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NYP Holdings, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Page Six for iPhone ,Page Six Magazine ,New York Post iPhone Edition ,NY Post Pix ,New York Post), brings New York Post with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. New York Post app has been update to version 2.5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The New York Post
iPadtablet made by Apple
App provides a new way to experience The Post’s award-winning coverage. In each day`s edition, you will find all the key sections of the newspaper - News, Page Six, Opinion, Pulse, Business and Sports. You’ll also experience a bevy of special features such as the ability to make your own front page and share it with The Post or your friends; viewing photo galleries and videos while you read the paper; sharing stories via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter; saving any newspaper issue you want to keep; and for sports fans, you can set the app so you start reading from the Sports section every day. And make sure you tap the American flag on the front page! The New York Post is committed to providing you with hard-hitting news coverage, bold headlines, world-class gossip and the best sports in town in a new digital experience. Read The Post anywhere, anytime -- each morning on your way to work, over a sandwich at lunch or during the evening commute home. You can read the edition in portrait or landscape mode while enjoying additional photos and videos not found in the paper. The $1.99 download fee entitles you to an introductory 30-days.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download New York Post for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.3 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about New York Post check developer NYP Holdings, Inc.`s website :

New York PostNew York Post
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New York Post


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When it works it is excellentHowever it is sticky does not always believe I paid tells me too far from wifiWSJ is always ready to goPerhaps see how they do it so well    not reliable
This app just gets worse and worse I will definitely not renew my subscription       Horrible
THE WORST They totally screwed this up It makes reading on the iPad brutal Go back to the old version or I am canceling Do NOT update if you have a choiceUPDATE Subscription expiring end of the month I cant wait NYPlet me know when you can read the year on this review is 2014 not 2004    New update
I should be able to swipe page to page without zooming The print is to small I want to read the post as a paper If I wanted to just read articles I would read online The older version was better All it needed was a few improvements Please do an update Thank you    Older Version Was Better
The previous app was much better both performance wise as well as the layout This new app does not operate consistently At times the current issue does not open after it is downloaded and the app freezes The old layout was much easier to read and use       Buggy
Another morning and the issue wont open Deleted and reinstalled and still not working Mo expect the paper when wake up at 530 to be ready May be time switch papers    Did someone actually review this before publishing
I am now going to spend as much time writing this review as the post spent testing the new version    Used to love the post app
I have had the NY Post app for 2 years and lately it does not OPEN I have spent hours trying to troubleshoot including following NY POST app ipad problems waiting one hour with Apple rep deleting app reloading app and the issues still do not open I am very frustrated NY Post allows you to leave your name and number with a voicemail system I CAN download the Wallstreet Journal NY Times and Sydney Herald yes from Australia with no problems and I live in Ct Sooo unhappy    APP DOES NOT OPEN
That I have to take the time to cancel It doesnt download no matter how powerful the wifiGive us back the old app that actually worked    The App is so bad
Agree with the other reviewers I cannot download issues and havent been able to read since the upgrade Im paying money for this paper for nothing I think I need to cancel until its fixed    Horrible
OutrageousIm deleting my app on my iPad immediately Not worth it JFM    NY Post now charging
no good app always breaking down    Never works
Inconsistent Wont always download Freezes DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY    Dont waste your money
This app used to work fine Now I can only read the issue of the day If I try to read any prior day issue my the app locks up and I have to exit Doesnt matter if I downloaded it yesterday it is unreadableWhy do developers constantly screw up software that was working perfectly fine and then try to justify it as enhancementsI will soon be asking for a full refund    New version is horrible
I agree with the comments below that this app is a giant step backwards It is a bad scanned copy of the newspaper And it doesnt even work I load it onto my iPad daily when I am at home By the time I get to the subway the paper is no longer downloaded What good is it to have a commuter paper if it doesnt work on my commute Please develop a new app or go back to the old one    Annoying App
The NY Post has been a morning pleasure forquite some timeuntil the new app Its nowimpossible to read since it wont downloadRepeated emails to the paper have goneunanswered I guess they know its too awfulto defend If you want to read a NY paperget the Daily News THIS APP STINKS It got one staronly because I couldnt submit it withouta rating It really rates a minus at the verymost    WORST APP ANYWHERE
Caveat Emptor do not subscribe via iTunes app unless you enjoy being constantly frustratedThis app stopped downloading on both my iPad mini and Air When I sought help with this situation I was directed to uninstall reinstall app Of course it did not resolve the issue and the help desk knew full well that this was a waste of timeI subscribe via iTunes and unfortunately have already been charged for this months non service I opted out of auto renew and will end my subscription at the end of the monthWhoever is in charge of managing digital subscriptions should be horse whipped and then fired Incompetent doesnt begin to describe the mess that is this app    Execrable Customer Service for Glitch filled App
This is the worst news applove NY post but the app is simply not readable Looks like bad scans of the paper and fonts are tiny you have to zoom every single article and the tiny page icons are just really distractinghow was this even released its embarrassing Used to be decent but now its not usablecanceling my subscription    Horrible
He guys Im canceling my subscription Ive tried everything Freezes up I have tried it all I give up    The Worst App yet
Bring back version 2Its slow Takes long to load When pressing the download button Gives a message it is already downloaded but ca not open the AppBring back version 2    Version 3 Is so bad
I cant seem to get the iPad edition on my iPhone 6 I was able to do this easily with the iPad edition of the New York daily News Im looking to see if my iPad mini can be replace dby the iPhone 6 but if companies prevent thisnot a good thing             iPad Edition on iPhone
Will not load paper properly Nothing but a hassle    Need a lot of improvement
The Post thinks that putting the paper into a document scanner and posting the less than optimal results is all that is required for an app They dont even scan the sections in separate batches so that the inserts dont interrupt the rest of the paper This is so rudimentary that whoever is responsible for this should hang hisher head in shame Save your money and read a different paper    Rudimentary
This is now effectively a pdf Very few interactive features The file size must be very large as each issue takes forever to load The latest version wont download automatically so manual downloads are required If you would like to read on your commute best to download over Wifi before leaving home Downloads over carrier networks rarely complete For some inexplicable reason the app often requires re registration of the subscription Seriously considering canceling subscription Not worth it if they cant fix it    Huge disappointment
While I normally dont throw out insults I will make an exception for the idiots that designs this app Takes forever to load Then cant get a good fit on my iPad or iPhone Then you give me ads and more ads for something I pay for Then I cant find the sports stats I now hate the paper and really hate the moron that decided to hire the idiots that put this piece of garbage app together    What a joke
Just refund my money The stupid app is frozen Cant read the paper Disgusting    Post
Stop asking me if I want to sign up for notifications everyday and fix this so it stops freezing       Fix this App
What happened The NY Post had a great app Why did you change the format I regret my purchase and will most likely not renew    Claire
Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate this app Performance is inconsistent It freezes wont allow a download cant be viewed For 100 I expect more Lets get the bugs out Post If you want to charge top dollar you have to deliver When it works its great but 50 of the time isnt acceptable          Buggy app
Stopped working again Deleted and reloaded app and it still wont work    Need fix
I would wake up and read the Post everyday before work As a former New Yorker I loved reading the paper on my iPad especially Sports Now it is pretty much unreadable I cant even think of one positive with the new update Hard to navigate and slow to load each page Used to be my favorite app and would recommend to everyone Horrible Hope they fix it before its time to renew    5 stars to 1 star
When I attempted to download this app was only available through purchase I do not want to pay for something I may not read everyday Decided to ininstall but there is not an option So the icon stays on my screen    Wont ininstall
App freezes and wont open up the paper Its 20 wind chill and Im not going out to get a paper    Grrrrr Cant read my NY Post on Sunday
Wont open at all again Years of issues while Seattle Times App works flawlessly during that same time    Horrible App
As a paying subscriber I expect this app to work 100 of the time especially since its just an eReader The app freezes try to launch current days paper yesterdays appears Closed all apps rebooted iPad still doesnt work May have to delete and reinstall but why This will influence my renewal       Inconsistent
Just received my notice of renewal coming up at the end of month Will not be renewing This is tough for me as I have enjoyed the print andor iPad versions since my childhood The newest update as many attest is just tough to navigate and editions will not download automatically Ive done everything and been in touch with NYP iPad support at least half dozen times Ive given them months to work things out on this version with no luck Now I can only use my customer voice and cancel my subscription    I am now a past subscriber
Paper wont load This is a recurring problem with the PostThere is no one to speak to no support a person in India gave me the Posts number in NYC and I got a answering machineJohn    No support
This app is awful Cant read issues due to either inability to download open a downloaded issue or constant freezups I have tried all suggested tech fixes several times hard shutdowns uninstallreinstall etc and nothing works These guys need to look at the Daily News and NY Times apps and learn how to develop a news app They are a pleasure to read Working on canceling my subscription and getting a refund Dont waste your time and money on this garbage application    This App Stinks
Go back to how it was This edition is probably the worst iPad app newspaper Really unhappy Fix it No way is this worth what we are paying for it    Horrible
I was very hopeful when this app came out Unfortunately this is a huge disappointment The performance is very very slow and the content is presented poorly A huge step backwards    Bad to worse
Fire your mobile developers immediately I can not imagine the reason the Post chose to release such a horrifying upgrade Perhaps it was a cost saving exercise I find the usability of the app so poor it ruined the experience of reading the paper The people providing positive reviews are clearly related to whoever directed this abortion When the Post puts the same level of quality into its mobile efforts that it does in its journalism I will return as a subscriber Charge me anything you want you have great content But lose this app    Canceled my subscription over this
This new version of the NY Post is horrendous Not only does it take 10 mins to download the latest edition but then it wont come up when you click on it It goes gray Comes up fine on my iPhone but I would rather read it on a screen larger than 2 And the format with the bar of pages at the bottom is too large even after you remove it the page wont increase in size I want the old version back    BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION
I used to love this app Now it is buggy and sometimes crashes on reading making some articles unreadable    Garbage
So let me get this straight I pay for a subscription and then it will not open the daily edition so I am burning money because I cannot read the paper Check Come on Post every other media outlets app challenges together do not add up to the frustration of just trying to read the Post on my device Fix this Or minimally give me back my subscription fee every day I cannot read the Post because of app failure    It Does Not WorkAgain
Why did you go and tweak something that was perfectly fine Ive had more problems in the past two weeks than ever in my 2 yrs as a subscriber Reverse the changes please    New Fix stinks
Loved the old app which downloaded fast and was very easy to read and responsive As the other reviewers point out this one is hard to read and takes forever to download it is worse in every way and I am letting my subscription expire next month will not renew unless they fix it Actually Im not sure how to get rid of it but I will try    Terrible
Change is normally a great thing unfortunately not this time around As a long term print and now former ipad subscriber to my home town NY Post i looked forward to having the paper as i traveled for business The touted improved ipad version looks like a poorly scanned pdf copy of the print version of the paper The print on the new ipad version is unreadable at best even after numerous updates The overall appearance creates a very uncomfortable user experience They obviously do not pay attention to their customer reviews as the overwhelming majority give 1 star PLEASE FIX this update was a giant leap backwards    A leap backwards
The persons responsible for the app need to be fired Taking my 100 that they figured out Providing reliable service they cant Every Sunday I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading the NY Post but the app will not launch whether I reinstall or not Switching over to the Daily News app Frustrated in NY    Worst App
Second week in a row cant dl paper that I pay way too much for anyway Will be canceling subscription This app is a piece of junkbeen a subscriber for over 2 years and constantly has issues Dont wast your money    Why cant you get it right
Not only doesnt this app automatically download I have to restore my subscription every single day and sometimes twice a day This is only one of many frustrations Stone Age navigation crashes etc with this hAPPless A shame given I like the NY Post content and have for many many years Will not be renewing Is anybody awake at the Post    A frustrating disaster


NYP Holdings, Inc.
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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iOS / 2.5.3

iOS New York Post 2.5.3 Mobile

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