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Big Fish Games, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Time Mysteries: Inheritance HD (Full) ,Antique Road Trip: USA HD (Full) ,Flux Family Secrets - The Ripple Effect HD ,Secrets of the Dragon Wheel HD ,Time Builders: Pyramid Rising HD ,Awakening: The Dreamless Castle HD), brings Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 1249562624, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2017-06-28.
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Play the trial for FREE Pay once & complete the adventure Helen s boyfriend calls frantically, warning her that his mentor, Mr. Bell, is not who he claims to be. She rushes to Mr. Bell s ...
The previous Nevertales are some of my fave BF games Because they had non linear logic and creative puzzles But not anymore Once again the BF developers are reducing their games into simplistic tap tap tapping All areas screens are cleared out within 1 2 scenes of each other Which means if you just keep tapping the items and interactive areas will simply fall into place on their own It appears the developers have been catering to the whiny gamers who complain about having to go back and forth too much Which is what the TRANSPORT map is for At least the graphics are nice And there s some uniqueness to this game compared to the other boring tapping HOG BF games Even still I was hoping MadHeads Nevertales would at least be like their previous games But nope I just wanted to get this game over with         i USED to like this series ally555
I really want to play the complete game but 6 99 is a lot for just 1 game                 Loved the demo which the full game was cheaper Photobun
This is a fun workable game but not overly memorable I know I enjoyed playing it more than once and I liked the plot and I think there s more than one fun game to play in the Extras in other words it checked all the boxes of what I want in these games I wasn t disappointed there were no difficulties or glitches and I will no doubt play it again in the future                 Good game MakeItEasier
Long play great graphics hint recharges quickly interactive map Nothing I disliked                     Excellent game Cyndeetrek
Hello Could you PLEASE fix the sound It s beyond annoying I turn the sound off because I don t want it on I don t want to bother others either The game is okay but there s no map And unfortunately I need to keep going to the help screen I find it confusing And the games have glitches I couldn t get the planets in the rings to turn Once in a while they would as I tapped the arrow other times not Very frustrating             The background sounds come on Opinion02122
I really enjoyed just about every game puzzle and adventure                     One of the best games I ve played Leefoo26
I noticed many reviewers making remarks about the long lag times but decided to try it for myself It was on sale and I thought that for a good price I could overlook long lag times Well I was wrong It drove me crazy so I could not buy this game It was too bad because it was a decent game         Lag time SheltiePaintMom
Very fun                     I loved all the extra features at the end of the game Ohana13
My one complaint I had to choose hint several times to find I had chosen the correct answer but the game didn t accept it that s infuriating                 Come On JJFoster
Think think think What next Different                 IT S DIFFERENT tallapoosaga
Another enjoyable game Talent with designing this game is priceless A good one Key West Jessa                     Doorway Key West Jessa
I have played this only one time and it won t let me play again It just keeps saying you have already played this game What is going on     Never tales Lilac923
Was fine with this game for a while although there were times when there was absolutely no indication or opportunity to figure out what to do When my character suddenly popped up on the moon I was done             Meh Sudewea
Love this game Lots of puzzles and still I am not done I like puzzles that take a long time to get through There is a lot to do in this one I want more like this one                     Fantastic Kneessaa123
Can t put it down Has everything good guide intriguing storyline super characters guess what this time it s the GUY in trouble the girl rescues him Great interacting map Custom setting What more could u possibly need I m have given 5 stars 4 times over years many many games Wish every game I got was just perfect like this one By the way Not too hard either which I like since I play to relax Might be a drawback for those who like more of a challenge Don t know what it would be like at the Hard level Might be enough of a challenge I ve never played Hard level but I might after I finish this one just to get to play it more I m Hooke D on this one if u can t tell LOL                     GREAT bettz49
This game is a lot of fun to play I really had no idea where the story would take me next                     Enjoyable Savvybeagle
I really enjoyed this one Long playing with an interesting story and a good vs evil storyline that won t have you hiding under the covers Once you have finished playing the bonus section shows you a way to find the collectables you may have missed and finding THEM leads to more games I will definitely replay this game                     Hidden Doorway Indigo baby
Wonderful adventure with such an incredibly unique storyline Voice overs character acting were suburb Loved the interactiveness of this game as well as the hidden object scenes puzzles Morphing collectibles and yes they were not easy to find but they are there Just part of the challenge Mad Head games never disappoints I Love their creativity Nice teleporting map needs to be accessed in the menu button Thoroughly enjoyed sorry to see it come to an end Highly recommend I experienced no glitches whatsoever Thanks to this great developer I can t wait for your next release KdBoots                     Outstanding catalina5
This was a decent game but I cannot give it a full 5 star rating You could customize settings The storyline was enjoyable because it allows you to travel through portals into different books You could also choose items to utilize in the books to progress through the game There was no cohesive journal but objectives were regularly updated There was a cute little robot assistant at a certain point The graphics were pretty but they could have used a bit of fine tuning Inventory items were labeled and interactive and there were complex items to assemble There was a marked teleport map to transport you instantaneously between locations At each location you must find a hidden collectible symbol which resembled a door knocker Unfortunately there was no map tab within the game so you had to go to the menu whenever you needed to use the map Morphing objects were confined to the HO scenes which did have some variation The puzzles games were mostly simplistic and had a lot of rotational junk There was not a whole lot to accomplish at each location so the game was relatively short even with the bonus adventure This game did run very smoothly and I didn t encounter any glitches Once you complete the bonus adventure and find all the collectibles you must assemble a jigsaw puzzle Spoiler alert once you assemble the jigsaw that leads to other puzzles but I won t tell you what they are I deducted a star for length the lack of a cohesive journal and for having to exit the game every time I needed the map Mad Head you NEED to give us a map tab We don t like exiting the game and it makes it feel tedious at times Happy gaming everyone                 Nevertales Hidden Doorway by LynxMinx lynx minx
Excellent game no violence gore or evilness Good story line challenging mini games and pleasant to play                     Hidden doorway From Moberly
Good clean graphics and everything worked I liked that Story wasn t much but it was fun anyway Smooth game I knew it first off when trying it I liked most of the games and HOPs I don t however like swirly things in front of the HOPs Sorry but I just don t see well enough But it was overall worth playing                 Pretty Fun Game serra.ap.owen
Only 4 stars because I missed one triple circle object I couldn t complete the Extra Collectible game The game does not mention how to re trace your steps if you miss a circle Otherwise I love this game Beautiful graphics many creative puzzles and HOPs long playing customized settings as fast as a 15 second refresh rate Hint button illustrates the next location                 Almost Perfect Game corntiques1
Some refreshing bits and while I enjoyed it it contains one of my biggest pet peeves When I go to the trouble to make sure the sound is off for all game features I expect it to stay off The sound in this comes and goes sometimes loudly Every once in a while a BF game has this glitch and this is one Either turn your volume off if you don t want to disturb others or play with sound because the ingame sound controls don t work consistently             Good overall but can t turn sound off Tammymariesd
Great all around game                     HIDDEN DOORWAYS Craftytris
This makes 3 in a row for BF Mystery Case Files Surface and Nevertales Great games from the premier developer Keep them coming                     Happy happy happy GammaVC
Really enjoying the game One of the best I ve played                     Hidden Doorway Mofun99
I guess it could have been fun but I had a lot of touch sensitivity issues trying to grab objects This affected smooth game play and caused some frustration lessening my enjoyment of the game             Just Okay MamTrev
The game itself is good but some of the options are a little stupid example you have to go to the menu to find the map and the menu button is not easy to hit Even with my stylus The colors are kind of dark and I even checked to be sure that my phone had it set to the brightest setting                 Good game has issues 5868miss
Lots of fun Recommend                     Great Game H1ppo109109
What can I say except this is an awesome entertaining game More like these please A must buy                     Nevertales Hidden Doorway K-RanO
Namaste the collectables are only available AFTER you complete both the game AND bonus chapter Kind of like a scavenger hunt During the game bonus chapter the only things you gather are the signs two circles one inside the other and morphing objects in the hidden object puzzles but only when the small orb is in the lower right by hint button I hope this helps Review transporting map under the menu button deducted 1 star for that and no diary but does have custom difficulty Doesn t seem quite up to mad head standards Game play is extremely straight forward not much need for the hint button Morphing objects in ho but that s it Collect signs Storyline is your chasing an author who has your boyfriends soul through the authors books Verdict not bad time waster                 Hidden doorway mad head game Dracyy
This game is fun to play and the story is a good one                     Refreshing Danaa1040
I jus started this one However I m not able to find the collectibles I m checking the guide it shows me where they re SUPPOSE to be but there are none Am I missing something COULD be a fun one finally but doesn t seem to be functioning Any ideas Sorry I meant to say I m not able to collect the Treasures They just aren t there             Can t find collectibles Namaste to All
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