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Takuma Mori , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tweeter ,NatsuLion for iPhone), brings NatsuLion for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NatsuLion for iPhone app has been update to version 1.52 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


"NatsuLion for iPhone" (a.k.a. "NatsuLiphone") is a simple Twitter client for iPhone/iPod touch. It has simple, fast, and slick user-interface to enjoy Twitter. It`s based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX and it`s open source application, too.


Its goals are the follows:
- Be simple, be fast
- Feature icons
- Easy to use even for Twitter light users
- Handy for mobile usage

NatsuLion for iPhoneNatsuLion for iPhone
Tags :   iphone ,   natsulion ,   timeline ,   simple


Main Functions (Displays):
- Your timelines: friends, mentions, direct messages, favorites, sents
- Replies to your screen name are emphasized in friends timeline
- Display user timeline
- Pair-timeline to show tweet conversation
- Reply chain view which based on in-reply-to
- Manage unread tweets
- Build-in web browser


Main Functions (Posts):
- Post a message (with showing in-reply-to message)
- Create or remove a favorite
- Retweet
NatsuLion for iPhone


Optional Features:
- Autopagerize: show older timeline only to scroll to the bottom
- Use safari: show web page in Safari
- Color theme: light(default) or dark color theme
- Shake to Fullscreen: switching views to fullscreen (or normal) by shaking your iPhone
- Left-handed Control option


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download NatsuLion for iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.52 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about NatsuLion for iPhone in Takuma Mori`s Official Website :


Very nice interface Theres some problems though about it telling me how many new tweets Ive received             Nice app
The interface is nice and simple I like everything about it except when I hit compose I get a blinking cursor and the keyboard never comes up Ive reinstalled three times and now given up If this updates and works Id probably like it But tweeting is pretty essential to a twitted app    Id like it if I could compose a tweet
Does exactly what I need a Twitter client to do Advanced users will pine not having twitpic and tinyurl integration but for people like myself who enjoy keeping tabs on friends this app is terrific And I second the love for the icon          Solid Cute to boot
lack of support for direct messages is unfortunate and unread flagging is akward otherwise great app for the price          nice but incomplete
Very fast and a nice interface I love the shake to full screen Especially when youre on a webpage Being able to set your own autorefresh times is great Im hoping that when apple finally releases push notifications that you take advantage of that with this app The only feature I could ask for is the ability to upload pics But even without that I consider this a 5 star app Very polished and fast Now I can delete my other twitter apps Ive tried them all an this one is by far my favorite And you cant beat free Edit one more request Itd be nice to be able to view another users timeline when youre viewing their profile                Awesome
After trying several different Twitter apps including Twitterfon Twitterrific Tweetie Twitterena I find NatsuLion to be the most polished most intuitive interface of all Not too many bells whistles but not too simplistic either Nice minimalistic appearance userfriendly easy to figure out how everything works Love it             Excellent Twitter app
Its pretty good One of the best free Twitter apps Cons are that you cant view profiles             Awesome
Best iPhone Twitter client for iPhoneiPod Touch Nice user interface too                Yeah
Needs a better name so people can find it Ditching my other twitted clients for this             Very Nice
Great for basic tweets and vanilla broadcast tweets Loads and refreshes quickly easy to use Wish it had support for DMs instead of unread tweets I can figure that out myself Nice customization No photo upload another negative But its so much easier to use than other apps Twitterific and unlike Twitterfon the send button isnt in the same place as the reply button so Im not sending out blank tweets every other day                Best Basic App but missing a few extras
Please add it Id much rather use this app than twitterfon but I post a lot of images             Twitpic is missing
This is THE Twitter app to have Nice look Its simple but there is no search Theres no way to look up ppl or to see what trends are poppin             Awesome but
So far twitterrific seems to be a more userfriendly app than this one This is still a good app though          Ok
Im one day into Twitter Twitterific Free majorly crashed like three times Until I got on NatSuLion I didnt even know I had some replies Im staying with the latter More user friendly and less vague             Easy to use
I cant log in it says username or password incorrect when its not    Dumb
Landscape twitpic and things like those would make this app the best in the app store But either way this app is awesome and a must have for any Twitter user             Cool but missing alot
Excellent App The best free edition app for twitter on your Iphone andor Ipod Touch Try the desktop version is also recommended Excelente Aplicación La mejor aplicacion gratuita para twitter en Iphone yo Ipod Touch Te recomeindo pruebes tambien la version de escritorio                Excellent App Excelente Aplicacion
Its a cute and useful Twitter client But could I manage my following list in this AppAnd if possible please show me how long have the message been post 12 minutes ago or something like this for each messageThanks for providing such a good App                Its a great App
Could u plz update this app cant see my DM and could use a facelift and plz dont leave out the older firmware some of us cant update our devices                Love it but
This app for twitter has the potential to be the best The developers really thought about what is important to the average twitter user I was very impressed with the features and the menu However my experience with this app was tarnished when it would constantly fail to connect to the twitter server and it would not update even 5 minutes after my tweetI am sure others have had no issues but I guess I gave been unfortunate in that category Dont let my review ruin your hopes Its worth the download I just wanted to report the truth from my personal experience       Thought it was going to be good
i love this app its fast and never crashes on me unlike twitterrific premium i deleted that right away and kept this one try the desktop version also its less annoying than twitterrific in my opinion                NatsuLion all the way
Even though its actually the correct one Please fix it       It keep saying that my password is wrong
This is so bad I cant tweet out only receive tweets It really makes it infuriating when you cant tweet out    No Qwerty keyboard no tweeting out
How do I register    Help
As the title says it is quite easy to use and simple I can say its quite fast for me tooMy only complaint is the fact that it has no landscape mode             A good simple Twitter client
It is the worst if you dont have a Twitter account    Worst
Easiest twitter to use but you cant add search or look at profilesand did I just read that you can add photos Ugh          It can be the best twitter but
oh and a delete tweet button would work too                awesome app cont
If you have one acct only it works great I like the unread option which I can clear any time Great if u are a news junkie got the wsj and dr However when reading the links to news articles u cant switch to landscape so the text is really tiny Dont set it to use safari as you cant easily return to the app             Best singleAcct app Needs landscape
This app is by far the twitter app Ive treid them all and I just keep coming back to this one Not even the paid ones are as good One downside is that there is no multiple account support but that only affects a few people People who are stupid and cant register are dumb You put in your usernameemail password that you used to registeracess your twitter account This app dosent do it for youUpdate dear developer please update                The most underated twitted app
Needs landscape Seems functional otherwise          Needs landscape
The only reason why I gave this a one is because it keeps telling me that I have the wrong username and password combo How do I fix this    Help
Overall this seems to work well and better than most other Twitterrelated apps I have tried             love it
And free Awesome app Needs landscape Also all the problems it has are twitters fault             Better than tweetie
Cant figure out how to register to get the app working help here please    Cant figure out how to register
Its missing twitpic and the ability to post locationeven though I dont use that I would like to have landscape typing too Overall its a pretty good alternative with no ads if those I mentioned above doesnt mind you             Nice interface but missing a lot
This app has everything replies and DMs have their own section and appear in the main timeline Unreads section and most importantly a Sents section something that most other twitter apps dont have which is very frustrating Very nice and clean interface and refreshing and fetching count options The most imporessive twitter app Ive seen so far The only reason for 4 stars is that it doesnt let you attach pictures which is kind of important             The best twitter app
Natsulion This solid unpretentious twitter client is simple and to the point avoiding clutter and showiness Works well and avoids having an affected interface That and the little lion icon is positively adorable             Simple but effective interface adorable mascot
Wrong unpassword Ugh really       Iehsizdowlksndn
I love it but would be nice if I can post photos with my tweetsor am I not seeing it somewhere I can do it on twitterific and it even uses the twitterphoto url I forget the link url             allow photos please
I really love this app the time display the auto signature and adorable icon but its missing a lot of things please add search delete tweet option twitpic and highlight new tweets these things are fairly essential to me at least and adding these things would make it a 5 star app          missing
This app is awesome Very easy to twit                Love it
This is my favorite Twitter app by far Simplicity and a smart interface for links and replies Cant wait to see Twitter search implemented                Looking forward to Twitter search


Social Networking
Takuma Mori
0.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.52
iPhone iPad

iOS NatsuLion for iPhone 1.52 Mobile

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NatsuLion for iPhone

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