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Netflix, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Stickers Las Chicas del Cable ,OITNB: Red vs Vee ,FAST Speed Test ,Netflix ,Arcanium: Rise of Akhan ,OITNA), brings Netflix with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Netflix app has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Or you could add some Harry Potter movies for potter heads..
  • Picture and sound quality are top notch..
  • Best update yet picture quality is beyond superb..
  • anime movies and tv shows like The Big Bang Theory..
  • and the 10- second rewind button is very useful..

Overall Satisfactionc52
Absolutley great add more movies and full management.
It needs some more movies it has no new release.
Excellent video quality over the 3G network.
The video quality is terrible and playback is still halting.
It lets me watch my favorite shows whenever and wherever I want.
Very disappointed that I can't watch my favorite shows on my device.
Best update yet picture quality is beyond superb.
And the picture quality of the movies is too inconsistent.
Thanks Netflix team.
Fun & Engagingc61
Absolutley great add more movies and full management.
It needs some more movies it has no new release.
I think Netflix is awesome because its an easy watch movies.
Netflix is awesome but this app is now useless to me.
Needs more shows like: Big Bang Theory.
I go on netflix all the time and there's never any new movies.
I have little brothers who love Barney and watch it all the time.
I'm getting very upset because I would watch it all the time at work.
Live that I can watch everything on my phone too.
So cool to watch everything on your phone.
Family Friendlyc53
Watched an entire episode of Family Guy without any interruptions.
Watched Family Guy and Futurama on my break at work.
Family guy issues.
I want to see " Modern Family " listed as a tv show.
More walking dead episodes and add modern family.
I do want some more season one the kids section.
Plz can you add the lego movie to kids section.
Security & Privacyc16
As long as u have a Netflix account your set.
Updates & Supportc12
This was recommended by customer service.
Absolutely wonderful customer service.
iPad 2 user and after the update to version 5.
First review of version 5.

I've only tried over wi fi. found in 22 reviews
I've been waiting all summer for this app to be released. found in 23 reviews
Also keeps freezing and going to home screen. found in 310 reviews
No parental controls on kid profiles which is absurd. found in 94 reviews
Netflix please fix the audio-video issue and please put spongebob back. found in 132 reviews
The app needs the ability to manage your disc queue though. found in 530 reviews
This is really getting annoying Netflix needs to fix the problem already. found in 187 reviews
Every time I try to watch something it just shows the same error message. found in 665 reviews
Ever since the update it's been crashing on my 5th gen. found in 31 reviews
Won't play movies because it keeps crashing. found in 222 reviews
The search function is pretty horrible on the app. found in 79 reviews
I hope Netflix doesn't continue to ignore its customers. found in 120 reviews
So far I haven't been able to watch anything on my iPhone without it crashing. found in 736 reviews
the only thing is that it needs disc queue management. found in 103 reviews
I can't believe they didn't include disc queue management. found in 316 reviews
I can't figure how to sign up for Netflix. found in 179 reviews
Good app but seriously lacking the ability to manage my regular queue. found in 121 reviews
Can't manage your disc queue or reorder instant queue. found in 650 reviews
Can't believe I cant manage my queue with it. found in 179 reviews
Was about to cancel my subscription when the app came out. found in 120 reviews
I can't pick add movies to my queue for the mail. found in 127 reviews
Pretty frustrating I cant manage my disc queue except on my computer. found in 175 reviews
and please add new movies it's the same stuff for ever godaammit. found in 382 reviews
It needs some more movies it has no new release. found in 445 reviews
Please add the ability to manage queues to the mobile app. found in 530 reviews
Haven't been able to watch anything in forever because it crashes so constantly. found in 736 reviews
Now it only gives me error pop ups each time I try to watch a movie. found in 760 reviews
Watching my favorite shows on my phone would be great. found in 377 reviews
I'd like to see more movies update still pretty much. found in 445 reviews
Complete lack of disc queue management is frustrating. found in 650 reviews
Doesn't advance to the next episode in the series. found in 584 reviews
Since installing this app several months ago I've been unable to login. found in 412 reviews
Will not connect to Netflix on iPod touch since last update. found in 426 reviews
They need way more movies its awful right now. found in 445 reviews
Unable to watch movies due to app constantly showing "Loading. found in 823 reviews
Please allow video out on the iPhone 3GS. found in 391 reviews
Every single time I try to watch something it says "Cannot play movie. found in 665 reviews
New Netflix app is not working with ChromeCast. found in 851 reviews
The instant queue freezes and doesn't load for me. found in 626 reviews
Can't watch Netflix on TV with iPhone no more. found in 484 reviews
This Piece Of Crap Doesn't Release New Movies. found in 382 reviews
Please fix children shows and movies automatically playing in Spanish. found in 503 reviews

The Netflix is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Netflix app version 2.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Netflix check developer Netflix, Inc.`s website :

Get Netflix on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix. It s part of your Netflix unlimited ...
Needs to be updated Like NOW              Updated
I have to sign in multiple times a day now This is terrible especially for my kids Please fix this asap     Update is terrible
I love this appbut I think it would be better if the shows updated more often              Netflix
I noticed that there is no watchlist clear button on the app Only on the website You need to add one for the app so that when done watching a show or movie it doesnt stay on it if you are done with it You should allow your customer to delete the watchlist from the app not just from the site     No watchlist clear
915 unable to get pass loading screen     Bad update
Needs more updates Ive watched the same things over an over again or the movies you put on arent my kind of movies to watch Please update I hate wasting money on things Im watching over an over     Update
Really slow and often hangs almost unusable     Slooooow
WHY I restarted rebooted upgraded removed Frustrated     NOT WORKING
I click on something to watch and it goes to the loading screen and it takes an unnecessarily long time to load so I just exited out of the app and waited like 15 minutes before I went back on again and it did the same thing I deleted the app then downloaded it again and it still isnt working     Loading
App closes at start up Needs an update     Needs bugs fixed
Is it really too much to ask for Ive been waiting years to be able to do this and Netflix wont do it Let me manage my disk queue from my phone It doesnt have to be this app make another if you have to but let me manage my disk queue like I manage my streaming queue           No disk queue management
The app wont open This started recently I am using iPhone 6 Please fix this     AppNot working
I LOVE Netlfix and would never not suggest it but in the recent September update I cant watch my tv show It says cant load details and every time I retry even after closing and reopening the app it still wont let me                 Please fix update
I cant get this app to even open on any of my iPads Its a great app if it actually works     Doesnt open
The is a good app but it has potential of being so much better Its missing a lot I feel like I still think the app could load faster You cant tap the top by the time to get to the top of the screen I really just would love it to be easier to navigate around like it is on the web version I would love a redesign of the app since you just redesigned the web version so Id say its time for the app           Could be better
I have never had any issues with this app until this week when I updated to the newest version Ironically the update was for bug fixes and now its worse than it ever was It will just say loading and never plays or it will stop in the middle of running Very frustrating     Great until recent update
The app signed me out automatically a few days ago and whenever I try to log back in it says Connection error I thought that it would fix itself eventually but its still be dumb I can sign in perfectly fine on safari so its not my username or password or wifi or anything like that Please update the app Its very annoying           Wont let me log in
Netflix works on my playstation but the Netflix app will not load     Wont load
Every time I try watching something it wont load and I just get an error saying it cant playback     Cant load anything
Ever since the last update my Netflix has not worked 0 stars if I could     Update fail
I love Netflix but it needs some new movie not old movies no one watches or dumb movies              Great but
Great app for the gym Never had any problems with it so far                 Very good
I love this appAll it needs is dragon ball z Kia or more sword art online                 Anime
I think its a great idea for a website and app and all that But they have so many issues Too many times its not even working if you have chromecast you know it has connection issues more times than not It disconnects out of nowhere it doesnt connect the app needs to be closed and reopen till its fixed Its a shame a Netflix account price doesnt actually go towards improvement The quality is one of the lowest comparing to other streaming apps and websites     So many problems
Incredibly unreliable doesnt always start When it is working its great        When it works
I love this app but i think u should add more recent movies from last yearalso i think you should add old tv shows from disney like that so raven etc and add boy meets world              Add new things
App is busted after update Fix it NOW     WTH
Please add ben 10 all shows like alien force ultimate alien and the orginal                 Ben 10
The new update now causes the app to stay on the loading screen whenever I watch a movie or tv show           The new update
I love this app But i was wondering when you are going to add the next season of young justice I mean I have been waiting for more that a year Other than shows that dont have all the seasons even though they dont show on tv anymore love this app I use it with my friends during sleepovers all the time                 Update the shows
The app only opens half the time but when it does open its nice        Good when it works
Everything is great but I was wondering if u could add in avatar the whole series for my birthday plz and thank u                 Avatar the last air bender
Usually Ive only had to deal with the app not loading a couple of times but ever since the last update it wont load I have to delete the app reinstall every time just to get it to work This is so frustrating please fix this quickly     Wont load the app
Mine keeps crashing You come out with a new version every month or sofix that        Crashing
Other than not having all the features available on the website the app was working perfectly on my iPad until the update on 91515 which was designed to FIX bugs in the app The app still opens but it will not play anything at all All I get now is the red circle that tells me the app is trying to start the showmovie then a message that says it cant be played and to try again later Way to go Netflix     Oh the irony
Puts iPad into zoom mode and stays there after restart Very hard to recover if you dont know whats going on Totally useless app     Latest version 15 Sep blows up screen
I have had to reinstall this app each time I want to use it There are a number of other negative reviews complaining about the exact same problem Why hasnt Netflix fixed this Seriously youd think theyd prioritize this given all other options now available Indeed the only reason I now regularly use Amazon Video is because the Netflix app has continued to be almost unusable     Never works
The classic dr who episodes are not all shown please fix that and give the episodes their right names        Stupid
Since the latest update I keep having problems with details loading and my movie or tv show wont play I have to exit out of the app I watch on my iPad and try to open the app again multiple times I love the Netflix app but Im not enjoying this update                 New Update Is Not Good
Your bug fixes broke my app Please update again because right now Im paying monthly to not watch anything    
Add teen wolf seasons 15              Teen Wolf Please
Was a great app until the last update Crashes constantly and always throws up error messages during the shows No longer happy with this app     Not good anymore
Nothing changed But there r more bugs than last time     Bug not fixed
Before the latest upgrade I had occasional issues with the app loading Since Ive upgraded the app I cant get it to load for anything It takes well over 5 minutes keeps giving an error The loading issue really needs to be fixed     Doesnt Load
I have sent in about 10 requests to have this bug looked into Happens on iPhone and iPad Every time I watch a video It ends It does not get removed from the continue watching area Their solution is to login via the website and remove it from there Come on guys How hard is it to put a delete button next to the video thumbnail Its not You also said its because maybe the film didnt finish Seriously Come on You should also have the ability to know when we watched a series of episodes by the auto play to the next episode But they still show up as not been fully watched Use some logic guys and fix this bug Why am I paying this money for an app that dont work properly     But since December 2014 never gets seen to
Put the next Season of walking dead on NOW but other wise it is the best app in the whole world af                 Awesome
Can you please add a thing where you tell how many people are watching and like change the Are You Still Watching to Are You Still Watching or Netflix Chilling              Needs one improvement
Please fix     Force closes since update
Just updated to the new version It wont load at all I just receive the error message to check internet connection Internet is fine Only problem is new version I hope Netflix doesnt become just waiting around for the NextFix     New version
It was a 5 star app and then todays update crashes the app the moment I open it Please fix the update I will change the rating soon as it no longer crashes on launch     Wont open now

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