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NFL Enterprises, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Super Bowl LI Houston - Fan Mobile Pass ,Super Bowl Stadium App ,Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App ,NFL MEGACORE ,NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2015 ,Super Bowl XLV), brings NFL `11 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NFL `11 app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and I'm really looking forward to the new video content..
  • the Vikings have breaking news of a trade with the raiders..
  • One complaint is the # of news update..
  • The ad count is extremely low compared to even live tv..
  • This app is awesome for those die hard nfl fans..

Overall Satisfactionc13
Video quality.
So much better than last year.
Come on NFL need game video.
Thanks NFL Mobile.
Free live coverage for Verizon more everything plan subscribers.
You must be a " More Everything " Verizon customer.
Had everything NFL that I need in one place.
Great way to keep up with everything NFL.
thanks for ruining everything NFL.
Great app keeps you up to date all around the league.
Keeps you up to date with your favorite teams.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Security & Privacyc10
Linked my verizon account and I can watch live games easily.
Updates & Supportc10
NFL app is a huge improvement from last years app.
better than last year's one.

I dig this pre warm up game before Sunday madness games. found in 2 reviews
NFL stands alone when it comes to professional sports. found in 6 reviews
Anytime I can follow my team and others. found in 5 reviews
Great app keeps you up to date all around the league. found in 5 reviews
a billion dollar organization giving fans a good free app. found in 5 reviews
field goal. found in 5 reviews
green bay rocks. found in 5 reviews
but in order to watch video clips. found in 47 reviews
Quit it with the forced updates. found in 14 reviews
This is very disappointing that the app does not support AirPlay. found in 8 reviews
App crashes when viewing the home team "stats". found in 22 reviews
Latest version freezes the Live Audio "Play" button. found in 43 reviews
Frustrating when trying to watch highlights and the videos are blurry. found in 48 reviews
Why does the NFL needs to know where I am at. found in 31 reviews
Tried reconnecting countless times but says video streaming isn't available. found in 24 reviews
Live video unavailable try again later. found in 56 reviews
Needs video highlights beyond coaches press conference. found in 61 reviews
Good app but it has jammed when trying to watch a video. found in 63 reviews
Full page 30 second video ads that cannot be exited. found in 18 reviews
This app has good content but the video quality is horrendous. found in 41 reviews
It's really difficult to even try and watch one video. found in 14 reviews
Two issues as of 12/13: no Airplay support. found in 13 reviews
No internet radio feed in any other app sounds like this. found in 13 reviews
it's constantly using Location services and downloading in the background. found in 166 reviews
unreliable and doesn't deliver what is promised. found in 4 reviews
After initially hard crashing upon "restore purchases". found in 4 reviews
App keeps crashing after purchasing the audio pass. found in 172 reviews
Can't watch live games without buffering every minute or so. found in 71 reviews
I bought this app thinking it would let me watch Thursday night football. found in 172 reviews
Deleting NFL app and glad the NHL is better. found in 223 reviews
You cannot watch NFL Network games in their entirety. found in 143 reviews
Wouldn't complain at all if I could actually watch the games. found in 115 reviews
We canceled our red zone subscription because of this. found in 107 reviews
It is misleading since it says you can watch Thursday Night Football Live. found in 176 reviews
Theory are completely misleading about giving access to live Thursday night football games. found in 190 reviews
Location services is awful and can't watch the NFL network. found in 166 reviews
updated for Audio Pass but it doesnt work. found in 172 reviews
99 for a season subscription to watch Thursday Night Football Live. found in 179 reviews
I can't watch live games without tv subscription which I don't have. found in 223 reviews
I can't watch Thursday Night Football on my iPad. found in 117 reviews
nfl mobile app at least let's you listen to free games. found in 222 reviews
I don't want to go through my Verizon account. found in 110 reviews
Also picking your favorite team or deleting teams either A. found in 272 reviews
but now that it doesn't work on jailbroken devices. found in 72 reviews
this app is nearly impossible to consistently use for fantasy football. found in 100 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download NFL `11 for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 9.0 MB to download. The new NFL `11 app version 3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about NFL `11 in NFL Enterprises, LLC`s Official Website :

The official mobile app from the NFL Preview the 2011 NFL Schedule, keep up to date with the latest news and review your team`s draft picks.
I expected to be able to watch live football but it doesnt provide it Tbh this app is pointless     Disappointing
I used to like this app depended on it for info Its gotten worse for the last year instead of evolving like other sports apps Updates have limited or eliminated features rather than intrigue with better ones and navigation through the app has gotten increasingly inconvenient I refuse to pay for upgrades when the base app falls short of expectations and there are plenty of other apps out there that outperform this one FOR FREE or at least a minimal up front cost Disney has my vote for the ESPN app over this NFL should be embarrassed by this product     4th down but still short
Waaay too busy Cumbersome and poorly designed data flow Too much emphasis on graphics Who designed it Goodell Pales in comparison to the easy maneuverability of MLB     Mediocre at Best
This app has gotten less useful every year Now I cant watch OR listen to any live games Lame     Worse with every update
Live video fails to load 80 of the time Strangely commercials load 100 of the time     Video fails commercials never fail
Great app but took away one of the best features It robs me of suspense the day after I hate that     Wont hide the Scores
Please add a hide scores feature before regular season starts           Just got game pass
Team alerts do not work Going back to ESPN Breaking news works but no push team alerts and yes I have them all enabled     Push notifications
Pretty good                 Yes
Games stats Player game stats Stats that reflect how an individual player performed in a specific game Stats Statistics Not team statistics but player statistics Stats Numbers that help to explain what happened in a game Not 20 second vids preceded by 15 second commercials Just numbers Pixels configured to represent numbers arranged in a grid representing a players performance in a game Stats     Still no player game stats
If you watch a video clip in full screen then you need exit the app to back to the top stories I think one of the features is to watch the clips plural        Not Fully Leaugeworthy NFL
Not reliable video feed Location services on and still not consistent        Good when it works
Great app                 Great app
The app was better before I cant get the stats as easily as before There arent as many articles to read or access        Update more like a step down
I cannot see any other teams play on Sunday while the Chiefs are on here in KC so I seek other ways to see other teams Outside of buying a dish the NFL has made this pretty impossible This app is no better I found the Bears game tried to chromecast it doesnt work If the chromecast icon even comes up it kicks me out each time So frustrating NFL if you made all game available pay per view or not limit to one provider youd reach so many more people Also people travel a lot and are not interested in the local team all the time Stop crapping on real fans This app only offers false hope     Thanks for nothing NFL
Title says it all Was fine on IOS 841           Crash City on IOS 9
Too much to list so all i will say is that youll regret paying 100 bucks for this ripoff You will feel like your best friend slept with your significant other I promise     NFL Game Pass is a SCAM Beware
Waste of time     Garbage
The app is beautiful in almost everyday looks great and has a amazing layout but on the iPad Air with iOS 9 and iOS 91 it seems to constantly crash when video is being played As well as the games dont always stream when being played Other than a few bugs and hiccups its amazing              Amazing but buggy
I love it Everything i need football is right here                 Two thumbs up
Game Pass is non intuitive to get to features missing from Game Rewind and videos wont even play What the heck NFL     Doesnt deserve any stars huge regression
This app crashes more than all the drunk drivers combined     Crashes
This years is terrible Can never get games to play constantly crashes and a very confusing layout Shame what this has become     Liked old versions better
Instability issues with new update Also the PRICE to watch games Are you kidding me Why dont I just let you people dig a gold mine in my house and steal that too     Video wont load
Design is lackingunable to easily view player statswould rather use ESPN     No Stats
Terrible Crashes every few minutes during games     Worst
Wont update my purchase wont load videos wont load radio Wont do pretty much anything its supposed to     Wont
All the time May be able to play once in 100 trys     Cant play stream Crashes
Its at my finger tips Informative at the moment when it happens                 I do enjoy the app
Awkward to use Crashes regularly Doesnt always let me watch the local games like it should since Im a Verizon customer Tries to constantly push the over priced 100 Game Pass I cant even order just what I want a la carte like I used to     NFL did a lousy job with this app
Awesome app streaming works great and air play makes it easy to view                 streaming
Last season this app was awesome all season long This season the app really has made a huge step in the wrong direction     Disappointed
It took me five days to get the app to load Then after it did load more than half the time when I click on play the games wont load or play I will try some more but I dont have a lot of patience     Mr
If youre using the live audio app it cuts out if you either go away from the app or your phone locks This needs to be fixed ASAP Essentially you have to keep watching your phone every minute with the generic nfl game pass audio background to make sure your audio doesnt cut out           Need to fix audio cut out
Crashes all the time Previous version 2014 was much better     Crashes
Please go back to NFL Game Rewind This app does not give us the option to hide the scores of the games played Please hide it so it doesnt ruin the games for me Is this so hard to ask User Interface isnt great at all either The entire app needs to get revamped Update app has glitches and isnt working I now cant view the matchups stats schedules any of the tabs the app has Please fix ASAP     HIDE THE SCORES
Great app Love watching love games on here                 Great
It doesnt work just like everything that has ever been made for the NFL Mobile app which I consider the worst app in history No games just 3 columns One contains a dozen or so news headlines the next the story you currently have selected and the final just a blank abyss It did have the promise of games when I initially subscribed but I couldnt watch any of them and like another person mentioned in their review the bottom third of games were cut off and couldnt be selected let alone actually watched After that initial attempt it reverted back to regularlyscheduled craptastic NFL Mobile functionality Even though the NFL Rewind app last year had its issues it at least worked As a season ticket holder I have been given a free subscription which is nice but thats like giving someone a present only for them to find out that it actually contains last weeks garbage and now its their problem to deal with Thanks yet again NFL for nothing but a big headache and waste of time under the pretense of fan appreciation If this is supposed to make up for charging us full price for preseason games wellit doesnt     Useless
Not so much Probably Googles fault           Says chromecast is supported
The app keeps crashing when I try to view past games     Bad app
Everything football in one spot you cant beat it                 Awesome
Terrible all the way around     Terrible
The ads just make it so bad and there are no teamindividual stats on game box scores Also does not provide nearly as many options as we find on the website nfl am total access Still cant see player stats     Awful
In no particular tab location or media mode it is the most unstable app on my iPad I do like the improvement turn around time in game playback compared to the previous game playback app Thus the one star otherwise it deserves no stars     Constantly crashes
Auto renews in fine print for game passthen doesnt work for me The app cant even operate correctly It only gives options for team and newsyet billed me for games Screwy worthless appcant believe the nfl put their name on this This just shows their greed and refusal to provide something of value for money They just want money     Tons of bad
Better than last years version but still some hiccups Using iPhone After playing video a shadow stays in bottom right of screen You have to close app to get rid of Also was not able to watch live due to an error response           Better
Is there a way to turn off scores If not whats the point of watching the games when I know the result beforehand     Scores
Video rarely works Have to hunt for scores and cant get up game alerts Pretty embarrassing for the NFL     Overhyped and disappointing
This thing is a powderkeg If you dont handle it jussst the right way it lags or crashes or both When used correctly it serves its purpose and shows potential Hire programmers who take pride in a complete product not ones who just meet the deadlines        Frustrating
If it wasnt for how frequently this app crashes I would give it five stars If youre lucky enough to have Verizon wireless which I do then you get to watch NFL games live which is awesome for me because I dont have cable The live streaming games are excellent quality but every now and then you have to restart the app when the screen freezes           Great But crashes often

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