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National Geographic Society , the publisher behind many iOS app (Look & Learn: Animal Alphabet ,Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever ,Trail Maps by National Geographic ,50 Places of a Lifetime: The World`s Greatest D... ,Locked Up Abroad ,National Geographic Magazine), brings National Geographic Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. National Geographic Magazine app has been update to version 1.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The August issue of National Geographic is now available! Download National Geographic magazine on iPad™, and you can get our sample issue for FREE!
National Geographic`s current August issue offers three continually updated features—a daily news feed, a Twitter feed, and editors’ picks of best user-submitted photographs.
Articles include an inside look at the advances in making robots more human, author Bruce Barcott and photographer Paul Nicklen showcasing the elusive white black bear and the efforts to keep it alive, the future of Myanmar as its takes its first steps towards political reform, and insights into the life of Hanuman langurs in India.


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content for the August issue National Geographic magazine includes…
•Making Robots Human: A comical video of robots attempting to play soccer at the Robocup conference in Singapore. The cover also features a user-controlled, 360 degree spinning robot.
•Spirit Bear: A behind-the-scenes video of Paul Nicklen photographing the rare white Kermode Bear.
•Moon Core: An interactive graphic that reveals the moon’s interior layers with information on depth, material contents, and temperature.

National Geographic MagazineNational Geographic Magazine
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Back issues of National Geographic magazine are available starting with our February 2011 issue.


National Geographic magazine on iPad showcases each month’s issue with exclusive content and enhanced functionality. In the coming months, we will deliver innovative features that will continue to make your experience more engaging. Your feedback is important to us, so please be sure to take our reader survey, located on the last page of the magazine.
National Geographic Magazine


National Geographic on Zinio
If you have previously purchased National Geographic magazine through Zinio or a National Geographic–branded Zinio application, you can still get National Geographic magazine through the Zinio application for the iPad or at


About the National Geographic Society
The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. It is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology, and natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download National Geographic Magazine for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about National Geographic Magazine in National Geographic Society`s Official Website :


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Well the iPhone experience is awful I dont expect them to optimize the app or content for iPhone 6 anytime soonBut one of most important features of NG is and has always been its photographs And photo viewing is so bad on my i6 The pix are so small on 6s screen about the size of 55S i guess positioned on the lower left corner a bug I assume and scrolling is a disaster Hope they fix them soon I really mis my iPad for magazine reading    Awefull
I cant access the issues Ive subscribed to without repurchasing Its completely unstable glitchy and wasted my time trying to download restore reset passwords just to get access only to have it disappear again Im running iOS 83 on an iPad All updates are installed One of the most annoying apps Ive ever come across I wish I could give it a black hole instead of a starmaybe even three or four    Thoroughly Disappointing
I love national geographic but this app needs some improvements The content layout should be optimized for the iphone 6 plus bigger screen Also the app should have the capability to change the text color background to black so its easier on your eyes at nighttime Please make these upgrades to your app and I will definitely give 5 stars          App needs some improvements
The reviews definitely dont reflect the experience Ive had with this app It runs very smoothly on both my iPad and iPhone and I love having access to my favorite magazine digitally I like the added content you can get by going digital too its still the same great magazine true to its original form and not choked by too much flashy digital content or anything like that but does include subtle niceties such as timelapse videos and interactive maps that you couldnt get in the print versionUsing my login Im able to access back issues of the magazine at National Geographics website although Im not able to access the current months version which Ive already paid for Hopefully that will be fixed soon as I really love the flexibility of reading National Geographic from anywhere                Awesome
I like the app but I want it on my home screen iOS wont let me take it out of Newsstand which is in my junk folder Deleted the app Wish I could delete Newsstand instead          Stuck in iOS Newsstand Yuck
Since this latest upgrade my National Geographic app does not even load Instead it pops up then dies I have had this app ever since it first appeared and have enjoyed it in conjunction with my hard copy subscription In short this is a major disappointment    App doesnt even load
Getting into the app through Newsstand is a breeze Navigating between and within issues takes a little getting used to Once learned I am enjoying the experience The downgrade is due to the inability to exit from the app When I close the app it takes me to the Newsstand where I am forced to stay I cant get back to the phone features The only way I found to get out of it is by cycling the power       Cannot exit app on my iPhone 5s
I did love this interacted book it view us the information in different way than the normal one Also it useful to use in ipad and do not take large space This book also display new information daily so we cant feel boredom at all This make my want to read and see what information this book have and know about our word new discovery                Interacted book
Restrictive landscapeonly modeUnder certain conditions most of them app doesnt even show the already downloaded magazines when not on wifi This is a serious bug       Two issues
Im in love with National Geographic since I was a child I got the subscription to the iPad version and I always have problems of crashing or having to download again and again the purchased issues They have not done anything to fix it and the times I contacted the customer service never get an answer The times that the App is working I have to say that they did it really well but there are more times that the App dont work so Im getting frustrated and planning to stop my so far 3 years subscriptioni wish they read the comments to get a good improvement of the App    Horrible App amazing magazine
Usually the review consensus matches my experience However I have had no problem at all and am surprised by so many bad reviews The magazine looks and technically works perfectly I even attempted to duplicate various tech related problems others had turning off wifi and trying to access etc etc I really find no technical issues and have enjoyed the issue The reason I am not giving 5 stars because the quality of the writing is not quite up to par but not terrible             Reviews almost scared me away
Talk about a barrier to entryallow issues to download in the background and perhaps I could read one of the digital editionsif I leave the page or my iPad turns off the download restarts As there are a plethora of complaints about this I assume youre aware Would be great if you found a solution    Allow background downloads
I gave it one star because I was FORCED to otherwise it would get ZERO STARS This NG app crashes over and over The sign up is brutal and grueling to say the least You must be connected to wifi to use it because apparently it makes me download the mag Ive already paid for over and over Cant take my iPad to the beach and read NG because it has to download it again Total piece of CRAP so dont waste your time    Bad app
Im happy to see that the app is finally being optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus The text size smaller in the articles is a welcomed improvement I would say that more work is needed on the general UI on my 6 plus the UI of each issue still occurs very large on the screen and could be reduced in size to make better use of screen space It still looks like the general UI for each magazine issue was designed for a small phone like the 4s or 5 and looks too blown up on the 6 plus             Great app
Once in the article always in the article Cant get to the pictures or tables or anything else once in the main article of a story    Upgrade does not work
Not sure what happened but the app just became nearly unusable Cant swipe between articles pictures arent loading properly and even the article pages have some weird border problem across the top This is on an iPhone 6 Plus    Bad Upgrade
This magazine would be 5 stars if you can read the digital content in portrait mode I dont use landscape mode for anything not even this app          Needs Portrait Mode
This is absolutely ridiculous No matter what I try I cant get into my account It just tells me authentication failed I tried calling customer service and sat on the phone waiting forever I cant login to archives either Its just one of the worse customer service experiences Ive had Its a shame seeing as I have a great admiration for Nat Geo    I cant even login to my account
This is such a poorly designed app which is truly unfortunate since the material is so fascinating Articles suddenly reload to the beginning every few minutes regardless of wifi or data connectivity strength    Nat geo staff please fix this app
I have an 6 and this app does NOT even work on it Can read articles because the pages dont turn and constantly freezes I want my 2000 back    Dont buy this crApp
Great app                Nice
Dude Nat Geos classic portrait mode is absent from this app I refuse to read a magazine in landscape Its like Im playing a video game Im waiting to subscribe until they fix it PS Why not let people resize text while youre at it    No portrait mode
I have had this app for the past year and have never experienced any problems with it The magazine is beautiful on the iPad I used to have this magazine on the nook and reading it as a pdf is annoyingThe photos are absolutely amazing Definitely recommend                Love this app
All other magazines have vertical viewing which makes this really annoying       iPad needs vertical viewing
Dear National GeographicYour latest update to this fine app doesnt support the iPad1 Dont expect me to buy another iPad just to read the magazine Crazy to see how many app developers are leaving all their early adopters behind by making their current apps incompatible with the most current iOS for the iPad1 Do you send out a new pair of prescription glasses with each new issue of your printed magazine Of course not the same human factors issues should be considered when you develop a new app or update an existing one    Nat Geo Doesnt Support iPad1
The app works however you can only use it in portrait mode or on its side with iPad Just the opposite on iPhone Not convenient at all Also you cant pinchexpand pictures or text VERY IRRITATINGIm still trying to figure out how to download issues purchased on iPhone to iPad and vice versa       Portrait View Only
Disappointed    No Portrait Mode
If all you want is to read the articles this app will annoy you Its filled with annoying animations and auto play sounds requiring gestures to navigate between pages Portrait mode is not supported       Annoying for reading text
Please add function to allow portrait display       Fix display for iPad
Unable to change text size    Text
Please update to properly support iPhone Plus display without zoom       Needs iPhone 6 Plus support
Terrible app after recent update it constanly crashes rip off    After update it crashes
Cant login keeps saying authentication failed    Cant login
I like the iPad version but I wish I could change the size of the font On the iPhone 6 you have to read an article text in one sitting If you close the app or go forward or backwards in the magazine it resets the article back to the beginning Very frustrating Otherwise the videos and animated graphics are nice and add an extra dimension over the print edition       Could be better than print but has issues
Whats with the photos of each article being so tiny The reason I subscribe to the digital version and to the magazine is because its known not only for its articles but for the amazing photos I have an iPhone 6plus and not only can I not zoom into photos they come up so small when you view each articles photos Please Update this Pleaseee    Photos are everything
I LOVE this magazine but the app is frustrating The most annoying thing for me is that it makes me download the issue over and over again Why does it get deleted automatically That doesnt even make sense I turned off auto archive and it still happens Please fix this bug ASAP       Please Fix App
Not really sure what those negative reviews are about More often than not its operator error jus sayin But Ive had this going in 2 years with no issues at all Been a NG subscriber for many many years and finally jumped on the digital bandwagon and very glad I did Like the heading says Simply Awesome                Simply Awesome
I dont know what it is but just seeing a magazine like this on PAPER is so much better than on a small phone I shouldve gotten a paper subscription instead       Disappointed
This app lacks the most basic feature you would expect from a digital magazine There is no way to pinchzoom on pages either to increase the text size which is too small main articles on iPad and side sections on all devices or to see the picturesgraphics more clearlyTake the July issue of food trucks 16 seemingly good pictures combined on 1 page practically useless on an iPhone screen Text annoyingly reverts to beginning of article and smallest size each time you switch to another app Text size reverts to small when you swipe to next article within appthese settings should be rememberedAll of these suggestions should be an easy fix    Cant enlarge text cant zoom in to photos and other bugs
Does not respond to customer inquiries Does not deliver goods paidfor    Incompetent company with negligent customer service
how di u delete it    NG magizine
I love the magazine and this apphowever I cant stand that every time the screen sleeps or you leave the app then go back to the app it goes back to the beginning of the article Youre left to scroll down and find where you left off PLEASE please change that somehow so the app is more useful             Please change
This app hasnt worked rig in months Used to be one of my favs but I cant even get it to load an issue anymore Probably going to cancel my subscription since this is the only way I access it and I cant now Too bad they didnt stick with keeping the app great 2 years ago it was awesome    Used to be great now super buggy
Im reading this article and it goes on forever If I happen to go to a different app and return my location is lost Also the article I downloaded has no images       No Page Breaks
Where have the photos gone And swiping between articles is clunky bought this expecting much Disappointed       Ms
Beautiful magazine however it freezes a lot Text and other icons are blurry Sometimes it will not let you get to the menu other times it wont go away    Frozen delayed focus etc
So many Issues Its a constant thing Its really frustrating    Really bad
The May 2015 update clearly wasnt tested Botched everything Cant navigate by swiping anymore most pictures are inaccessible and what pictures do come up scale wrong The article text works but abandon all hope ye who enter here expecting pictures    Thoroughly botched clearly wasnt tested
By eliminating the ability to go down to the road level makes the app useless for realworld use National Geographic only maps allow user to extract general country information but details especially in cities are now non existent                April Change 16 2015 Makes App Worthless
No portrait view on iPad Who reads a book or magazine that way Come on devs I know youre not that lazy right UIViewController perhaps    questionable product app development


National Geographic Society
1.2 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.9

iOS National Geographic Magazine 1.9 Mobile

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