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PlayStudios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Radiant - Hyper Local Experiences and Rewards ,BlackJack myVEGAS 21 – Free Las Vegas Casino ,myVEGAS Slots), brings myVEGAS Slots with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. myVEGAS Slots games has been update to version 1.3.30037 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's a lot like casino games straight from my iPhone..
  • This is probably one of the best slot games I've ever came across..
  • This game is so much fun & get great deals while playing..
  • Fast paced and bright colors make it that much more appealing..
  • Just writing a review so it stops asking me to..

Overall Satisfactionc86
This is probably one of the best slot games I've ever came across.
I love playing this game and getting real world rewards.
I used to love playing this game but not so much anymore.
Amazing game that helps you in the real life of Vegas.
Until my bestie and I won show tickets to Love.
Used to love this game until one day.
Love that you can earn rewards towards a visit in Las Vegas.
I highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to just play for fun.
I'm not going recommend this game anymore unless glitches get fixed.
Love being able to play a game that actually gives you something back.
Other than that this is a wonderful game.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome game earn bonus to get real rewards.
Super fun and addicting game that comes with real life rewards.
Super fun app with cool prize opportunities.
Awesome Game Great rewards and pastime Fun fun fun.
Having tons of fun playing this game.
Loads of fun as you can also relate to the Vegas strip.
Once you begin playing it's hard to put down.
Redeem awesome rewards for free never spent a dollar.
I play this game everyday and it's fun and addicting.
Would recommend to play this game to all my friends.
Be prepared to be bled to death if you play this game.
I play every day and really enjoy the challenges.
I love the game and love to play every day.
Value for Moneyc77
Much better then blowing real money at the casino.
Clearly meant for buying chips with real money.
I have not used real money to play with fake money.
The game gives you plenty of points to play without spending $$$.
Super fun game that you can keep playing without spending money.
Fun game to play And pretend gamble without losing real money.
So much fun to not be losing real money for a change.
Replay Valuec81
There are different levels and different bonuses to keep it interesting.
There are achievements and different levels and even real prizes.
especially when you start getting at higher levels.
and made it only for higher levels.
Besides that I play it everyday and it never gets old.
Never gets old for me always win phat coinz.
Social Aspectsc62
Production Valuesc78
The other is when your sound effects just randomly come back.
My sound effects button won't stay off and that is annoying.
but am tired of turning the sound effects off.
The bonus games are fun and the graphics are great.
I really like the bonuses and graphics are great.
Great game real life rewards awesome graphics.
Awesome graphics and killer animation.
Ease of Usec85
Simple fun game that gives descent rewards for Las Vagas.
This is perfect for killing time and simple fun.
Ads not Intrusivec67
Just so they will stop asking me to rate them.
Yo need to make it stop asking to rate it.
I would be much more inclined to rate it five stars.
Security & Privacyc51
And for some reason my FB account doesn't sync up.
Updates & Supportc54
It's just different enough from the Facebook version without being complicated.
Wish the phone version was like the Facebook version though.
Play the Facebook version until they fix this.
Play the FB version as well as mobile to maximize benefits.
The challenges make it different from the FB version.
This app isn't nearly as lucrative as the fb version.
Customer service is wonderful.

Amazing game that helps you in the real life of Vegas. found in 67 reviews
Just like Vegas slots complete with bonus rounds. found in 844 reviews
Super fun and addicting game that comes with real life rewards. found in 439 reviews
Awesome I love this perfect little time passer with real rewards. found in 25 reviews
Super fun app with cool prize opportunities. found in 314 reviews
It simulates Vegas slot machines pretty accurately. found in 79 reviews
Good mindless fun with the possibility of real rewards. found in 16 reviews
Fun and you can also earn real discounts for Vegas rooms. found in 17 reviews
Loads of fun as you can also relate to the Vegas strip. found in 80 reviews
Love it great time killer and late night entertainment in bed. found in 110 reviews
Love the fact I'm playing to save money on my trip. found in 18 reviews
very nice game I enjoy it. found in 16 reviews
Awesome game earn bonus to get real rewards. found in 602 reviews
Nice free game that you can get rewards for Vegas. found in 33 reviews
this game is super entertaining and keeps me occupied in any situation. found in 11 reviews
Awesome Game
Great rewards and pastime Fun fun fun. found in 168 reviews
Wish the bonuses paid more in line with your bets. found in 37 reviews
I don't get credited from my daily spins - please fix this. found in 293 reviews
Awesome but need more bonus spins instead of once a day. found in 96 reviews
I wish the hourly bonus gave 500 instead of just 100. found in 8 reviews
I like the game except the Facebook game. found in 16 reviews
Still with this version: LOTS of internet connection errors. found in 9 reviews
Please make the daily bonuses increase along with your experience. found in 336 reviews
Pretty much pointless but a good way to waste time. found in 54 reviews
Not so much fun anymore. found in 10 reviews
Game is fun but annoying that it load now. found in 9 reviews
There are a lot of network connection issues though. found in 24 reviews
just wish the rewards wasn't just for people planning on Vegas. found in 11 reviews
Crashes frequently and lots of network issues. found in 14 reviews
the harder it is to get any bonuses or free spins. found in 39 reviews
It let's you win big then you have a horrible loosing streak. found in 10 reviews
Now the game crashes and freezes so often it's ridiculous. found in 26 reviews
The bonus games don't pay out if you bet large amounts. found in 16 reviews
And so far it's getting worst so I've stopped playing. found in 11 reviews
Just wish you got more than 100 coins when you collect the bonus. found in 11 reviews
Losing fake money and winning real gifts IS AMAZING. found in 21 reviews
It forces you to make max bets to move on. found in 77 reviews
but daily bonuses are based on consecutive days played. found in 336 reviews
Doesn't give me my daily spins on a daily basis. found in 293 reviews
One of the most frustrating is that your daily wheel bonus. found in 35 reviews
but lately I don't get credited for the daily bonus spins. found in 96 reviews
I've been double charged for chips and never got them. found in 50 reviews
Game is ok but very hard to win chips. found in 33 reviews
Fun while you have money but the slots never win. found in 30 reviews
Daily bonus wheel doesn't actually credit you what you've spun. found in 88 reviews
When your bonus doesn't give you enough chips for one spin. found in 93 reviews
it crashes every time I try to play a game. found in 33 reviews
Good idea but daily bonus wheel spin doesn't come up everyday. found in 32 reviews
Since the upgrade I cannot collect hourly bonuses. found in 177 reviews
Stop posting to Facebook without my permission. found in 78 reviews
But the constant " waiting for network " issues enjoyment into "uninstall app". found in 34 reviews
My daily spin bonus has stopped crediting. found in 40 reviews
I would be much more inclined to rate it five stars. found in 38 reviews

The myVEGAS Slots is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 69.7 MB to download. The new myVEGAS Slots app version 1.3.30037 has been updated on 2014-11-01.
Bottom Line: For more information about myVEGAS Slots check developer PlayStudios`s website :

Great Games, Amazing Rewards myVEGAS is a free-to-play casual slot game that offers players a chance to earn real world rewards from top resort and entertainment partners, including Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Cirque du Soleil, ...
I like the win and great bouns games to                 Great game
Poopy poop poop                 Poop
Tun of fun                 Awesome
Love the selection of games and the rewards are incredible                 Awesome Games
Free hotel rooms with enough points n keeps u excited                 Best game ever
I love this game it is awesome I love the fact that has the strip with different levels to reach and also compensates with the rewards on his points is a plus                 MyVegasWorld
Fun                 Me
Love this app and the real rewards for Vegas rooms showsgameplayfree drinks makes it EVEN more exciting                 Funnn
This is a fun casino game although the the challenges are very costly                 Good game
Great fun And practical prizes too Very addicting                 Love it
I loved it but now cant win I understand that its gambling but my goodness Good luck to all that play youll need it     When I started playing this game
Unless you plan on spending money you wont be playing much of this game The slot dont give enough to even let you play longer than a minute or so even on the lowest bet Im okay with spending money on a game if I can play long enough to enjoy it        Its alright
Love it                 Fun
Real rewards                 Great game
Good game                 Good game
Very cool slots ap                 Fun and Entertaining
This is a game I absolutely love because you can actually get something back for your money that you spend I love Vegas so to get discounts on hotel rooms and shows in Vegas by playing this game is a win win for me                 Love It
Only game app on my phone                 Great Time
The game is okyou get big wins and then nothing Running out of chips is a problem then you have to wait for bonuses        Not bad
Fun game              Fun
Love the challenges but feel daily wheel doesnt like me Need customer support but no way to get Level 59 doing challenge of collecting 530 cherries in Bedrockhave kept track of number but percentage has not increased although I have at least half required number     Waster of time
Love it trust me you will too                 Game
I play it everyday                 Fun to pass the time
Play it every day and the my Vegas blackjack Two favorite apps Love the rewards                 Awesome
This is fun                 Fun
Addictive And great rewards                 Great game
A great and addictive game to play And the comps only make it better                 Great Game
I love this app game The games are fun and easy and the rewards are great Ive been playing his for around 2 years and have redeemed multiple rewards with no issue The fine print is there you just have to look for it duh Its a great tool to use for discounts in Vegas If you plan your trip right you can go for next to nothing                 Love it fun and easy
Over 3 WEEKS and no Slots because your Mandatory UPDATES still wont do anything NO app No Games Not Anything     Updates
I ran out of coins to quick and its difficult to get more coins wish it was easier to get more              Good game but
Game                 Fun
I love it                 Good
How can you complain about free stuff                 Awesome
Feels like Im at the casino lol                 Awesome
I love how you can win things                 Fun and rewarding
Good game Glad I can set it on autopilot the multispins and come back to some earnings                 Meh
Great                 Vegas
Great fun Great rewards                 Fun
While I like to play slots Ive come to love playing this one I recommend it to anyone that likes to play at a casino and wants the real feel deal This app is for you                 Addictive
Been playing for over a year now and love this game                 Love it
Need more chips to start with but seems fun                 New slots
Amazing slots                 Awesome
My husband and I both play MyVegas and its the only one that we enjoy playing Love this game and the rewards                 Only game we play
Great Fun                 My Vegas Slotscom
This is the best app I ever played I won a trip to vagus for my grandparents              Wow
Fun and addicting I love how you can win real awards                 Addicting game
Very fun                 Love it
Extremely fun and addicting game              Very fun
Needs to give more wins and prizes and tokens              Fun need more tokens
Im so addicted great game              Nice

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