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NFL Enterprises LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (NFL RUSH ,Fan Mobile Pass - NFL Combine ,NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013 ,Pro Bowl Stadium App ,NFL Draft - Fan Mobile Pass ,Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App), brings Fantasy Football with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fantasy Football app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • We need to be able to access our watch list..
  • Awesome app that makes playing fantasy football on your phone a snap..
  • Great app to manage my team and setup my line up..
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Overall Satisfactionc49
Finally someone made a fantasy football app that's great.
The worst fantasy football app I have come across.
Much better than last year.
compare this FFB app to ESPN.
Really awful compared to Yahoo's FFB app.
Also love the added in game video.
Thank you NFL.
Fun & Engagingc100
Awesome Fantasy app.
fast and flat out awesome.
Ease of Usec61
Ads not Intrusivec44
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc13
Much improved app than last years app.

Both Yahoo and CBS were able to accomplish this. found in 2 reviews
Lots of promise. found in 1 reviews
Loving the latest update and ready for the football season. found in 2 reviews
It helps me check my fans dry during game days. found in 3 reviews
The NFL has finally put out a real native fantasy app. found in 2 reviews
simple approach to the game from the design front. found in 2 reviews
Sortable stats. found in 1 reviews
live scoring follow your teams and players in real time. found in 3 reviews
like weekly pick em or Thursday night challenge. found in 2 reviews
My group will not switch to Yahoo if you provide one. found in 11 reviews
but it also really needs to support reordering waiver claims. found in 7 reviews
iPhone 6 plus optimization would be nice. found in 13 reviews
Plus why is that there isn't any defensive players. found in 2 reviews
Watch list needed. found in 1 reviews
LIGHTYEARS ahead of last year's primitive app. found in 9 reviews
Facebook Login Unavailable. found in 3 reviews
using Game Center is almost pointless. found in 46 reviews
Broken app that doesn't serve its purpose. found in 2 reviews
This app keeps prompting me to update the app. found in 12 reviews
It's missing some features available on the desktop version. found in 3 reviews
No iPhone 6 plus support as promised. found in 1 reviews
Good but needs a couple tweaks. found in 1 reviews
A step up from last year but still a work in progress. found in 4 reviews
I have to login every time I go to this app. found in 1 reviews
This app is the worst fantasy fball app I've ever used. found in 10 reviews
but still not even close to Yahoo. found in 9 reviews
- Individual player projections are missing from Game Center. found in 46 reviews
can not easily see projected points with opponents and game times. found in 15 reviews
It is atrocious and the opposite of user friendly. found in 24 reviews
The app is slow and not as good as previous years. found in 7 reviews
Really awful compared to Yahoo's FFB app. found in 11 reviews
Can't review waiver requests. found in 8 reviews
Somehow even worse than last year's. found in 12 reviews
can't see trade requests. found in 7 reviews

The Fantasy Football is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-05-15. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Fantasy Football check developer NFL Enterprises LLC`s website :

You asked. We listened. Fantasy Football is all-new for the 2014 season. Better. Faster. Redesigned. Available for iPhone and iPad. The official NFL Fantasy Football app is your ultimate fantasy companion on the go. And ...
Its 324pm CT and the 49ersCardinals game has been on for 19 minutes and the app shows it hasnt started yet Updates are not live anymore on this app Please fix        Too Slow
Its seriously easier to just go on the Internet to view your fantasy team and news than to use this app It takes two to three times as long to load material than it would be with the Internet site It also gets glitchy and freezes I feel like with the money the NFL has they would have invested a lot more into this app since their consumers use it and they are aware of the problems Hopefully they can make this a better app in the future        Internet is easier
This app lags behind the games by a significant margin Very disappointed in the app     App lags
Always a drive or possession behind I have yahoo and ESPN and the nfl app is the worst among the three     Horribly slow
It takes too long for the game center to reload the points for players it causes a confusion of things when im in a rush I need the app to have a major update to fix the app also it needs to add a option to delete leagues directly from the app I like the app but these things slow down the progress of the app Please l need a update NOW     SLOW REFRESH TIME
Seriously 90 of this app is ads and the other 10 is junk Get with it NFL     Just the worst
Way too many ads on the newest version Also if you like current info on players look elsewhere It takes them at least 24 hours to write up their synopsis on players performances for the weeks and if its a lesser known player just forget about it The scoring updates are severely lacking as well If its near the end of the early games and theres a lot of scoring going on just background the app until the end of the 1st quarter of the afternoon games because it takes them that long to get the scores straight     Newest update is crapola
In matchup I dont understand how the numbers are adding up and while trying to scroll you end up hitting adds by mistake which take you immediately out of the app They need to take a lesson from ESPN They perfected theirs Needless to say I will not be back next year unless they have a complete overhaul of this application     Confusing too many adds
Havnt had much chance to play with it yet but the resolution and scaling needs addressing Its the same resolution as the 5 on my 6S Plus The text and everything is just huge and isnt formatted for this The 6 Plus has been out for a year now and still no support Ridiculous     Needs formatting
This app is just so bad Youd think the NFL would have higher standards regarding what they put their name on Its just clunky and tough to work with I go to my Yahoo fantasy app during games to get the info as to whats happening Yahoo is night and day compared to this garbage app     Rediculous
App does not update info fast enough I have force close then open back up to see the newest info        2 thumbs down after last update
This app doesnt update very well its just terrible I was 30 minutes into the game and still not showing any stats I have a hard time believing that they are this stupid and cant fix it But they never fail to show that they are Fix it Half the time the app wont even load up see a problem Yeah just terrible     Just Terrible
Put simply it just doesnt work It worked they updated it now it doesnt     Lousy
App is terrible The user interface is very poorly designed App is littered with bugs and disruptive ads To the point where it significantly takes away from the user experience and usability of the App There isnt even a easy place to view your teams latest player news Scores are constantly lagging or not updating half the links dont work Too many clicks to get to basic information Again definitely going back to ESPN next year Such a better app interface and product And dont even get me started on NFLcoms projections My 4yo could produce more accurate projections and update them appropriately     App is terrible Moving league back to ESPN next year
Seriously NFL Still blank photos for Rookies honestly put in some effort that is a small task that shouldve been done months ago     UPDATE ROOKIE PROFILE PICTURES
Reverts player points constantly during games crashes fails to start sometimes it shows you the player news when you click a player but mostly shows videos some of which are 2 years old This app is a pile of doodoo It makes me want to use my desktop After writing what I did above a couple years ago Im back to say that its still doodoo New videos posted a couple hours ago on a Thursday that were already posted after last Thursdays game Why again now Can the Giants stop the Redskins run Well we already saw it geniuses Theres nothing to predict hahaha But I still love the challenge of fantasy football Good stuff just a poorly executed app     Worse than last year
On game day the app runs at least an hour behind For a NFL product I expect much better     Absolute Crap
Be prepared this is a terrible app     Dysfunctional App
No I do not want to watch video highlights when I click on the players I want to see stats if they are injured etc etc The video highlights are worthless I am urging my commission to switch next year to ESPN or Yahoo        Stop with the video highlights
Similar gripes as all the others here slow to update scores etc but my biggest complaint is all the banner ads Twice this season Ive opened the app to have a commercial start blaring from my phone Not cool when your checking stats late at night in bed with your wife sleeping next to you Several times have tried clicking something only to accidentally hit a banner ad and be taken out of app Offer an ad free paid version of the app        Please offer ad free paid app
Sorry NFL this app is pretty bad Being in a ESPN league and using their app it is far more superior Your app runs slow and is not even optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which have been out for a year        Bad
By far the worst fantasy app Extremely buggy with very slow updates on scores or just loading the app period Not to mention poor resolution and crammed with ads     Pure trash
I have at least 60 apps on my phone and this is the worst layout out of them all Whoever designed this app did a terrible job I cant believe how much worse this app got from year Not only is it slow and hard to maneuver through all the data but information and commentary on the players are nonexistent Please fire everyone that is associated with this app and start from scratch     Worst app on my phone right now
Worst fantasy app of any when it comes to updating scores Players numbers during games are incredibly inaccurate and take forever to show true scores     Terrible updates
Since the update the app keeps freezing on me every time I try to select a player and its getting very annoying PLEASE FIX iPhone 6     KEEPS FREEZING
This app is not made with the iPhone 6 in mind The bottom of the screen is often cut off The app is also very slow to update during games There were sometimes where 15 min delays to update the score     Needs work
The owners of this app should fire their ux lead Nothing from this app makes sense Everyone in my league has continuously commented that the app is useless     A waste of time
This app is good for 1015 seconds then it freezes I have uninstalled and reinstalled but its the same result This is a big problem because when I need to change the line up I cant because it freezes With all the money the NFL makes you would think they would have good programmers Until they fix this I would suggest for you to choose a different app     Freezing app
You would think the NFL would have the best fantasy football app with the best information but nope Each year the app is worse than the previous year And what is with all the ads I think next season might be time to switch our league What a shame because it is clearly not resources or money that prevents them from having the NFL from having the best fantasy app but just an case of not caring     Gets worse every year
This is hands down the worst app that I have downloaded on my phone Youd think with how much money the NFL makes off fantasy football they would put some money back into the platform and hire some competent programmers This app is full of glitches and bugs and rarely even works Ive switched to just using the website in my phones browser when I need to because I cant rely on this app in the slightest Absolutely ridiculous just how bad this app is If you have the option convince your league to switch to another platform who actually cares about their users     Worst app on my phone
Bottom half of screen is blocked while looking at my trade offers need to fix ASAP     Buggy
Freezes after a few seconds Ive updated and redownloaded but it doesnt help     Terrible
App only works when theyre are no games on Dont even try to keep track of anything on Sundays Scoring is all over the place I give it one star because at the end of the day it gets the scoring right But you can be looking at stats in the 3rd quarter of a game and the app is showing you stats from the 1st quarter Needs a LOT of work     This app is GARBAGE
the app is terrible when trading in a dynasty setting the app does not show comments made on the trade or draft picks involved in a trade the layout is very messy and it seems its more of an advertising tool than a fantasy app     Bad bad and more bad
An update is supposed to be better instead you guys took two steps back Fix the glitches of scores bouncing up and down games being over for half an hour and not clearing and games not starting on the app when they have been playing for already Seriously being that you are the a technical branch of National Football League youd think that you would have your apps running the tip top way We are football fans we dont care how nice it looks keep it simple Pts scores breakdowns up to date info tradeswaiver wire just the things we need to know and want to know Thank you     Seriously
very very slow keeping up to date with injuries points and scores     slow
NFL has SO much money and this is the pathetic official Fantasy App Horrible interface slow glitchy response stats lack horribly Lame     Embarrassing
Certain things to make this app cleaner Better team logo quality access to league stories my league utilizes this feature a lot more access to commish tools better lg board interface Among the technical errors are the incorrect scores being shown or having to refresh 3 times just to get a score update Only reason Im staying here is cause i have history in this system NFL has done some great things with their website but the app doesnt hold a candle to it     Sad Id rather pay for a better app
It acts to much like a website the need to scroll sideways etc and not an app making it not very user friendly I also would like the overall projected points for my team to be update as the day progresses Its difficult to see how my team is doing midday without checking each player to see if they failedmetexceeded their projection        Website crammed on to an app
This app is complete trash The NFL should be embarrassed it even put this app out It doesnt update half the time unless you completely close the app and reopen it Try again NFL or at least hire a competent developer next time     Complete Trash
I cant even open my app     Wow
Your app doesnt stay updated or function properly Please fix this     Please fix
If you have a league on NFLcom switch to ESPN The NFL app just crashes constantly and freezes and the NFLcom is to lazy to fix it Make the switch to ESPN     Fix the please
The app has been tolerable until this year Now the live scoring is minutes behind it doesnt load your roster roster moves arent saved etc     Worse this year
Now we get to look at adds that glorify obese women Hurray feminism     Pitiful
This app is extremely slow at updating the scores     Horrible update
Its slow on updating everything Why make an update if you dont fix all the problemsSMH     Its slow on updating
App is very clunky to use This is my first year using this app because my league moved to NFL from ESPN Scores take forever to upload     Much slower than ESPN
Cant see any score updates till all games are overit puts it u back in the 1st Qtr when the games in The 4th Ill be on ESPN app next year     App is trash Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Fantasy Football Sports Fantasy Football

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