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Ferhat Ozduran , the publisher behind many iOS app (News 12 en Español ,Quran Notes - Read Translations & Take Notes ,News 12 Mobile ,Video Downloader for Facebook - Save Your Favorite Videos for Free), brings News 12 Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. News 12 Mobile app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc32
Love the live weather & traffic reports.
Security & Privacyc10

and all in a great format that works really well. found in 1 reviews
which is never a reliable way to watch video. found in 2 reviews
local weather alerts weather forecasts current temperatures and storm coverage. found in 1 reviews
To channel 12 news. found in 3 reviews
Love the new look it works better and looks better. found in 1 reviews
Cool 5 Stars :. found in 1 reviews
To all of you complaining about your video streaming. found in 1 reviews
Daily user. found in 1 reviews
Has a lot of features and up to date local info. found in 1 reviews
ability to upload photos and videos for potential use on news 12. found in 1 reviews
This is the best news tv app for nj. found in 2 reviews
Finally works on Verizon again. found in 1 reviews
it's going to slow things down a bit. found in 1 reviews
Love the live weather & traffic reports. found in 1 reviews
Downloaded app to see detailed election results. found in 1 reviews
Way too many long ads. found in 1 reviews
the live stream just crashes immediately and goes back to the main menu screen. found in 1 reviews
05-18-12: Live traffic and weather is freezing constantly and skipping. found in 5 reviews
the other
Login issue. found in 1 reviews
but needs a camera on RTE 135 N/S bound. found in 1 reviews
Please fix your app so I can actually use it. found in 2 reviews
The zipper along the bottom renders the app unusable. found in 1 reviews
now it just crashes every time I try to watch live. found in 8 reviews
Picture but no sound. found in 2 reviews
Comcast Still Can't Log on. found in 3 reviews
not to bother because you need a subscription. found in 5 reviews
If my phone crashes while using it ill update this review though. found in 1 reviews
as a cable subscriber. found in 2 reviews
Login below for other cable customers was very confusing. found in 2 reviews
I have not been able to open the app since Monday. found in 14 reviews
I have been using it for the past 6 months with no problem. found in 1 reviews
which also doesn't provide info on school closings. found in 8 reviews
Still can't sign in with my Optimum ID and password. found in 13 reviews
Tried everything but News 12 App will not work on IPAD. found in 53 reviews
I would like to watch the videos live without it crashing. found in 13 reviews
I am a Comcast customer and originally I could login. found in 17 reviews
The version prior to this one took too long to open. found in 14 reviews
After update it won't allow me to log in. found in 16 reviews
but can't download the app as a time warner customer I'm baffled. found in 10 reviews
Will not allow Comcast users access. found in 13 reviews
Log-in inconsistent and live stream drops constantly. found in 7 reviews
Just updated the app crashes every- time I try to open the app. found in 14 reviews
which is ridiculous considering that I'm a Time Warner customer. found in 10 reviews
STILL Broken for comcast customers. found in 7 reviews

The News 12 Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.6 MB to download. The new News 12 Mobile app version 2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-06. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about News 12 Mobile check developer Ferhat Ozduran`s website :

News 12 is the exclusive 24-hour news network dedicated to covering local news within the New York tri-state area. This app is available for free to Optimum customers only with Optimum ID and password required ...
Loads quick great content Has it all                 Works great love it
Since the last update the app wont open     Just Deleted
You shouldnt have to sign in to begin with I tried to sign up with my xfinity account and no luck This is a terrible app you should fix it I actually enjoy the channel so It would be nice if the app was good too     Didnt even send my confirmation email avoid this app
Crashes every time Removed it Terrible app     Terrible
App keeps crashing and wont open I reinstalled and it still keeps crashing        Crashes
Never opens when it does it crashes Works 10 of the time you try and open     Never opens
The persistent news zipper along the bottom apparently is such a huge CPU hog that it renders navigating and loading news stories impossible        The zipper along the bottom renders the app unusable
This app doesnt work It just say an error has occurredtry again Hasnt worked in a long time Ive deleted it     Terrible
You know what I like about this app The ad plays flawlessly then the video you selected gets hung up And what I dont pay enough to optimum so I have to look at ads And do me a favor crash again        Really
Maybe a crash here and there but overall a functioning and useful app              Good app
Ridiculous Crashes on the first attempt every time that is if the app even opens Running the latest IOS     Anybody over there care to fix this app
I am an Optimum subscriber I got the News 12 app so that when I am away from home I can still news stories from my home area I open app and it crashes Fix this ASAP This isnt rocket science     App is unstable keeps crashing
App crashes the first time you open it but the second time the app works fine but there are ads on every video I didnt pay for Newsday so I could have a an add before every 1 minute video I watch     Crashes
Your app never opens and when trying to open crashes     App opening
Doesnt open Always crashes We are supposed to trust optimum and news 12 and this wont work     Crash and burn
Still crashing on iOS 8     New update app still crashes
I cant even use this app because it crashes the second I touch the app icon Ive uninstalled and reinstalled it several times to no avail Notifications dont work either     Constantly Crashing
Boy do they need to update their software A once useful app is now a total waste of phoneiPad space after months of crashing Ill get my news from other reliable sources from now on     Crash city one star too many
What else would I expect from cablevision Goes hand in hand with their terrible cable     Unstable app
After the update the app did crash on me a couple of times But lately its been stable I dont give up on myN12              MyN12
The app should be redone from top to bottom and better follow iOS design guidelines because the app right now is pretty ugly They also need to update for iPhone 6Plus resolutions Im also running into a glitch is it a glitch where the status bar is completely black not being able to see cell status time or battery     Needs an overhaul
Was working fine until the update now it wont even open on my IPhone     No Longer Loads
Updated the app now I cant even open it on the iPad and even before that the app was very slow to load nothing but problems total junk     Crashes
Constantly crashes both the iPhone 6 and iPad versions     Crashmania
Im a Time Warner customer I use HBO app with Time Warner cable to sign inno problem signing inI have showtime with Time Warner cable no problems signing in Spike no problem plus many others exceptCant sign in to news 12 Last update didnt do anything for me Doesnt even make sense to me why you would even want people to have a cable subscription to watch Wouldnt you guys want people to use app n watch your news Your not HBO or SHOWTIME No other news apps that I have you dont need A subscription I am using iPhone 6 plus on latest software update U guys stink The worst app developers     Cant login still after years now
This app does nothing but crash It takes forever to open and when it finally loads I cannot click on any link without it crashing It has not worked for me in well over six months     Crashes
Crushes every time that its opened     Channel 12 News
So many people have posted reviews telling News12 that your App just doesnt perform right THEY ASK FOR OVERHAULS CAN YOU PLEASE FIX APP KEEPS CRASHING TAKES TOO LONG TO LOAD Why NEWS12 WHY WONT YOU UPDATE YOUR APP AND AT LEAST PUT OUT A GOOD PRODUCT Another COMPANY is going to come along and BOOM NEWS12 ONLINE WILL BE GONE THERE ARE MANY NEWS SOURCES YET SOME WANT REALLY LOCAL NEWS LIKE NEWS12 AIRSAHHH THE SAME STORIES OVER AND OVER AGAIN You dont even update your CURRENT STORIES WHY WHO OWNS NEWS12 THATS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THEY DO NOT GIVE A CRAP THAT THEIR NEWS12 APP DOES NOT DELIVER Do you even read the reviews News12 Seems not Why wont you listen to what people are telling you about their user experience We actually pay for this App because its only free if you pay for OPTIMUM SERVICES or NEWSDAY I for one am out ITS BEEN MONTHS I THOUGHT ID GIVE IT A TRY AGAIN NOT SURPRISED AT ALLNOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER Its a case of sheer neglect Dont bother getting news12 They wont care anyway     News 12 DOES NOT CARE THEIR APP IS CRAPPY WHY
First time opening the app it crashes It opens the second time This happens EVERYDAY Dont you people who make this app USE this app     Crashes
Good when it works Past few days it doesnt open     Crashes
It crashes when you open the app Please fix     Crashes
Takes a full 17 seconds just to load at startup Thats unacceptable Crashes on startup occasionally also Looks like there will be no attempt to rectify the situation     Infuriating
I have to open the app twice first time to let it crash it doesnt even get to the headline page then a second time to see the news Currently running iOS 8 on iPhone 6 but it crashed regularly on my old iPhone 4 too I may just uninstall it not worth the space it takes up     Crashes
I have been using news12 app for over a year Now it does not work So much for improving with update Please correct Lab612     Update gone sour
The ads interfere with the on screen keyboard     Cant make comment in the current version
This app forces you to watch money making advertisements for cable vision Cable wake up you charge us a lot of money for your service At least give us the option to turn it off     News 12 forced adds
It has become common practice now to have to delete and reinstall the app weekly After a few times using the app it wont open until you reinstall Too many bugs     Needs to be reinstalled weekly
This app is the WORST Ive had it for over a year It rarely opens and when it does it crashes immediately I keep expecting an update to no avail Obviously no one cares about fixing the bugs Dont waste your time Its too frustrating     Terrible
NO school closings are ever listed even though the Samsung version works fine Crashes constantly The feedback email address to News12 is invalid Im deleting this POS as soon as Im done posting this review     Garbage
How to log in for Comcast subscriber Enter your Comcast user email address in the spot for optimum users Then enter your password If it does not work try resetting your password If that doesnt work dial 8663947236 for technical support Hope this helps                 How to log in for Comcast subscriber
Like other reviewers I can no longer open the app It crashes every time Even rebooted my iPad and no luck     Broken
Tried everything but News 12 App will not work on IPAD IT HAS BEEN MONTHS NOW and Channel has done nothing to eradicate this issue Please announce when app has been fixed to work on IPad     Does not work on IPAD
100 of the time it crashes when trying to open Then when you do it again it works sometimes The news get updated as often as in 1824 once every 5 days Embarrassing     Crashing
So I put this app on my iPhone 6 and iPad retina Tap to open it starts to open and just Crash quits ON BOTH DEVICES Both running latest iOS Astonishing Owned by Cablevision no less Dont even bother downloading Unfortunately we must at least give 1 star So they get one star for failure NEGATIVE STARS when one cant even open a app it deserves ridicule and this app is worthless     Doesnt even open
Since around Aug 20th every time without fail I get a error on start up of the program and than it just hangs on the News12 screen The app is unusable     Cannot open the app at all
Just updated the app crashes everytime I try to open the app I tried every way from the background to the main screen never works So slow to open my phone goes into sleep mode     Update 311
It is not the best but I rate it a 5 star because you cant do everything with an app on a small screen                 Pretty good
Must update to fit iPhone 6 Plus everything is to big needs to update to fit iOS 8 for better quality and not looking distorted other then that it is good in a way And the top of the app is black cant see battery or cellular signal and wifi as well please fix these problems The app keeps crashing this is ridiculous thats why Fios is way better then optimum Good thing I have Fios The internet is really fast especially with the Verizon Fios quantum router I get 5G technology on my phone I get 100100 speeds you cant beat that Verizon TV is true 1080P and so much clear then optimum that they compress there channels and makes it blurry     Update to fit iPhone 6 Plus
Continually get a load issue error Have to delete app and then reinstall Honestly just not that great an app I can get my news from much better apps wo all the trouble Will delete if it happens again permanently        Just ok
Pointless app     Zero stars

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