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Geolife Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Navfree GPS Live USA ,Navmii GPS Portugal HD ,Navmii GPS France HD ,Navfree GPS Live India ,Navmii GPS Nigeria ,Navmii GPS Brazil HD), brings Navfree GPS Live USA with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Navfree GPS Live USA app has been update to version 1.9.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very useful.
  • Integration with the iPhone address book..
  • so far it's the only free voice guided navigator that actually works..
  • Pioneer AppRadio..
  • And the voice direction is quite useful comparing with other Gps..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
It has the potential to be a great navigation app.
What good is a navigation app that doesn't navigate correctly.
One of the best Navigation App.
I like this better than waze.
Amazing graphics and voice choices.
Fun & Engagingclick me56
I have installed all free navigation software.
My favorite of three free navigation apps.
Awesome free gps.
Production Valuesclick me100
Amazing graphics and voice choices.
Reliabilityclick me24
You guys need to fix the bugs for this.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me74




NAVFREE The world`s first FREE `onboard` professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting, live ‘Google’ Search, for the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPad. The best GPS navigation software for the iPhone/iPad for FREE.

Navfree GPS Live USANavfree GPS Live USA
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Navfree is powered by Navmii, a top selling premium navigation software application.


TOTALLY FREE!!!! No monthly fees or Annual charges. Maps are stored on your device. No data connection is required*
Navfree GPS Live USA


FREE MAP UPDATES!!! Receive free updates of the map data for life.


AN INDUSTRY FIRST – Navfree uses map data from OpenStreetMap(OSM), often referred to as the Wikipedia of maps, which allows us to provide you with full GPS navigation at no cost to you.


HOW CAN YOU OFFER THIS FOR FREE? OpenStreetMap is an open source mapping system that was created by over 250,000+ users and as such the map data is free to use. As the maps are open and rely on users creating and updating them there will be a chance that some of the maps are incorrect or missing all together, especially in more rural areas. The good news is you can add & improve the map yourself by getting involved at OpenStreetMap, using one of the freely available map editors or simply use Navfree`s inbuilt map report tool to send mapping errors!


With your help OpenStreetMap can be the most accurate street map in the world.


Maps are stored on the iPhone/iPad so no data connection is required for map browsing/routing & address search


*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The First version of Navfree requires a Data connection to search for Address`s. This allows you to have up to date access to the latest OpenStreetMap address database. Maps are stored on the iPhone so no data connection is required for map browsing & routing.


• Now you can use Google or Microsoft Bing search directly from NavFree. Simply type in what you are looking for and see the result appear instantly on your map. 1-click and you will be navigating straight there.


• As easy as paper maps - Browse the map with multi-touch by dragging or scrolling the screen. Enables you to route instantly by holding down any point on the map display and clicking `route`. Great when you don`t have the full address of where you are trying to get to.
• On-board maps. No data connection is required for downloading maps
• Choice of guidance displays - Gives you the option of viewing the map in 2D, 3D or a safety screen.


• Easy and intuitive menus
• Large buttons designed for easy use on the iPhone/iPad.
• Day & Night maps - automatically switches to low glare maps for safer night driving.
• Access IPOD MUSIC LIBRARY from Map Screen
• Automatic zoom to junction

• Fast routing - Fast routing engine, allowing you to calculate long routes in seconds.
• Automatic rerouting - If you happen to miss a turn, NavFree will quickly and automatically recalculate your route.
• Route prompts - Clear turn-by-turn; voice-guided directions and a `graphically rich`, detailed moving map display with visual directions, leaving you to concentrate on driving.
• Demo Route Plan and preview your route in real time before you leave.
• Detour Feature
• List of directions on your route
• Routing Options
• Dedicated Pedestrian Navigation


NavFree makes it easy with an intuitive step-by-step address input method.
• Exact address search, including City, Street and House details.
• Route to an intersection or junction.
• Find nearest POI (cafe, restaurants or museums) or use Google or Microsoft Bing Search to find millions of places near you and calculate route there.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Navfree GPS Live USA for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.79 GB to download. The new Navfree GPS Live USA app version 1.9.7 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Navfree GPS Live USA check developer Geolife Ltd.`s website :


Great and handy app. found in 1 reviews
Alot better now. found in 1 reviews
I like this better than waze. found in 3 reviews
Work's better than MotionX GPS Drive. found in 1 reviews
Great used on trip across the USA in RV. found in 1 reviews
Offline gps is always an awesome thing about maps. found in 8 reviews
This app has sweet features like street view. found in 3 reviews
route 287 north or south. found in 2 reviews
not just your route like motion x GPS. found in 3 reviews
I like the look and user friendliness of the major update. found in 3 reviews
free real time traffic and road information. found in 2 reviews
Terrible road search engine. found in 3 reviews
It just needs to recognize street names better. found in 44 reviews
to enter an address is almost impossible. found in 15 reviews
The layout and format is good and the price can't be beat. found in 2 reviews
It needs work when you find an error with map data base. found in 2 reviews
Just wish I could use contacts for destination. found in 3 reviews
I can't google search since I'm not near wifi. found in 1 reviews
Find street junction doesn't work. found in 12 reviews
Second - app isn't ready for primetime. found in 1 reviews
Second there is no point A to point B route planning. found in 2 reviews
It needs iphone address book integration. found in 2 reviews
It finds streets and intersections but not house numbers. found in 24 reviews
did not recognize in laws street name as it was incorrect. found in 15 reviews
Open source. found in 6 reviews
Fix the lag and this would be a solid free GPS alternative. found in 1 reviews
Works ok but needs some adjusting. found in 1 reviews
Typed in correct address and was sent to the middle of nowhere. found in 3 reviews
if you don't have a data connection you won't see a map. found in 2 reviews
Does not recognize contact addresses nor full street addresses. found in 3 reviews
Nowhere near enough room to store map data. found in 11 reviews
App refuse to make changes to the route. found in 20 reviews
Tried to report map errors and it said unspecified error. found in 11 reviews
10 street names nothing found I live on Earth to. found in 44 reviews
then skips forward to current location then freezes. found in 10 reviews
Doesn't work with pioneers app radio. found in 9 reviews
What good is a navigation app that doesn't navigate correctly. found in 55 reviews
A navigation app without being able to navigate is absolutely nothing. found in 17 reviews
Same messages every time I tried to navigate : "unable to find route". found in 17 reviews
BUT I at least expect it to work. found in 21 reviews
If you can't enter a street number. found in 12 reviews
required to redown load maps again and server was down. found in 14 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
For an offline navigation app navmii seems to have a fatal flaw in that I couldnt get it to lookup an address without having a data connection Type in an address or zip code without having data turned on and it fails to find it yes I do have the map downloaded for the area Im searching Turn on data and it displays a list of potential matches with Google icons on them so presumably its relying on Google to tell it the coordinatesOnce an address is located you can then turn off the data connection and it will navigate fine It also seems to remember addresses its located previously but I always needed a data connection for the initial lookupThis appears to be a bug as the developer claims offline lookup should work but I could never get it to function Sure you can work around this by looking up and saving addresses ahead of time when you have access to a data connection but with other cheapfree navigation apps that work properly offline available eg Nokia Here why would you       Cant lookup addresses offline
For the price free you cant do better The offline functionality is perfect for me                Great portabilitystand alone navigator
I used to use this app anytime I knew I would be driving into areas without cell service But when I just tried the app and its latest update the app just crashes anytime I try to get directions An ok is now useless Hopefully theyll fix this soon    Used to be a good app
Doesnt compare favorably to Waze I have been a Waze user for several years and occasionally am in territory where its hard to connect to get a new route like in rural AZ or NV I thought Navmii would help but as I have had the app on my phone for about six months and have yet to use it I was considering deleting it to free up memory on my phone But before deciding whether to delete the app I did a comparison of the routes to home from my current location about 400 miles away I notice two major differences First Navmii chose a different route through Phoenix Its debatable which is better so Im ok with that However later on the drive Navmii wants to route me really far out of my way from Boulder City around the west shore of Lake Mead to northeast Las Vegas then back south to Henderson There is no indication on Waze that there are any traffic problems on the normal route that would justify such a circuitous path The Navmii route is not only 17 miles out of my way I would need to pay the national park fee to use that road Finally it is calculating the time to drive at over 9 hours The Waze est is under 6 hours which I know to be correct Does Navmii expect us to stop and take a 3hour boat ride while at Lake Mead That extra 3 hours is bizarreBottom line is that if it doesnt route logically for a trip I know well Im not going to trust it for one I dont know App deleted       Good in principal but
Great app but you really should consolidate other countries into this one app where I have the choice of downloading a particular country             Consolidate
Im using the app to pair to my pioneer head unit Wish it had the ability to allow to play Spotify app in the background and voice search option The map isnt upto date for my area construction area months ago change ramp directions but no changes to the maps Otherwise love that it uses Google search Hope it continues to improve          A great appbut
Guys come on Seriously test your updates before you publish them The app is practically useless since the last update extremely frustrating Please fire the product dev team or hire some college grads with a computer engineering background Ghah    Used to work
This is great Awesome Try it We use it all the time Great Try it out Theres nothing in trying it out                Great
Whenever I try to navigate anywhere the app crashes This needs to be fixed immediately or you will lose your entire user base    Crashes when trying to navigate
I give 4 stars rate for this app just because it took me a little bit more time to use it smoothly But this app is very useful and helpful especially your phone does not have data plan or you lost data connection on the road sometimes The navigation is reliable The app works very well on my iPhone with iOS 8 I can search or change route while I am on the trip no wifi no data needed to do so because the map of my state has been downloaded Adding way points and recalculating route automatically are quite helpful in practice Like this app Maybe I should give 5 stars rate                Nice gps app
This was a great app until the last update which killed it Literally cannot use the app Very pathetic on the developers part    Update killed it
Crashes every time    Upgrade is no good
I love this app But with the last update every time Im searching for an address it crash Please fix          Last update
TTS isnt right as it says turn right on 536 instead of street name Plus not all streets Labeled on map Im in USA and it would be nice to change 24 hr time to 12hr and yards to feet       Great but
I used it today for the first time and I think it is fantastic Great interface                Fantastic
Uses way to much battery even when not using the app Should allow only location services when using the app       Battery hog
Poor Nav system crashing continuouslyHigh battery usage as needs GPS on all times       Poor Nav System
So far so goodOne complain it wants to use location always The other option is never Suggestion plz add an option of while using app          Looks good but need improvement
I found the app difficult to navigate I wanted to use it for bike riding After establishing my home it listed the local coffee shop being over 5000 miles away When I selected the driving route it would tell me there was no causeway to get me to my intended destination If I have to spend more than 30 minutes trying to figure out an app then its not for me    Not worth the time
App is now useless due to update    Useless
Once apple map asked me drive off a hill to reach my destination i hardly trust any other maps than google I chose this map coz its more compatible with my pioneer headunit Pros work smooth with headunit display Voice is clear and timing is goodHas music control build into itCan store maps in phone memoryConsNight mode display is too dark Have to pay for updates Have to pay for traffic Have to pay for speed cam alert 1015 per year to maintain this map Realtime traffic lets you know that there is heavy traffic once you are stuck deep inside it Interface reminds us of windows95Lag in recalculating Need better alternate routing option MOST ANNOYING THING IS THE HEAD UNIT DISPLAY OF MAP GOES BLANK WHEN U LOCK THE PHONEAfter recent update it completely stopped working Once i select a destination the application automatically exits Please dont waste your money on this    Need improvements
Good and the best thing is offline navigation                Good and the best thing is offline navigation
The app gives good directions but the search function is an absolute mess Gives way too many results If I search a city and state dont give me a list of every road in the state with the city name in it Thats absurd          Search function
Great                Great
While many of the apps that use location info permit the iOS option to provide location info only While using the app Navmii only gives users the options of Never or Always That permits a periscope on users lives that is unnecessarily invasiveAs tedious as it is to prevent Navmii from being able to track your location in the background even when the app is closed you need to either turn the Location setting for Navmii to Never each time you stop using the app or switch off the master Location setting for the smartphoneOut of respect for users privacy the Navmii developers should permit the Location option of While using the app That consideration and the ability to handshake with and track other users by username or email address would make a 5 star navigation app       Needs While using the app Location Setting
This is among the best if not the best offline navigation app but it needs a few tweaks to be perfect 1 It needs to be updated to allow Background App Refresh2 Location Services needs to be updated to allow While Using the app option as opposed to only Always or Never             Need some tweaks
Im a top ranked Wazer who has started using Navmii because of its simple comparability with Pioneer AppRadio and Wazes lack of support I prefer Navmiis display and offline mode The routes are pretty good and traffic info in my area Boston is fairly accurate Navmiis road alerts leave room for improvement and sometimes the display struggles to locate my position Other than that I like it a lot             Not bad at all
Very poor in states Very delayed in finding my location Mostly useless No features less than other nav apps Might work traveling into other countriesWhen I travel Ill download that place give it a try For now deleting    Navmii USA
It does what it says Thank you guys                Great free GPS
Great Free GPS navigation offline app Used it to travel to the States Florida downloaded the offline Maps and had no issues Major points of interest are still not available                Great Free GPS Navigation Offline App
This used to be my go to GPS app but since the last update it wont do anything but crash when you try to look up anything    Used to be good
The worst most confusing GPS app Ive ever used Ive had it for two hours and still cant get direction to work It keeps telling me Im 6000 miles from somewhere India and doesnt show streets even after downloading maps It doesnt show up in Location services so I cant enable them which it keeps on telling me to do    GPScks
Wish there was a way to view the arrival time in a 12 hour clock mode rather than the 24 hour mode Otherwise seems to be a good app and works well with my Pioneer aftermarket stereo well             Arrival time
Was excited to try with my Pioneer x2700bs in my car but just crashes every time I put the address in    Doesnt work
I love the app Offline mode is cool Overall I liked it                Best free app out in the market
CONS As far as I can tell it always shares your position with other Navmii users Why So random people can find out where I work and live No thanks Position always or never How about dont share my position ever But allow my position to be used to help me navigate when using the app With gps and internet on it seems to use a lot of battery It has a limited number of preloaded locations and you need to have an actual address of where you are going PROS Up side free maps Works when you have no cell towers          Needs some changes
This a great app I like the offline feature best I hope they add an alternate route feature in the future Thats the only issue Ive discovered so far Ive used a number of routing apps this one beats them all             Excellent app
Great GPS Accurate and a lot of options Totally recommend it                Gps
Simply awesome          Bobby
No instructions on how to use No maps came up in Ipad wifi mode My ipad does not have GPS but thought this app would work without    useless as a map source
Used to work until the new update When searching an address the app closes    Not working anymore
It would be nice if the map could maintain North is Up and pan continuously also             North is Up
Update Aug 12 2015Just loaded the update today and the problem I was having seems to have been fixed Thank you development crew Ill update the of stars too if I can This app was recommended to us while in the UK so when we got back to the US we installed the USA version It worked nearly a week before the end of July update which made it a complete waste of battery power Glad I didnt buy and inapp upgrades                Now functioning
I dont have a strong data plan so having an offline gps that works is awesome I love it                Worked great for me
Im using this app with my Pioneer head unit so far i like the interaction with the pioneer unit the inapp purchases are fair and worth it having the maps reside in the device is a plus it is a bit slow in starting up but you can deal with it resembles the google app but with some pretty good extras i recommend this app dont fear the in app purchases          so far so good
What a perfect app                SAVE MONEY WITH OFFLINE MAPS
Unfortunately I did not read other peoples reviews before purchase I trusted the description of this app It quits up on address search I tried several times to contact and inform support but no answer or improvement Now Im mad Just for the principle Im filing with apple for refund of my 199    Garbage
Very nice gps app I like it                Good app
Positives 1 Does not consume your data I used it on a 6 hour trip and the phone as a whole consumed 4MB including any browsing I did while on the trip2 Will get you to where you are going but a little lateNegatives 1 When going onto a highway onramp it does not tell you the direction eg North or South2 The route it takes you on is not really the fastest route On a 6 hour trip it used a route that would take 7 hours Google Maps did calculate the fastest route correctly3 There is no option to get the step by step directionsSummary get it if you are worried about consuming data I use it on long trips to save on data but I use it with a grain of salt I double check the route on GoogleMaps first             Good but could be much better
Bought upgrades and saw an update so I did it Now app wont do anything past initial start up    Last update broke app


Geolife Ltd.
1.79 GB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.9.7
iPhone iPad

iOS Navfree GPS Live USA 1.9.7 Mobile

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