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2Billiard, the publisher behind many iOS app (Notsu ,Newstream ,TVBot), brings Newstream with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Newstream app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc67
and it easily my favorite RSS reader app that I've tried.
great job developing this app.
Ease of Usec39
Easy to read articles.
adding feeds is simple.
I haven't had any of the problems described.

Works now with update. found in 1 reviews
I would be happy to get rid of flipboard on my iPad. found in 1 reviews
downloads and updates very quickly. found in 1 reviews
great job developing this app. found in 1 reviews
and it easily my favorite RSS reader app that I've tried. found in 3 reviews
pocket readability and instapaper support. found in 1 reviews
put your similar feeds into folders and marking all as read. found in 1 reviews
The layout of this app solves all of these problems. found in 1 reviews
Makes for a nice quick review of topics. found in 1 reviews
but not enough to make me delete it. found in 1 reviews
Once the crashes are fixed and the pictures load. found in 1 reviews
fixed the stability issues on my iPhone 4S. found in 1 reviews
Not having the issues that some are reporting. found in 1 reviews
-Very smooth performance - no crashes. found in 1 reviews
If the developer addresses these issues. found in 1 reviews
reinstalled and everything I know without results. found in 1 reviews
Clean and fresh only prob is crashes alot. found in 1 reviews
but could have a few enhancements. found in 1 reviews
I've reloaded twice. found in 1 reviews
I just wish I could change the background color and text size. found in 1 reviews
Thank you for great app and fast update to fix crashing problem. found in 1 reviews
Just needs auto refresh and it'll be a solid 5. found in 1 reviews
Great app if it didn't crash CONSTANTLY. found in 1 reviews
but actually does not change the article you are reading along with it. found in 1 reviews
Max number of re-directs. found in 1 reviews
1 still crashes DON'T BUY THIS. found in 2 reviews
It's just a scam. found in 1 reviews
So Far It's Awful. found in 1 reviews
Plus no Google RSS. found in 1 reviews
no support Google Reader. found in 3 reviews
but tears apart my favorite news and info sites. found in 1 reviews
No Google Feeds integration. found in 2 reviews

The Newstream is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.3 MB to download. The new Newstream app version 1.5 has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Newstream check developer 2Billiard`s website :

Newstream is a personalized newspaper for the iPhone. Now you can read news from your favorite sites with RSS and ATOM, as in the good old newspaper, in a simple way.You can easily and quickly ...
I installed this app like everybody else and started to load sites into the application for news sources to view The app did not let me finish the work and started to crash immediately Thus I contacted the developer of the App and asked if he was going to correct the bug So far it had been one week and no response from the developer After trying several fixes myself I said the hell with it and deleted the app WHAT A WASTE OF DEVELOPER HAS A GREAT SCAM GOING DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GARBAGE APP     Newstream Responsiveness
You need some options as to screen color and text as well as google feeds Very nice nevertheless              Great app should be nurtured
When updating the feed it crash do not buy     Crash
This app is exactly what I have been looking for I had the Pulse app for a while Didnt like the layout and small print in the icons Then went straight to using each individual news app but the app icons took up a lot of screen space on my phone The layout of this app solves all of these problems Easy to read articles easy to navigate and a beautiful layout Not sure exactly why some are having issues with crashing but mine has not done this once in the week I have had it As a hardcore app user I have to say this app exceeded my expectations and has earned a spot on my main home screen                 Wow it works great
This app is nice looking and would be great but like many other people that have reviewed it it only crashes for me     Crashes
Excellent UI and customizable RSS feed management Its a perfect news app for iPhone Money well spent                 Perfect News App
A beautiful totally functional program I was going to say it needed only a button to mark all articles read but then I realized if you press and hold on an article you get that option for all the articles in that feed In some cases access through this app is better than access through a sites own standalone app Well done                 Beautiful
UPDATE installed v11 on my 3GS running iOS 5 and no change still crashes Please fixI would like nothing more than to give this app a 45 star rating When I saw it in the app store I thought I had finally found the newsrss reader Id been looking for It boasts a sleek intuitive interface and is a pleasure to usewhen it doesnt crashIt seems to only crash while trying to add andor update feeds And once the crashing starts it doesnt stop making the app unusableFix these problems without altering the simple elegance of the existing interface and overall usability and I will gladly give the 45 star rating this app would otherwise deserve     Would be fantastic if it didnt constantly crash
This is what Flipboard wishes to be Newstream is simple It just works better than the others I love the easy on the eyes color of the background its not blinding like the others Newstream is the new standard by which all others should be judged Buy ityoull be glad you did 2 thumbs upUpdate Anything that the other popular news apps do Newstream does it better                 The New Standard
Just is almost never           Really cool app when it works
Im a news junkie and this app leaves a monkey on my back slapping me on the back of my head and laughing at me for spending waaaaay too much on a news aggregator that looks good but tears apart my favorite news and info sites     Waste of money
It stays open for about half a second then closes Find another one to buy     Do NOT BUY this app
Dont buy this app Terrible The app wont even open Its just a scam Doesnt even deserve one star but its the only way to submit a review The developer should be banned from the app store     Terrible app
First I want to say I have had the crash problems also and there was a time I could not even open the app I have tried different things and have found a solution that works for me and I have offered suggestions to the developer to help them solve the crash bug What I found as a short term fix for me is this1 Delete the app reinstall2 Once app is reinstalled open app and tap gear icon to add your feed3 After you add your feed go into Manage Feeds and turn off Display Images4 Repeat step 3 after every feed you addAfter you do this the app my crash once or so but as for me it does not have a problem and I use it all the time to read the news This may not work for everyone but I did want to offer what worked for me I have emailed the developer and they are working on a fix Please be patient                 GREAT App
Nice app The recent update 13 fixed the stability issues on my iPhone 4S It still crashes every now and then I am still using feeddler pro but this will be my new favorite once its improved and more options added A few requests 1 font size adjustment and 2 ability to download all articles for off line readingThe app lacks options and the ugly wood grain background and annoying shadow from it needs to go           Good
4 starsPlease remove shadow from footer looks ugly and i m gonna give you 5 starsApp looks great but you have big shadow on app footer witch looks realy uglyI wish you can create more footers so we can chose fromPersonal i like transparent footerThank you for great app and fast update to fix crashing problemI m runing ios 5 iphone 4s              Works now with update
Just needs auto refresh and itll be a solid 5              Auto Refresh
Crashes so much it should be pulled from the store until its fixedUpdate Last update fixed the crashing problem I agree with Darthraige Add the auto refresh feature and this app goes right to 5 starsUpdate 2 Auto refresh fixed 5 Stars                 Much better
Between its layout visual style Newsstream looks great Unfortunately there are numerous issues with it that bring to light poor developer testing For one swipe gestures to turn pages transitioning from one article to the next simple do not trigger more than 80 of the time they are attempted making navigation extremely frustrating Two touching the article number indicator at the bottom of the page showing which article you are reading out of the current total number of unread articles for that news source forces it to change numbers but actually does not change the article you are reading along with it Why have it there make it interactable of it serves no functional purposeAdd to this several news sources constantly coming up empty of news posts despite updates being made to those sites rss feeds OTHER news reeders picking the posts up Additionally there is no simple way to mark an article as read from the main news page like something as simple as a double tap FORCING you to load an article up then step back out of it just to get it to drop off your feed page of you dont want to read it Why force me to open an article that I didnt want to read in the first placeFactor all of these problems numerous bugs into the 299 price tag this title quite happily gets a 1 Star review until improvements get madeDont buy it wait for future revisions and updates     Great idea poor execution
Good way to view several sources at once Crashes for my last feed though but I love the UI Ill give it 5 stars when the bug is fixed           Awesome View
Fix the crash issue and this gets 4 stars     Great app if it didnt crash CONSTANTLY
Developer has been great in responding to concerns He seems to have fixed the crashing now this stellar app is just that stellarMany thanks                 Great news reader crashing is gone
A truly outstanding RSSnews app The best there is for the iPhone I havent had any problems with it crashing and found it to be utterly flawless                 Simply the best
Promising start to what I hope to be a well supported application If you looking to get your basic news fix in a beautiful elegant presentation look no further Add your feeds and youre ready to go Features are pretty minimal but the necessities are there email facebook twitter sharingRequestsGoogle Reader supportMark all read optionList layout optionlike when you go to the Manage Feeds screen           Great Start
The layout is clean Rendering is fast Makes for a nice quick review of topics I realize that its trying to avoid overload by limiting the number of subjects subscribed but it could do with a few more Also for Twitter postings I needs to have links to article included Nice job thoughNeed to correct myself the app does have links in Twitter and Facebook postingyou just cant see it in the posting page45 Stars              Nice app but could have a few enhancements
What a joke The app crashes before it finishes loading Emailed the developer keep saying that they are going to fix it Do yourself a favor and do not get this app     Worse App ever
Downloaded Crashes every launch Ive deleted and reinstalled Does not work     Weak
One of my favorite apps in my iPhone great job developing this app its really one of the few that I use regularly                 Great App
Update 828Still using this app daily on my iPhone Really hoping for iPad support I would be happy to get rid of flipboard on my iPad Still loving this app Keep up the good workUpdate With V13 the crashing problem seems to have been fixed I guess it was an iOS 5 issue Now the app runs like it should have Love it The only problem now it doesnt sync I have to do it manuallyIf it didnt crash every single time The first six feeds work fine anything after that it crashes all the time The UI is amazing the format is great the speed is great everything about this app is fantastic except for the fact that it crashes ALL the time Please fix and Ill give five stars no doubt                 Has the potential to be the best app
Needs improvements but overall it has a nice UI design Really need to be able to load more then 20 feeds at a time My rss feeds sometimes have 100s of updates if I only check them once a day                 Alright app
Works fine for 5 feeds after it crash                 Nice app but crash too many times
CRASH CRASH CRASH              Love it but CRASH
Crashes every time I try to update the feed UnusableUpdate Still crashes after installing Oct 31 update     Crashes
Not working     Dont waste money
I think this app would be great if not for two significant problems a maximum number of redirects has been exceeded every time I try and open an article to read and crashes back to iOS every minute or so Please fixUpdate Applied the update rebooted my device iPhone 4 and the app immediately crashed on launch Obviously the crash issue not resolved     Max number of redirects
I love the look and feel for this newsreaderId give it it only 3 start because version 11 still crashes quite often on my 4S and pictures do not load for any feed except EngadgetOnce the crashes are fixed and the pictures load Ill bump this to 5 stars           So much potential Still crashes too often
Found this app prior to the last update and am enjoying it quite a bit iPhone 4s running iOS 50 It does crash every once in a while but not enough to make me delete it However since the last update I am unable to add any feeds to the ones I am currently followingIf the developer addresses these issues it makes for a very usable product           Not having the issues that some are reporting
too many crash no support Google Reader Google and limit the number of RSS     no support Google Reader
This will be the hottest news app if it wouldnt crash so much           It crashes a lot
Awesome I just wish I could change the background color and text size              Great App
I love the appuntil it crashes Ive reloaded twiceiPhone 5 with ios5 still crashing Pictures show on some feeds but not others Hope the can get that working Waiting for the bugs to be worked out        Crash
Im sticking with Feedly Ive had it with this app Dont waste your time or money like I did     11 still crashes DONT BUY THIS
I havent had any of the problems described using iPhone 4 but there may be devise specific bugs The UI is clean and beautiful take obvious use of the retina display Its uncluttered and allows for the brief reading of a post BEFORE pressing it unlike similar apps Pulse News and The Flud I would recommend this app to anyone The price is less than ideal for a reader but obvious care has been taken to create an amazing and intuitive UI and reliable rss reader Five stars                 Best rss reader yet
Very nice appit will replace my other news reader apps when it stops crashing all the time Cant wait till its fixed                 Sweet app but wait
app for news next to Circa This app lets you customize your streams in an easily handled manner downloads and updates very quickly Definitely worth downloading                 My favorite
Please add ability to COPY text Keep up the good work                 Almost perfect
PROS Great interface like reading your favorite websites as newspapersbest part of the appVery smooth performance no crashes so far has what looks like offline bookmarking Ability to view in safari or send via emailCONS No Google Reader support would be nice to have a page per rss folder No Instapaper support I get that you can bookmark but Instapaper is my mostused appit does allow me to open in Safari where I can then save to Instapaperbut this is a standard feature in most apps Would be nice to have an option to Mark as read on scroll if google reader support is added           Nice interface but needs more
I picked this up immediately wanting the app as stated Unfortunately I cant get past the crashing to enjoy it all I have the iPhone 4 and have updated reinstalled and everything I know without results Still hoping the issues get resolved and I can upgrade my rating and enjoy the app as planned Good luck        Really want this to work
Ive downloaded this app three times It still doesnt work After I specify news fees Id like included and try to open them all I get is a page asking for my viewing preferences include pictures etc Even after clicking OK I still get returned to that preferences page I can never read even one news feed not one Dont waste 3 on this one It doesnt work There are other free news feed apps that are much better     So Far Its AwfulSimply Doesnt Work
Does what it says and does it with class                 Class

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