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Disney , the publisher behind many iOS games (Disney`s Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose on iPad ,Disney Second Screen: The Lion King Edition ,Handy Manny Workshop on iPad ,JellyCar 2 on iPad ,JellyCar 3 Lite ,Cars 2 AppMATes), brings Nemo`s Reef with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nemo`s Reef games has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • good alternative to the real reef fish tank..
  • Vivid colors n realistic movements..
  • This game is perfect for someone who wants to kill time..
  • This is a cute game cause I've always loved Nemo..
  • Is an awesome game / app that my g-girls absolutely Love..
Overall Satisfactionclick me66
I love playing this game with my daughter we enjoy it so much.
You should be able to earn pearls with more challenges.
but agree that it needs a lot more challenges /tasks.
My 8 month old great granddaughter loves to watch Nemo and Dory.
since more quests = a faster progression as well.
The game needs more quests per level.
It has quickly become my favorite game.
The took my favorite game and absolutely RUINED IT.
my whole family loves this game THANKS DISNEY.
This is the most amazing game I have ever played.
Thanks Disney for making one of my favorite movies into a really amusing game.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
Is an awesome game / app that my g-girls absolutely Love.
Overall it is a very addictive game and we enjoy it.
You should be able to earn pearls with more challenges.
but agree that it needs a lot more challenges /tasks.
Use a little planning and it's super fun though.
Relaxing game that is fun and not expensive to play.
since more quests = a faster progression as well.
The game needs more quests per level.
I love this little game because it's relaxing and slightly addictive.
This has been a very fun little game until recently.
It Is fun and educational.
Usefulnessclick me75
I love this game and play everyday.
Play everyday now.
Family Friendlyclick me78
This game is educational for children and adults alike.
really too complicated for little kids with the combos.
It is a fun game for the whole family and educational.
my whole family loves this game THANKS DISNEY.
Value for Moneyclick me45
not willing to spend money on them and Nemo gets impatient.
Pressure to spend money or sign up for paid subscriptions.
Wish you could get new fish faster without spending actual money.
This game is impossible to play without spending money on pearls.
Replay Valueclick me59
but you need to develop it more for the higher levels.
I wonder how many stick around until the higher levels.
Also needs to expand the reef more in the upper levels.
The game needs more quests per level.
Gets boring after awhile.
It is hours of entertainment and always something new you can do.
Production Valuesclick me73
Relaxing background audio and beautiful graphics and decent gameplay.
The graphics are amazing on my retina display iPad.
-bright colors and great animation.
Ease of Useclick me64
Finding myself putting hours into this simple game.
Simple game to pass the time.
Reliabilityclick me42
and the tasks in the game keep you intrigued and interested.
This game keeps crashing Everytime I go into the nursery.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me24
Updates & Supportclick me26
Thank you customer service.




**More languages coming soon! Play Nemo`s Reef in the following languages starting early 2013: French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish!

Nemo`s ReefNemo`s Reef
Tags :   friends ,   home for


Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!


★ Continue Nemo`s story and adventures beneath the sea!
★ Create and personalize your very own underwater paradise.
★ Make a home for your favorite characters from Finding Nemo including Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, and more!
★ Find the different combinations of plants and decorations to delight Nemo`s friends and other exotic fish.
★ Discover and plant rare seeds to attract extremely rare and mysterious fish.
★ Collect over 50 kinds of fish to enhance your world!
★ Visit your friends` reefs, and compare their collection of fish to your own!

Nemo`s Reef


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Nemo`s Reef for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 36.4 MB to download. The new Nemo`s Reef app version 1.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Nemo`s Reef in Disney`s Official Website :


The app lets you build a reef for other sea life. found in 12 reviews
I liked Finding Nemo and the game is pretty good too. found in 89 reviews
My 2 yr old loves to watch the fish too. found in 11 reviews
my whole family loves this game THANKS DISNEY. found in 31 reviews
learn a lot about corals and fish and other sea life. found in 8 reviews
It is also a nice way to wind down before bed. found in 5 reviews
Cool to watch the fish swim around and the colors are great. found in 10 reviews
it keeps me occupied and keeps me coming back for more. found in 4 reviews
Relaxing game that is fun and not expensive to play. found in 44 reviews
Relaxing background audio and beautiful graphics and decent gameplay. found in 42 reviews
This game is educational for children and adults alike. found in 21 reviews
Soothing music & the beautiful colours of the corals. found in 8 reviews
Very calming music and educational about how reefs are made. found in 10 reviews
Love the coral reef idea-much different from plant gardens. found in 18 reviews
Use a little planning and it's super fun though. found in 50 reviews
It is hours of entertainment and always something new you can do. found in 4 reviews
the prospect of collecting/attracting cool marine life to your reef. found in 11 reviews
and younger kids with a reasonable amount of patience and focus. found in 11 reviews
On the iPad the game crashes on average every two minutes. found in 22 reviews
It has been connecting to server for 2 weeks and doesn't move. found in 134 reviews
Wish there were more tasks appropriate for young players. found in 29 reviews
Frequent crashes & "unable to contact game server " messages are frustrating. found in 68 reviews
annoying ads began popping up too frequently. found in 13 reviews
Stopped playing for a while and did some updates. found in 11 reviews
But it's a little boring there could be more tasks. found in 12 reviews
Love the game but definitely need more quests. found in 41 reviews
Can not do any more challenges without eliminating grown plant life. found in 59 reviews
The game desperately needs more challenges and events during the higher levels. found in 59 reviews
For the past three days unable to connect to server. found in 52 reviews
Definitely needs more missions or objectives to keep the gamer occupied. found in 21 reviews
Only problem is accumulating daily rewards for pearls. found in 41 reviews
It's also an addictive fun way to waste some time. found in 22 reviews
It tries to connect to the server but then crashes. found in 52 reviews
Just wish there weren't so many tasks that require pearls. found in 6 reviews
You'll waste your time - game won't remember your progress. found in 30 reviews
Fun app just needs more quests to help push you through levels. found in 41 reviews
Needed to plant 8 rare plants to obtain a rare fish. found in 90 reviews
It makes me sad that they have added ads to the game. found in 58 reviews
I do not want to start over. found in 62 reviews
99 worth of pearls and the game restarted to level 1. found in 39 reviews
is that it is virtually impossible to earn any pearls. found in 178 reviews
you can't attract new fish and it gets really boring. found in 118 reviews
Disney should let you open treasure chests with sand dollars again. found in 106 reviews
Pressure to spend money or sign up for paid subscriptions. found in 134 reviews
Requires almost constant real money purchases to advance. found in 89 reviews
Crashes every time it tries to connect to the server. found in 52 reviews
Error that game server is unavailable after most recent update. found in 68 reviews
I wonder how many stick around until the higher levels. found in 72 reviews
Best thing ever love it and am addicted to it awesome                Best game
The graphics are awesome                Awesome
Fun game                Fun
Fun game but a lot of times there are no challenges and nothing to do until the next level up             Fun game
It takes 10 minutes to load    Nemo
I love this app make more apps like were its the same exempt ur in a forest and theres not fish there is wolfs that u got to get if yall can pls pls pls make that thx                Woohoo
I love playing this game but is there any way to get more space to grow plants when that is the homework for the day Also how can we grow certain rare plants when all that grows are the same ones over and over which take up the space             More space rare plants
This game is fun Its cute Its bright and colorful I love that we can create our own reef and make it the way we want it Its like having your own aquarium                Nemo is fun
Simple but fun Beware of the inapp purchases I had to remove a star for the freezing and stuttering after the last update          Addictive
Just downloaded this game again after i deleted it a year ago and it seems like nothing much has changed It needs a faster plant growing rate and leveling up I havent encounter any new fishes in the latest update where are they Need new Event fishes and plants please             Needs Improvement
I love Nemos reef Its a wonderful game and very addicting I just wish there were more verity of fish and sea life But overall a very good game hard to criticize                Love it
This game is super fun I enjoy playing it with its beautiful scenery and extraordinary colors But although its great the game will sometimes freeze up which is kinda bad but it fixes itself quickly          Great game
Fun but labor intensive Im definitely addicted I did have a problem with update in mid June 2015 couldnt get the app to open Its too difficult trying to report an issue with the app I waited it out a month waited for the next update it resolved my problem Back to playing daily             Nemo
This is a really fun game but my son deleted it by accident and when i downloaded it back it started all the way over After putting so much time and money towards it i want my level back Contact me asap          Son deleted
playing nemos reef is very relaxingthe tasks pile up a bit but they can remain on the table as play continues so its not so bad             ms reef dweller
My kids love it                Super fun
Love this app                Fun to play
The game is not totally fixed since the upgrade I am now able to play again but I have lost 3 levels I play this with my granddaughter I would like my levels back Please contact meSince my update this game crashes right after it loads up I am on level 46 and extremely disappointed in this game at this time It seems your bug fixes in your update created a major bugPlease fix before I get extremely annoyed and never download another Disney App    Nemos Reef Latest Update July 16 2015
Whew I am so happy I have my fishies back This keeps me from pulling my hair out and running screaming down the street                Yay Its fixed
Whatever you do dont clear and reset your iPad because you will lose your game They make it so hard with over 20 questions and conditions that its impossible You would think with all the in app purchase they can link me to my game but NO Now I have started over and REFUSE to buy any in app things like pearlssomething          Game unretrievable
I have enjoyed this game with my kids but now that weve reached level 55 theres nothing new No new levels no new fish no more quests and almost no reason to play anymore Cant the designers expand the reef and add some new fish or challenges I have over a million sand dollars and algae thousands of rare spines and pearls but nothing to do with them Please dont give up on this game          Dead End
I cant stop playing this game Makes me feel like Im underwater with the fishes                Addicting
I love this game it is very fun and addicting but it is way to hard to earn pearls             Fun game
Love it                Great to relax with
Was a fun game in the beginning Losing interest quickly Keep winning rare seeds in the daily rewards but cant find them Never really win them I suppose Keep getting same old plants instead of new rare plants Im about to delete Im bored with it       Boring
This app is cute No crashes no probs life is good                Love it
Cant seem to open the app without it giving me a prompt that says its unexpectedly quit and to send a report I send a report but nothing has been fixed Cant even get into the app Please fix             New problems
I used to enjoy it but since the last two updates it crashes as soon as it opens It hasnt done anything new in a very long time I kept playingbefore the crashes beganhoping it would add more interesting features but nothing so far    Keeps Crashing
Never saw the interest before Sigh Lol                Cant believe Im addicted to a farm game
Disney finally updated so I can get into reef again but all my specials disappeared 2 nights ago I had to buy them back again but Peach her playground disappeared Im on level 37 how do I get it back Game is getting frustrating       Latest update bad
I really like this game                Nemo
I have a new iPad but Disney said they can no longer move the game to your new iOS device And I only had a couple more levels to go Too bad the game was relaxing although not nearly as much fun as it was when Disney had the special quests    Cant Move The Game
Not only is this game a wonderfully mindless waste of time and my favorite tap tap game yet but the support team helped me move from Google to apple and responded very quickly to my request for help I love this game                Great game
After a new update recently the app now refuses to connect with the server and wont load so you cant even play it anymore             App crash
Love The game but July 20 2015 crashes immediately Nemo reef I am on level 43 on a 5s             Crashing
I enjoy this game and Im thankful the tech team solved the crashing problems By the way if you know your reef name Disney can restore your reef if it was somehow lost from your device UnfortunatelyI have to agree with the critiques of the new version Disney appears to have abandoned the special quests that make the game more fun I understand if they cant invest more manpower in the development of a game that is not generating income but could they repeat old quests so that those who missed limited edition fish could earn them Also the new get all button on the daily bonus page needs some adjustment I have twice accidentally hit the button What a waste of 200 pearls There should be a confirmation or a cancel button especially since the daily bonus screen can pop up without warning and have you spending pearls with absolutely no intention I know you can fix this tech team Thanks for getting on it          New version needs improvements
Very occasionally buggy this app is typically outstanding I originally downloaded it for the kids to play with but I found it so relaxing that I got my own on my iPad just for me Weve all learned a ton about sea plants and coral and its incredibly calming             Great to learn and to relax with
My reef disappeared so I contacted techsupport about restoring it I got a poorly worded reply basically saying wed love to restore your reef but no one here has figured out how to do that on an ios device Let me have your email number huh and we will get back to you if we ever figure it out or you can start a new one and we will give you some extra stuff    No Restoration on Ios if reef disappears
I love this game And I am not a gaming person Doesnt require a whole lot of thought It is something I can play with on the couch while holding a conversation with my family Not quite 5 stars only because things dont always work exactly right But Im not spending money on it so it is still great             Addictingmindlessfun
Very cute game I enjoy it Its fun to open it up all the time and attracting new fish                Simple fun
This game use to be fun its getting boring its taken too long to get more reef or anything in the game Need more reef faster to help get through the game to keep it games more entertaining       Nemos Reef
I find this game very soothing             Great Game
I hate the locked chests They were better before I love to watch my fish swim around it reminds me of Florida On my I pad I cannot plant anything because it kicks me off Is there an update for the I pad one for this game I play on my phone with no problems got kicked off on my I pad mini and lost all my fish 380 pearls and had to start all over I deleted it and reinstalled it it was gone report sent to Disney but my granddaughter feel so sad       Memo
Ive downgraded my rating from 5 stars to 1 If you play dont pay attention to all the tips from the game to stock up on sand dollars You need some to buy things but the game gives you more sand dollars than you can spend I have over a millions and really cant spend most of them The algae are far far more valuable You need them to feed the fish and to grow the coral that supply the algae One fish eats tens 175K of algae every day I think you should be able to buy algae and pearls with the sand dollars you collect That or the game should not urge you to save up sand dollars Dont bother to play unless you can pay real money    Expensive
Less than 12 star rating the latest update of this game crashes every couple minutes no new fish quests now opening treasure chests is futile hardly EVER win anything without paying for it when u try to buy a rare plant its always ones that you already have TOO many of already space is so limited theres no room for new plants even if you COULD find a new rare plant to grow on the opening page you select 3 buttons out of the nine squares showing for free stuff the button on right that says get everything for 100 pearls so my granddaughter hit that button it gave her only 3 extra buttons to hit when we were expecting and paid 100 pearls for everything itll take her 4 weeks to get those pearls back she doesnt want to play this game anymore says its NO FUN anymore who can blame her what a monumental WASTE of TIME this game has turned out out be shame on Disney for perpetrating this farce on innocent children    Wheres the new fish
I just love playing this game And I know there are many many others playing as well Unfortunately for those that did not play till well after the weekend quests ended how about bringing them back so that we can get those rewards as well How about adding on more levels You seem to have forgotten about those that do play and buy pearlspull a few programmers off of Disney Frozen and lets breathe some life into Nemo          Please update the game
This game is so addictive and I love it The reef is beautiful as you finish the tasks so the fish come                Fun at the Reef
The latest update has not fixed anything The game still locks up Granted it is only locking up for a few seconds but it happens every time I play this game When is that fix going to happen In addition when are new levels going to be added or is this game just tapped out       Still Locks Up All The Time
Im on level 55 and it does not seem to have any more levels I have been on this level for months of playing twice a day Otherwise the game is great             Level 55
Fun             Fun


36.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Nemo`s Reef 1.2.1 Mobile

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