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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (NBA Live by EA Sports FREE ,Surviving High School ,TETRIS® for iPad ,Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® BY EA SPORTSâ„¢ ,The Sims 3 Ambitions ,LITE-BRITE), brings NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


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with all the over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball action just like you remember it – and like you’ve never seen before! Go to the hole. Go strong. Go for the monster jam. KABOOM!


Jam with all 30 NBA teams and your favorite NBA stars! Unlock legends from the classic arcade era like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Dr. J, Scott Skiles, Karl Malone, Detlef Schrempf, and Danny Manning – plus some secret players you can only get on iOS. Open up outrageous cheats, too. And if you can’t wait to go big, all the unlocks are available for instant purchase and download in the JAM store!

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPadNBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad
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3 modes of play let you ball the way you want:
• Play Now – Select a team and jump right into the ballgame
• Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players and cheats
• Local Multiplayer – Go big head 2 big head against a friend on iPad or iPhone/iPod touch via local
WiFiWireless local area network
and Bluetooth
Also select from two different control schemes (D-Pad and gesture-based) and take advantage of the outstanding versatility of your device. Is it the shoes?


If you’re from the Old School, you’ll feel the ‘90s nostalgia while you play the hottest new arcade sports game on the App Store. Featuring the voice of Tim Kitzrow (the original NBA JAM play-by-play announcer), you’ll hear all the classic catchphrases plus a few new ones recorded just for this game. This JAM is all about “boomshakalaka”¬– and beyond!
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NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad


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The NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad is now available for $0.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 249 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad check developer Electronic Arts`s website :


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Game is cool but more mascots please             More mascots please
Ok just remove Allen Iverson from the game then thank you very much NOT    What the hell
Crashes way to much on iPad mini    Dont get game
NBA jam is a pretty good game but it would be a whole lot better if there were frequent roster updates including new rookies from the draft             Good But
EA sports you need to update rosters monthly or every trade deadline or trade that happensI am a thunder fan and I dont want Kendrick Perkins on it Kanter or Adams would be better Also Ibaka is better than a 2 3point shotYou need to have Klay Thompson or Draymond Green And EA you stupid where is MJ You need at the least the 5 starters and the sixth man or even the whole roster                Update Rosters
Little over priced but great game                Best
EA I love this game It is my favorite basketball game to play But I just need you guys to do one more thing Put Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as two more things Once you do that Ill give you a 5 Not so fast Come on EA now you created another problem for me For players like Kobe Bryant he cant ever shoot a deep two point shot or a three You should work on that I am very upset about this You better fix this Then Ill give you a five fINAL          One more thing
Crashes prior to me even getting to play Not easily fixed I have deleted the app and re downloaded with no success    Crash
I love the game but Jamal Crawford ball handling 4 and three point 2 what Otherwise just give the players their gear and real shoes and kinda make it like console and give new rosters but great game                Best basketball game out right now
I love this game have been playing it for a long time I beat the campaign Love this game think it is the best ios basketball game but it needs an update or make a 2nd one because the rosters are super old Make it for Xbox one Ps4 Xbox 360PS3 and ios plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsss People would love this and I think you guys would make a lot of money so PLZ think about it          Update plz
I love this game but I think it would be helpful if u could 5 on 5             Why only 2
This game is so fun It is so addicting You can even put music on when playing                NBA JAM
I love this game love the funny faces but still its offensive please change and also add one on one and also five on five itll be way way betterAlso they always make so many slam dunks Make them make more regular shots             Great but
Dont waste ur time on this garbage    Awful
please add team fire like on the console Also can you add Michael Jordan on the bull as a legend We should also be able to perform razzle dazzle The last thing Nba jam players need is a more modes like on console SO PLEASE DO US A FAVOR ELECTRONIC ARTS AND ADD THESE THINGS Thank you                Perfect But
Im a huge fan of NBA JAM I grew up the game on arcade and Nintendo Its amazing that this game can play on an iPad Great graphics I dint have problems on an iPad 2 Highly recommend this game                Love this game
This Game is the best basketball game out there if you delete then redownload it the crash goes away the gameplay is great but you shuld add a few more uniform updates for some players and add more stars                Good Game
The game updated and then I could not play boo do not bye    New Update
This is a real good game I hope you could make a second one good game                Awesome game
I love this game but lower the goat or Jordan rating             Goat
I have the first iPad Mini and it crashed too I deleted it and redownloaded it and worked for meGive it a try Only negative is that you loose your previous accomplishments The rosters are updated but some people need to be moved because of the trade deadline Also a few players such as Dwade and John Wall havnt been updated                If U have trouble with it crashing
I love this game but the graphics are cheesy and boomshokalaka is extra corny                Cheesy
Great                Fun and balanced
Glad it is still being updated                Such a great game
The last update so cool It gave me all the current players with their current teams Nice job and keep it up EA SPORTS                SO AWESOME
Fix the game ASAP it wont let me in the game fix it                Hey
Lance Stephenson 3 pointer is 2 come on having the game crash re download and                1 thing
So this is the first thing I want to sayits stupid because there are no reffsthere are no foulsand your teammate doesnt pay attention at all and Im finishedThank you    Worst game ever
This game is fun you can play with legends but why isnt Michael Jordan in it                Fun but
love the game but cant play it Every time it loads when it gets to the screen that shows all of the teamss symbols it crashes and closes Would love to play again but spent money so rather look to you to do the right thing       No help from app supportPurchased around a year and keeps crashing Please follow up
When I am in a game at any point the app will kick me out to my iPad home screen and when I get back on the app my progress wouldnt save and it gets very irritating I hope there is a update to fix this otherwise this is a really fun game          Dang crash
This game is awesome I highly recommend it No bugs no crashes no anything Also I LOVE the gameplay                Fantastic
Very fun game The only thing that would make this game better is if we were able to make our own allstar team made up of like five people                Amazing
Its my best game in App Store but since the last update its always crashes once I open it                Please fix the game
Micheal Jordan                MJ
If you have problems with the game crashing delete and redownload the game It worked for me                DELETE AND REDOWNLOAD THE GAME
The only glitchy thing is that there head goes back and forth like 10 times and it does it every period and every 30 seconds you guys should get it its really fun its nba jam its really fun get it it is the best nba game ever                Its awsome nba jam is fun
Great game Really fun to play I would just say maybe make it a little harder to dunk it Every second their is a dunk and also I would love if you guys Made a dream team part of the game where u collect players and then can play with them against others of cpu But awesome job so far             Great game
When your are player 2 in multiplayer you are always glitch please fix          Bad for 2p
Really good NBA game Better Than Nba2k15If you are looking for a NBA game thats cool and awesome this is the game to play I recommend this for everyone                BEST NBA GAME So Far
controller support please       controller support please
I LOVE IT                Awesome
Game is great The only problem is that Klay Thompson isnt on the Warriors Rondo isnt on the Mavs Isaiah Thomas isnt on Celtics Overall game is great just need to work on updates O and one more big update for a small guy Nate Robinson on clippers Just work on update and it will be 1010          Regular seasonPostseason update
After nearly 4 years without a proper update to one of EAs best games on The App Store I am excited to see what new features and unlockables the new NBA Jam has to offer BOOMSHAKALAKA             Finally a Update to an EA Classic
Thank you for he update Its awesome Love e new rosters and the smoothness of the screen                Thank you
Maybe Im being a nitpicker here but the fact that Blake Griffin only gets an 8 on Dunks whereas Nerlens Noel gets a 9 is absolutely egregious And Stephen Curry has a worse 3 point rating than LeBron Come on EA Get your ratings right       Get the Ratings Right
Thank for the update but please give guys the numbers they deserve like Jamal Crawford Kevin Love MCW Lance curry shaq higher             Honest NBA Jam fan
Only problem I have is the multiplayer cant connect The hound make a system were you can invite people through Game Centerplease make that happen                Addictive
I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE EXCEPT sometimes when you try to shoot it it passes it to the teammate and when you try to allyoop it doesnt let you Why                One thing wrong
This is fun                Fun


Electronic Arts
249 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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iOS NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad Mobile

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