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Mobiles Republic , the publisher behind many iOS app (Global Editors Network ,Glam Life – news on people, celebrities, trends, beauty, fashion ,Biz Report - breaking business news & alerts ,Sports Republic - Sport news & views ,News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb ,APPY Geek - news on tech, video games and apps), brings News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb app has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very user friendly app - also like the little audio notifications..
  • Really nice and smart news reader..
  • I m totally dependent on it for my daily news nowadays..
  • Great news/ social media app..
  • Very informative source of world news..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
Definitely one of the best News Apps available today.
this is my favorite news application right now.
Also gives a nice global perspective and is easy to customize.
Bringing the best User Interface on Smartphones and Tablets.
Better than CNN --love the design.
News Republic has the best combination of quality content.
Fun & Engagingclick me81
This is the best news Ap ever.
All the news all the time.
without wasting time.
fun layout.
Usefulnessclick me92
App gives me all the up to date news I'm interested in.
Whether you're a news-addict or just want to stay informed.
Keeps me up to date on the latest news.
Love the interface and everything works quickly and smoothly.
Everything at the touch of a button.
Social Aspectsclick me100
Great news/ social media app.
Interesting Media App.
Production Valuesclick me86
Bringing the best User Interface on Smartphones and Tablets.
Love the interface and everything works quickly and smoothly.
Ease of Useclick me95
Easy to navigate and keeps you up to date instantaneously.
Really nice and smart news reader.
organized and easy to share articles on Twitter.
Super Convenient Source.
Reliabilityclick me56
Just to much soccer in the sports.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me43
Need a paid version to remove the Ad.
Updates & Supportclick me64
Need a paid version to remove the Ad.


“News Republic offers the cure for infobesity" – CNET


“Best News app for the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
/ iPod Touch” – PhoneLife Magazine

News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celebNews Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb
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“If you love news, News Republic is the right app for you!” - AppDictions


NEWS REPUBLIC - Smart News for the Smart Reader


Welcome to News Republic, the premiere news application for the smart and savvy reader. News Republic truly gives users an international and personalized news experience, while pulling together the best elements of a visual news reader and a news aggregator into one streamlined and easy-to-use app.
News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb


News Republic paints the global, “big picture” perspective of any news story for you by providing high quality articles from the top newswires worldwide, including Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse. Its customization options are endless, as you can choose the topics you want to read; even better, as you read more articles, News Republic “learns” what you like and will display only the best articles based on your unique preferences.


News Republic also features the innovative new TagNav system, which highlights major keywords (e.g. “Barack Obama,” “Paris,” or even “Lindsay Lohan”) across all news stories worldwide. Whether you want to keep up on the Miami Heat’s progress this season, the top stories in Milwaukee, or the latest celeb gossip, News Republic has got you covered. Simply click on the keyword to create your very own dedicated news channel on that particular topic. You choose the subjects, and News Republic brings you the news instantly!


News sources include:
* Associated Press
* Reuters Business News
* AFP – Agence France-Presse
* WENN – World Entertainment News
* ITN – Independent Television News
* BNO – Breaking News Wire
* PR Newswire
* And more…


With all that news – you can create your own personalized news channel!


- One app with all the news – Thousands of top stories stream in as they happen in US News, International, Sports, Business, Technology, Entertainment, and more!


- Find your topic – explore more like it and/or follow it to the web: Wikipedia, Google, youTube, and Twitter.


- Make your own news channel – immerse yourself in the news and personalize your myNews channel as you select particular topics, people, or events that interest you.


- Read all the stories from within the app – browse the headlines, see the article images, and read an entire story, all without having to link back to another newspaper’s website.


- Share the news – send your favorite articles to friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.


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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.6 MB to download. The new News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb app version 2.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb in Mobiles Republic`s Official Website :


Easy to navigate and keeps you up to date instantaneously. found in 16 reviews
My preferred way to keep up with the news. found in 1 reviews
I like to keep up with current events and this app does deliver. found in 8 reviews
This app is great for learning about the top news stories. found in 21 reviews
Bar none this is the best app for news an "other stuff". found in 13 reviews
It's easy to navigate and find the news I want to read. found in 11 reviews
By far the Best News App on the Market. found in 5 reviews
but that content definitely leans left. found in 2 reviews
Needs fast app switching support. found in 2 reviews
There are dozens of content providers checked in the menu. found in 2 reviews
The bad : very poor formatting of the news content sometimes. found in 2 reviews
so again it's a complete waste of screen real estate. found in 1 reviews
Excellent but very slow to start. found in 4 reviews
Went downhill fast w/ last update. found in 1 reviews
Night mode doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
Sum issues with new update. found in 1 reviews
Great unless you need offline mode. found in 2 reviews
needs more sources. found in 3 reviews
with a very few annoying ads. found in 2 reviews
Now I just read stories and don't open videos. found in 2 reviews
Needs more sharing options. found in 1 reviews
I'd pay money for no ads and just a straight news service. found in 3 reviews
Please offer a version with no ads. found in 4 reviews
Crashing and iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
the offline mode doesn't work anymore. found in 2 reviews
the offline mode would flicker and then crashed. found in 2 reviews
Make the Ads Go Away. found in 4 reviews
Until they decided to blast ads at the bottom for the screen. found in 3 reviews
Poorly written articles. found in 3 reviews
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Perfect news app tailored the way I want it when I want it Get it use it enjoy it and stay informed                Delivers the Goods the Way I Want It
I like the navigation and presentation             Great collection of news resources
Easy to use                Love it
I have a lot of news apps but this one is the only one I use now Excellent                Just great
Muy buena fuente de información mundial                Excelente
Great product Been waiting for such an app for a long time and glad I found it All the news about the topics you care about in one app with a great user interface Keep up the amazing work guys                Great content and UI
I think this is the best News App extant The articles are clear concise and most important accurate                News App
This is a great news app a must have if you like to read the news enough said                Great
Me gusta mucho                Muy buena
I love the News Republic app simply because the articles are relevant and current Best News app ever                Best News App
This App is awesome You can fine tune it to deliver you the news youre interested in It is now my GoTo News Resource                My GoTo News Resource
Best News App                Best news app
Its a great news app awesome                Great app
Cant filter the feed by specific topic For example if I want to filter out all stories about Miley Cyrus or similar nonnews I cant The app lacks my desired functionality Deleted       Topics Filter
Quick overview of whats going on Great app that pulls from multiple sources                Fantastic app
Used daily and no issues Keep up the great work                Love it
I enjoy this news feed Not a lot of extra stuff thrown in and you get to read what you want If I had to nit pick it will add various feeds from around the world and it doesnt appear to give me the option to say no to them I cant really complain because those country feeds have been very informative Its just getting so there is so much to look at Great app one of my favorites                Great news feed
Great News App Provides a wide range of articles from around the world that keeps a news junkie informed                News Republic
Awesome place for all latest news keep up the good work                Awesome common repository
Onestop collection of multiple sources with a great user interface I remain a fan keep up the good work                Best news app Ive used yet
This app is an essential app for you Apple device                Excellent News App
This is truly a great app If you like to read the news on your device you need this app                My source of news
After wasting time daily finding interesting news I found this app a one stop shop for all this that interest me I used to use yahoo news but all I get are the same 3 stories plus sponsored fake news                Really an excellent app
Find this very informative thank you                Awesome
This is one of the best news apps I have ever used                Great app
The most recent update to version 50 has caused me to lower my star rating from 5 to 4The update to 50 adds the ability to view trending news and that is nice You can now comment on any article and some may find that to be a bonus as well However despite the developers claim the navigation is actually worse now If youre on the home screen you can get to anything fairly easily but if youre anywhere else you have to tap the back arrow repeatedly to get back to the home screen The new navigation buttons immediately disappear as soon as you leave the home screen Frankly there really is no need for these buttons The app already allows me to customize my news the way I would like and if I need to get to something else a discrete button at the top is all I need as opposed to another bar occupying real estate on the bottom of the screenThe navigation buttons on the bottom are of course replaced with an advertisement How this can be considered an improvement is beyond me Some of those ads are really annoying like the Niemen Marcus one that repeatedly flashes INSTALL They also removed the home button which previously allowed you to move back to the top level immediately Inexplicably the settings button and the connections button however are always available The home button is one most people probably use continually every day but the settings button is something one uses rarely For most people once you have the settings the way you wish you forget about them The connections button is the little logo at the top right that shows you how your topic is connected to other topics Personally I never use it Perhaps others do but I cannot see how that would be more important than a home button Im not sure what they were thinkingThe new My News appears to be just another variation of the digest screen which still remains Im not sure why we need two versions of thisFinally they added a floating share icon in the bottom right It appears when you scroll the top sharing buttons out of sight but again its totally unnecessary as most articles have sharing buttons built into them already In fact rather than leaving the sharing button at the bottom out of the way they have sharing buttons at the top and bottom And theyre not small They occupy about a half inch of the screen and theres a button for Facebook Twitter and email and then another button that allows you to share with any of those That last button does everything the previous three do and then some so again its a complete waste of screen real estate Its hard to know if you want to share an article that you havent read so a more logical place to have these buttons is at the bottom But really all that is needed is one share button There certainly is no need to have a fifth button floating on top in addition to the already floating advertisements Additionally since this fifth button pops up after scrolling it catches your attention and is actually a distraction If the developers would understand that what people want to do is read the news first and foremost they would eliminate all of those buttons and simply replace them with one discrete button on the top menu barAll in all this latest version adds virtually little of value and actually makes the overall usability worse This is unfortunate since this has been the best news app available up till now I think with this latest version the Smart News app has surpassed News Republic It too can be largely customized for the topics of ones choice but its uncluttered simple interface is now superior to NR and it has a broader range of news outlets The remainder of this review addresses the app in general including previous versions This has been my favorite news app and I use a lot of them It has a very nice smooth interface that enables you to scroll quickly to reach the articles you want Its clean without a lot of extra stuff cluttering the screen In fact text will take up the entire screen once you get into an article and continue scrolling downwards In the previous versions the ads would disappear but now they no longer do soWhat makes this a truly fantastic app is that you can customize the content the news sources and also the order in which content appears on your homepage No other app does all this Very nice indeedAnother great feature is that the homepage has all of the major sections with the lead stories right there I dont have to hunt for the section I want to start with and I dont have to depend on the app deciding for me what I want to see first This is a great systemThere are a few improvements that I would like to see First offer a paid version that would get rid of the ads The ads are not terribly annoying but this would be a nice option for those who wish Second add a few more conservative news outlets since most of the current ones are on the liberal side Note They just added Bloomberg Finally I suggest reversing the positions of the home button and the previous page or section button This would be a more logical arrangement Those changes would be nice but they arent critical There are also a few features that really dont add much in my opinion The ability to offer ones mood about a story doesnt add much value I have yet to figure out a good use for the screen that shows how all stories are connected with everything else This is where they get their logo and presumably makes them special but it really is not all that great Fortunately one can ignore both these particular featuresThe 40 version adds a personalized digest screen based on ones viewing preferences Thats nice Overall and even without the 40 updates News Republic has the best combination of quality content customizability and a very friendly user interface Its the best news app available IMHO             One of The Best News Apps
Maybe add a feature to where you can filter the news from a particular source like if I only wanted to see news from venturebeatcom I could                Good
I wanted to like this app good idea and execution but the intrusive ads constantly flashing at the bottom of the screen are extremely irritating and greatly interfere with the user experience After a while I just close the app and go somewhere to get the news Not worth paying for in my opinion so I will delete app and go back to AP Mobile They have ads too but arent as intrusive       Ads are too intrusive
Excellent news app Easy to use with God international content                Fantastic app
Its a news aggregator and not a very good one at that It gives you news alerts 812 hours after the event when other sources have alerted you within 12 hour after it happened It looks silly seeing a news flash that late Other small details show that the designers are lazy and dont understand usability Example when you open it it may say content is available from these new sources but doesnt offer you the ability to add them You have to go into your settings and find them from extensive listsUpdate I gave it a go again recently They still havent fixed the issues listed above and the content is terrible Headlines are the worst cheesy and misleading and often not truly related to the story They mix their ads into the content making it look like news Often before you realize its too late and they have wasted your data with a stupid commercial you didnt want There is so much better out there Flipboard runs circles around it Much better content control    Horrendous content Better aggregators out there
I love the way to get focused news on topics of interest There is a scope to improve focused news to get exhaustive news similar to Google news searxh             News the way I want
Excellent app Quick way to catch up on the world from anywhere                Combat Field Surgeon
Enjoy this app One of several I refer to throughout the day Like it                Good News App
This is An Awesome App The Best Ive Ran Across Recommend It 4 Everyone Who wants 2 Really Stay On Top current events News Around The Globe                Mr Robinson
I use this news app everyday to crawl the news world Kudos                Everyday Source
Works efficiently and well It delivers the goods                Does a Good Job
I really enjoy this app Very informative                Really enjoy the app
The problem with these kinds of news feed apps is no matter how attractive and well done the presentation you see the exact same stories even on the same page from multiple news sources And then again and again on later pages So reader effectively sees and has to sort through all these duplications triplications quad When all he she wants to do is read the news    Fatal Flaw
I really like this app I had downloaded this a long ago and since quite addicted to this Keep improving guys                Its a Great app
Nothing else to say besides Great                Great absolutely great
The app provides personalized daily news and gives you breaking news coverage as the day goes on You can still browse other news stories by topic though if you want to Great app to have if you want to stay up to date on news topics that you care about             Personalized Daily News
exactly what i had been looking for easy to navigate up to date                very pleased
Been searching for one for a long time                Great Blinkfeed Substitute
Awesome app to keep on top of all news happening everywhere             App review
This is s fantastic app It us timely informative thorough and gives information that few other sources provide                News
This is a very good news aggregation application and has a much better understanding about what is really breaking news Much better than CNN which has breaking news over silly things like celebrity gossip                Good news aggregation
Gr8 news Gorgeous graphical layout                Best new news app on planet earth
Really enjoying this App havent encountered any issues News is always up to date New subscribers are added almost daily Keep us updated                Awesome Reading
Not a bad news aggregator easy to use There are a lot of these apps out therethis is one of the better ones It is one of the three or four I use everyday if you are a news junkie try it                News news


Mobiles Republic
7.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS News Republic - international news , sports , business , tech , celeb 2.2.1 Mobile

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