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msnbc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Breaking News for iPhone ,The Royal Wedding by NBC News (iPhone) ,NBC Politics ,msnbc featuring Rachel Maddow ,Rock Center ,TODAY for iPad), brings NBC Nightly News for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NBC Nightly News for iPad app has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Stay on top of the day`s biggest news stories, anytime, anywhere. Join Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News team seven days a week for top-notch political coverage, cutting-edge health and science reports, inspiring "Making a Difference" profiles, and all of the most important stories at home and around the world.


- Watch individual segments from the Nightly News broadcast or watch the broadcast in its entirety.
- While watching video clips, read a transcript, see related videos, and check out top news headlines.
- Watch exclusive online videos.
- Read Brian`s blog.
- Post video and comments on your Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Also - follow tweets from Nightly News, Breaking News, and NBC News correspondents.
- Check out slideshows from Brian in the field and The Week in Pictures.
- Read top news headlines from

NBC Nightly News for iPadNBC Nightly News for iPad
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Get informed and stay informed with Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News on your iPad.


The NBC Nightly News for iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.0 MB to download. The new NBC Nightly News for iPad app version 1.2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about NBC Nightly News for iPad in msnbc`s Official Website :
NBC Nightly News for iPad


Great span of news coverage. found in 2 reviews
5 Stars for bringing back the full broadcast. found in 2 reviews
Best video news site. found in 3 reviews
Are you trying to drive me to CNN full-time. found in 3 reviews
Makes catching up on the news while traveling very easy. found in 2 reviews
Late Reporting or not refreshingly the correct daily news. found in 5 reviews
Kudos to NBC web team and your app developer. found in 2 reviews
Gotta pay the bills some how. found in 2 reviews
Great app for catching up on today's headlines. found in 1 reviews
This app provides a wealth of quality news content. found in 2 reviews
Significantly improved. found in 1 reviews
Reviewed to Combat the Morons. found in 1 reviews
if you could only fix your Today Show app. found in 6 reviews
Buggy but still an app I use daily. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't keep up to date. found in 12 reviews
News broadcasts no longer load. found in 17 reviews
NO IPHONE 5 support. found in 3 reviews
but when it tries to load the comment ails between videos. found in 16 reviews
VG app except for video quality. found in 1 reviews
but I was hoping for higher quality video. found in 2 reviews
but crashes after each episode. found in 6 reviews
but please increase the video quality. found in 1 reviews
seemingly not IPad 2 compatible. found in 1 reviews
The biggest issue is the lack of a video podcast now. found in 14 reviews
Constant crashing and freezing while AirPlaying. found in 1 reviews
Tried removIng & reinstalling app - still same issue. found in 2 reviews
What is with these des who think everything needs sound effects. found in 2 reviews
my wifi signal is not the problem. found in 2 reviews
Update broke app. found in 1 reviews
Picture quality is also poor. found in 3 reviews
needs background support. found in 1 reviews
The app freezes up after the second news story. found in 2 reviews
Why have a "news" app that doesn't have today's news. found in 11 reviews
No other news broadcast company has this kind of record. found in 17 reviews
it still won't let you watch a full episode. found in 25 reviews
you can't stretch to full screen using Apple TV anymore either. found in 17 reviews
unable to download broadcasts. found in 10 reviews
It's not like the NIGHTLY news " is lacking current content. found in 136 reviews
This is a poor reflection on NBC Nightly News and the network. found in 107 reviews
the app crashes when trying to load a commercial. found in 16 reviews
Shabby app ruins a terrific news programs. found in 8 reviews
and since last night can't get videos to play at all. found in 7 reviews
but NBC news App excels at being awful and then. found in 75 reviews
Now you can't even get the same days evening news broadcast. found in 19 reviews
which has caused me to switch to CBS News. found in 8 reviews
Now that the full broadcasts are gone it is utterly useless. found in 97 reviews
Used to work great now it crashes after 2 or 3 clips. found in 16 reviews
most crash-prone app I've used to date. found in 12 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 3
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iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
This is by far one of the most frustrating apps I have Why NBC moved away from the podcast for this is beyond me If it was for the commercials their video vendor needs to be replaced Every commercial hangs up starts at a weird place or cuts off abruptly There is no advertising value in it As for the app itself the news is constantly out of date refreshes the most recent episode with repeats of past episodes and is basically worthless Please fix this app Dont force me to the other news channelsPLEASE    Great newsTerrible App
Bring podcast back    Bring podcast back
Dont bother downloading this app its really bad Support for this app is equally bad The pod casts dont show ever If they do is a few days later    Sucky as hell
This app is totally horrible and completely pointless They created it and then funneled us all to this app from the podcast in order to make money off of political advertising this political season But they failed to realize that if they dont make a proper working app no one will watch it and you will alienate all of your viewers who used to care Ill watch your stupid ads if I know the actual show will work but 9 times out of 10 the video freezes or just stops loading On offline mode is a HUGE fail as well Most of us use this app to watch while we commute to work and no one want to use huge chunks of data only to have the show be all screwed up NBC FAIL    Horrible and opportunistic
ProsGreat news coverage World domestic interestConsCrashes constantlyIf you watch from the whole coverage versus individual segments you are more likely to crashstallEvery segment now starts with an advertisement for NBC Nightly News Why Im already watching itNeeds A way to download the entire or individual broadcasts so that you dont crashstall halfway through          Reliably Unstable
If your intention was to make the suckiest app ever youve succeeded    Go back to podcast
No pause function if your screen has timed out while displaying a video on an extern all displaylike Apple TV it will freeze and shut down the app when you turn it back on App freezes and shuts off and if you choose to watch individual video clips instead of a full broadcast at a time which you cant pause you will be watching for 30 seconds to one minute add in between each 30 second to 2 minute video clip I watched the Nightly News daily when NBC provided it as a podcast then they discontinued it replacing it with this terrible app    couldnt get any worse
This app is fine WHEN it works The problem is that NBC is sloppy about supplying content Sometimes broadcasts are available at 10pm Eastern Time as promised but on holidays and weekends especially content is late often VERY late and sometimes missing altogetherThere have been instances when the full broadcast is available using a web browser but not using the app          Content is Unrelianble
The old version using podcast was working great This new version is useless It can not be saved for offline view    Podcast
Tried to watch nightly news on Sunday and about 10 minutes into the program began to hear static noises and then was seeing new video but audio from a previous segment Same on two devices Worked before the update    Audio does not match the video
Seriously bugridden app The latest is that the app seems unable to display current or previous days with any reliability The evening the most recent broadcast I can get is from three days ago Come on The networks are battling for viewers and they put out this piece of drek Get a clue NBC Some of would pay a couple bucks for a reliable app Fire the current development head and get this thing out of the trash can    Beyond annoying
I used to use this every morning to watch the news from the night before Now it no longer updates no matter what I do Close open reload Somebody broke it Please send them over to ABC    Broken
Really enjoy the ability to get the full news without having to sign into a cable providerI would enjoy seeing the same for the morning newsThe app crashes sometimes and text needs to fit inside the screens of newer phones currently cuts off text             Full Replay of Evening News
I loved the last version I used it everyday I updated and now it does NOT work It useless    Useless
There is little good I can say about this app Segments cut off abruptly transitions are choppy Why did they replace the podcast with this mess    Very unstable
The app navigating is straightforward and its content is easy to sort through Only downfall is airplay is unreliable you must disable auto lock and you cant close the app       Need a few improvements
This just in The NBC Nightly news app is a complete let down As a former podcast subscriber I have been trying to hang with them as they iron out the problems Problems only seem to be getting worse Breaking news broken news    Breaking news This app is terrible
Title says it all    This app is crap
How many times during the broadcast do I need to hear what a great human being Lester Holt is Stop the Ads You are NBC You can afford to show your news adfree If you cant at least offer an ad free version like most others do    Too many ads
Either bring podcasts back or fix this app It often doesnt work correctly It wont update correctly Often it will tell the user to watch news from a certain day and when you tap that icon it will play older news Its so odd The podcast worked 99999 perfectly    Either bring podcasts back or fix this app
Update 6115 Even with app update its worse than before Saw a new version being balanced thought Id give it a try Good idea turned bad Obviously NBC mgmt isnt plugged in or doesnt give a hoot either way NBC failsNBC Elimination of the podcast is a big mistake There app as of 128151 Viewing not available offline for those of us on the go2 Not full screen3 No on screen volume controlIn my opinion this is a step backwards for NBC news When NBC podcast ends my patronage will end sigh up to now nbc WAS my fav    Eliminating podcast for this awful app is a mistake NBC
Correct me if Im wrong but isnt an update supposed to IMPROVE the app and not make it worse The latest news section does not upload any of the broadcasts from the previous days Way to go tech support when youre fired from that job you can apply at Apple as a genius    Im glad Im not interested in the latest news
Ive been reloading this app over and over for over a month I had given up but then today tried it and it worked So for others who were in my shoes try it again so far so good Thanks NBC             Working again
Since the latest update the app will not work on my iPhone no matter what I do And on my iPad it took me about 10 minutes of tinkering around to get it working PLEASE BRING THE PODCAST BACK It worked perfectly and I could download the broadcast to watch offline later    Terrible Update
I never watched this show before I found out about the podcast I watched it for about 4 years I am now finished with this show due to their idiotic move of not allowing you to DOWNLOAD AND WATCH OFFLINE DUMB MOVE Great way to lose viewers Adios NBC Nightly News Its been real    Horrible Dont Bother No Offline Capability
I updated app and it did not work I deleted app and redownloaded and it still did not work    New update not working
Please bring back the podcast    Disjointed
as such is impossible to watch useless bring back the video download that was great this app is junk    too much advertising
Strange that this is now one of the few network news apps that doesnt require a cable provider login so if like me you rely on overtheair TV there are very few US domestic choices for streaming news How the others square that with their public service license requirements I dont know The not perfect parts are NBC isnt very consistent with their posting time and Ive had trouble with playback over poor connections It doesnt shift to lower resolution and suffers a lot of picture freezes So decent internet service is a requirement             Great but not perfect
It worked great prior to the latest update Now it wont even open    Wont open now after latest update
Lesters doing great job as the new anchor                Perfect This is all I need for my 30 minute fix everyday
I used to love watching the nbc news but now I think Im going to change which news station that I watch This app doesnt work like the podcast the podcast worked flawlessly    Bring back the podcast
On the positive side I have had no crashes but the app stops playing video via AirPlay when your iPad times out However the biggest issue is that to watch what it claims is the full broadcast it plays one small segment video after another ie the clips extracted by NBC News These are not the complete broadcast and create a disjoint experience with each small video stopping and starting a few seconds laterand sometime not starting at all Also NBC has effectively removed some segments that were of interest to us A poor application made worse by the broadcaster telling you what you should want to view and not what we want Id welcome the full podcast back Id recommend getting your news somewhere else    Awful from a function perspective
582914This app is still unusable after months since the podcast was eliminated It crashed 4 times this morning as I tried to see last nights briadcast This is the end I am deleting it bring back the podcast or at least air the complete show This app doesnt even have the full broadcast In addition it crashed three times this morning I still havent seen the entire broadcast I even tried deleting it and reinstalling Still no dice In addition it doesnt support rewinds Sometimes I miss a bit and want to go back a few secondsIts useless so I deleted it    give me back the podcast
When I first installed this app on my iPad 2 it worked OK on high speed internet over 20 Mbs in streaming mode only There is no way to download and view laterOver the last month the streaming deteriorated and frequently froze Today it just quit working I deleted the app and reinstalled it The reinstalled App would not stream at all In factI could not even open up the most recent or any older news showsI have pronounced this app officially DEAD    No longer works
Until the latest update this app was pretty good Now there are random crashes slow refresh times and loud screeching noises Please fix asap    Bad
HAVE YOU HAD A HUNCH THE US NEWS MEDIA IS RIGGEDWellABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice National Security AdviserCBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes Obamas Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic CommunicationsABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay CarneyABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan Obamas Deputy Press SecretaryABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obamas Special Adviser Elizabeth SherwoodCNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clintons Deputy Secretary Tom NidesAnd now you know    Pimped Media
AirPlay stops working if the screen locks or if you exit the app which is extremely annoying       AirPlay Needs Work
I like to watch my news in the morning and used to enjoy watching the nightly news from the previous evening However lately the powers that be are inconsistent about making the previous evenings newscast available in a timely fashion When I check at 515 AM CST I never know if the previous days newscast will be posted This morning 429 the link to last nights news actually linked to the 425 newscast RidiculousPlease please please post the newscasts earlier and consistently    Not always updated
This app is terrible First you cant use it without wifi Second it doesnt work half the time when you do have wifi It stops it sticks You get sound and the picture sticks Commercials come up just fine and then when you finally get to the news it jumps and jerks you around You restart only to have to sit through another ad When the Nightly News was on podcast it was a pleasure I dont think NBC is really interested in helping viewers see the news Its all bottom line corporate moneymaking greed Ill pay for the podcast if need be Bring it backplease    Podcasts are SO much better
I used to love this app Tonight every story was cut short I would see about 34 of a news story and it would just cut off and show an ad When the advertisement was over a new report would begin Before that story was complete another ad would interrupt I am so frustrated with this app I keep using it in hopes that it will get fixed    What happened
My wife and I used to watch NBC news on the podcasts app But NBC decided they should be in the app space and create their own environment Well it stinks Really horrible implementation They cant even get their ads to work right No one in the right mind would try advertising on such a horrible app The latest issues dont even show us the most recent news Get your head out of the sand developersThe staff on the news format and programming is the only thing making me semitolerant of these short comings    Horrible try at building an app
Just doesnt work Shows a blank page And when it does work it is so glitchy They video it streams is from the wrong days etc I love the Nightly News but this isnt working at all Removing the app from my devices Please bring back the podcast    No longer works
Used to be good then about two months ago it stopped working I cant even watch the app it crashes every time Ive deleted and reinstalled the application numerous times to no avail the only way I can watch NBC nightly news is on the website using a browser Whats the deal    The app stopped working on my iPhone
Never seems to be updated To watch the most recent Nightly News I have to delete the app and reinstall it My patience is wearing thin    What happened
This application has started freezing ever since the most recent revision It has rendered the app unusable and I am uninstalling it from my phone    Video stream constantly freezes
This app is terrible The top half of the screen is taken up by NBC Nightly News The bottom half is for the news stories It makes it very difficult to read the stories Why Who thought this up Fix this app    The worst ever
This app is so awful and laggy the only way I can get the news refreshed on time is by deleting this terrible app and downloading it every time I want to watch some current news    I have to delete this everyday
NBC just updated this on Friday 29 May 2015 Was working relatively fine but now starts to open and then crashes DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE    Now Crashes
Glad I have a no sound switch on my iPad Commercials are silenced At least you got rid of that liar Brian Williams Get better news from other apps At least your free but still 1 star    BAD


4.0 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2.3

iOS NBC Nightly News for iPad 1.2.3 Mobile

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