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Nemo Apps LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nemo Polish ,Nemo Hungarian ,Nemo Turkish ,Nemo Vietnamese ,Nemo Czech ,Nemo Romanian), brings Nemo Hebrew with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nemo Hebrew app has been update to version 3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best language app.
ll be amazed how quickly your foreign accent melts away.
This app is amazing and I definitely recommend buying the full version.
Thank you for such a great program.
Wonderful app I would recommend it To anyone learning Hebrew.

Learn at your own pace. found in 1 reviews
This feels like Christmas. found in 1 reviews
Though it is only designed for beginners. found in 1 reviews
maximize your time investment by targeting hebrew's high frequency words. found in 1 reviews
Wonderful app I would recommend it To anyone learning Hebrew. found in 2 reviews
ll be amazed how quickly your foreign accent melts away. found in 1 reviews
shop and find bargains like an insider with must know shopping phrases. found in 1 reviews
I got the free at first. found in 1 reviews
mode to display extra information about the gender of words. found in 1 reviews
spark new friendships with compliments and conversation starters. found in 1 reviews
This is a great tutorial for those interested in learning the Hebrew language. found in 1 reviews
This app is a great tool to learn words and sounds. found in 1 reviews
decode menus with the most common food words. found in 1 reviews
Best language app. found in 1 reviews
There are a few errors that need to be corrected. found in 1 reviews
I would like to see this changed in future editions. found in 1 reviews
But no full version available on the App Store. found in 1 reviews
I wish they would include the Alef-bet. found in 1 reviews
But this is my favorite app for studying beginning Hebrew. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Nemo Hebrew for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 7.9 MB to download. The new Nemo Hebrew app version 3.2 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Nemo Hebrew check developer Nemo Apps LLC`s website :

Turn your iPhone or iPad into your FAVORITE teacher of Hebrew. The most essential words and phrases of the language, each with native speaker audio. Master your accent with the Speech Studio. Simply record yourself ...
Great app for learning Hebrew cant believe its free                 Love it
Latest change is great Like all the custom settings                 Great app
Hasnt given me any problems Really happy with this app so far                 Great and easy to use
Excellent wonderfull                 Good
Excellent experience Love itI would recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn basic conversation                 My review
Many features ensure you will learn the words but only about 80 come free                 First rate app
I cant write enough good about this app Finally Im learning a new language and Im actually doing it This app is set up perfect                 I love this App
Great way to brush up on conversational Hebrew not only for speaking or listening but also for reading it writing with font options Tons of settings and preferences and a great UI Bravo                 What Ive been looking for
Learning Hebrew is difficult and this app is perfect to make it a little easier Love the daily reminders                 Very helpful
If you want a fun language app that lets YOU set the controlsthen Get This They updated it and the updates are a blast Ive had no connection issues no problems period YOU adjust what you want to learn and how and for me the combined learning methods work If you want to learn Hebrew and do it in a more fun and interactive manner use this                 Learning Hebrew Made Easy and Fun
Well organized helpful tools motivational and fun                 fun and helpful
Look my friends I know this may seem a little sudden but Ive given it a lot of thought This is the Hebrew learning app Ive been waiting for my whole life and Im not ashamed to admit it Please let me finishWhewIm crazy about it Ive never felt this way about any app It makes it so easy for me to study for my innermost Hebrew learning desiresHeh Listen to me I feel like a schoolboy againA schoolboy who desperately wants to make sweet sweet learning to it Alright seriously I cant rate nor recommend this app high enough It is highly intuitive It shows you and reads to you the English and waits for you to translate then it gives you the Hebrew with vowel points as well as the transliteration of the word and reads it to you in a very clear authentic Israeli accent You also have the option to reverse this where it gives you the Hebrew first It also has a reader mode where it only gives the Hebrew text and recites it for you once you are done Plus several other great modes It works through an intuitive revolution of words where it ranks words from hot to cold The newer the word the hotter the hotter the word the more often it comes up and you can manually change its temperature if you want it to pop up more or less often or even not at all You can even adjust how fast the speaker is as well as the pause between a word and its translation You can pick a category of words you want to learn or just a mish mash of the entire dictionary Ive been through about 30 different Hebrew learning apps and this trumps all of them And its free for beginners There is a one time price if you want to load the rest of the dictionary                 Nehedar
Definitely works well at early stages                 Excellent so far
Shalom Exactly what I was looking for Great app on my way to visit my Aunt upstate and need to practice my Hebrew                 The Nerd
This has been a fantastic app for me I have learned SO MUCH so far I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP Thank u SO much Nemo Hebrew Blessings Chanala                 BEST HEBREW APP EVER
What I like about the app is that I can adjust the speakers speed to my comfort level and the nudge each day to remind me to learn           Excellent app
Very helpful and easy to learn fast My only complaint is the teacher is just a voice and there is no feedback on your performance                 Love it
Ive only had a few days but no complaints              So far very good
Great app                 Happy customer
Overall its a pretty good app I gave it five stars as it is free and most of the things in here are actually free You can get quite a bit of knowledge without ever paying for anything on this app                 Decent for what it is
Great site for learning a new language Learn 10 words at a time Only takes 21 days to make or break a habit you can learn a new language in the same 21 days                 Easy to learn
This Hebrew learning program is THE BEST It helps you with basic words and works closely with your pace and progress as you increase learning You can work as fast and as slow as you want Really I love it I am learning quickly I would like for the AppMasters of this program to add a TranslationDictionary portion so we can add words and phrases of our choice to learn even more deeper at our own pace Thanks a bunch you guys are GREAT                 The Best
I love this app for learning Hebrew Hearing the pronunciation I know exactly how to say each word Its wonderful to be able to read it in Hebrew and see it written in English Definitely a keeper                 Works for me
Great tool for vocabulary acquisition and reading recognition of individual words and short phrases Love that it has both Hebrew alphabet and English transliteration for everything plus pronunciation by a native speaker A great package                 Pretty Amazing App
Easy to learn Simple to use Lots of different variations and ways to practice Wish there was a matching option however Maybe there is and I havent found it                 Jew App
Perfect for translation from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew and perfect for other languages Perfectly easy to use Perfect recording pitch for your voice and my voice Perfect especially with a good set of iHeadphones Perfectly crisp and clear vocals from the translator on the app Thanks for the easiest words to some of the most important and difficult wordssentences Its always a good idea to read the reviews before downloading What everyone else has said about their reviews are correct Well worth buying the inapp purchasesRATE                 Perfect Mark from Tucson AZ
I been trying to learn Hebrew for quite some time but I have to say this is the best Hebrew learning app Ive seenAwesome update                 Crystal
Terrific app Ive learn more In a few weeks than a whole year of Rosseta Stone                 Memo
Super way to learn on your own                 EXCELLENT
So cool love it                 Wow
Easy to use app that really helps you learn the basics of Hebrew שלום                 Great App
Im taking a Hebrew course online and this app helps to learn new words and remember the ones I have Its easy to practice your accent with the recording feature                 Love this app
Great all in all respects except that it needs more words If youre a fast learner youll be done in a week              Only for beginners
Love it                 Great app
Five stars no complaints                 Cool app
This is a good app for practice if you will be traveling to hebrew speaking countries but is lacking if you plan on learning Hebrew as a permanent second language It gives you the immediate language needs for travel but lacks the basic needs for understanding grammar and writing it              Nice
Great app                 Review
I love this app Its easy to keep up to learn I like the player that replays a word over over so I can work or whatever while listening My only wish is there were verbs added but I love it as it is                 Simple super easy to follow
This app Gives you just what is needed to learn Hebrew at your on pace You are able to pick how many words per day to learn If youre looking to study or learn Hebrew you will not be disappointed                 Learn Hebrew
This app is the best I went from knowing nothing about the language of Hebrew and now I can speak fluent sentences                 5 stars hands down
Good Works to get me started                 Nemo
Good overall app would have given it a five review had there been any illustrations to help reinforced what is being learned              Weaknesses and strengths
But the support is not forces closed and have never used it once on my device Contacted app support twice and no response Its a shame because the app itself is great I have it on google and but apple version is not working properly Hopefully support reads this and corrects the issue It was a 1000 app afterall           App is good
Its just very good app Thanks                 very good app
Really like this approach The tile flash cards with sound interaction keep it interesting                 Excellent
Good app                 Good app
Excellent wonderful very userfriendly A perfect way to study beginning Hebrew                 Tov Meod
Ok Im frustrated now I figured out why you dont have many reviews You have to have nickname and if someone already has it you cant use it Then it asks you to pick another you tap ok and you have to start all over again The app is great but good luck leaving a review                 Jose
Wow This was a great app with lots of useful features like flash cards and the ability to speak and listen I your accent These features are gone This is not the app I paid for I really feel ripped off        Dont update
Flash card like features make it top notch to grab quick phrases for travel Thanks                 Excellent for tourist

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