app does not have the most up to date information.
Saves time from going to the IRS site.
I'd say it's a useful information tool.
It works and I love having an app for everything.
Simple and helpful.
Everything about Turbo Tax is awesome :.
Social Aspectsclick me52
You have to enter your social security number - which made me nervous.
you are required to input your social security number and zip code.
but this App will not recognize my Social Security number and Zip Code.
Ease of Useclick me93
Such a quick and easy way to check the status of your returns.
Info needs to be re-typed each time to check the status.
This app was easy to use and very convenient with updates available.
It's really simple to use and very efficient.
Simple fast and informative.
Fast easy accurate.
It is easy as pie and works well.
then wanted me to sign up for the mint.
Awesome easy to check status.
Security & Privacyclick me54
You have to enter your social security number - which made me nervous.
but this App will not recognize my Social Security number and Zip Code.
Better than checking my email and bank account ever day.
It beats grabbing my laptop and signing in to my account.
Why not use my TurboTax login info.
Love the fast and secure feedbacl.


Worry no more about your tax refund.
MyTaxRefund tracks your e-filed federal tax return and lets you know when you’ll get your money.


• Shows you the status of your e-filed return
• Tells you if your return is accepted or rejected by the IRS
• Estimates when you’ll get your federal refund

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Two minutes and a few simple questions and you’re done.


Anyone who e-filed their federal tax return can use MyTaxRefund.


Let’s face it, rejection’s a drag. If your tax return is rejected, we let you know so you can fix what’s wrong and get your tax return back on track.


We’ve been e-filing and tracking returns for years. At last our expert tracking capabilities are free to TurboTax customers and non-customers alike.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download MyTaxRefund for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about MyTaxRefund in Intuit, Inc.`s Official Website :


It is easy as pie and works well. found in 24 reviews
First time using TurboTax and it was very easy and helpful. found in 160 reviews
Does just what it should - Easy Breezy. found in 12 reviews
App is indispensable and takes less than 30 seconds to use. found in 4 reviews
Much easier than logging into online banking and navigating to account detail. found in 10 reviews
This is a very easy and useful app. found in 7 reviews
Almost all tax payers are going to love it. found in 12 reviews
This tracking tool for your return is super easy. found in 4 reviews
This app was easy to use and gives you exactly the information it advertises. found in 11 reviews
Got to love technology. found in 6 reviews
Gives you updated information about your tax return from start to finish. found in 6 reviews
The website walks you through each step and double checks everything. found in 7 reviews
Easy to use and instant results. found in 5 reviews
Let's you know that your return has been accepted. found in 22 reviews
Worked as described but would be better with push notifications. found in 13 reviews
The app didn't even provide an estimate of the state refund. found in 28 reviews
Didn't give proper notification of State Refund status. found in 192 reviews
but it would be nicer if it would track your refund status. found in 225 reviews
but don't like having to enter the full social security number. found in 4 reviews
Does what it says - allows me to track my refund easier. found in 41 reviews
Linked the Turbo Tax refund to Mint. found in 32 reviews
However you have to log in with social security number. found in 46 reviews
Wish it required a little more verification to sign -in. found in 20 reviews
you can't save login. found in 4 reviews
It was very simple to use to get the status of my refund. found in 43 reviews
My only wish is that I wouldn't have to log in every time. found in 4 reviews
instead of my having to install another app. found in 16 reviews
I had to keep logging into IRS where's my refund to find out. found in 65 reviews
Simply provides the status of your tax refund. found in 270 reviews
Estimated refund date appears to be based only on average times. found in 89 reviews
I would like the option of using my TurboTax login instead. found in 7 reviews
Would be nice not to re -enter details each time. found in 35 reviews
one from the IRS when I use their " Where's My Refund " link. found in 65 reviews
App doesn't support push notifications. found in 13 reviews
Only provides Federal refund estimates date and nothing for state. found in 15 reviews
Said I would get my refund on a estimated date. found in 50 reviews
I checked my bank account & my refund was already there. found in 22 reviews
If I use the “I Filed with TurboTax ” option in this app. found in 33 reviews
Also disappointing is lack of interface with state refund status. found in 28 reviews
it is totally useless once your refund was accepted by the IRS. found in 16 reviews
It never told me when my refund was deposited into my account. found in 11 reviews
the app still shows that my expected refund date is April 9. found in 10 reviews
it just gave an estimated refund date based on last year. found in 10 reviews
It only tells you if your return was accepted by the IRS. found in 64 reviews
Checked for my refund with this app every few days. found in 15 reviews
and will receive my refund via direct deposit. found in 23 reviews
but this App will not recognize my Social Security number and Zip Code. found in 72 reviews
Gave me an estimated refund date about two weeks out. found in 89 reviews
this app is inaccurate about the estimated return dates. found in 10 reviews
they will tell you the exact date your refund is due. found in 27 reviews
I've already received my refund but this app still has no clue. found in 21 reviews
Like most of the critical reviews I agree that this app was pretty much useful only for knowing when the return was accepted Even though I received my return within a week the app still shows it as pending with an estimated date 2 weeks outI used the apps Tell us what you think option to offer my thoughts on the apps shortcomingsI pleasantly received a quick reply email stating that I was probably using an old version and that I should update the appWhen I checked the App Store I confirmed that I was using the latest version 52 Ok so 3 stars down to 2What knocked this down the remaining star was the remainder of the email which stated that email support is no longer staffed and please do not reply to thiscall a toll free number instead Well I got my refund already so my motivation to make that phone call is pretty lowAt least for me the app does nothing that is not already automatically done with an email from Intuit when you efile with TurboTaxWant more stars Intuit Keep working on it    Three stars barely acceptable but then
The money is in my account and the app still thinks that it is 14 days out All this app does is find your filling date and add 21 days to that Total waste and for asking your social security number Very nerve racking    Horrible
No information other than date filed    Useless App
It just gives you am estimated date that was still showing the wrong date after receiving the refund    Worthless
Love it                Fed tax return
Not accurate at all and really doesnt give you any information Says I shouldnt get my return until March 19 just checked my bank account and I received it two days ago Disappointed in this app    Doesnt work
As far as I can tell from the past two years if you efiled with TurboTax it will look up the date your return was accepted and add 21 days as this is the average time to process returns It doesnt have any insider knowledge of your particular returns processing So not a bad app but only useful for those who dont have a calendar and cant do simple arithmetic       Just add 21 days
My tax return went into my account 10 days ago and my estimated refund date is now feb 25 Im pretty sure that date was pushed back    Inaccurate
This app provides you with nothing more than informing you your tax information has been received by the IRS IRS2Go provided more information    Completely Useless
Pretty useless Would be of benefit if it kept tracking actual refund date But as is its of no use Wont use again       Waste of space
Awesome                Iphone5s
Once I filed my tax return on March 18 I downloaded the app and it showed that I filed both Sate and Federal was accepted and the expected date of refund was April 9 Although this info was helpful the dates were inaccurate because I received the deposit into my account 8 days later Surprisingly the app still shows that my expected refund date is April 9 I guess that I will just use the IRS website because its the most accurate       Helpful But Inaccurate
Im disappointed with it Yes it does tell you when your return is accepted but your expected refund date is the average from last year For your state return it tells you to go your states site but gives no link Since they process millions of returns youd think they would know what the current processing time was The emails from TurboTax give me the same info without me having to run this app repeatedly to find out when the status has changed The app should send us an alert       Somewhat useful
I cant even get the app to work So pointless    Always crashes
Offered quick status without needing to go on the Internet                Useful
Only shows accepted status nothing more IRS2Go is much better    Not helpful
Incredibly convenient and easy to use                A musthave app for TurboTax users
When you try to contact them you get the same generic response used it last yr it was pretty good this year it sucked Still do not have my refund and I filled online Feb 1st rediculous    Refund estimate
This app has no real time update Its estimate is simply 2123 days from the date you filed If anything else is going on like an identity verification process the app wont know that and will not adjust    Not a smart App pretty much useless
The app is worthless Download IRS2GO You will need you SSN filing status and refund amount 24 hours after my refund hit my back the Intuit app still shows an ETA of 2 weeks from now and the status as ACCEPTED Just a waste of your time to download this app and then delete it later    Finally found something the Feds are better at
Quick and easy             Easy to use
Doesnt help if I have to go to my states website to find out anything about my state refund in fact that refund was deposited to my account 2 weeks ago and the app still doesnt know I got an email this morning from Turbo Tax saying my refund was on its way and would be deposited on the next business day 3 days from now In fact the money was already in my account and this app STILL says my refund is projected for 9 days from now Like I said useless    USELESS
This app was so fast and simple to use What a convenience Its nice to have an app for this in lieu of just a mobile web browser if youre restricted to using your cell phone to check the status of your taxes Sometimes the mobile browser can be a drag but I was amazed with how quick this was It wasnt complicated at all like I had anticipated Definitely will recommend this                EXTREMELY Convenient
Says my refund will come in 13 days it came in yesterday    Inaccurate
Not timely The bank posted my IRS refund to my account yesterday It is visible online and available for withdrawal Today this tax app still shows an estimated refund wait time of two more weeks Not useful    Consumer
The app is easy to use quick and does exactly what it says it doesgive you an estimated date for when you will receive your tax refund If youre using TurboTax already you can receive email updates with this info so the app feels a bit redundant It works well though for the little it does          Simple and does what it says
Im a fairly low income individual and last year I used the turbo tax snap tax app and it was quick and easy This year I searched for the snap tax app and they dont offer it so I thought I would try this one I was excited when I saw that you can still just snap a photo of your w2 and it fills in the form for you and it should be a few easy questions from there and Im done Instead the form was only filled out maybe half way So I thought that was a small inconvenience so I didnt think much of it Then after I was done manually filling out the form I got to the questions section Again I knew there were some simple questions and I would be done soon based on all previous years I have a very simple tax situation I dont have any dependents Im single no rent or mortgage So basically the 1040ez would be sufficient Instead they asked me about 40 extra questions that ended up taking me a lot longer then I expected in fact I had to stop and resume at a later time because it was taking so long Then at the end they wanted me to pay almost 40 to efile and since I was getting a pretty good return I decided to pay and just be done with the whole thing I paid the fee and was promptly given a message that said there was an error on my form and because of that I was not eligible for efile at all so I had to mail in my tax form After all of the extra hoops and time and money I spent on this app Im embarrassed that I didnt just go to the irs website and fill out a 1040ez and call it a day These apps are originally designed to make peoples lives easier but this thing essentially screwed me out of my 40 and gave me nothing in return I would print my form from the app and file it but now its asking 36 to also include my state form No way Im paying that Ill cut my losses at this point    Misleading and expensive
The app does not give you any information other than when you can expect your federal return If you decide to write them about ANY difficulties they send you a standard email reply stating you need to update your app and that they no longer accept email communication so you need to call them during business hours This means you have to spend even more time to find out when you are going to get your money accurately I will be calling tomorrow I will keep everyone updated as to what they say Thank you    Everyone is right
It lets you know it was accepted than gives a target date Mine was 10 May Its now 10 June and nuthinDeleting this app    Minimally useful deleting
With just two data bits you get the status of your Federal refund filed with TT No frills just facts and a little supposition If I could also get the date for state the app would be great          For the Feds
It was accurate for both my federal and state status Very convenient                Accurate and helpful
App doesnt update beyond IRS acceptance of the return    Inaccurate doesnt update
Great simple and effective snap shot on the status of my refund                Simple
App gave estimated date way out of line I got my refund and it still said it wasnt going to be done for another 2 weeks Total waste of time    Save your time use IRS site
Just says date accepted and gives the 21 day window for your refund Not actually accurate    Useless
Easier than the IRS site                Simple and quick poor graphics
It is so simple and thats a plus for a first time user and tax filer                Turbotax
I dont understand good reviews It told me when my returns were accepted but then just told me a Federal estimate of 21 days based on last year and b go to State to get more info It never did give me a date not even after I received my refundstate or federal Ive received great automated regular updates from TurboTax nonapp for the past 7 years That is what I expected here Dont understand why not    Only an estimate
While the app itself seems stable it isnt very useful The information doesnt update for example work my return I received my state refund and the status never changed and the IRS app as me listed as my refund being approved with a refund coming in the next 3 days but TurboTax still has the same status as before with the generic refund date of 21 days after I filed you are better off with the IRS and your state app and website       Isnt very useful
They should rename the app to X days after receipt All it does is give you an expected date based on when the IRS got your return Do not use this app Why give them your SSN when the app is worthless    Rename app to X days
App kept saying accepted and status never updated Have had refund in my account now for 3 days and it still says accepted This app is not accurate at all Sent message to intuit through the app and was told I need to update to a newer version I would if there was a newer version available Gave one star because it wouldnt let me give zero    Bad App
Okay it can tell me the status of my returns No notifications Doesnt refresh the status when loaded Over simplified The text messages from Intuit were way more useful and timely Why bother with this app    Only slightly not useless
Last year I got my refund and this app missed the date It never said it was refunded It does not give current info    Tells me nothing whats the point of this app
IMHO bad information is worse than no information Received my Federal refund 2 days ago 37 and app says expect around March 16 I recommend IRS site quick and easy for this user Also disappointing is lack of interface with state refund status    Not helpful for me
The application notified me when my forms were accepted but did not tell me that the refund was sent out to meI reinstalled this app to see if that made a difference it didntSo basically the app takes up space Deleting from my phone Not worth downloading       Refund received but the app doesnt know this
The app continues to list my expected refund date 10 days out and my refund is already in my bank account    User
Device info iPhone 5 64GB iOS 701 ATTI had the opposite experience as another reviewer wthis app and the IRS2GO app This app told me exactly when my refund was coming back and was accurate whereas the IRS2GO app still said my refund was pending Ive also used TurboTax for the last 67 years and it has only gotten better I LOVE it                GREAT APP
All this app does it give you what typically happens year to year from the IRS You can just go online to the IRS website and it gives a much more accurate time frame       Why bother
Just shows date filed 21 daysDoesnt actually have access to when refund is sent from IRSMy refund came weeks before and it still showed filing date 21    Useless
Never updated my estimated refund date has come an goneno refund no update    Terrible


Intuit, Inc.
1.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS MyTaxRefund 2.0 Mobile

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