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Higher Learning Technologies , the publisher behind many iOS app (CPA AUD Mastery ,HiSET Mastery 2015: High School Equivalency Test Study Guide ,NCLEX Mastery ,ECG EKG Mastery ,CFP Mastery ,NBDE II), brings NBDE II with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NBDE II app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc97
    Their customer service is amazing.
    Amazing support.
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great study app.
    The new UI is soo much better than the old clunky one.
    I felt this app was essential to my study sessions.
    Updates & Supportc100
    Customer service was top notch as well.
    Their customer service is amazing.
    Iwould highly recommend and technical support is excellent.
    Justin Leas always respond to my emails immediately.

    So many beautiful pictures. found in 1 reviews
    2014 silicon prairie app of the year award. found in 1 reviews
    Awesome customer service. found in 1 reviews
    This app helped me immensely during 3rd year. found in 1 reviews
    Customer service was top notch as well. found in 6 reviews
    Keeps me focused. found in 1 reviews
    These guys are great. found in 1 reviews
    New UI is great. found in 1 reviews
    It's just so convenient and helps you track your progress. found in 1 reviews
    In line at the DMV. found in 1 reviews
    Excellent study tool --and cool. found in 8 reviews
    text or call 319 440 7211. found in 1 reviews
    their customer service is outstanding. found in 1 reviews
    Great photos and easy to understand explanations of questions. found in 3 reviews
    Amazing app to supplement your other reviewers. found in 1 reviews
    I love how the rationales are so full of relevant info. found in 2 reviews
    Some spelling errors and tech difficulties but overall good app. found in 3 reviews
    App is good but there are a few incorrect questions. found in 1 reviews
    Few errors. found in 1 reviews
    Numerous errors. found in 1 reviews
    this one has lots of grammatical errors. found in 1 reviews
    poorly written questions. found in 1 reviews
    App crashes after loading. found in 1 reviews
    it becomes unstable moments after loading leading to it crashing. found in 1 reviews
    The app keeps crashing and I'm unable to open it. found in 1 reviews

    The NBDE II is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 22.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-18.
    Bottom Line: For more information about NBDE II check developer Higher Learning Technologies`s website : http://www.nbdedentalboards.com

    14 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee to allow you to try our app risk free200% Pass the NBDE Insurance so if you fail we pay you back double the money you invested in our ...
    I had this app for NBDE Part 1 it was an awesome app and helped me tremendously I also purchased this app for NBDE Part 2 and it was really helpful I wish to get this app for ADAT ASAP I finished my exams an hour earlier because of this app If you got this app you don t need to waste your time on ASDA papers This app has it all These apps Rocks big time                     Best app ever for NBDE 1 2 Dr Moshashaei
    It s good for reviewing what you have studied letting you know your weak subjects                     Bil الدوحهـ
    The app gave my classmates and I a group rate and were so easy to work with this is an awesome app that is perfect for studying on the go                     Love this app medhehwhsb
    Great App you can use it free for 24 hours to see if you like it then pay to unlock it I liked it enough to pay to help me pass this important test It s very organized and I needed that                     Pay to Play BobaFett912
    Everything is very organized and the explanations are very helpful Would definitely recommend this app                     Fantastic Pug103
    Good questions smart design easy and convenient to use                     Great app Chickachickawawa
    Love the app But just wish the online version had some of the same features as the app                 Love the app Klopez30
    Very helpful                     Great Help Cookie4512
    This app makes me think more I become smarter using this app Not just pure memorization Fantastic app                     I will pass Knovako2
    Everything works smoothly The explanations are helpful and easy to comprehend                     Great App Tsweezy45
    If you re looking for a good review for the exam this is it                     Very nice app Drmariorobles
    Title says it                     Beautiful Just works Easy to use Fiskfixenek
    Very useful                     Great A89angl36
    This is really great tool for exam presentation                     Great Jalhashemi
    Really good to prepare your tests                     Good app Kalbmar7991
    Passed part 2 last year only studying from this app Very convenient and helpful                     This Is All You Need Wade1124
    Awesome                     Great app Thalita_carv
    Makes it possible to study anywhere                 Convenient dsballa10
    For those who want to know why an answer is correct the explanations here are very sub par when compared to dental decks For example they ll say pupils will dilate because innervation of CN 3 but they won t explain why CN3 gets the trigger Overall a thorough app allowing you to separate what you know and dont Or buy dental decks and make 3 stacks of know sorta know and don t know I d recommend this app If you can study on your phone as you go             Good but Hog652389
    Wish it was longer than 24 hours for the trial run                     Awesome prep Mess1011
    Very convenient way to study                     Great Study Tool RMFDDS Future
    Got this app despite of bad reviews from classmates I m very disappointed and wish they can improve it by adding more content Some subjects only have 10 questions call for more improvements                     Not enough content Amber Sunshine
    This app is a must have study tool for boards prep It helped me in part 1 and I expect the same results in part 2 using this app                     Best study aid Jumpman2287
    Fantastic app This app is the only resource 90 or more of my class used to pass boards It s convenient to study for long periods without feeling like you re reading a dry textbook or for a short bus ride                     All you need for boards Josh018
    The questions range from easy to hard and the information is brief but adequate I ve never had problems with the app crashing There are some grammar editing mistakes throughout Overall a great study tool                 Good app NortonM42
    The sheer amount of spelling grammar and capitalization errors make me angry that this app costs 90 Pictures were ripped off of google images and there aren t even close to enough especially for visual learners The breadth of the questions is good however the depth of the content is laughable You will definitely not learn the material at a level comparable to the actual NBDE part II exam Use at your own risk     Errors galore astanding
    The app is really good when it works and people have told me they repeat questions from the app but it crashes a lot It seems to crash when you need it then most like the week of my boards It will kick you out and ask you to sign back in and even if you put in your CORRECT login information it tells you to check your internet connection even though you have internet connection and so you can t login So frustrating             Crashes Aalinn
    Great and easy to use anywhere Really helpful study tool                     Solid Convenient App Jfleisch213
    50 questions in Good so far                     Solid App UCD_203
    App is really good Simplify the material in a way that s understandable and easily accessible                     Solid app Daveo1111
    I used dental board mastery for both part 1 and 2 and I really like the app Easy to use Easy to read And as an app on my phone I always have it with me Great buy                     Great study app Chan384729
    If you are looking to pass your part I and part II then this app is enough Easy to read very competitive covering each and everything Good luck with your studies Passed part I only studying only this 3months and Google YouTube video                     The best study material SandzBhajee
    If you go through all the questions this is the only study material you ll need Passed part I with ease and hoping the same for part II                     Great app Pschauw
    I like the way the app is designed It is very user friendly and the questions are similar to other boards questions I ve practiced with I have yet to take part 2 so my review is only from my experience thus far But overall I d definitely recommend it                     I really like it Madisonm90
    Love the statistics and analysis also great tool to be able to tag questions as don t know sort of know or know then go back and review only the ones you didn t know etc                     Great app Gave 99% match on 6 candidates
    Content is ok but misspellings and other typing errors are distracting It seems like no one reviewed the final product                 Needs Improvement sheila87
    Makes studying not feel like studying                     Great Daffy duck 2
    The app is pretty comprehensive but I m giving 3 stars for a few reasons there was a frustrating lack of visual aids given which there s really no excuse for given the price point and the fact that it would not have been terribly challenging to include illustrations diagrams etc into the app platform There were plenty of visual aids on the app for part 1 so kind of left feeling like they dropped the ball in a big way for the part 2 app When dealing with highly visual material concepts like perio grafts occlusal interferences oral pathology a picture is worth a thousand words Instead by not including representative illustrations I had to either leave the app to look up pics which slowed me down considerably Really disappointed in that regard             Good but seriously compromised due to lack of pictures Pep8222
    App is good but there are a few incorrect questions emailed the experts and never got a response back              More pros then cons
    Some spelling errors and tech difficulties but overall good app              Overall good
    I have not taken the exam yet but I really am enjoying the app It seems to be very reflective of what they are looking for boards I appreciate the sync option now it makes a big difference It would be awesome to have a companion app for the computer too              So far so good
    I used the app to pass my boards w ease I wish it would have used this app in my class                 Passed w ease
    I tried this app because of the money back guarantee This is the ONLY thing I used to prepare for the boards I passed Thanks guys                 Passed
    Used the part 1 app and passed This version seems to be even better Definitely worth the purchase price                 Very convenient
    UPDATE I enjoyed using the part 1 Dbm app and passed with that and dental decks no one I knew had used this app to study for part 2 so I also got Mosbys just in case which I had heard was good I couldnt really get into the format though and by the time came I had used this app almost exclusively for studying and no idea how accurate it was but I did pass so very thankful for this app it turns studying more into a fun game you can use anywhere anytime I did go through the ENTIRE LIBRARY and didnt stop until I had an entirely green bar marking questions green and yellow until I entirely understood the answerexplanation my recommendation would be to use a new feature they added recently to track daily progress with a newly added progress bar that you can set a daily goal with eg 50 questions and just make sure you hit that goal or more each day good luck on maybe your last written exam ever Makes studying on the fly easy used app for part one and found useful had issue where I thought I lost all progress with update support got back to me with simple instructions and fixed issue takin boards in a couple weeks                 Took a chancePassed the boards
    This is the best learning app that I have ever seen Its fast elegant intuitive welldesigned and pretty awesome TWC                 If I was A programmer this is the app I wish I wouldve designed
    I passed and feel that this app def helped Its like having dental decks in the palm of your hand Lots of relevant info for review and ability to recognizeimprove knowledge base of weak subjects makes this app number one in my book                 Perfect study tool
    Super useful reviewing the material it is a killer app for studying everywhere                 Excellent
    This is a well designed app with great content for helping prepare for the boards                 Great Study Tool
    The oral path and pharmacology sections made me feel very comfortable going into the exam Highly recommend this app for any D4 about to take their exam                 Immensely helpful app
    Great app Im thankful this exists                 Pleased
    I installed app just two days ago and i am surprised how motivated i feel while using it Today when we are spending most of our time on mobile phones just out of habit of picking it up everytime i pick up my phone rather than wasting my time on other things i can study from my phone                 Great app
    As a fourthyear dental student finding time to study can be a challenge This app makes it easy to just take out your phone and answer questions Ive been using the app in conjunction with the dental decks and the app truly reinforces whats in the decks Also their customer service is outstanding Regardless of the fact that the app is a little pricey being in your last year of dental school is beyond stressful The customer service representatives responded almost instantly and worked with me in a patient yet quick manner Needless to say I would highly recommend this app                 Great app
    Using this app made it a breeze to study for part 2 because the questions were really similar to my test                 Best dental app
    So this app is obviously comprised of a lot of oldreleased board questions but having said that I had a ton of repeats on the real thing It was a great study aide                 Lots of repeat questions
    I am so thankful for this app Their customer service is amazing I was so nervous before my test and emailed them for advice and i actually got a call with their dental master who was sooo helpful Thanks a lot                 Passed with ease
    Just updated the app and now it doesnt work at all Please fix this bug I would like to view past the home screen of the app     DONT update
    This app really helped me get over the hump I am a finally a dentist and I this app is so much better than the other study materials The material was exactly what was on the test and the format was really nice                 Finally a Dentist
    Helpful and convenient way to study              Very helpful
    I relied pretty heavily on this app there are some frustrating errors but I took the time to email tech support and they seemed very interested in improving the app I hadnt heard from them for a while then a few weeks later I got a bunch if emails apologizing because their system wasnt forwarding the emails If you click with the structure of the app its great I really appreciated it as Im not one to sit down with a book for 8 hours Long flight Boring class In line at the DMV Lengthy bathroom breaks This is the app for you                 Passed part II
    This app is everything I would otherwise have had to compile by hand and study worth it to have all this information in one place and not deal with dental decks                 Helped me pass part 1 and soon part 2 as well
    Nicely organized with thorough explanations for each question                 great app to help familiarize yourself with NBDE material
    Awesome app The rationales and pictures are really good                 Astounding app
    The app is good overall I used the first one during part I boards and did fine Back then the app seemed to be more under the control of the dental students that ran it The current one has tech support reply if you email which is fine but attention doesnt seem to be paid to all of the mistakes in the app More so than the Part I app this one has lots of grammatical errors spelling errors poorly written questions confusing answers and no means to suggest a correction like they used to have The app has been out for a while and there seems to be no sign of these errors being corrected           Numerous errors
    I passed part 2 using only this app and Tufts pharm to study I saw a lot of repeat questions and concepts on the test from the app The customer service has been great Ive received prompt responses to errors Ive found Its worth the 50 bucks to get some studying in anywhere because without this app I wouldnt have had time to study nearly as much as a 4th year                 I passed
    Very elucidative Please I Would like to have more images Thanks                 Very pleasant study help
    I am studying for my boards using this app and after the update it wont load Please fix asap its too expensive for being malfunctioning     Bad update
    Its one of the utmost important things you want to do before you give your exam I owe my success to this app Love the interface questions and the ability to red line or mark the wrong questions and revisit them A few mistakes in spelling here n there but none that would hamper you from downloading this app Best 50 bucks spent Ps The developers are so nice You can actually discuss some study strategy with them and they give you some advice too Theyre good ppl                 I swear by this app
    The app is fantastic but unfortunately it seems like after every update the app becomes more unstable and unusable for a significant amount of time Currently after closing the app it becomes unstable moments after loading leading to it crashing     App crashes after loading
    I used this app dental decks and released ASDA exams I passed on my first try I highly recommend this                 Great study tool
    This app is perfect for studying on the go Im able to study in my spare time without carrying anything extra It also motivates me to study whenever I get my phone out                 Great App
    This app helped me immensely during 3rd year In particular the Endo section was far superior to even my notes                 Really helpful in classroom
    Great app for studying on the go Some questions are redundant and images can be better quality but overall good study source and creators are very helpful if you have any questions              Convenient
    Really helpful to study for part II boards Worth it                 Great study app
    Love it Sooo useful                 Part 2
    I got great customer support when I called in Thank u for all your help                 Amazing support
    I was getting too bogged down studying dental decks and not going fast enough A friend told me about this app and it became my primary tool for studying for boards Its just so convenient and helps you track your progress put questions into different categories of how well you know them and lets you review efficiently I passed though also studied tufts pharmacologya must some dental decks a couple practice tests and read some Mosbys on topics I felt weak in This was my main source though and really helped App has some spelling errors and stuff but overall great Worth it                 Great study tool
    The dental master was really helpful when I asked them to clarify a rationale He even gave me some helpful tips to help me with my CRDTS manikin exam                 Awesome customer service
    The reason that I am writing this review is because of the prequel to this app the NBDE part 1 about at least 40 percent of my study time involved using the DBM NBDE PART 1 app and I can most confidently say that is a very significant factor that fetched me a pass in the part 1 it had a great number of high yield questions and appropriate explanations I am hoping the part two also will be the same absolutely worth of every penny                 Awesome app pass guaranteed
    This app is great for reviewing board questions Great explanations as well                 Great app to study on the go
    Good app                 K9
    Developers did an outstanding job making a user friendly app Very easy to navigate doesnt crash and keeps you organized and enables you to prepare wherever you are at Much better than carrying around flash cards and bulky textbooks                 Great App
    Amazing app to supplement your other reviewers Best customer service Justin Leas always respond to my emails immediately Thank you                 Great app
    Excellent                 Vexcellent
    This app is organized and extremely helpful Totally worth purchasing                 GREAT RESOURCE
    This app is a great way to quickly review for the NBDE2 Great photos and easy to understand explanations of questions I love that I can review for the exam on my phone or iPad anywhere These guys are great                 Excellent study tooland cool
    This app is really handy when you have some extra time but dont want to carry around decks or books I really liked it found it really convenient Customer service was top notch as well                 Good customer support

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